Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim Do a Record Together?

Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim Do a Record Together?


Should niki minaj and lil kim do a record together

If you've been following the rumors, you may have heard of Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim's rift. While both women claim to be good friends, there's no denying that their relationship is strained at the seams. It's one of the most public and heated arguments of the past decade and it's all about words.

Diddy's belief that Minaj never really did or said anything to warrant Kim's attitude

The Puff Daddy era is considered to be a watershed moment in pop culture. It spawned a number of memorable moments and innovations, including the famous "scatter-shot" rap by Lil' Kim, which paved the way for many a slamming song in the years to come. In addition, it is also the source of the'stupefied' music industry as we know it today.

Diddy has shown a number of times that he is more than a musical mogul. He is a businessman as well, and is in the midst of starting his own record label. His latest venture is a 'R&B' label.

Aside from being the first to break the record for the number of Grammy nominations, he is one of the more prominent stars in the music industry. As for his personal life, he's been open about his grieving over his longtime partner, Kim Porter. But the most recent loss he has endured is his friend and mentor, Andre Harrell.

Despite his untimely demise, Combs has shown that he can still come out on top. In fact, he recently went through his text messages with Porter. Despite this, he says he's looking for love and wants to get out of the rat race.

For the most part, he isn't a big fan of the 'been there, done that' music industry. Fortunately, he has his hand at many other things, including being a celebrity judge, and the host of the 'Million Dollaz' TV show. However, he hasn't been seen with Yung Miami in a while. Hopefully, he will make an appearance soon.

While the name Puff Daddy is a mouthful, he has been known to use a variety of aliases over the years. One of his aliases is Sean John Combs.

Nicki Minaj's hijacking of Beyonce's 'Flawless (Remix)'

There is a lot of hype surrounding Nicki Minaj's latest release. She has two top-selling albums under her belt, and is set to hit the road for her Sir Mix-a-Lot Tour. Not to mention, she has a new single called "Anaconda", which was produced by none other than French superstar David Guetta. So far, the tour has been a big success, as well.

Nicki's got a knack for hooks. Despite her frequent snubbing, the rapper has managed to wring herself onto the hip hop radar of some of the industry's big names. One of the singer's most memorable moments was during the infamous Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce. After the split, the pop star continued to produce music, including a surprisingly tame cover of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". The rapper has even contributed a verse to "Bodak Yellow" for good measure.

Despite her success, Nicki hasn't been shy about criticizing the industry. In fact, the pop star has taken to calling her "Queen B" on occasion. Her latest album "The Beauty" features a slew of tracks with the singer, but her most notable contribution is the "Flawless" remix. While she's not quite at her most dazzling performance yet, she and her protégé are well-equipped to keep the party rocking.

Aside from her wacky behavior, the pop star's latest album also includes the first track by her protégé, "Bodak Yellow" (of course). The rap star and her beau have a good rapport. It's only a matter of time before they release a joint album. And as long as they stick to their guns, there's a real chance they could become the next big thing.

Nicki Minaj's diss track to Lil' Kim

Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj have a long history of being rivals. Initially, the two began a feud over their music and aesthetic. Eventually, the two ended their beef. Now, it seems that the two are bringing it back again.

When the two rappers teamed up on a song called "Hello Good Morning" in 2011, they allegedly took shots at each other. They even went as far as saying that they would never speak to each other again.

However, the feud between the two was revived after 50 Cent claimed that Kim was dissing her in songs. In response to this, Kim released a mixtape entitled Black Friday, which was meant to address these allegations. She also responded to 50 Cent on Instagram.

The feud with Nicki Minaj became a public spectacle. At one point, both artists were reportedly signed to Cash Money Records, which is owned by Young Money. That didn't last. Instead, Lil' Kim worked with Ronald 'Slim' Williams of the label. He sent her demos for about a year before he stopped communicating with her.

As Lil' Kim continues to be in the spotlight, she's teamed up with Baltimore MC Keys to take shots at Nicki Minaj. Their new track, Do or Die, is a diss song that has the title Do or Die (Nicki Minaj, Lil' Kim Diss). This track is available on JioSaavn and can be found on the JioSaavn App.

Since Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj are still feuding, fans can expect more subliminal shots from both rappers. Both of them have recently had their issues with Cardi B. While Cardi B has been known for her aggressive style, Minaj is known for her more eccentric style.

Nicki Minaj's cold war of words

The fight between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj has been raging for years. They are two of the most prominent female rappers in history. Yet, for all their acrimony, they are still friends.

Their ensuing squabbles are not limited to rap. Both have had their share of run ins with the media. Several times, they have been accused of stealing artwork, as well as being trolls.

A major tenet of the feud is the release of a Black Friday mixtape by Lil Kim, which was aimed squarely at Nicki Minaj. In 2010, the rivalry exploded into a broader cultural conversation.

Kim has been taking a shot at Nicki in interviews, on mixtapes and even in freestyles. Her 'Starships' track is a definite winner.

Lil Kim and Nicki have both taken to Twitter to poke fun at each other. Earlier this week, Kim tweeted about her 'Black Friday' mixtape, which sold over 113,000 copies on paypal on its first day. While this may sound like a feat of marketing, it was the first volley in their longstanding rap beef.

As the dust settles on the feud, it's hard to say who will win. There's no denying that Lil' Kim is still the queen of hip hop, but Nicki's return to the music scene has helped reinvigorate the genre.

Whether or not Nicki and Kim continue their battle, the one thing they'll both agree on is that their names will always be in the game. Not because of each other, but because of their storied rivalry.

One of the best ways to prove this is to compare the number of records sold between them. For example, did you know that Nicki's 'Starships' is her highest charting single in the UK?

Ray J's friendship with Nicki Minaj

During his tenure as an actor and singer, Ray J has been involved in numerous celebrity feuds. His relationship with Lil' Kim has been one of them. Recently, the two have entered a feud with Nicki Minaj.

Although they are in a feud, it is obvious that both are friends. They have been seen together at events and on TV.

As of 2016, the two have been living in Malibu Monster House, a 6,800-square-foot home that costs $11.8 million. The couple recently said they might want another child together.

In addition to collaborating with Fendi, Nicki has also helped fans out after hurricanes in Texas and New York. She has even made a donation of more than $25,000 to the St. Jude's Home for Girls in Trinidad.

Ray J was previously dating Pauly Shore. However, the pair split. They dated each other for three years. It is unclear if they have been back together since then.

Safaree Samuels and Ray J have appeared on several Love and Hip Hop shows. They also appear in the first and fourth seasons of Love and Hip Hop: New York. But they haven't given a straight answer to the question of whether or not they are still on their way to a family feud.

