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Movies, Showtimes, Streaming Movie Trailers, and More


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If you want to know all about movies, showtimes, movie trailers, movie news, and TV shows, Moviefone is your go-to app. Its simple and intuitive design will help you find movies in theaters near you, stream movies, and find new movies. You can even find movies by location, so you can find them near you!


The movie fans can get all the information about upcoming movies on Moviefone. The service offers news about the latest releases and offers reviews and trailers for movies. It also lets you see which movies your Facebook friends have seen and liked. This way, you can invite them to go to the movies with you. You can also "like" certain features on the website and get notifications on your News Feed. Moviefone is also now available for the iPhone. The new mobile version of the service has integrated MapQuest to provide directions to movie theaters.

Moviefone is the ultimate entertainment app for moviegoers. It offers movie showtimes, theater listings, and TV show information, and trailers. It also has a convenient search tool and lets you filter the results by time and genre. This makes it easy to find the right movie, and to buy tickets. The app also helps you find out which movies are streaming on Netflix or on DVD, and lets you find theaters near you. It also gives you information on new releases and box office hits.


Moviefone is an American moving pictures listing service that gives its users access to local showtimes and information. The website features film reviews, on-demand movie viewing and advance ticket purchase options, as well as a user-friendly search engine. It is owned by Cleveland O'Neal III, the creator of the popular reality show Made in Hollywood.

Its services have expanded over the years and have expanded to encompass the entire entertainment world. Currently, the company offers movie theater tickets and streaming services, as well as DVDs. The goal of Moviefone is to make entertainment possible and connect the world's film and TV enthusiasts to share their passion.

The Moviefone site features movie trailers, showtimes, and news, which make it the ultimate moving picture listing service. The app's user-friendly design allows users to quickly access the information they're looking for, regardless of the medium. It even lets users find movies near them and stream trailers online.

Moviefone has been in business for almost a decade, and has millions of daily visitors. It is a free, malware-free site that offers comprehensive information about movies, TV shows, showtimes, and theaters. It also features official film reviews and does not contain any spam or malware. Moviefone is not for everyone. It is not for those who are impatient.

TV shows

Moviefone is reinventing itself to make it easier for people to find the latest TV shows and movies. While it will still provide movie listings and sell tickets, the free app will be a one-stop shop for all things film and TV. It will provide information on live broadcast times, on-demand viewing, and more. It claims to have 10 million active users.

Moviefone, which was acquired by AOL in 1999, will now include TV show listings, too. In addition to movie showtimes, users will also be able to find channels, streaming services, and theaters. AOL says this move will allow it to compete with television guides and other streaming services.

The new app will also allow users to find specific episodes of television shows. Moviefone is one of the first such apps. This is a great opportunity for cord cutters. Many of them want to know where they can find their favorite shows and movies without having to dig through multiple sites. Moviefone's streamlined interface will help them find exactly what they're looking for.

The app will also let users find showtimes and movie reviews. Moviefone also features trailers and news. It will let you see what's playing near you.


Moviefone is one of the top movie discovery apps on the iPad. With its newly updated UI, it makes locating the latest movies and showtimes a snap. Users can easily browse the list of showtimes, and the app shows the distance to the theater from their location. If they are not familiar with the area, Moviefone provides an address as well.

Moviefone is an all-in-one entertainment app that gives you full access to the entertainment world, including movie tickets, streaming services, and DVDs. This app is designed to make entertainment happen, by connecting you to the global community of film and television fans. If you want to stay up to date, download Moviefone today! You can also browse new releases, trailers, and box office information.


Moviefone Ratings is a service that allows users to share their movie experience with friends and family. However, it does have some limitations. For example, there aren't enough ratings to compute Team Culture Ratings or Brand Rankings. So, you can't compare Moviefone Ratings with other review sites.

Customer service

Moviefone is an American-based moving pictures listing service that gives users access to movie times, cinema information, advance tickets, and movie reviews. It also offers TV content and a comprehensive search tool. The service is owned by the holding company of Cleveland O'Neal III, the creator of the reality show "Made in Hollywood."

