Offerup Miami or

Offerup Miami or

Offerup Miami

Save up to 50% off car sales with Offerup! Cars and their prices change constantly, so you always need to be one step ahead. Free shipping, sales tax and the ability to put your mechanic's name on the car make getting the best deal an easy decision.



OfferUP would be ten times better i if everyone was a verified member and there wasn’t allowed any fakes or frauds. Usually my inventory would be flying for sale, but recently it’s been laying going nowhere due to all these fake people mole on here like collectors and whomever else that don’t belong on here, I haven’t made a sale on here because it seems as if someone is telling people not to buy anything, it’s just not the same, I can tell you this, is make this site one hundred percent better if given the opportunity but Opportunity has been taken away like most of our civil rights Americans give away each day. I’m a fighter and a person who stands up for what I believe in, I’m not someone who just takes the easy way out, those people are all the people who were the mistakes coming in. I’m 36 looking for a job, profession I know I can build and help rise, so if any job opportunities are available please let me know, sorry I can’t see my writing for some reason but how fully this finds someone with authority or in charge of hiring or building OfferUP to be a much better site, I’m sure your fully capable of doing it yourself but a little help from the right person(s) would never hurt. God bless and stand up for your rights, don’t ever sell out. Thankyou

There needs to be a way to remove more than one saved item at a time on boards, you have to remove them one by one and it forgets the spot you are at and goes to the top automatically. Also stop sending me more picks for you notifications it can confuse you into thinking you have an actual message or change the color from orange to another color keep messaging the same or make it red. Also make a way to remove my phone number I change my number and now I can’t access unless OfferUp sends me a verification even after I log in. I have email and password I would like to remove my number for my privacy I should have a option but once you use a number you have to keep using one. Meanwhile if you never use one you don’t need to use it as a verification. And stop asking me do I love the app it’s annoying you guys don’t even add features or changes but ask me constantly. Also a way to search by ratings and by how long they been on the app because so many scammers are making profiles the same day and are posting ridiculous offers. Also a better way to narrow down what I want to buy example if I’m looking for an iPhone 11 the 11 pro or pro max models show up when I’m looking for a specific item instead of just putting them in a melting pot make it a way I can specify exactly the item I need. Make some changes and the app would be much better it’s a decent app besides things I just named. Love the fact I can look nationwide very good feature. (Source: apps.apple.com)


, the largest mobile marketplace in the U.S. for local buyers and sellers with more than 85M downloads, today announced it has opened an engineering office in Miami. The new office is managed by Director of Engineering Rodrigo Violante, the former CTO of PriceTravel and Televisa. Miami is home to one of OfferUp's most active communities, with more than 15 percent of Miamians using the marketplace every month to search, buy and sell furniture, clothes, cars, and more.Polished concrete floors, exposed ceiling beams and industrial light fixtures lend to this Latin fusion eatery's rough-yet-polished look. The food obsessed will find lots to get excited about here—it's definitely on the list of those who study menus and follow chefs and their various projects. But it's also accessible enough to intrigue Wynwood regulars and those just looking for a nice night out. The name alludes to the word for "home" in Peru, and the Lima-born chef Henry Hane has said that this restaurant is a tribute to his Peruvian heritage while adding Cuban, Thai, and Italian influences.

A massive brewery and tropical garden tucked away on a side street in Wynwood, this sprawling structure is both an industrial brewery capable of producing 800 craft beers and a multi-level restaurant with a spacious outdoor courtyard that hosts live music on the weekends. Everyone from mainstream beer drinkers to craft brew snobs will find something here. Beers are obviously the star of the show, with "La Original" amber lager leading the charge and an expansive menu of craft brews buttressing the menu. The tap room can offer up to 20 types of beer on a given day and growlers (as well as commemorative 6-packs) are available to take home. Miami culinary superstar Chef Cindy Hutson (formerly of Ortanique on the Mile) heads up the kitchen here and brings her flair for Latin-inspired tropical cuisine to a menu of belly-filling brewery staples. Overall, it's a great option for a group dinner or birthday, and since it doesn't get too wild or crazy here, also a great option for families with young kids. (Source: www.cntraveler.com)



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