He is also a stakeholder in Tidal, a music streaming service. This service specializes in lossless audio and high definition music videos.

One of his singles is "Rewind," a song that features British producer Designer Doubt. Other artists featured include Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown.

In addition to his work as an actor and singer, Ray J has also become a producer. He has collaborated with producers such as A1 and Roccstar.

What's the NFL Playoff Bracket Look Like?

whats the nfl playoff bracket look like

If you're an avid fan of the NFL, then you probably know how crazy it can get when the playoff bracket is announced. After all, every team in the league has a shot at winning the title. But how does it all work?

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers

The playoff bracket for the NFL is not what we expected before the season began. The AFC is still full of surprises. While the Green Bay Packers have a shot at the playoffs, they could be eliminated if they lose to the Miami Dolphins. The Falcons have a shot to make the playoffs as well, but they must win their division to advance.

If the Panthers beat the Lions, Atlanta would be out of the playoff picture. Carolina would have to win its final two games to remain in the running. However, they are just 6-8 on the season and have lost five of their last six games. That's not a good look.

With the Panthers and the Buccaneers atop their respective divisions, the NFL Playoff Picture is starting to take shape. They're tied for first place in the NFC South.

In the AFC, the Chiefs and Ravens are leading the way. Minnesota is one game back of the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles. Their defense is stellar, but their quarterback is struggling.

With the Bengals and Chiefs close behind, Buffalo could find itself in the thick of things in the AFC North. Tampa Bay has lost three of its last four games, but the Bucs have a lot left to play for.

On the NFC side, the Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons have played a lot of games. Both teams have lost, but they have also won. This rivalry is a good example of how the NFC and the AFC differ.

These two teams have met twice in the last twelve days. It will be interesting to see how the matchups work out. As far as playoffs go, it looks like Carolina will have an easier path than the Falcons.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are in a tough position to make the playoffs. With three games left, the Ravens have a 10-5 record and are tied for second place in the AFC North. They need help to make the cut, but if they can win out, they could earn an AFC North title.

There are nine ways the Ravens can clinch a playoff spot. Each has a different chance of happening. Some are longshots, while others are the simplest.

In the last two weeks of the regular season, the Ravens will play the Atlanta Falcons at M&T Bank Stadium, the Pittsburgh Steelers at home, and the Cincinnati Bengals away. Their path to the playoffs will depend on each of these games.

For the Ravens to be considered a contender for the AFC title, they must make it through the rest of their schedule without losing. If they can do that, they will secure an AFC North title. But the Ravens also must be competitive in their remaining games.

If the Ravens win their final three games, they will finish in fourth place in the AFC North. That would give them a 3.5-point underdog against New England in the Week 18 game.

Another option is to lose all three of their games. This scenario isn't as simple as it sounds, however. If the Ravens lose to Miami and the Bengals, they'll enter a four-way tie for the third and final playoff spot. However, they have a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Bengals.

Finally, there is the longshot scenario of the Chargers winning. That would allow the Ravens to clinch a playoff spot, provided they can also beat the Patriots.

Cincinnati Bengals

There is a lot to watch for during the upcoming NFL playoffs. During the first two weeks of the season, a team's overall record is a huge factor, while in the last few games, a single game could make or break a team's playoffs. The Cincinnati Bengals have won 10 of their past 11 games, but they still need to beat the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills to lock into the top seed. Moreover, they have a tough schedule, with a road trip to the Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns on the horizon.

Nevertheless, the Cincinnati Bengals look to be a Super Bowl contender this year. They have a chance to win their first ever Super Bowl and end a 31-year playoff drought. This is an exciting time for fans, as the playoffs are just around the corner.

In the AFC, the Cincinnati Bengals are sitting in third place. They are just one game behind the Ravens and the Titans. If they get a win against Kansas City, they could move into second place in the division. But if they lose, they could fall to fourth.

On the other side of the bracket, the Los Angeles Rams are sitting in first place. Interestingly, the Bengals are just a game behind the Texans, who are the only other team in the AFC that currently holds a playoff spot.

Currently, the Bengals have a 72% chance to win the AFC North. That's a good number for a team that hasn't won a postseason game in 31 years. However, the cliff of error is quite steep.

After a slow start, the Bengals roared back to beat the Kansas City Chiefs 34-31. Evan McPherson hit four field goals, including a game-winning kick in the final seconds. And, while the win didn't matter in the long run, it was a big boost for the Bengals.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are in a tight race to make the playoffs. After a disappointing loss to the San Francisco 49ers, they are two games behind the Buffalo Bills and a game ahead of the Jets. Their playoff hopes are largely dependent on how the rest of their schedule pans out.

A win over the Green Bay Packers would give the Dolphins a chance to take a step closer to the postseason. But the Miami Dolphins need to do much more than win a single game to improve their postseason odds.

They need to get some wins on their schedule, while also getting other teams to lose. That will not be easy. However, the Dolphins have plenty of time to improve their chances of making the playoffs.

Their schedule is tough, but the Dolphins have the right players to help them make it to the postseason. They've added players like Bradley Chubb and Melvin Ingram to their roster, so they have a pretty solid group of edge rushers.

Miami still holds the tiebreaker over the Bills. They've won two out of three meetings so far. If they can win the final two games, they could clinch the tiebreaker.

While the Dolphins are on a four-game winning streak, they still need to find some wins to boost their chances of a playoff spot. Ideally, they should win at least one game against each of their AFC East rivals.

In Week 17, the Dolphins will face off against the Patriots. This could be another high-profile prime-time game. It's also the most important game on the Dolphins' schedule. And if they win, they will have a better than 80 percent chance of making the playoffs.

Seattle Seahawks

If the Seattle Seahawks win tomorrow's game against the Minnesota Vikings, they will overtake the NFC West's lead. They also have a good shot at jumping over the New York Giants.

The defending Super Bowl champion Rams are in the 10th spot in the NFC playoff standings. Losing to the Arizona Cardinals would ensure they don't qualify for the playoffs. However, if the Los Angeles Rams beat the Kansas City Chiefs, the Seahawks could still qualify.

Currently, the Seahawks are in eighth place overall. Their record is 6-8, with two victories and three losses. However, if they win in Week 16, they would punch their ticket to the next round.

Seattle has a good chance of qualifying for the playoffs, even after losing to the Detroit Lions. The team is tied with the Detroit Lions, but must keep better records than the Washington Commanders to do so.

Seattle won its last game against the Carolina Panthers, which was in the playoffs. Last year, the Seahawks lost in the first round. Nevertheless, they advanced to the conference championships. This was the biggest comeback in the conference's history.

