Project Runway Season 15

Project Runway Season 15


project runway season 15

Whether you were cheering for the ladies on Season 15 or cheering for the villains, there are a number of different reasons to watch Project Runway. The show has been a favorite among many fashionistas, and the latest season of the hit show has just been released. Whether you're interested in the show's reunion episode or you want to see what happens during New York Fashion Week, there's a whole bunch of things you should know about Project Runway Season 15.

Tim Gunn's look

Project Runway Season 15 airs on Lifetime and features 16 new designers. In addition to Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, and Nina Dobrev, the show will also feature guest judges Emily Ratajkowski, Jaime King, and Priyanka Chopra. The season will conclude with the Top Model Final Four, who will present their collections during New York Fashion Week.

Episodes usually last around 10 minutes. In this episode, the challenge is to create a high fashion look with fabric. Designers are tasked with making use of unconventional materials. They must also use their imagination and come up with innovative designs.

The second challenge is to design a dress. Designers are instructed to create a shift dress that will be A-line. However, Tim doesn't like the way the stripes on the dress are thin. He also says that Heidi Klum's jacket is too baggy.

After the runway show, Tim criticized the designs. Designers are given the chance to save a model. This season, Tim saved Jessica. It was not enough to save her, though. She fell short of winning the two-part finale.

Another designer, Marquise Foster, was eliminated. Her second look was not good. That same night, Kimber wore a lampshade top. Zac begged her to burn it, but she did not.

In the final challenge, Heidi tells the designers that this is the last challenge before NY Fashion Week. Each designer is tasked with creating a 10-piece collection. The winner will receive $9000 to start a business.

There is a twist! Instead of being judged by three judges, each designer will be praised by one. During their time in the competition, the contestants will receive constructive criticism from Jennifer Lopez.

Tasha's drop-crotch pant and patterned top

The first challenge on Project Runway season 15 was an unconventional one. It challenged designers to create a look from party supplies. Although this challenge was a bit of a red herring, the resulting design was a sight to behold.

While some designers made it through the first challenge unscathed, others were tossed into the proverbial dustbin. As a result, the competition has been anything but smooth sailing.

In the end, all 16 designers had to present their designs in front of Heidi and Tim. There were plenty of great looks on display, from a 1950 Marshmallow poodle dress to a drop-crotch pant and patterned top. However, the judges remained split on the best look.

Tasha's patterned top and drop-crotch pant was a hit among both the judges and the audience. Although it was a bold move, it was also the show's most successful outfit. With a color palette of lime green houndstooth and zebra stripes, it's a bit of a departure from the usual project runway fare. But, while it may not be the most elegant garment in the show, it's certainly one of the funnest.

Similarly, Kimber's top was an interesting take on the drop-crotch fad. She used a soft floral crepe fabric as the main body of the outfit, with stiff denim as the lining. While her outfit may not have been the most original idea on the block, her use of fast-sewing and fast-stitching made her look like a pro.

Aside from the patterned top and drop-crotch pants, the contestants also showed off their sculpting and sewing skills. Whether or not they made it through to the next round, it's clear that the gimmicks they came up with were a fun way to show off their talent.

Erin Robertson's banana-print ensembles go viral

If you're a fan of Project Runway, you'll be familiar with Erin Robertson, whose banana-print ensembles were a hit on the show. Her curated collection on Rue La La includes a mini Fendi studded backpack for $2,100.

Robertson is also the owner of clothing line An_Erin and an at-home nail dip kit with InKlout. She's also a philanthropist with a charitable bent, donating 100% of her profits to Oceana, Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter.

She's been a fan favorite throughout the competition's run, racking up two major challenges and a whole season win in the process. Known for her playful fashion sense, Robertson also has a notable social media following. You'll likely see her wearing something colorful and interesting on her Instagram feed. As for her fashion line, she's been known to dabble in everything from button-up T-shirts to winter coats. Having graduated from MassArt with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Erin says she is "really a textile geek." A fan of technology, she's also been known to tinker with her yardage.

Besides her bespoke clothing line, Robertson has launched an e-commerce store. Her boutique is currently open until Wednesday April 19th at 11am. The swoon-worthy items include a Hutch dress for less than $100 and a mini Fendi studded backpack.

Other notable gizmos in the Erin Robertson sexy suite include a nifty-looking necklace, a fancy dress and a hat. Although she won't be a part of Rue La La's new e-commerce juggernaut, the fashion-loving Robertson is certainly doing her part in the battle to resuscitate the fashion industry. On a related note, you can catch a glimpse of her in the Project Runway Season 15 finale, which airs Thursdays on ABC.

New York Fashion Week finale

It's the final week of Project Runway season 15. The 13 remaining designers are given one day to show their collections. These looks will be presented to the judges, who will make their decisions. Two designers will be eliminated from the challenge.

The challenge requires the designers to create a look that sparkles under blacklights. They must also display their vision of the future of fashion in one collection. Ultimately, the winning designer will be announced in the finale.

During the first team challenge, designers are challenged to create a look inspired by a famous fashion designer. In addition, they must create an elegant cocktail dress from a cocktail bar.

