Passion city church atlanta

Passion city church atlanta

Passion city church atlanta

Peter spent his first twenty-three years living just 1 mile from his parents. His mom was a concert pianist who played the Baltimore Symphony.


In June 2016, I went through a program called “Launch” with Passion City Church, a popular mega church in Atlanta that Pastor Louie Giglio leads. It was a six or seven week session for people that just had questions about Jesus, faith, etc. It was there that I came out as a gay woman to a church group of any kind for the first time. To my surprise, I was met with grace and love, honestly feeling like I was in a safe space where I could be my true self.

Farias, Andree. (April 25, 2005) Christianity Today. A Passion for the Christ - Thousands of college students attend Passion worship conferences annually. We talked to the guy behind it all, Louie Giglio, a former campus pastor with a heart on fire for God.


In a conversation about racism with Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy and rapper Lecrae in June 2020, Giglio suggested that Americans replace the phrase "white privilege" with "white blessing". He said that the "blessing of slavery" had built up the framework for the world that white people live in. Giglio issued an apology on Twitter for his comments.

Born of the Passion Movement, a decades-old movement among young adults aged 18-25, what began with a stirring in the hearts of Louie and Shelley Giglio has grown to become a culture-shaping church where Jesus is the lead story told through AV installation for a lasting, dynamic worship experience. In addition to their locations in the Atlanta and Washington, DC metro areas, Passion City is part of an organization also behind the present-day Passion Conferences and Six Steps recording label. Songs and messages created out of this movement have impacted people all over the world. (Source: onediversified.com)

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