Seattle's passing attack should be enough to keep the game close. The team allowed Cam Newton to complete under 300 yards, but the game was played in a very cold weather. It was about 17 degrees when the game started, and the weather should continue to be a factor in the next game.

Seattle's defense was also a factor in their victory, holding the Chiefs to only 161.1 rushing yards. The Seattle offense failed to score on three consecutive possessions. In the end, it was a 10-play, 60-yard drive that took about four minutes.

What Does the NFL Playoff Bracket Look Like?

what does nfl playoff bracket look like

If you're looking for a little insight into the NFL playoffs, then look no further. You can get the answers to questions like "What does the NFL playoff bracket look like?" and "What are the Wild Card teams?" here.


The AFC and NFC are two different conferences in the National Football League. These are similar, but have their own playoffs and playing grounds. They have many differences.

In both conferences, there are 16 teams. Each conference has four divisions. The winner of each division advances to the Conference Championship Game. At the end of the game, the winners advance to the Super Bowl to face the NFL champion.

The AFC's top seed is the Pittsburgh Steelers. The top-seeded team in the NFC is the Philadelphia Eagles. Both have a first round bye. Unlike in the AFC, the NFC does not officially represent geographical areas. It has been involved in political issues and controversy.

Each conference has three wild card qualifiers. These are chosen based on in-season record. If the team with the highest overall record is not a wild card, the next highest-seeded team is selected.

The NFC holds a slight lead over the AFC in the Super Bowl race. There is still time for both to catch up. However, both the Patriots and the Steelers have a lot to play for.

The Super Bowl is played at a predetermined neutral site. The NFL has a "any given Sunday" cliche. As the season continues, the playoff picture starts to come into focus.

The AFC has been criticized for its safety of players. However, all teams have full medical care in case of an injury.

The NFC has been criticized for its political agendas. Three of the four NFC West teams have postseason berths. Tampa Bay is the only team in the NFC South that is currently undefeated. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills have won two games, both by a score of 33-21.

The Buffalo Bills have climbed from a fifth seed to a number one seed in the AFC. That means they're the only team in the league to be ranked ahead of the Cincinnati Bengals. This could have an impact on the AFC No. 1 seed.

After losing to the Dolphins, the Miami Dolphins fell to the sixth seed in the AFC. Their head-to-head tiebreaker over the Cleveland Commanders is still intact.

Wild card teams

The NFL Playoffs are an annual tournament in which teams from each conference compete for the Super Bowl. They are played in January on a two or three-day weekend depending on the schedule. In addition to the Super Bowl, the NFL playoffs include a Wild Card Round, Divisional Round, and Conference Championships.

During the regular season, the top three teams in each division qualify for the playoffs. These teams are awarded a bye in the first round, which enables them to prepare for their Divisional Round game. When the playoffs begin, the teams are arranged into three groups, called the "bracket." This group is not fixed and can be rearranged.

While the number one seed in each conference is given a bye in the first round, this does not mean that they are automatically crowned the winner of the division. A team with a better record will have the opportunity to play the division winner in the second round, and will have a week to prepare for that.

The divisional round of the NFL Playoffs is a similar format to the wild card round, but has the advantage of giving home field advantage to the higher seeds in each conference. Teams with the better record are also eligible to be reselected for the Playoffs.

The wild card round is a single-game tournament that will be played on a Sunday, and is considered the smallest of the three rounds. A team can only win the wild card round if they have the best overall record.

Another notable difference between the wild card round and the divisional round is the tie-breaking rule. If a tie exists, the game will continue until a winner is determined.

Since 1970, ten teams have made the Super Bowl as wild card teams. Four of them won on the road. Several more advanced via the AFL's playoff system.

The tie-breaking rule can also affect the results of the playoffs. For example, if the two teams that were tied in the fourth quarter go to overtime, the game will continue until a winner has been decided.

Re-seeding after each round

If you've ever wondered why the NFL playoffs are played in a bracket, the answer is simple: to give the best team an advantage. This is accomplished through a process called re-seeding. Depending on the regular season, it can change in each round. It is not the most complicated system in the world, but it does have a significant effect on every Playoff game.

The playoffs are divided into four rounds. In the first round, the top two seeds get a bye. The remaining teams then go through a round of best-of-five series. They then move into the Conference Championships. These games are played between the winners of each conference, with the divisional champions facing off in the Super Bowl.

The playoffs are played through January and into February. During this time, the league has expanded the field from twelve to fourteen teams. Each conference has three wildcard teams. A team with the worst record is given a fifth seed, while a team with the best record is given a sixth seed.

One of the main reasons the playoffs are expanded is for economic reasons. The NFL can generate extra revenue from two primetime postseason broadcasts. But it also gives teams that have struggled early in the season a chance to make a solid playoff push.

To win the Super Bowl, a team must win four games. The playoffs also feature a wildcard team that can beat a divisional champion. However, this does not guarantee a trip to the big game.

Since the playoffs are spread out across three weekends, the highest seed plays the lowest seed at home. The second lowest seed travels to the second highest seed, and so on.

One interesting fact about re-seeding is that the number one seed always plays the lowest remaining seed in the same conference. This is because the top two seeds were given a bye in the wildcard round.

The NFL playoffs are made up of 14 teams. They are divided into two conferences, the AFC and the NFC. In addition to the Conference Champions, each conference has three wild card teams.

How Does the NFL Playoff Format Work?

If you're wondering how the NFL playoff format works, there are a few things you need to know. The first thing you should know is that the playoff format isn't a fixed format, and there are several ways that it can be adapted.

Home field advantage is determined by seeding number, not position on the bracket

A team that wins the most games in the regular season has a chance to win home field advantage in the playoffs. Usually, the higher seed gets the nod. This is true whether the team has a great record or a dreadful one.

The number of teams competing in the playoffs has been expanded from the original eight to 12. Six teams will make the playoffs in each league. There will also be three wild card teams that have been seeded based on their regular season play. These teams will compete for a chance to play the winner of the NL Central in a three game series.

It isn't easy to predict how the postseason will unfold because of the way the seeding system works. However, the MLB has decided not to re-seed for the next round.

This means that the home field advantage is determined by the seeding number, not by where the team is in the bracket. That's not to say that a higher seed will have a better record than a lower one, but the home field advantage isn't as big a factor in the final round as it would be in the first.

This isn't to say that a lower seed can't have a better chance to win its division. For instance, the National League Central is expected to be won by the Cardinals. If so, then the NL East winner should have enough wins to make it in as a second place finisher.