Next, the designers visit Christian Siriano's store. They meet with his clients, who have real lives. After the meeting, they return to New York to present their work to the judges.

This week's challenges are a hybrid, which includes a memorable runway. The designers must use 3-D printing technology to create an avant-garde look. As part of the challenge, the designers are visited by two special guests. Several of the finalists will be reunited for a special runway event.

The last challenge requires the designers to create a memorable look for a fashion industry event. Each team will create a six-piece collection for fall 2010. Both teams will be judged by Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell, and Christian Siriano.

One designer takes a risk and works with 3-D printing. Another designer combines different types of denim to create a colorful and punk rock-inspired collection. Lastly, another designer incorporates leather into her collection.

During the fashion week, viewers watched 10 designers showcase their collections. Critics were impressed by their creativity and adherence to the rules.

Reunion episode

Project Runway season 15 has finally concluded. But before it ended, the designers had a chance to reflect on the season and reunite with mentor Tim Gunn. This was a big step for the designers, and they were given $500 extra to go shopping.

They were also tasked with creating the ultimate "Real Housewives" reunion outfit. The judges were intrigued by the ideas and designs, but they weren't quite sure what they were looking for.

In a bid to save Char from elimination, Tim Gunn decided to take a chance. But the episode didn't come off as a winner. It seemed like it was a show with an unworthy underdog storyline.

Tim gave each of the designers a chance to show what they were made of. The judges were impressed by the ideas, but they weren't thrilled with the results.

One designer stood out. Erin Robertson was the best at coming up with an out-of-the-box idea. Her oversized bomber jacket was impressive. She was able to convince Kristina to try something new. Christian pushed her to create a focal point for her shirt.

Another one to watch was Anna's. Her reversible bomber jacket was cool, but the dress was a little off. However, her pants were a real winner.

The OC ladies liked her collection. Nina said it was "gothic," but Elaine said it was very "hauntingly chic." Karen was pleased with Chasity's choice of black. But she didn't appreciate Laurence's one-trick pony style.

Despite these moments, it was still a memorable season. We got to see the best and worst of the show. And we got to hear from a few of the designers about what went wrong.

Project Runway Season 14 - Who's Going to Be the Next Great American Designer?

project runway season 14

Project Runway Season 14 has begun and it's time for you to find out which designers are going to be in the running for the title of "the next great American designer". The season started August 6, and the contestants will be competing for the title and a spot on the runway. You can watch the show on Lifetime.

Ashley's career as a plus-size clothing designer

If you've ever watched Project Runway, you've probably seen plus-size clothing designer Ashley Nell Tipton. She was a contestant on the show, and eventually won. Now, she's breaking down barriers in the fashion industry.

As a plus-size fashion designer, Tipton has become an influential figure in the community. She has a large social media following, and she's been a vocal advocate for body positivity and size diversity in the fashion industry.

After winning Project Runway, Tipton was asked to present her clothing collection at New York Fashion Week. The designer also has a line of lingerie for Addition Elle.

While at Torrid, Tipton became frustrated with the lack of clothing options available to plus-size shoppers. To solve this problem, she started a company that sold clothes that would make plus-size women feel confident.

In October, Tipton will take her line of clothing to Fashion Week in San Diego. She will be the first plus-size clothing designer to appear on the show. And she hopes to go to Bali with fans when she turns 30 in 2021.

Tipton is still working on her branding business, and she's currently working on a program that will help women learn to love themselves. She's also looking for investors. Currently, Tipton is working with a concept lab for her store, where she'll test out social media hub strategies.

In February 2022, Tipton will be a keynote speaker at the Adweek Challenger Brands Summit. This event is focused on bringing together companies that are committed to the plus-size community.

Tipton is not afraid to break the mold when it comes to plus size fashion, and she continues to support her community by speaking at high schools about body image and self-confidence.

Judges' critiques

If you're into fashion, you probably have heard of Project Runway. For 14 seasons, contestants have been flying in from all over the world to compete in an intense and sometimes bizarre contest. After a week of designing, judging, and retooling, one designer will be crowned as the winner. This year, the judges will focus on tailoring for real women, and they're tripling down on inclusivity.

During the week, designers had to take a fashion-forward photo and create a runway-worthy look. They were also given a digital camera to capture their work in progress. Afterward, they had two days to fix their mistakes.

One challenge was to create a dress using flowers. Another was to come up with a design using only plants. Using flowers and plants proved to be a challenge, and designers were not impressed with the results.

There were some other notable things, like the top-of-the-line faux leather moto jacket that Darren made. And the judges were impressed with Aaron's reversible bomber jacket. But the nifty-looking cherry blossom print didn't make the cut.

The best look, though, came from Edmond. He had an elegant red fitted midi dress with crisscrossed detail on the back. His collection also included big pouffy hi-lo tent dresses and "Big Bird" ruffled cray-cray gowns.

The worst look came from Kelly. She had a bad choice of fabric for her cropped top. She also chose a vomit-inducing color combo. In addition, her hat is a hoot.

