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Mr meaty show

Mr meaty

During their down time behind the counter at Mr. Meaty -- a highly successful food chain trying to break into the world market -- friends Josh Redgrove (voiced by Jamie Shannon) and Parker Dinkelman (Jason Hopley) toss around ideas for their intended sci-fi horror flick Ninja Zombies, toward which they're saving their meager burger-slinging earnings. But while socially stunted Parker pins all his hopes on this one lofty life goal, newly cool Josh splits his energy between movie planning and girl pursuing, which has become a more fulfilling pastime since he took a liking to a chalky-skinned gal he calls Goth Girl (Ali Eisner). MR. MEATY (which was spun out of a series of shorts) is a unique addition to Nickelodeon's line-up that will appeal to the pubescent crowd because of its extreme -- and often sarcastic -- characterizations of teenage life. From geeks to goddesses -- and everything in between -- you'll find them all in this offbeat series, and viewers who can take the crass humor and sassy attitudes in stride will enjoy the show's funny take on this often challenging (but never dull) stage of life.

You're probably wondering how Wink ended up as Mr. Carney's slave in the first place. Blame Josh, Parker and Wink's great-great-great-great grandfather for that in the episode "Original Sin". The former two freed Carney from his imprisonment in the Mr. Meaty refrigerator while the latter signed a contract that allows Carney to own his firstborn male descendant. Wink was unlucky enough to be born a boy. And the first time Carney zapped Wink with the chip in his head, he immediately transformed into the cold, obedient sycophant he is today. In Doug of the Dead, Mr. Carney buys a machine that boosts people's meat cravings, essentially turning them into zombies. The machine doesn't work if you're wearing a Mr. Meaty nametag, however. So, Parker and Josh are immune. They think they've found the perfect way to make a homemade zombie film with Doug as their hero. But as it turns out, Doug (who's later found cowering under a desk and wearing a Mr. Meaty nametag), has never fought a zombie in his life. Then things take a turn for the worse when the zombies find out there's no meat left...until they realize humans are meat.

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