Movie Showtimes and Tickets - Helios and Matheson Analytics Acquires Moviefone

Results from moviefonecom Movie Showtimes

If you're looking to watch a movie and you don't have time to check your local listings, MovieFone is your answer. It gives you movie showtimes based on your ZIP code and the movie genre. It also lets you see critics' ratings of a movie.

UI inspiration from newspaper movie listings

Newspaper movie listings are a great source of UI inspiration. They are often very colorful, visually appealing, and feature lots of information. They often include awards and nominations. They also often take up the entire height of the screen and rarely require scrolling vertically. These websites often use Flash, and feature a big background image.

Seinfeld episode that made it a cultural touchstone

Seinfeld is one of the most iconic television comedies in history. It debuted in 1989 and quickly became the most popular show on television, solidifying Jerry Seinfeld's status as a household name. The series earned Seinfeld its creator a lot of fame and money, but he could have made over $110 million more.

The show's characters are so relatable that we can't help but laugh at them. Even though the show portrayed everyday life, the characters often drew parallels with pop culture. Whether it was the smallest of details or a reference to an iconic celebrity, "Seinfeld" helped shape the way we talk about pop culture.

The show's core four characters were the cornerstone of its success. Although the pilot episode was very short on characters, it did feature the iconic Claire (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). This character was originally cast as a foil for Jerry and Kramer. However, when the show was picked up for a series, Larry David cast Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Claire. In fact, the two had previously worked together on Saturday Night Live.

Seinfeld's greatest lines were ones that came organically. "Double dip," "master of my domain," and "sponge-worthy" are examples of phrases that don't require big genius to say. Seinfeld's scripts were always based on making audiences laugh.

"The Contest" is the 51st episode of Seinfeld, and the eleventh in the fourth season. It was first broadcast on November 18, 1992. The episode won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. The episode was rated one of TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time.

Problems with finding showtimes

Moviefone is an American website that provides users with the most up-to-date information on movies, theaters, and showtimes. In addition to local showtimes, the site includes reviews of films and advance tickets, TV content, and a comprehensive search function. The website is owned by Cleveland O'Neal III, the creator of the reality show Made in Hollywood.

Sale to Helios and Matheson Analytics

Helios and Matheson Analytics has acquired moviefone.com, a site that allows you to find movie showtimes and tickets. The company plans to raise about $30 million through a new stock offering. On Wednesday, its stock price closed at $3.83, down 40% from Monday's close, and down nearly 60% so far this year. The deal comes amid a range of other developments for the company.

The sale was made public on Wednesday, and it gives Moviefone shareholders a chance to take advantage of the company's technology and marketing expertise. Moviefone, founded in 1989, is a pioneer of interactive info services. It was acquired by AOL for $388 million in 1999. It has since been acquired by Helios and Matheson, the majority owner of MoviePass. The company paid an undisclosed amount for the company and acquired its assets and liabilities. In exchange for the deal, the company will authorize the issuance of up to 2.55 million common shares of Helios and Matheson.

The move comes at a time when Moviefone is dealing with layoffs and contract workers. The company, which operates as a movie subscription service, is also trying to get out of the debt it is racking up. Helios and Matheson Analytics is a publicly traded company and is the parent company of MoviePass.

A new buyer for Moviefone has emerged in the bankruptcy auction. The company was once valued at $400 million. The new owners of Moviefone are the company of Cleveland O'Neal III, who produced the popular daytime TV show "Made in Hollywood." The sale was approved by a bankruptcy judge and is expected to close later this year.

Sale to Born in Cleveland LLC

After a lengthy bidding war, a Cleveland-based holding company has purchased the bankruptcy-plagued Moviefone, a movie ticketing service owned by Helios and Matheson Analytics, which also owns MoviePass. The $1.075 million sale to Born in Cleveland LLC is approved by a bankruptcy judge in New York. The company is headed by O'Neal, who is also the founder and CEO of Connection III Entertainment.

