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Pakistan Ordnance Factorie

en.wikipedia.org)It is "the largest defence industrial complex under the Ministry of Defence Production, producing conventional arms & ammo to international standards. POF Board headquarter is at Wah Cantt. Presently POF comprises of 14 ordnance factories and three commercial subsidiaries. Pakistan Ordnance Factories also manufacture commercial explosives, hunting ammunition and possess extensive facilities for the manufacture of brass, copper and aluminum ingots, extrusions and sections for non-military applications. A garments factory, which has state of the art cloth cutting facilities and modern stitching units, manufactures military uniforms and can also cater for the needs of the civil sector". (Source:

Pakistan Ordnance Factories are country's premier defence production organization. We warmly welcome our international clients from friendly countries and offer a broad range of defence products manufactured on highest level of quality standards at most competitive prices. Established in 1951, POF is the largest state owned defence manufacturer in Pakistan. Besides being the main supplier of Pakistan Armed Force and the law enforcement agencies, POF exports to a number of countries across the globe.

Having a work force of over 27,000 skilled employees in 14 defence industrial units and a number of commercial subsidiary companies POF employs more than 20,000 plants scattered in the gigantic industrial complex located at Wah Cantonment in Pakistan. Our product range is exquisitely portrayed in this catalogue. We showcase display it in most of the international defence exhibitions. POFs Exports Division employs experts who take care of customer requirements in professional manner with utmost promptness. You may send all of your inquiries to us on exports@pof.gov.pk with my personal assurance of excellent assistance from POF.

In 1988, the scope of training was extended to include training programs in the areas like CNC-Machining, Hydraulics, Controls, Power Systems e.t.c. New building was constructed and TTC was shifted to the new location, now which is known as POF Institute of Technology (POFIT). (Source: pof.gov.pk)

Pakistan Ordnance Factories (pof

The Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF), Pakistan’s largest defense supplier and industrial complex, is a conglomerate consisting of fourteen factories that are central to Pakistan’s conventional arms production. [3] The fourteen factories specialize in munitions ranging from materials such as steel and tungsten, to propellants and explosives, to tanks, artillery, machine guns, and uniforms. (Source: www.nti.org)


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