Pac Man: Providing Showtime Entertainment for the World

Pac Man: Providing Showtime Entertainment for the World


Pac Man Entertainment

Pac-Man Entertainment Dinning

PAC-MAN Entertainment is a stylish and unique place to eat, drink and socialize. While the massive 52,000 square foot playground was inspired by PAC-MAN, the experience is playfully sophisticated. Think Date Night. Girls/Guys Night Out. Work Parties (the fun kind). (Source: members.schaumburgbusiness.com)

Website (Entertainment Company)

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Pac-Man Entertainment is a company that welcomes gamers, developers, and publishers to the digital entertainment distribution platform. The company believes that digital distribution can create a distribution platform that can be more profitable to advertisers, publishers, and gamers. Pac-Man Entertainment offered the first independent digital distribution service in the world, offering video game publishing rights for gamers, developers, and publishers.

Pac Man Entertainment

New Update (Pac Man Games)

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Pac Man Entertainment is a partnership between former games journalists Jeff Kuo and Steve Jin. Their website aims to be a "game discovery website" by cataloging all the latest games, including those from indie developers. Jeff and Steve have been a part of a handful of gaming communities for years. And have a strong personal and professional connection to the industry. They also have a proven track record of publishing, managing, and managing.

Woodfield (Store and Outlet)

PAC-MAN Entertainment store or outlet store located in Schaumburg, Illinois - Woodfield Mall location, address: 5 Woodfield Shopping Center, Schaumburg, Illinois - IL 60173 - 5012. Find information about hours, locations, online information, and users ratings and reviews. Save money on PAC-MAN Entertainment and find a store or outlet near me. (Source: www.mallscenters.com)

Pac Man Entertainment

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Pac Man

You don't have to put yourself out there if you don't want to. There are plenty of options to choose from. But, your potential clients might not be so eager to hire someone who doesn't put themselves out there for them. So, go ahead and put your best foot forward and create a killer website for them.

Namco USA had intended on turning Pac-Man Entertainment into a chain of branded FECs. But such things take more time than a year to do, so the full expansion never came to fruition. That said, the famous Level 257 in Schaumburg, IL was rebranded into PME. And it appears that was the only location to receive such treatment. As it is, GENDA is renaming the location to ENTERRIUM, which will open later this month. They have a website setup and are looking to hire. Where it appears that they will maintain the same idea of mixing old & new games together with food and other attractions: (Source:arcadeheroes.com)


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