The NCAA Tournament is a great example of a playoff system that is structured in a similar fashion. Eight teams qualify each year and each is given a bye in the first round.

Divisional ranking is not a tiebreaker

The National Football League (NFL) uses a multi-tiered tiebreaker system that is a bit more complex than a coin toss. In addition to the divisional tiebreaker, the NFL has a wild card tiebreaker that determines the home field advantage for the Wild Card round.

A tiebreaker is a measure of relative strengths of two or more teams. The tiebreaker is most often determined by a simple calculation of points scored, points allowed, and touchdowns scored or allowed. However, this isn't always the best measure of consistency.

One of the most common types of tiebreakers in the NFL is the divisional tiebreaker. It's used to determine the playoff field based on the final standings in each division. Using this method, the top three teams from each division will advance to the second round.

The first step of this type of tiebreaker is the strength of schedule. It's a calculated figure that determines the largest margin of victory against conference opponents. Team A is 4-2 against the AFC, while Team B is 6-5 against the same group. This is a much more accurate measure of consistency than the total points tally.

The other tiebreaker in the NFL is the season-series tiebreaker. If there are more than two teams in the same division, they are split up. This can be a thorny problem, since it's possible for teams to have identical records in the same league. When this happens, the team that has the earliest win is more likely to earn a spot in the playoffs.

Another tiebreaker is the point differential. It's a measure of how much the winner favored the losing team. For example, the Steelers and Titans share an 8-6 record after Week 15. While the Steelers are in the playoffs, the Titans will be ranked last in the AFC and will not be playing in the Wild Card Series.

AFC Wild Card weekend is played in the home stadium of one of the teams

The NFL playoffs are a single-elimination tournament played by 14 teams from each conference. Teams play games in the first round, the Divisional Round, and the Conference Championship. After the divisional rounds, the winners of the NFC and AFC conferences compete in the Super Bowl.

Until 1990, the NFL playoffs had only 10 teams. After the expansion to 32 teams in 2002, the playoffs expanded to 14 teams. These additional teams are known as "Wild Cards."

In each conference, three Wild Cards are assigned. One is awarded based on their record, one is based on their ranking, and another is based on their conference's rankings. When these three teams are combined, they make up the entire "Wild Card" pool.

To qualify for the NFL Wild Card weekend, a team must not have won its division, must be the third or higher seed, and must have the best overall record in its conference. These criteria are designed to maximize the chance for upsets. There are seven teams that have earned a spot in the Super Bowl as a wild card: the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Washington Redskins.

Since 1970, the home field advantage has rotated among division winners. This system is not used in the current NFL playoffs. Instead, the conference chooses a home team using a rotation methodology.

As a result of the change, teams from the same division cannot meet in the early rounds of the conference championships. They can, however, play each other in the Divisional Round. Typically, teams that make the playoffs will meet on two separate days.

The winner of each Divisional Round will advance to the Conference Championship. Normally, the winners of both the NFC and AFC playoffs will play for the Vince Lombardi Trophy and the Lamar Hunt Trophy.

AFC playoff structure has undergone a minor reconstruction

The NFL playoffs used to be a twelve team affair. While the number of teams in the postseason has increased over the years, the overall playoff format has remained largely the same. Some teams will miss out, while others will have a chance to play for a championship. Nevertheless, the AFC playoff structure has undergone a minor makeover. In 2020, 14 teams will qualify for the postseason, bringing the total number of playoff teams to 25.

The NFL is made up of seven teams from the American Football Conference and seven teams from the National Football Conference. Each conference is made up of four divisions. Each of these divisions has a conference champion and a wild card. These teams will battle it out in the Divisional Round and in a Conference Championship Game before moving on to the Super Bowl. Depending on the division, the winner will play at home or on the road. This is a far cry from the days when the best team in each division would be guaranteed a bye week.

The playoffs have become a more competitive and interesting event, especially with the introduction of the Super Bowl. It is the most watched game in sports, and its popularity is only expected to increase as the sport continues to grow. Of the 14 teams that will make the playoffs in 2020, seven are in the NFC, and six are in the AFC. Among these two conferences, the AFC is the only one without a home stadium.

In order to determine who the playoff contenders are, the NFL will conduct a mock draft in January. From the results, the top five teams will be seeded, with the top two teams advancing to the Divisional Round and the third and fourth seeds slated to host the AFC Conference Championship Game.

AFC Wild Card weekend is played on 'Black Monday'

The NFL playoffs kick off this week with the first wild card weekend. Each conference features four division winners, with two of them securing a spot in the playoffs. Depending on seeding, these teams will play against the highest and lowest seeds in the next round.

The Super Bowl takes place on February 12. If you're not familiar with the playoff format, there are seven teams in the NFL playoffs: the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Those teams will play against each other for the Conference Championship, and the winner will fight for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Last season, there were seven teams who missed the playoffs. Only three of them had a winning record. Somehow, the Bengals beat the Raiders 32-13 to secure their spot.

On Sunday, the Steelers will face the Ravens in a late game. It's a tough matchup for Pittsburgh, but they have played the Ravens twice this season.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys are expected to win against the 49ers. Dallas finished with the top-ranked rushing attack in the league. Despite the loss of star running back Dez Bryant, they are still considered a favourite.

During the regular season, the Bills split their regular season series with the Patriots. They also clinched their second straight AFC East title. However, they could lose their playoffs to the Patriots.

Meanwhile, the Chargers have lost to the Chiefs without Alex Smith. That's a tough way to lose, but they had a chance to secure the top seed if they beat the Raiders.

The Titans clinched the top seed with a win over Houston. However, the game did not come as a surprise. In fact, the only team to beat the Titans this season had less than the Bills.

How Much Do NFL Players Make in the Postseason?

how much do nfl players make playoffs

If you are looking at the NFL playoffs and are wondering how much money they make, you need to keep in mind that there is no guaranteed amount. There are a few exceptions, such as the extra money that is paid to players who win the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup.

Payouts for teams that win the Stanley Cup

The NFL playoffs are finally underway and the teams are getting ready to take on each other in the Lombardi Trophy game. If you're watching this year's playoffs, you may be wondering how much each team gets paid. It's all part of the revenue-sharing program that is designed to reward each team for a successful postseason. There are a variety of factors that go into the pay, including the seed of the team, its conference, the division it is in, and the team's performance in the regular season.

In addition to the payouts, there are a variety of prop bets that are offered. These bets include the winner of the series, the first goal of the game, and even whether or not the team will score a goal during a given period of time. While you can find prop bets on anything that is not tied to the actual outcome of the game, it's important to note that the oddsmakers don't publish them.