Other designers felt bad about Meg's departure. Nonetheless, Candice and Edmond received serious critiques. While they had great ideas, they also had to be more strategic.

The judges also liked the design of Swapnil Shinde's cherry blossom inspired look. But the jury was still out on how much impact the outfit had.

Ashley's collection changed the least from the three-piece critique to the final 10-piece runway collection

Ashley Nell Tipton was one of the winners of Project Runway Season 14. She not only won $100,000 and a trip to Paris, but also was named top designer at Fashion Week this fall. Her collection was inspired by the Mexican city of Mexico City in the 1950s. Eventually, she expanded into the world of mask making.

During the course of the season, Ashley had a number of hits and misses. She did manage to pull off a number of great looks. Some of her looks were form-fitting and eye-catching. However, she was missing a few key components. In addition, she didn't have the best time management.

One of her top looks featured a chiffon skirt with a sheer lining. Other highlights included an embroidered denim skirt and a colorful leather piece.

Interestingly, she also showed plus-sized clothing. This was her first collection for the plus size crowd. At first glance, her designs were a bit strange. But when you consider her plus size background, they made perfect sense.

During the competition, she had a difficult time with her self image. Fortunately, she's now launching a program to help other women develop their self-esteem.

The fashion show also featured some new twists. The final four designers each showcased their collections during New York Fashion Week. Their outfits were paired with other contestants, who were then split into two teams.

The competition was intense and some designers, such as Candice, did a better job than others. For example, she managed to incorporate Asian style into her collection. Meanwhile, Alexandra tried to copy the Nicky Hilton look, but ultimately came up empty.

Despite her challenges, she was one of the top scorers in the challenge. Among other things, her '70s inspired look was the only one of the week to receive a five.

Jerkass's reaction to the "Mean Girls" attitude

One of my favorite episodes of Project Runway has to be Season 14's Top 3. I had a front row seat as Candice took on the challenge of her life. She was a savvy competitor who had the guts to go all out. But I can't say the same for the rest of her team, especially Lindsey. Sadly, she was the one who got the short shrift, and it was all because of her arrogance. Fortunately, she was saved by the chameleon that is Amanda. The two of them have a great deal of chemistry, which is no small feat for a team of strangers. This season has been a rough one for both of them, but it's been a good time. It's been a great opportunity for them to flex their creativity, and get to know one another. Hopefully, they'll survive to the end of the year, and if not, at least leave with a few good laughs and a tan.

Despite all the highs and lows of the season, the best part of it all was the camaraderie that Candice and Amanda shared. Even though they had their fair share of beefy teetering, they were still great friends, and they bonded over the misfortune of a runner up. Candice was also a top notch sport, and it was a joy watching her play volleyball and tennis.

Tim Gunn's comments

If you watched Project Runway season 14, then you know that Tim Gunn is not happy with the contestants. He had some comments about their lack of quality in prior seasons. He also had some negative things to say about the most recent winner.

The latest season of the show was hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. It was produced by SKR Productions and Amazon Studios.

The judges were criticized for their lack of constructive feedback. One designer, Ashley Gibson, even claimed that the other designers on the show were bullying her. While Gunn did not agree, he admitted that he would have preferred not to have been part of the final four.

There was also an air of competition between the judges. Tipton won the first challenge with a plus size collection, and she presented winning looks throughout the season. However, Team Luxe lost the last challenge.

After losing, Tim Gunn addressed the team backstage. He told them to "make it work" in the next season.

He also said that he didn't like the attitude of Anna Wintour. He called her a history revisionist.

Another designer, Char, was chosen to go home. Tim Gunn had some things to say about the winner, Ashley Nell Tipton. He argued that she should have never made the final four. His opinion was echoed by other designers.

Tim Gunn is very critical of the fashion industry. He believes that there is a huge gap in plus size fashion. Not only are there too many women who are not able to purchase clothing that fits, but the industry also gives them crappy clothes.

He is also a big foodie. When he is not on the show, he enjoys going to museums in New York City.

Project Runway Season 13

project runway season 13

Project Runway season 13 is about 19 designers, each of whom is trying to be the next big American designer. The show airs on Lifetime.

Amanda Valentine

Amanda Valentine, a fashion designer from Nashville, Tennessee, competed on the reality TV show Project Runway. She is a savvy stylist with plenty of experience.

Previously, she managed boutiques in Los Angeles and did wardrobe styling on rock bands. In fact, her brother is a lead guitarist for Maroon 5. Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, she moved to Nashville after graduating from the University of Nebraska.

Valentine's season on the show was a successful one. She finished eighth overall and advanced to the runner-up spot. After the season, she launched her own clothing line.

She also co-owned a vintage shop and has worked on photo shoots and red carpet events. Besides her own brand, she has also designed custom pieces for the likes of Mr. Robot-alum Carly Chaikin and Twenty One Pilots. Currently, she is selling her own line of clothes and designing new ones for her website.

On Project Runway, she was able to come up with the best of the best, but the show has been filled with emotional twists and turns.

