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Type: Spare part, Used for product: AKV 10PS4/PS5/PS6/PS7/PS8 Kit7, Type designation: Armatur tube kit AKV 10PS4-PS8, Product name: Repair kit

There was this funny moment between the time when Sony officially announced its new console and officially named it the PlayStation 5 that we all had to go around calling it “Sony’s next console”. Because if we were being honest, we knew it was going to be called the PlayStation 5, but it’s not official until it’s official. Eventually we got to drop the charade, and Sony confirmed that it was, in fact, making the PS5. And if there could be any doubt about Sony’s now well-established nomenclature, the company now appears to have trademarked the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and PS10. That should take the company’s copyright lawyers to retirement, so I suppose they found it a good place to stop. Credit to Gematsu for spotting the trademarks. (Source: www.forbes.com)

What the PS6 could be like… in 2026 The most latest PlayStation simply came out in 2020, however, there’s never a bad time to discuss what’s coming next. The PS6, although nevertheless several years away, will hopefully let you greater easily increase internal storage, be slimmer than the PS5, have no disc drive, and (if we’re allowed to dream) consist of enhancements like a wireless charging pad and modular improvement capabilities. (Source: dailytechnic.com)

There’s been discussion for years we will reach the end of the traditional game console. Could we see Sony downsize to a flash drive-like device that truly plugs into your TV, like Stadia, perhaps? Possibly. But except for any real data, let’s assume, for now, the PS6 is actually in the pipeline.

One indicator we will see a PS6 is Sony has already secured the trademark for this version up thru the PS10. This does not prove anything, of course, however it does hint at a future of some kind.

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