Nobu los angeles

Nobu los angeles

Nobu los angeles

Seeking to introduce a new gastronomic sensation to the world, Nobu Matsuhisa brought together the musicians, artists and renegades of the early ‘60s into his restaurant in Los Angeles.It’s Tuesday night, every exit is closed on the 405 because of construction, and your phone is having Waze connection issues. Not to mention you’re already a half hour late to that date you actually care about. It’s in these times when you want to throw your Hyundai into park, press your head against the steering wheel, and wonder what you’re even doing here. LA is a great city, but sometimes it’s pretty easy to forget that. Go remind yourself at Nobu Malibu.


The lovely light batter of the tempura; a taste of the ocean in the yellowtail sashimi, with a nice little kick from the jalapeño; a really generous sashimi salad, just made for sharing; and the legendary black cod with miso – I have no more to add. We ended this memorable evening with the Bento Box: warm flourless chocolate cake, sesame crunch and green tea ice cream. The whole dining experience was exquisite – I just loved the way the chefs and staff welcomed their guests into the restaurant shouting, “Irashaimase!”- Japanese for “Welcome to my house!”

Nobu LA opened its doors in spring 2008. Designed by world-renowned architect David Rockwell, the restaurant has three separate dining rooms, each with its own unique character. This place had great style but also a cosy ambience, something that only the best designers can achieve. We were thrilled to have a place at the Chef´s table. This is the heart of Hollywood, film and theatre land, and we had front-row seats. It´s the service that stands out in the States – and believe me, they rolled out the red carpet.Nobu Matsuhisa means dining at its finest. His restaurants stretch across five continents, with over 40 locations across the globe. His food is enjoyed by millions of diners hungry for his innovative food and sleek atmosphere. His name is the springboard for this generation’s master chefs, who have gone on to open their own acclaimed eateries after their start under Nobu’s guidance. (Source: matsuhisabeverlyhills.com)


If you’re unfamiliar with Nobu, you don’t need to prepare yourself for some insanely adventurous expedition into the sushi unknown. In fact, Nobu’s menu feels pretty standard. There’s a yellowtail and jalapeno sashimi plate, tuna tacos, and a cooked black cod miso dish with enough butter on it to baste a turkey. But it’s important to know that Nobu invented these dishes, and even after expanding to become the global empire it is today, they’re all still better than any copycat version that’s out there.

: Nobu Los Angeles is a stylish link in chef Nobu Matsuhisa's global chain of upscale sushi spots. The design features dark brown and red tones, with gold, orb-shaped lanterns casting dim light on the young, hip crowd that comes for sushi and fusion cuisine. Diners have their pick of several different sections: the bar, front room, main room with sushi bar, and private dining room nestled in the middle. Nobu fans know what to expect: from sushi, sushi rolls and sashimi to skewers, tempura and tobanyaki (served in ceramic cooking dishes). Among the cold items, try the baby artichoke salad, the monkfish pâté with caviar, and whitefish sashimi with dried miso. If you've just won the lottery, caviar has its own section on the menu called "tartare with caviar," which includes toro, salmon, yellowtail and botan ebi. The brick oven turns out dishes such as cauliflower with jalapeño dressing, Niman Ranch rib-eye and whole black sea bass. Other entrée options include the signature black cod with miso, squid pasta with a light garlic sauce, Jidori chicken and Australian lamb chops, in addition to monthly changing specials. As in many fusion restaurants, the desserts are less flavorful than the savory part of the meal. The wine list is mainly composed of Californian and French selections, including a $16,000 1982 Château Pétrus. Also available are signature sakés that are made exclusively for Nobu's restaurants. And keeping up with cocktail culture, there are upscale martinis, margaritas and a Sidecar made with Hakushu 12 Year single malt and yuzu, served over an ice sphere. Also located at 22706 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 310-317-9140. (Source: www.gayot.com)





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