Tim Gunn has played the gimmicks on the show. He has done a lot of research, including making a mash-up video of the three best of the best.

Christian Siriano

If you're a fan of fashion, you're sure to enjoy Christian Siriano's designs. This designer has a knack for making fashion look easy and effortless. His creations have been featured on Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Alexa Chung and Kim Kardashian. He also has been inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Before he became a designer, he was a make-up artist. After a few years, he made his way back to New York City and opened his first boutique. Since then, he has been dressing the likes of Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Gigi Hadid.

In 2008, he launched his namesake brand. Since then, he has continued to impress at New York Fashion Week. Aside from his clothing line, he's been involved in the design industry as well, having interned with Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.

The former model, musician and now designer has made his mark on "Project Runway." He's won several challenges on the show, and he's dressed celebrities including Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie. But is he a one-trick pony?

In the show's last season, Christian Siriano served as the show's mentor. While he's not a judge, he will be a guest judge on Project Runway Season 11, which will air in October.

Marie Claire magazines

Marie Claire magazines will sponsor Project Runway season 13. The show, which has been on the air for 13 seasons, will move to Lifetime next season. In addition, they're planning a new documentary series.

For its twentieth anniversary, Marie Claire asked designers to create looks that will appear in the magazine twenty years from now. They were given $200 to spend. They also had to use inspiration from the past to design their future look.

For the thirteenth season, the magazine invited returning designer Christian Siriano and 18 new designers. Host Heidi Klum, fashion editor Nina Garcia, and celebrity judges including Yolanda Hadid, Kate Hudson, and Demi Lovato helped judge the designers.

A poll included 22 memorable moments from the show. Michael Kors lost it during the competition, Elisa Jimenez spit on one of the designers, and Victoria Beckham wore a design by Siriano.

During the last challenge, the designers had to use grocery store items to create a collection. One designer chose the first suit. Another, Sandhya, took a risk and chose a bold dress.

The judges and the celebrity guests had a hard time deciding on which designs they liked best. The winner received $100,000 in cash and fabric allowances from Tide, Lexus, and GoBank.

Tim Gunn save

If you've been watching Project Runway, you know that Tim Gunn is the fashion designer and producer who brings the sexiness and edge to every collection. He is also a fashion personality and has been on the show for 16 seasons.

In the beginning, the show had hundreds of aspiring designers submit portfolios. Then, the designers were invited to audition before the judges. After the first round, the most promising ones were picked to compete in the next round.

However, due to a legal dispute between Bravo and Lifetime, the design challenges were scrapped. Instead, Tim Gunn decided to save one contestant each season. Some of the designers that he saved have gone on to win the show. Here are a few of them.

One of the finalists from Season 13 is Korina Emmerich. She's been dubbed the "mean girl" of the show. She has been criticized for her attitude and for her bad instincts. But in the end, she won with a coat and a gown look.

Another runner-up is Jessica. She was eliminated in episode 8 ("Project Pop Up") and finished fourth overall. While her design was not the best, she did have the lowest score.

On the other hand, Char is the recipient of the Tim Gunn Save. It was her design that he chose to bring back.

Kini's design is dull and derivative

The season 13 finale of Project Runway is finally here. In part one of the show's final episode, the designers travel to Rome. Here, they have two days to prepare their collections for a fashion show that's inspired by the Samsung Curved Ultra HD TV.

One of the most popular designers of the season, Kini Zamora, was the clear favorite until the end of the season. But she stumbled in part one of the show's finale. And while Kini did finish in second place, she failed to win the competition.

After her failure in part one of the show's finale, Kini moved on to the next episode. She was then visited by Tim Gunn, who was the mentor on "Project Runway" for years. He said Kini's collection was the best of the season.

While it's true that Kini's collection was the most impressive, it wasn't as good as it could have been. Her outfits were criticized for being a bit bland and derivative.

Kini's design was not quite as good as the winner's, but it was still a good concept. Unlike the others, Kini's dress featured a sheer part, which Heidi Klum called the "mood." Also, Kini's skirt wasn't as short as the rest, which she said was unfortunate.

Project Runway Season 10 Updates

project runway season 10

Whether you're a fan of Project Runway or not, you have to admit that they have made some pretty outrageous fashion choices in season 10. From Maya's avant-garde designs to Venom's controversial behavior, there are tons of new and interesting twists and turns in the newest series. Read on to find out more!

Michael Kors challenge

Project Runway season 10 is kicking off with a special challenge. For one day, Michael Kors challenged designers to create a stylish piece that's versatile enough to wear from day to night.

The challenge was a good one, but the actual winner was a mystery until the episode's end. Designers were paired up with Tim Gunn, the fashion designer. Each team got $100 to play with, and they had one full day to come up with an outfit. They were encouraged to bring a look from home that they think will stand out, but they could also design something entirely new.

There were plenty of contenders. Lantie Foster, Michael Costello, and Anthony Ryan Auld all had great pieces. It was hard to decide which looked better, though.

Miss Lantie Foster's dress was a little over the top, but she did get some positive feedback. Her dress was inspired by a vintage-inspired look, but it was a little muddy-colored tulle.

