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news on 6

6 is a new app that uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized news every day. Here's what it's like to use 6. It's one of the best newspaper apps we've used.


The successor of the cable-only News Now 53, which had its ownership transfer exclusively to Griffin Communications with its conversion into a broadcast-originated channel, it maintains that service's format of primarily airing simulcasts of KOTV's live newscasts as well as repeat airings of the most recent KOTV newscast that, in most cases, are shown until the next live newscast on channel 6. The subchannel also carries a ticker that displays current conditions and weather forecasts for major cities across northeastern Oklahoma, and a three-hour block of educational programming aimed at older children and teenagers on Saturday afternoons to fulfill subchannel compliance guidelines included in the Children's Television Act. News on 6 Now may take on the responsibility of being a substitute carrier of CBS programming in the event that extended breaking news or severe weather coverage required preemption on KOTV's main channel.

KOTV-DT currently broadcasts the entire CBS network schedule, albeit with variances for certain programs that place them outside of their network-recommended scheduling (as detailed in the section below). However, it may preempt some CBS programs in order to air long-form breaking news or severe weather coverage, or occasional specials produced by the KOTV news department, which may either be diverted to KQCW, or, less commonly, rebroadcast on tape delay over KOTV's main channel in place of regular overnight programs. Station personnel also gives viewers the option of watching the affected shows on CBS' website and mobile app, Paramount+ or its cable/satellite video-on-demand service the day after their initial airing. Syndicated programs broadcast by KOTV as of September 2019 (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



KOTV news currently airs the entire CBS program. However, it may sometimes take precedence over the few CBS shows in order to make room for long breaking news and severe weather transmission, together with sporadic specials locally developed by the KOTV news department. Although, the viewers can watch those preempted programs on the station’s official website and mobile app. Channel 6 News Tulsa also airs a few of the syndicated programs such as Whacked Out Sports, Dr. Phill, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, etc.

Currently, KOTV Channel 6 works under the name of Griffin Communications as a still primary affiliate partner of CBS Network. The secondary affiliate partners are The CW and News On 6 Now. Channel 6 Tulsa is also a sibling to KVOO-FM 98.5, KFAQ AM 1170, KHTT FM 106.9, KBEZ FM 92.9, and KXBL FM 99.5. The studio location of all the stations is on the Wast Cameron Street and North Boston Avenue at the Griffin Communication Media Center in the Tulsa Art District (the downtown neighborhood). Whereas, KOTV 6 transmitter is installed in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma towards the north of the Muskogee Turnpike on the South 273rd East Avenue. Views in Oklahoma can watch the station at Channel 6 on Cox cable network in both SD and HD. (Source: livenewsglobe.com)

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This is about the only app I use for news and weather. After recent storm activity, the only thing I would change is when severe weather is actually occurring the user should not have to watch a 10 second commercial before getting the live severe weather feed. That 10 seconds could be the difference between life and death and the delay is inexcusable, if it can be avoided. Live feed should occur immediately especially when tornados are in the area and all other power is out. Just a suggestion to improve the app from a user standpoint. (Source: apps.apple.com)



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