Most teams play their games nationally on NBC or ESPN+. For fans who aren't in the area, they can watch them live on the NHL Network. However, if you're betting on a game, it's important to note that there are many things that could change the odds, which can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can keep tabs on the odds by looking at futures.

When a team wins the Stanley Cup, they are eligible to receive a cash bonus. These aren't the largest payouts in the league, but they can be an important part of the financial picture. This is especially true for players who have received endorsements or a high-value contract. Players are allowed to share some of the extra money with the NHL, which is called the player fund.

In addition to their paycheck, NHL players will also have a special commemorative ring and a chance to hoist the cup for a victory lap. The winner's name will be engraved on the ring. The Stanley Cup is one of the most coveted prizes in sports and the winners of the championship get a lot of attention.

Unlike the NFL, the NHL doesn't have a separate salary for the postseason. All players get their salary based on the team's annual contracts. Similarly, the teams do not have to pay for bonuses to their players for the playoffs. As a result, there is a large amount of money flying around with the puck in the Stanley Cup Finals.

One of the most popular prop bets is to bet on the Stanley Cup MVP. Typically, the top four seeds are given the chance to win the title, although teams can get started as underdogs. With that in mind, it's easy to see why the oddsmakers might give the Dallas Stars an advantage.

Extra money for winning the Super Bowl

During the NFL season, players are entitled to a few extra dollars when their team wins a playoff game. Depending on their status on the active roster, the amount of money will differ. Generally speaking, players who have been on the active roster for less than three games are eligible to receive half of the bonus. On the other hand, veterans who have been injured during the regular season are eligible for full payment.

The most lucrative bonuses are awarded for winning the Super Bowl. For instance, the most valuable ring that a player can receive for winning the Super Bowl is a $150k prize. Even if it's not the Super Bowl, there's always a special award for the winning team, which includes a ring.

In addition to the ring, there's also the super bowl jackpot for the winning team. This reward is the largest in the NFL and is based on the total number of points a team scored during the regular season and the postseason. So, it's not surprising that it's worth a lot of money.

For the past few years, the Super Bowl has been a big money maker for the NFL. Each year, the payout has increased by roughly $5,000, with each team receiving a total of $62,000. If you were to multiply that amount by the number of teams playing in the game, you'd get a grand total of $86 billion. And with the addition of a new stadium, the Super Bowl has become even more lucrative.

While it's not the biggest pay day in the history of the league, the Super Bowl jackpot is a well-deserved reward for winning the biggest football game of the year. Players are guaranteed a check within fifteen days after the game. Plus, they can take home a hefty trophy. But, the actual Super Bowl jackpot is more than just a cashier's check. It's a valuable ring that will be passed down to the next generation of players.

Of course, there are several other stipulations that go into making the best Super Bowl payout. Some of the most important are the ring, the most likely Super Bowl win, and the most expensive NFL rings. All of these stipulations are written into the contract of the players and their representatives. However, the best prize has been around for a long time. One of the first Super Bowls was won by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There's more to winning the Super Bowl than the big payout, but the prize is certainly worth it. Besides the ring, the other most valuable trophy is the title of world champion. Besides the trophy, a Super Bowl player will also receive a hefty bonus.

Getting a piece of the pie is only the start of the big win. Players are paid for other things, like playing in the Pro Bowl, getting a piece of the action, or making the playoffs. With all of these extra bonuses and perks, it's not surprising that the average NFL player is motivated to play in the biggest game of the year.

NFL contracts are not fully guaranteed

There have been a number of high-profile NFL contracts that were signed this offseason without full guarantees. These include Derek Carr, Aaron Donald, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson. But the NFL Players Association claims that these deals were signed as a result of collusion among NFL owners. They've also filed a grievance against the league.

The NFL has long resisted the idea of fully guaranteed contracts, especially those for star players. Rather than giving them a full, long-term guarantee, teams usually opt to include signing bonuses, base salary, and guarantees for injury and skill. This allows them to fill roster holes with younger talent and keep them on the roster while avoiding the risk of a free agent. Alternatively, teams can escape a contract without making a cap hit. However, the NFL CBA has long imposed restrictions on player movement.

Specifically, it says that the total unpaid compensation for past or future services must not exceed 75% of the contract compensation. In order to ensure that teams are not forced to pay a player for dead weight, a team may deposit any unpaid guaranteed money into a segregated account.

While the NFL CBA does not mandate that contracts be fully guaranteed, it does allow teams to terminate a contract for injury. Teams have used this leverage to sign free agents and players under the franchise tag. Some have gone further and negotiated three- or four-year, fully guaranteed deals.

But the NFLPA believes that the league and owner have conspired to avoid fully guaranteed contracts. It wants to see an arbitrator award damages to injured players, quarterbacks included. Additionally, the NFLPA has asked the arbitrator to allow certain quarterbacks to terminate their contracts.

If the players in question are successful, they could prove that the NFL is a have-not league. Currently, only the top 19 draft picks receive fully guaranteed four-year contracts. All other players get two years of guarantees, and they can extend that to Year 4. After this year, teams can add a fifth year to all first-rounders. That is an enormous bargain for them, because it provides cost certainty. Also, the rookie scale allows teams to add a fifth year to every player, which gives them a chance to fill roster holes with young talent.

Besides negotiating deals themselves, many NFL players have an agent who helps them get deals done. Bill Banner, a former Green Bay Packers vice president, has helped a number of players in this regard. He's even been an unofficial advisor to several of them.

One way the NFL has tried to avoid fully guaranteed contracts is to increase the salary cap. The salary cap will rise to $25 million in the next few years. As a result, players will be earning substantially more than they did a decade ago.

How Much Do NFL Players Make in Postseasons?

how much nfl players make in playoffs

How much does an NFL player make in playoffs? In this article, you will learn how much money an NFL player can expect to make in a season, as well as practice squad bonuses and playoff bonuses.

NFL salaries

There are lots of reasons to be excited about the NFL playoffs. In addition to being a chance to watch some of the best athletes in the world compete against each other, it is also a chance for teams to win extra money. This is a process that is governed by the league's collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and it is paid out through a special postseason fund.

Teams are broken down into two categories: division winners and Wild Card teams. Division winners are required to play all three rounds of the playoffs. Players on these teams will receive $37,500 per player, while teammates on Wild Card teams will only receive $28,000.

The total amount of money each team is entitled to in the postseason is based on a formula that takes into account a number of factors. During the regular season, teams can earn bye weeks. These byes aren't paid for during the first round, so players on these teams won't receive any payments for the week.

