Once Upon a Time Westor

Once Upon a Time Westor

Once Upon a Time West

Bella was a high-flying lawyer who served as the lead on many cases. She represented the underprivileged, who, like her, had an inheritance of secrets and secrets. Bell was coming to the end of her career and looking for new challenges, when she discovered a neglected little town in the middle of nowhere. In a moment of serendipity, the town offered her a new and exciting opportunity: a chance to help, heal, and rebuild.


After directing The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Leone decided to retire from Westerns and aimed to produce his film based on The Hoods, which eventually became Once Upon a Time in America. However, Leone accepted an offer from Paramount Pictures providing Henry Fonda and a budget to produce another Western. He recruited Bertolucci and Argento to devise the plot of the film in 1966, researching other Western films in the process. After Clint Eastwood turned down an offer to play the movie's protagonist, Bronson was offered the role. During production, Leone recruited Donati to rewrite the script due to concerns over time limitations. )The original version by the director was 166 minutes when it was first released on 21 December 1968. This version was shown in European cinemas, and was a box-office success. For the US release on 28 May 1969, Once Upon a Time in the West was edited down to 145 minutes by Paramount and was a financial flop. The film is the first installment in Leone's Once Upon a Time trilogy, followed by Duck, You Sucker! and Once Upon a Time in America, though the films do not share any characters in common. (Source:

The film opens with a mysterious harmonica-playing gunman, whom Cheyenne later dubs "Harmonica", shooting three men sent by Frank to kill him. In a roadhouse near West and East Mitten Buttes on the way to Sweetwater, where he also encounters Mrs. McBain, Harmonica informs Cheyenne that the three gunfighters appeared to be posing as Cheyenne's men. Cheyenne arrives at Sweetwater soon after, and both men seem attracted to Mrs. McBain. Harmonica explains that according to the contract of sale, she will lose Sweetwater unless the station is built by the time the track's construction crews reach that point, so Cheyenne puts his men to work building it. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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