Michael's challenge, for the most part, was to create a design for a woman on the go. He suggested that the contestant create an outfit that would be both comfortable and stylish, which was pretty impressive for a $150 prize.

However, it's not always easy to be a fashion designer. One of the challenges that was a bit of a stretch was designing a dress for a notable designer from the past. In addition to a dress that was not particularly clever, it was a challenge to see if the contestant could take a look that they've seen in the past and make it their own.

There was some controversy, but it was the most popular dress among the judges. Heidi Klum, the fashion director of the show, said it was "the sexiest dress I have ever seen."

The design that most people thought was the most interesting was Sonjia's conservative yet sexy dress. Several of the other designs were savaged by Michael, but Sonjia was praised for her choices.

Real people challenge

If you have never watched "Project Runway" before, the show is a reality show about fashion designers. There are contestants and judges that you might not recognize, but the show is fun and entertaining. The producers do a good job of editing the show, and it's easy to pick up on things you don't see the first time around.

During the season 10, there were two challenges. One involved making over a friend, and the other involved designing for people with disabilities. In each challenge, the designers had to choose a photo as an inspiration and make an outfit from it. They also had to create a dress that was made from flowers or plants.

Heidi Klum hosts the show. She presents each challenge and interviews the contestants. She also interviews guest judges.

The judges of the show have shown a particular affinity for certain contestants' personalities and styles. But they have also given out some strange challenges. For example, in the non-model challenge, the judges asked the designers to create a garment for a real woman. This was actually a really weird one.

Another odd challenge was the one that Tim Gunn put out there. It involved creating clothes for stilt walkers. He also asked for designs for carnies.

A couple of seasons ago, the show had a "Non-Model" challenge. These challenges were a little weird, but they were a lot of fun. Several of the designers had to design for people who wouldn't normally wear clothing. Some of them were even required to do a hair makeover for their client.

Season 13 has a "workday" look challenge. Designers had to make an outfit for someone who works during the day.

Lord & Taylor's retail sponsorship

In honor of Project Runway's 10-year anniversary, the show's sponsor, Lord & Taylor, has inked a new retail partnership. As part of the deal, the retailer will host fashion challenges at its Fifth Avenue flagship. The winner will be given the chance to sell their own collection in the store.

To start things off, the designers are given clients who are in need of a style makeover. They must work together to design an outfit that meets their client's needs. This season, sixteen designers are competing to become a Project Runway winner.

As a sponsor, Lord & Taylor will provide 16 designers with shoes and accessories. Each week, a designer will be required to use a piece of the accessory wall to create a look. For the finale, the winning designer will showcase his or her creation in front of a live audience in New York's Times Square.

Before the contestants take the stage, Tim Gunn will visit each of the designers in their home cities. Heidi Klum will also be present, as well as the judges. These include Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and guest judges.

The designers will then have to come up with a red-carpet-ready Emmys look. One of the winning designs will be featured in a Marie Claire editorial feature. Also, the winner will receive a technology suite from HP and Intel, and a $100,000 fashion spread from L'Oreal Paris.

This year's season of Project Runway is sure to have plenty of drama. The season begins Thursday, July 19 at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Season 10 features 16 up-and-coming designers, including former contestants Michelle, Patricia, and Gunnar. Plus, Tim Gunn will return as mentor.

Maya's avant-garde designs

Project Runway Season 10 was a little let down. The designers were tasked to create an avant-garde look that would be inspired by L'Oreal's new "Electric Fantasie" makeup line.

There was some criticism from the judges on the challenge, but overall, the designers did a great job. Maya Ross was a whiz at sculptural designs. Her creations for the challenge included a gold strapless dress and a high collar caged jacket with hardware.

Another designer with a flair for fashion was Fabio Costa. His design was titled "Enchanted Queen" and featured an upside-down coat, sheer palazzos, feathers, and sequins. It's a tough look on the outside, but it was a favorite amongst the judges.

Chris March's collection was more edgy than commercially realistic. He used safety pins and human hair to create a more interesting look. However, the collection was too cluttered and it was a good idea to use a few of the models in different looks to give the look some variety.

Layana Aguilar's outfit was pretty. She used block-print fabric. It felt like a period piece. But she had a bit of an emotional crisis during the show.

During the episode, the six remaining designers were divided into three teams. They had to create a dress for a notable designer of the past seasons. Each designer had $400 to spend on fabrics.

When the final five designers were chosen, Tim Gunn met them at a fairy tale location. In the beginning of the episode, he explained the challenge to the designers and he consulted with Billy B, the make-up artist who helped with the challenge.

Some designers were not happy with the fabrics used in their designs. Many were also not fans of peek-a-boos on the backs of the models.

Venom's controversial behavior

If you are a fan of Project Runway you probably saw Ven Ross's name in the credits. This was the first episode of the season and he was given a chance to make it to New York Fashion Week. But Ven was not the only wacky designer on the block. In fact, there were a few, especially after Melissa's Artsy Muse and Sonjia were eliminated.