There are bonuses for the playoffs, ranging from $28k for wild card games to $112k for the Super Bowl. These incentives are awarded based on a number of qualifying players. Some players have a clause in their contracts that will pay them a bonus if their teams make the playoffs.

Players on the inactive list will also receive a playoff payment, but this isn't an option for those teams that have byes. If a team does have a bye week, the players will be paid for the full amount of the game. However, this is not always the case.

Those on the practice squad are also paid the same amount. They are also eligible for an additional bonus if they play during the Wild Card weekend.

Most players are paid the same amount in the postseason, but there are a few players who get bonuses for their playoff performance. Among them are Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks and Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants.

There is a minimum salary for first-year NFL players. It is $26,470 per week.

NFL playoff bonuses

The NFL playoffs are in full swing. Some sportsbooks are using legalized online betting to create lucrative NFL playoff bonuses. In the spirit of the season, Caesars Sportsbook is offering a free bet match up to $1,001. Plus, new customers in the Empire State can take advantage of the Buffalo Bills promo, which gives newcomers a leg up against the competition.

As with most promotions, it's important to do your research before taking a betting risk. In addition, you may also want to check out the promotions offered by your local sportsbook. Here's a list of the best offers available. Remember, these offers are only good for the duration of the Super Bowl, which runs from February 5th to February 9th this year.

The NFL playoffs are a time consuming process, but they're a highlight of the year. It's exciting to see teams get a chance to prove themselves. Moreover, players are rewarded for their efforts in the form of bonuses. These range from $28k for a wildcard game to $112k for a Super Bowl win. Those players in the know are rewarded with a free ride to the Super Bowl and an allowance for a championship ring for themselves and their coaching staff. Considering how much time, energy, and money they're putting into the league, these rewards are well worth the effort.

A slew of worthy contenders have popped up on the horizon. But which is the best? Check out the free offers from Caesars and Caesars Sporting Club, or head over to FanDuel, which is offering a bonus on your favorite playoff teams. Also, check out their new Super Wild Card Weekend promotion. There are eight teams that have a shot at the big prize. You can choose the moneyline of your choice. To sweeten the deal, you can opt to change your bet to +3000. Of course, the more you play, the more bonuses you'll receive.

One of the more interesting things about the NFL playoffs is the bonuses awarded to winning teams. For example, the Baltimore Ravens are owed a share of the playoff pool for the team's improbable run to the Divisional Round.

NHL playoff bonuses

If you're wondering how much NFL players make in playoffs, the answer is quite simple. Players receive the full salary they earned during the regular season. Plus, they get bonuses for their playoff performance. These bonuses vary from round to round. Some are quite big, like Tom Brady's potential Super Bowl pay check.

Among the league's top ten highest paid athletes are quarterbacks, including Brady and Matt Ryan. The Buffalo Bills linebacker Del'Shawn Phillips will earn $29,118 for his Wild Card playoff game against the Texans. His paycheck will remain the same if the Bills advance to the Divisional Playoffs.

A player on the inactive list will also receive the full amount for the playoffs. They will then defer 10 per cent of their signing bonus for the 2020-21 season. That's on top of their usual base salary of $480,000.

On the other hand, NHL players get 50 percent of hockey-related revenue. Unlike the NFL, the NHL doesn't have a blanket team bonus system. However, the NHL does have a cash pool to pay off the playoffs.

The NHL also offers bonuses to its officials. For example, referees earn $27,000 for a round, and linesmen earn $17,250. But don't expect to see officials work more than seven games in any given round. This is because of the time commitment involved.

There are two standby officials for each elimination round. In fact, each team in the playoffs gets at least one.

Whether a team makes it to the Stanley Cup Final or not, the Stanley Cup winners will receive a significant share of the player compensation pool. This can be as high as $200,000. Depending on the last time an individual participated, the payouts can be quite substantial.

While the NHL may not be as competitive as the NFL when it comes to attracting fans, it still outstrips the NFL in terms of game counts and international audience. Last season, the NFL's total viewers in the UK increased 60% while the NHL's was down only about a quarter. Both leagues have been trying to break into the Chinese market, where fans are willing to pay more to watch their teams.

NFL practice squad bonuses

If you are a fan of the NFL, you're probably already aware that the playoffs are approaching. This is the time when the league's top teams will play each other in a series of games that will decide who goes to the Super Bowl. But did you know that the payouts for practice squad players are a little different than those of the regular season?

For the first two rounds, a practice squad player can make as much as an active roster player, depending on the teams involved. Players get paid based on their performance, age and talent. However, the playoff payouts are a bit different.

First, a player's base salary is reduced to a minimum approved by the League. The remaining balance of the salary is split into subscription and operation bonuses. These payments will not count towards the player's total cap hit.

For the Wild Card round, the average bonus is $28,000, but the winner can earn up to $75,000. A winning Super Bowl team will receive an additional $150,000. Teams that didn't finish in the top of their division will also earn extra money.

Another difference is that players on the practice squad are not required to be on the 53-man roster. They can join another team's active roster or sign with a new team.

Generally, practice squad players are paid less than their teammates. For example, if an opponent claims a player off waivers, the player can't return to the practice squad. So it's best to aim for a guaranteed income.

During the regular season, a practice squad player will make a minimum of $9,200 per week. Veteran players who have at least two years of experience can make as much as $14,000 a week.

Similarly, a rookie player will make a minimum of $9,200 a week. In addition to the standard pay, the player can also be paid a Signing Bonus, which is a prorated portion of the remainder of the player's contract.

The NFL recently expanded its practice squad from eight to sixteen players. Practice squad players can make up to $480,000 a year.

How Much Does a Bombardier Global 7000 Cost?

how much does a bombardier global 7000 cost

If you're looking for an aircraft that has a range of more than 7000 miles and is also capable of a maximum takeoff weight of more than a million pounds, then you might want to consider the Bombardier Global 7000. This is a large-scale plane that is also highly efficient and has a price tag that is hard to resist.

Maximum range

If you're looking to fly long distances in comfort, you should consider the Bombardier Global 7000. This is the company's latest development of their Global 5000 business jet, which was launched in 2010. The Global 7000 has a range of 8,000 nautical miles.

The cabin is also able to accommodate up to 19 passengers. There is a master suite and four separate living areas, including a cinema room. These aircraft are renowned for their interior design.

With a typical cruise speed of 564 miles, the Global 7000 can reach destinations in the shortest possible time. It can also fly long distances without having to stop.

The Global 7000 has a maximum speed of Mach 0.925. This allows it to travel 7,700 nm nonstop.

However, the actual range will depend on the pilot's speed, weather, and ATC routing. The actual range can be reduced by up to 300 nm.

