News-Why Yahoo India furloughs talented engineers?

News-Why Yahoo India furloughs talented engineers?

Yahoo has been a source of information for years, but everything has to face the deathbed. Marissa Mayer, who is Chief Executive of Yahoo, has been working hard to make Yahoo's deathbed more innovative. She brings innovation to the Yahoo Company by giving away free food and new smartphones to every worker. Although Yahoo News has made some recent changes and surprised its employees, Yahoo News focuses on home policy work. They prefer their employees to work comfortably from home; however, to make this more convenient, they also made sure that their place is home-friendly.

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However, aside from all the company's circumstances, Yahoo changed its policy and made it easier for their employees. People can sell their talent for Entertainment news.

Yahoo thinks that face-to-face interaction is necessary is compulsory for the employees. It fosters a way more collaborative culture within the organization. There’s also a hallmark of Google’s approach to its business.

In every Era, Yahoo home never loses hope; even though yahoo lost its reputation years ago, they still focus on being the most user-friendly workplace in this world. Yahoo has believed by making their workplace environment user friendly; they will be able to get back on success. Yahoo! to the Max- Many big companies like Aetna, Booz, Allen Hamilton, and Zappos.com focus on competing to attract and gain the best employees for their companies. Facebook has also many rich people. Facebook News focuses on marketing rather than productivity,

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Yahoo News Employees and What happened to them?

For many years, Yahoo had built up its operations and its global technology to rise higher. Due to some loss in the company's radical restructuring, the internet company faced some tragic circumstances. The company started to pull back work to Sunnyvale, California, headquarters and laying off many Bangalore employees.

Yahoo News had 2,000 employees last year, but then they lay off some employees, and now the number of employees in India Yahoo is 11,500. Since then, much work has been transferred to the US. The Indian numbers of employees were rapidly dropping. With all the loss that the company faced, Yahoo no longer hire employees in the company. Now many employees believe that the number of employees is 1500 in India currently. 

Yahoo was one of the most excited advertising platform teams. EntertainmentYahoo News suddenly stopped the commenting feature. They had the most extensive teams for advertisement worldwide. But eventually, the scale went down, and the work moved back to the US. Yahoo Japan was a well-known company, but slowly it loses its startup's gain.

Many Indian Yahoo News engineers lost their startups and lost their goal. Many of the Yahoo News engineers got news jobs; some went on social media and started with job pitches. 

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Company's needs talent. We suggest you do not lose hope and apply for news. Distinguish your talent and work for something big. Big yahoo is no longer a more prominent company.

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Yahoo has announced around 400 engineers at its Bangalore office to go as the company is downsizing its India operations to save some cost and arrange its research and development divisions.

Yahoo Is almost hoping that the engineers must not lose hope and go for finding new jobs. Although due to Covid-19, people are not getting the job quickly, with determination, they can stay motivated. India has got the best engineers in the world. They have got the top talent in the world.

As the news spread about Yahoo's Bangalore office, the information went viral on social media.

Times Internet Limited CEO Satyan Gajwani tweeted:

"Yahooers - We are hiring across skillsets and across businesses. Send me a mail... and explore your options!"

Gajwani was not the only CEO to increase the job offers to Yahoo employees. 

Zomato’s head Deepinder Goyal tweeted:

"We are (always) hiring" with an image that had "Yeah, Who?"

Some other people also opened job offerings for people. Ishi Khiani, who is the founder of UrbanEye also opened 100 positions.

Ishi Khiani Tweeted:

 "Hiring developers for AntFarm.in, we have over 100 open positions. So please pass this on to any Dev's over at Yahoo that just got slipped,"

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