But there's more to this season's Project Runway than the usual runway showdown. The show has also introduced a few new elements, such as a new designer in Nathan, a more spirited competition among the contestants, and a "Real" People challenge. These challenges always get designers' blood pumping.

For starters, the biggest question mark is whether the producers really wanted to showcase the best of the designers, or if they were simply in a rush to finish production. Regardless, the designers are doing the best they can in the face of stiff competition.

And while Ven Ross's name was not on the judging panel, he was a frequent presence throughout the show. As such, he had a few opportunities to play with his big guns. His biggest mistake was not using the most important trick of all - getting the client to be his muse.

In a show that prides itself on being fair and balanced, this was a shame. Not only was it a bad idea, but it was also a cynical move on the part of the producers.

The one-million dollar prize was a dress designed by Gunnar Ross that had a bit of everything. He accentuated the features of the full-figured woman, but was careful not to overdo it. It was a fun, flirty piece, but not a stellar one.

Vanderpump Rules Cancelled

vanderpump rules cancelled

The recent news that the rules of the Vanderpump Rules television show were cancelled was received with a lot of shock. This was due to a number of reasons. One of the main reasons was that the show had not been well received. In fact, a number of fans complained that the show did not live up to the hype that was created around it.

Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder, one of the stars of Vanderpump Rules, was fired from the show in June 2020 for calling police on former co-star Faith Stowers. She also wrote a book about the scandal, titled Off With My Head.

The cancellation comes after a number of recent firings, including Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni. These casting choices were made in response to racist tweets on social media, according to media sources. It was also a response to the death of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd.

Stassi was dropped by her agency, United Talent Agency, and her publicist, and she reportedly lost sponsorships with companies such as Rent the Runway and shaving brand Billie. However, she still plans to start a new podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, after her departure from Vanderpump Rules.

Stassi and Kristen Doute appeared in all eight seasons of Vanderpump Rules, and both were criticized for their racially insensitive actions. In a recent Instagram Live chat, Faith Stowers called out the cast members for their "racially charged" behavior.

She claimed that Schroeder and Doute called the police on her for doing something she didn't do. A tabloid article about a black woman being wanted for theft was credited to her, but Stowers was not listed. Her account went viral and she apologized to her fans for her actions.

According to an insider, both Schroeder and Doute have since apologized to Stowers. They also said that they did not know that they had called the police on their co-star.

Schroeder said she was "burnt" by the incident and was "out of her mind" at the time. She called the scandal a "big mistake" and "a huge mistake." Now she's writing a second book.

Kristen Doute

If you're a fan of Vanderpump Rules, you've probably heard about Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder's recent firings. These two were fired from the popular Bravo franchise for racially insensitive comments they made on the show.

In addition to Schroeder and Doute, two other Vanderpump Rules cast members have also been terminated. Evolution Media confirmed that Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens will not be returning for season nine of the show.

The news of these two cast members being cut came to light after they posted racist tweets on social media. The tweets caused enough backlash that both were let go.

Now, Doute has opened up about her situation with Bravo. She's making her position clear that she thinks it's a mistake they made. She's even calling out their double standards.

It's no secret that Stassi and Kristen are not the only ones on Vanderpump Rules who have been accused of being racist. Another former co-star, Faith Stowers, has come forward to share her story.

After the incident, Stassi and Kristen were forced to apologize to Stowers, who claimed that they were involved in reporting her to the police for a crime she did not commit. Later, Stowers was falsely identified in a Daily Mail story about a black woman who was wanted for theft.

Ultimately, Schroeder was dropped from UTA, and Metro Public Relations also cut ties with her. As a result, she no longer has a talent option.

Regardless of whether or not Vanderpump Rules will return, these former cast members will likely have a hard time getting back into the spotlight. And many of their fans will be left wondering if the show will ever come back.

Jax Taylor

Fans of the long-running reality show Vanderpump Rules have been calling for star Jax Taylor to be fired. But the network has so far failed to deliver.

For nine seasons, the show has been filled with non-stop drama. In season 9, Scheana Shay got into a tiff with Lala Kent. Aside from the obvious drama, the show also dealt with a coronavirus pandemic.

Another fan-favorite cast member, Stassi Schroeder, was fired from the show for alleged racist behavior. Kristen Doute also had her contract terminated for a similar reason.

The remaining main characters are expected to leave Vanderpump Rules in the coming years. Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens have already exited the show, but the cast is still young enough that there is no telling who will be the next victim.

Bravo has yet to comment on the fate of other star cast members. It is also unclear if there will be a reboot of the show.

While Vanderpump Rules may have come to a close, the show's newest additions should learn from Jax's mistakes. Hopefully, the future casts of the show will have a more responsible approach to public life.

According to a recent Variety report, fans are demanding that Bravo fire Jax. Among the rumors that have circulated are accusations of crime against Faith Stowers. One tweet that has since been deleted by both Kristen and Stassi is the one that accused Faith of robbing the SUR restaurant.

Jax Taylor was the breakout star of Vanderpump Rules. He had been on the show since its premiere. However, he is known for his entitled and loud mouth. During a reunion segment, he tried to push Ariana Madix to the edge.

