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Newsmax TV is an American conservative news channel owned by Newsmax Media. The network primarily focuses on opinion-based talk shows. It carries a news/talk format throughout the day and night, with documentaries and films on weekends. During the 2020 United States presidential election, it grew rapidly by broadcasting conspiracy theories and false allegations of voter fraud.

Trump Never Conceded He Lost, In opening remarks Tuesday, lawyer Bruce Castor said: ``The American people just spoke, and they just changed administrations.'' He added that Americans are ``smart enough to pick a new administration if they don't like the old one, and they just did.'' (Source:but His Impeachment Lawyer Did

For Media Following Georgia, NThe two Senate elections, with the U.S. Senate's balance of power at stake, attracted media attention that recalled the days after the presidential election, including breathless wall-to-wall coverage on cable news networks. (Source:ail-Biting and Lots of Numbers

Smartmatic Is Now Suing Newsmax and Oan for 'disinformation Campaign

Smartmatic, the voting technology company that is suing Fox News, some of its hosts and pro-Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell for defamation, is now adding Newsmax and One America News Network to the list of defendants. (Source: edition.cnn.com)

Coronavirus: Pompeo Says China Did Not Give Americans Access When Needed the Most

"The Chinese Communist Party didn't give Americans access when we needed it in that most timely point at the very beginning. The President talked about that today. And then we know they have this lab. We know about the wet markets. We know that the virus itself did originate in Wuhan. So all those things come together," Pompeo said. (Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com)


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