Bombardier has completed multiple long-haul flights around the world using the Global 7000, including to Sydney and Dubai. This aircraft is regarded as the most advanced in the business jet market.

When the Global 7000 enters service later this year, it will be priced at $73 million. Buyers may choose to customize the cabin, such as adding a master bedroom or permanent sleeping quarters.

Bombardier has recently released a series of new specifications for the Global 7000. The new features include a fly-by-wire cockpit, a full glass cockpit, and a Master Suite.

In April, the Bombardier Global 7000 received the Red Dot Design Award, an international competition. The jury evaluated the products for their functional, ergonomic, and formal quality.

The Global 7000 has four separate cabin zones, each designed to meet different living needs. The master suite features a private en suite bathroom.

Maximum takeoff weight

When designing a runway for a Bombardier Global 7000 or a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, it's important to consider the aircraft's maximum takeoff weight. Airplanes with a maximum takeoff weight of less than 12,500 pounds (5,670 kg) require no additional length for landing. On the other hand, an airplane with a MTOW greater than or equal to 12,500 pounds may require an extra 100 feet for landing.

The minimum effective length of a runway depends on the airport's elevation and surface conditions. It is also dependent on the manufacturer's recommendation.

To calculate the best length for a runway, you'll need information on the aircraft's maximum takeoff weight, its payload and the mean daily maximum temperature of the location. You'll also need to consider the effects of zero-wind conditions and the effect of wing flap settings.

The APM's "Payload-Range chart" can help you determine the best length for a runway. However, you'll need to consider the effects of wing flap settings and the airport's elevation.

As you can see, the minimum effective length of a runway isn't always easy to figure out. But it's certainly not impossible. In addition, the SDT+ 27( F chart below can help.

Although the Global 8000 may have a lower Mach number than its predecessor, it is still a significant feat for an aircraft of its size and price. This is due in large part to the fact that Bombardier spent more than a billion dollars on development.

For example, the largest fuselage for the aircraft is actually the same as the fuselage for the Global 6000. It is redesigned to better handle the high speeds and the effects of transonic wings.

Cabin layout

The new Bombardier Global 7000 is the company's most advanced business jet, and is also its longest. It has 2,236 cubic feet of cabin space, two feet longer than the Global 6000. Among the most impressive features of this aircraft is its interior design.

One of the biggest challenges is to build a design for a large cabin that is both functional and stylish. That's where the Bombardier industrial design team comes in. They've developed an exceptionally functional and refined aircraft, ensuring that it combines the best of modern day technology with a unique and innovative design.

In order to achieve this, the team created a number of novel configurations for the aircraft. These include the executive cabin, which offers more legroom and a more comfortable seating experience. A third zone on the aircraft consists of a cinema room. This is where the new cabin's most important design feature - the Nuage passenger seat - is found.

For the Nuage seat, the patented "tilt link" system is used. Using a tilting, reclining, and swiveling mechanism, the seat adjusts to your desired height. Interestingly, this is one of the more complicated designs in the world.

Despite the complexity, the Nuage design is actually relatively simple to use. The seat controls are mounted on the inside of the right armrest. With a push of a button, you can tilt the seat back, straighten it, or dip it.

In addition to the Nuage seat, the company also unveiled an eye-catching piece of furniture. This item is a stool that can be used as a table. But it can also be utilized as a seat.

Bombardier is touting the cabin's other notable features, including its range, speed, and sleek contemporary design. The company is also claiming that it has the quickest in-flight Wi-Fi connection.

Aircraft production lines

Bombardier Global 7000 is a long-range business jet aircraft. This aircraft will be able to fly non-stop between Sydney and San Francisco. It is a response to the Gulfstream G650.

Bombardier's goal is to build a 50 percent market share by 2025. The company plans to increase revenues by investing in sales and aftermarket service. In addition, the company is also trying to improve its financial condition.

Bombardier has an order backlog that shows confidence in the brand. The new aircraft will boost the company's top line in the coming years.

One of the most significant costs of operating an aircraft is the crew. An experienced crew is critical for safe and efficient operation. A higher skill level means a higher salary. However, crew salary is not cheap.

Fuel burn depends on a variety of factors, including weight and temperature, as well as wind conditions. Depending on where the aircraft is purchased, fuel costs may vary. Currently, fuel costs $21 per hour.

Bombardier Global 7500 and 8000 aircraft require engine and airframe checks every 850 hours. They can fly at speeds up to Mach 0.925. These aircraft are equipped with an automated positioning system that enables the wings to be moved into place.

As of July 2015, Bombardier had 80 facilities in 28 countries and over 74,000 employees. The company's share price has fallen 70 percent in the past year.

Although Bombardier has an undesirable credit rating, it has a plan to improve its financial situation. For example, it is seeking to reduce annual operating expenses by US$400 million in the next four years. Additionally, the company has begun to divest its business aircraft division training activities to CAE and Spirit AeroSystems Holdings.

Annual cost of ownership

The annual cost of ownership of a Bombardier Global 7500 or 8000 is a bit of a mystery. There are no official numbers yet, but there are reliable sources that estimate direct operating costs.

The annual cost of ownership of a Bombardier has a lot of variables, but the most significant is fuel. The amount of fuel used depends on several factors such as weight and temperature. It's also influenced by the duration of the flight and the destination.

The annual cost of ownership of t he Bombardier Global 7500 is a hefty sum. Although it's a great aircraft, it doesn't come cheap. You can expect to spend at least $403,920 a year.

The cost of ownership of a Bombardier can be a bit daunting, but there are plenty of ways to make it work for you. One way is to buy a pre-owned jet. Another option is to charter a private jet.

A private jet can last for decades. However, the costs can add up, especially when you need to hire crew. For example, the average cost of a crew member is $628,956 a year.

As you can imagine, an experienced crew is not cheap. This is why a lot of people opt to buy a pre-owned plane. During the aircraft selection process, a broker can help you to determine the best option for your needs.

The Bombardier Global 7500 or 8000 are top-of-the-line business jets. They're packed with features. They also have a lot of range. Depending on the aircraft, you can fly up to 7,700nm. These jets are marketed towards high net worth individuals.

Bombardier has produced a number of successful aircraft in its lifetime, including the Global Express and Global 5000. They continue to refine the Global product line.

Should Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, and Foxxy Brown Do a Record Together?

Should niki minaj  lil kim and foxxy brown do a record together

What do you think of the idea of a record between Nicki Minaj, Foxxy Brown, and Lil' Kim? Do you think that they would get along well, or would it be too much work?