Brittany Cartwright

Brittany Cartwright, wife of former Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor, has announced that she will not be returning to the show. A Bravo spokesperson confirms that she will not be on Season 9, though no official announcement has been made.

The couple is expecting their first child together. In September, they confirmed the news on social media. Their baby is expected in April of 2021.

Cartwright and Taylor got married last year. During the course of their marriage, fans discovered that the pastor they were attending was making anti-LGBTQ+ comments. After learning this, Taylor and Cartwright decided to move away from the family pastor.

Vanderpump Rules began airing on Bravo in October. The network has since axed four other cast members, including Max Boyens, Brett Caprioni, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute.

While the show may have been cancelled, the cast will likely be informed this week. As the series was produced under a one-year non-compete clause, the cast members have plenty of time to pursue other careers.

The show's demise is part of a wider conflict within the reality TV genre. Some reality stars have embraced their role as public figures, while others struggle to keep up. This has made determining fan preferences difficult.

The Vanderpump Rules cast has also been affected by an ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Lisa Vanderpump has a contract with the network that runs until 2022. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the restaurants in Los Angeles remain closed.

However, the show will return in the spring of 2019. It's unknown if the cast will be rehired or replaced. Until then, fans can only look forward to new, diverse cast members.

Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump Rules was one of the earliest shows to face backlash. It aired in January 2013. Lisa Vanderpump has been the star of the show since its debut. However, there have been many issues with the show.

Stassi Schroeder was fired last summer. She was replaced by Jax Taylor, who has since announced his departure. There were also other cast members who left the show in recent months. This has led to speculation that the show is cancelled.

The main cast of Vanderpump Rules was axed by Bravo in the future. A few members were reportedly axed because of racial slurs and tweets. Some of them were fired immediately while others were let go after a long period of time.

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney were also fired. They had been on the show for years, but split in March. Another cast member, Brett Caprioni, was fired because of racist tweets before joining the show.

Max Boyens was axed because of his racial slurs. He was also fired by Bravo because of his actions.

In 2020, Vanderpump Rules was in the midst of a racial reckoning. Lisa Vanderpump was criticized for her views on race. She underlined her status as the head honcho at her restaurants. When the Black Lives Matter movement captivated the nation, she went on Instagram Live and talked about racism.

She later apologized for her comments. However, the cast of Vanderpump Rules had no problem letting it go. Billie Lee and Raquel Leviss both called for her firing.

Eventually, the producers of the show were unsure how to move forward. But they are trying. As of right now, Vanderpump Rules is expected to return for a tenth season.

What Happened to Vanderpump Rules Season 9?

season 9 vanderpump rules

Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules, which is now airing on Bravo, follows the lives of Lisa Vanderpump, co-owner of SUR, a West Hollywood restaurant. In the show, she balances her motherly instincts with a shrewd business sense, as she tries to keep control of her employees. She also helps run the business, while juggling her relationships with other cast members.


The sixth season of Vanderpump Rules has begun, and things are going to heat up at SUR. Tom Sandoval's work ethic is being questioned, Ariana is trying to regain her sex life, and Kristen is dealing with a Stage 5 clinger boyfriend. Moreover, Stassi returns as a regular cast member and Stassi's return leads to a heated battle between Katie and Kristen.

Kristen is not too happy about the way things are going. She's also not happy about her boyfriend's upcoming proposal to Katie. But she's not about to let her boyfriend take all the credit. So she gets in the game herself.

Lisa and Stassi clash over Stassi's handling of the sex tape. Stassi decides to come back to SUR to make up for the good she did for the show. But things get out of hand.

When the SUR gang celebrates Jax and Tom's birthdays, tensions escalate to a whole new level. James and Lala's hands-on approach at a racy photo shoot proves too much for the rest of the crew.

After a tense conversation with Brittany's father, Jax puts his foot in his mouth. He is also faced with a health scare. To remedy the situation, he turns to an unlikely form of therapy.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Stassi enlist two longtime staff members, Katie and Schwartz, to perform for a worthy cause. Raquel throws a puppy shower in order to win her friends. This is a ruse to win back her love, but Katie has a different agenda.

During a visit to L.A., Scheana discovers a secret about her marriage. It's not a good one. As a result, she ends up in a friendship-ending brawl with Kristen and Katie.

In the midst of all the drama, Lisa Vanderpump finally gets around to celebrating James Kennedy's birthday. And in the process, she brings in a sexy new bartender. However, the party doesn't stop there.

Throughout the season, Scheana, Stassi, and Katie all have conflicting relationships with their SUR crew. Plus, Jax and Brittany are getting closer. Despite the chaos, they manage to keep their romance alive.


Vanderpump Rules season nine features new faces, new rumors and new drama. It's been twelve years since Tom and Katie Maloney broke up. But, Tom and Katie are trying to get back on the same page. They agree not to have any romantic relationships with each other.

The crew is headed to Hawaii for birthdays. Kristen and James are on the guest list, but they're left out of the fun. Stassi comes to the rescue. She's got a plan to rehabilitate her marriage.

