Musichq are on it! We are an audio discovery platform that introduces users to their new favorite songs based off of the songs lyrics. We do this by cataloging audio snippets that are witty, interesting, and sometimes even inspirational. We're currently available on www. musichq.com and www. musichq. co after www. musichq. pro.


Why must we become the pitiless censors of good music? Partake in the musical experience with events like the MAUS HOUR and post your favorite tracks in MOTD (music of the day). You can keep looking, or you can join us. Help us grow the server and get ready for gOd-TiEr MuSiK and LP flexing.

Music HQ expanded my sphere of possibilities to dreams that I would never had envisioned. It's the start of the materialization of something that I've wanted since the beginning, a life of stupidity. With every choice a new dimension is opened and other thousands are closed, every outcome is a sacrifice, BUT THIS, this is the best possible sphere, even though it may seem kinda meh sometimes, it's the world of the believers. (Source: disboard.org)

I am a believer, I believe my friends will come and that we will have the best time here, I believe I can make Music HQ happen and that I can make other weird friends doing so, I believe that philosophy is meant for everyone just like music and we should share it, not censor it. (Source: disboard.org)

I believe that someday I'll be able to always do what's right, in the city, but for tonight, I'll just stay here with my friends in Music HQ.

If theglobe makes its shopping cart technology universal so that it can consummate transactions across multiple merchants in theglobe network, then Music HQ shall work with theglobe to effectuate the implementation of such technology in connection with purchases from the Music HQ Pages.

At its own expense, Music HQ shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding its performance in connection with this Agreement, including without limitation those applicable to the marketing or sale of the goods or services offered from the Music HQ Pages.

Music HQ shall provide the goods and services offered from the Music HQ Pages, and any related customer and technical support, on a quality level substantially equivalent to the quality offered by Music HQ's online competitors.

The parties shall mutually agree upon the look and feel of any co- branded Music HQ Pages, specifying the location of all theglobe Materials and other branding.

Music HQ hereby grants to theglobe a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, reproduce, create derivative works of (only as necessary to build pages in a manner consistent with this Agreement), publicly display, publicly perform and digitally perform Music HQ Banners and Music HQ Content on theglobe Site or otherwise as reasonably appropriate to advertise and promote the Music HQ Pages.

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