QUEEN's lack of female rap features

If you're a hip hop aficionado, you may be familiar with the rap queens of old. You probably know about the likes of Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, and the Queens of hip hop, but you may not be aware of the rap ladies of modern era. It's not that they're missing, it's that they're not as widely recognized as their male counterparts. The good news is, more women are gaining attention in the hip hop world and they're bringing a different set of strengths to the table.

In fact, there are at least four women who have topped the Billboard 200 list in the last six months, but the coveted number one spot remains a mystery. Although the female rap game had largely been dormant in the early aughts, a fresh crop of queens are challenging the status quo. Among them, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion. Their respective releases have all hit the top ten of the Billboard 200, albeit for different reasons. Those with the most success are also the most commercially successful, thanks to the sheer amount of marketing that goes into making a hit record. As of this writing, Queen Latifah holds the title of rap queen, but she's only released five studio albums.

However, while the female rap game is definitely alive and kicking, there is still room for improvement. Some would argue that there is a gender gap, and while that isn't necessarily bad, it does make it difficult for artists to be as creative as they'd like. While it's no secret that women can be a talented collaborators, artists aren't given the same opportunities as their male counterparts, which means it's sometimes tough to get your hands on a feature worthy of a hit single. One way to fix this is to let your favorite artist know you'd like to see more of their work. And since female rap artists have been putting up impressive numbers, there's a good chance you'll get your wish.

As for the rap queens of today, you can't go wrong with Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. Both have been in the business for over a decade, and despite their success, they still manage to keep their names on the lips. Despite their hefty egos, they're a class above their male counterparts, and you'll notice that their contributions are actually reflected in the album sales. Of course, you can't always depend on your favorite artists to heed your pleas, but when it comes to the best of the best, there's no question that women have their place in the hip hop world. Hopefully, as they continue to dominate the mainstream, they'll also be more inclined to listen to your requests.

The most enticing part of the whole rap industry is that it's moving in the right direction, and that includes putting more attention on women who are capable of releasing hit records and creating a buzz with their fans. To that end, the best way to support your favorite artists is to tell them to let you know you want more of their work, and they'll be more likely to do it.

Nicki Minaj's feud with Cardi B

For the last year, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been feuding. Their social media posts and song lyrics have ignited rumors of a deep rivalry. Some fans believe the two have been working out their beef in song form for months. This is especially true because their albums have reached the top of the Billboard 200 charts. However, neither of the women has confirmed a beef between them. Instead, the women appear to be more concerned with the fandom and virality that is driving their fame.

Fans started speculating about a feud between the two after Nicki was spotted filming a music video for her song "Motorsport" with Cardi. The song features both of the women, but it is not clear how many parts they actually filmed. It has been reported that they shot some of the video on different days.

After the release of the song, the two women engaged in a fight, which was caught on camera. They were reportedly arguing at a party hosted by Harper's Bazaar Icons in New York. Both women were seen leaving the event with a lump on their head.

Nicki and Cardi haven't talked about the dispute since, but they haven't exactly gone silent either. They've shared their feelings on Twitter and Instagram. Earlier this month, Cardi tweeted at Nicki about the dispute, calling it "fake" and "fabricated." On Saturday Night Live, Cardi announced she was expecting her first child. She also claimed she had received death threats from fans of her sister Lil' Kim.

Nicki and Cardi appeared friendly in the beginning, but when they got into an altercation, their friendships began to crumble. One week after the incident, Cardi swore at Nicki in an interview with Howard Stern. In the interview, she claimed that Nicki was pushing her to record with other artists. Also, she said that the rapper "Kulture" had tried to join their rivalry. During the interview, Cardi showed off some nasty text messages that she received after the fight.

At one point, Cardi allegedly threw her shoe at Minaj. At another time, Cardi allegedly threatened a male rapper. Other incidents have occurred during their feud.

Recently, Nicki and Cardi have been photographed speaking at the 2018 Met Gala. While the photos are not the best, they reveal that they are still in a feud. And the images of them together are even worse.

Fans have speculated that the feud between the two rappers began after a physical altercation at the Harper's Bazaar Icons party. A rumor has it that Cardi threw her shoe at Minaj at the party. Moreover, some of Cardi's Instagram posts have confirmed that the two are still feuding.

The feud between the two women is not going away anytime soon. Although their album sales have increased, it is unlikely that they will break through the billion dollar mark.

The foxy brown vs lil' kim vs foxxy brown record

If you are familiar with the hip-hop scene, chances are you have heard of Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown. These two rappers have a storied history in the industry. Their debut albums changed the landscape of the female hip-hop scene and influenced a generation of young women. Both artists have been known to engage in a number of beefs with one another, but the biggest rivalry of their careers is still alive and kicking.

The feud between Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown began in the mid-1990s. Both artists attended the same high school in Brooklyn. It didn't take long for the two friends to start a rivalry that would last for years. Eventually, it grew into a physical fight. During the shootout, 21 shots were fired. This led to a legal dispute between the two rappers, and eventually, they were jailed for lying during their grand jury testimony.

Their feud began with their albums, and eventually escalated into a physical altercation outside a radio station in New York. When the tensions reached their peak, they were offered $500,000 to record a joint album, but the two refused. However, their labels were secretly sabotaging the rivalry.

Lil' Kim was a member of a rap group called Junior M.A.F.I.A., and she had an association with the late rapper The Notorious B.I.G. She also had a relationship with AZ. A few years after the two met, they were offered a contract with Def Jam Recordings. At the time, Def Jam was known for giving out big deals to the stars. Several of these rap superstars would be signed to Def Jam, including Foxy Brown.

In 1995, both women appeared on an R&B group's song, "No One Else (Remix)." That same year, Foxy Brown released her debut album, Ill Na Na, through Def Jam. It sold more than one million copies, and was certified Platinum. During this time, she was credited as the 'First Lady' of her crew.

As they were recording their albums, Foxy and Lil' Kim's record labels, Atlantic Records and Def Jam, released the two debut albums seven days apart. This gave the fans a lot of time to speculate about whether or not their records were a sabotage. While their labels were not involved, they had similar styles and a focus on gangsta culture.

Both artists had a lot in common with one another, but they had different tastes. While Foxy was more of an independent artist, Kim had a larger fanbase. Despite the difference in age and style, their albums were largely compared, which created a sense of rivalry. They have been on the cover of many publications, including The Source.

Despite the fact that their relationship is often misunderstood, the chemistry between the two artists is undeniable. Foxy has been quiet for a while, but she has been working on a fourth album, King Soon Come, and plans to release it this year. Until then, she is taking a break. But her fans will surely be looking forward to her resurgence.

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