Jax makes a grand gesture to prove that he's a changed man. He has plastic surgery. However, he's a bit nervous about the prospect. He questions his life when he's facing a criminal court date. And he wonders if the woman he's been dating is going to pull away.

Stassi gets a rap on the sex tape. And it's not just because she's a bad girl. Lisa Vanderpump isn't having it.

In the aftermath of the sex tape scandal, Stassi's relationship with Lisa isn't the best. After all, she hasn't told her the whole story, which is a major red flag.

Stassi hasn't been in the best shape lately. And she's starting to suspect Rob's pull away. Plus, she wants to make a good impression when she meets Beau's mom. She's also been busy sniffing around SUR.

Lala, meanwhile, is caught in a tangle of jealousy when James tries to hook up with her. Her boyfriend James isn't the only one in town who's looking to break into the music industry.

Apparently, rumor has it that James is unfaithful. This isn't too hard to believe when it seems that he's attempting to reclaim his DJ job at SUR.

Meanwhile, Ariana continues her campaign against Kristen's comedic career. Her attitude drives her friends closer.

Katie, meanwhile, tries to help Peter score a date. But, he's being overshadowed by her new boyfriend. That's not so easy to accomplish.

Meanwhile, Tom Schwartz is making a move to commit to Katie. His plans are to propose. A surprising rumor about the new girlfriend of a former PUMP employee may put a damper on his plan.


The cast of Vanderpump Rules has had a lot of drama lately. In fact, seven of the show's stars left the show after season eight. But luckily, there are some returning cast members, too.

Lisa Vanderpump is about to become a grandmother. She also has had to deal with business closures and the loss of a family member. Her daughter Pandora is expecting a child. During the Season 9 reunion, Raquel and James discussed their breakup and engagement.

Tom Sandoval has been a cast member of the show for all nine seasons. He is the partner and partial owner of TomTom restaurant. His girlfriend is Ariana Maddix. And of course, Lala Kent will return, too.

Another returning cast member is Stassi Schroeder. She made guest appearances on the show. However, she was fired after season 8.

Jax Taylor is another one of the Vanderpump Rules cast members to leave the show. He is infamous for his bad behavior on the show. Earlier this year, his wife gave birth to their first child together. Although he is uncertain about his role on the show, he may not be the last one to leave.

Other cast members that have left Vanderpump Rules include Max Boyens, Brett Caprioni, Kristen Doute and Jax. While some of the returning cast members are close to one another, others are not.

The season nine reunion was held in New York City. It was hosted by Andy Cohen. Several cast members shared behind-the-scenes clips, photos, and videos.

After Vanderpump Rules season nine ends, it will be time for a two-part reunion special. This special will address what has been happening on the show. Some of the biggest rumors were raised about the end of Raquel and James' relationship. Plus, it will discuss the recent breakup of Lala Kent.

In addition to the cast of Vanderpump Rules, there are also new members joining the show. Some fan favorites will join the cast, as well. Vail Bloom, Richardson Chery, Billie Lee, and Max Todd are some of the names that have been teased.


If you're eager to catch up on what happened to Vanderpump Rules season nine, then you can't miss Andy Cohen's three-part reunion on Sept. 11, which features Stassi, Lala, and Scheana. During the episode, the cast discusses new relationships, rumors about James's infidelity, and Stassi's relationship with Patrick.

The SUR cast also tackles a host of topics, including Jax's recent breakup with Brittany, Tom and Ariana's romance, and Lisa's new boyfriend, Max Boyens. And for the first time, the series introduces new series regulars, like Dayna Kathan and Brett Caprioni.

In the premiere, Stassi returns to the SUR kitchen after a summer of fights and arguments. She is desperate to make a good impression on Beau's mom, and hopes to convince her that he is not a womanizer. But her attempt to win her back falls flat.

Meanwhile, Kristen and Stassi try to reconnect after their summer of bitter fighting. They also attempt to score a date for Peter. However, the couple ends up in a disagreement when they try to help Peter get a date. Despite their efforts, the pair's tensions continue.

Ahead of the reunion, Lisa Vanderpump invites her employees to her SUR Restaurant for Gay Pride. But as she hosts the event, rumors begin to circulate about her boyfriend's new relationship. Luckily, she's prepared for them.

Stassi and Stassi's friends start to turn against her. She takes on an unlikely form of therapy. It's not easy for her to stay focused when her body is being constantly shamed.

Katie's rumor about Schwartz's infidelity is not helped by her ex-husband. She enlists the help of Stassi to fight against the rumors. Afterward, she launches a website starring Tequila Katie.

Tom Schwartz makes a move toward commitment with Katie. However, he's still struggling with his relationship. He worries that he's losing Katie's support. Fortunately, he finds some support in Scheana. She tries to help him figure out what he wants from a man.

Ariana's body image issues continue to sour her relationship with Stassi. When Kristen sees the situation, she tries to stop her. Instead, she reveals a secret about the two women. This revelation puts the future of the friendship at stake.

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