Name of the Kingdom in Tangled

Name of the Kingdom in Tangled

Name of the Kingdom in Tangled

Did Disney’s Tangled Predict Coronavirus?did Disney’s Tangled Predict Coronavirus?

As the coronavirus pandemic deepens, with more than 3,200 cases now confirmed in the UK, the British public are naturally growing ever more concerned about the current health crisis. (Source: www.thenews.com.pk)

It Might Be a Wise Move.

Tangled came out over a decade ago, so only card-carrying members of the tinfoil hat brigade would see a real connection between the name of the kingdom in Tangled and the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of reminding people of the popular Mexican lager, the name of Rapunzel’s kingdom in Tangled now reminds them of the novel coronavirus despite the fact that the kingdom in Tangled predates SARS-CoV-2 by several years. (Source: www.fatherly.com)


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What Was the Name of the Kingdom in Tangled?

Katrina Schollenberger, SEO Reporter (Source: www.the-sun.com)

www.the-sun.com)Much to the revelation of social media users, the kingdom that Rapunzel was born in and kept away from by Mother Grothel is called Corona. (Source:

What Is Tangled About?

The animated 2010 film tells the story of a lost, young princess with magical long blonde hair who yearns to leave her secluded tower. (Source: www.the-sun.com)

www.the-sun.com)What Did People Say About the Tangled KiTwitter users were quick to highlight the similarities between the 11-year-old film and the current climate of the world. (Source:ngdom on Twitter?


This article is about the 2010 film. For the Disney franchise, see Tangled (franchise). For the video game, see Tangled: The Video Game. For other uses, see Tangled (disambiguation). (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Interest in 2010 Movie 'tangled' Surges Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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Did Disney’s Tangled Predict Coronavirus? Fans Spot Real-Life Similarities Between Isolated Rapunzel and the Uk Lockdown

Covid Scotland: Nursing staff back industrial action over pay (Source: www.scotsman.com)

Restrictions Have Slowly Eased Across the Uk, Although Parts Still Remain Under Stricter Lockdown Following a Spike in Coronavirus Cases

The UK has been following strict lockdown guidance for more than four months as part of efforts to prevent further spread of coronavirus. (Source: www.scotsman.com)

People Found a Connection Between Tangled and Coronavirus Quarantine

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