The sale includes Moviefone, which once had a value of $400 million. The deal was approved last week by the bankruptcy judge. The company was sold to O'Neal's holding company, which plans to integrate the Moviefone and Made In Hollywood brands. However, the company is not yet able to provide additional details about the transaction.

Movies In Theaters Right Now

Movies In Theaters

If you are looking for a good time out, you can visit your local movie theater. There are a number of new movies in theaters right now that you can enjoy. Some of the newer releases include Gigi & Nate, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, and Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. These are all fun movies to watch, and all are worth the price of admission. If you have never seen any of them, you should.

Gigi & Nate

Gigi & Nate is an uplifting movie based on a true story. It stars Charlie Rowe, who most recently starred in the musical biopic Rocketman. The film follows the story of Nate Gibson, who suffers from a near-fatal illness. The disease renders him differently abled, but still unable to function in the world. When Nate's mother finds out about this situation, she helps him by getting him an unusual service animal.

Gigi & Nate is a wonderful movie that will inspire you to see the world through a different perspective. The movie is beautifully shot and will leave you feeling happy. The story of the two unlikely friends will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Watching Nate's story and the unique relationship he has with his monkey will leave you feeling inspired.

Gigi & Nate will be available in theaters on September 2nd. For more information, visit the Gigi & Nate website. It also has a trailer and other information about the movie. This movie is definitely worth watching, even if you're not a child.

Nate Gibson suffers from amoebic meningitis, but he survives it. However, he's a quadriplegic and is in constant pain. The movie also shows the importance of social skills for children. Gigi helps Nate with rehabilitation exercises and gives him hope for a better life.

Gigi & Nate is a film about a young boy with disabilities. Although the movie's focus is on bonding and independence, it has some religious undertones and is not entirely secular. Some viewers may find the film preachy and trite, but the movie is a call to action.

As a service animal, capuchin monkeys have been an important tool in helping many people with disabilities. Gigi's companion, Nate, is an excellent companion to her. He shows Gigi a lot of patience, letting her warm up at her own pace.

While Nate is getting ready to go to college, he suffers an accident that leaves him paraplegic. Nate's mom must put all of her plans on hold so she can care for him. Gigi becomes an invaluable asset to Nate, but a busybody woman tries to take GiGi away.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

The 2022 historical comedy-drama film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris was directed and produced by Anthony Fabian. Based on the novel of the same name, the film is a comedy-drama. It is the third adaptation of the novel. Fabian's previous efforts included Mrs. Harris in the 1920s and Mrs. Harris in the 1980s.

The story follows a widowed cleaner named Mrs. Harris, who dreams of owning a Christian Dior dress. She works to save money so that she can travel to Paris. The trip is an adventure that opens up a new world. The movie is very funny and is definitely worth watching.

The film also explores the fashion industry during the New Look era. As a result, the film features many extravagant frocks from that time. The movie's centerpiece display features a crimson-red tea-length dress, designed by Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan.

While many children will find this movie a bit pessimistic and worldly, Mrs. Harris is a spirited underdog who is smart, funny, and beautiful. She shows us that you don't have to be a wealthy man to find happiness. This movie is a Cinderella story with a good dose of kindness and courage. It also highlights the importance of valuing others and believing in yourself and your dreams.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

"Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" is a 2021 American mockumentary comedy-drama film directed by Dean Fleischer Camp, based on a series of shorts of the same name. The film is a comedy and a dark satire about friendship, family, and ambition.

The shorts of the same name were the inspiration for the film, which stars Jenny Slate as the titular shell. The director, Dean Fleischer-Camp, and Nick Paley co-wrote the film. The short films, which first appeared in 2010, served as a springboard for the feature film. This stop-motion mockumentary is a fun and clever way to tell a story.

The film tells the story of an abandoned seashell named Marcel, who lives with his pet lint, Alan, and his grandmother, Connie. While in an Airbnb, a documentary filmmaker discovers the tiny shell, which is one inch tall, and brings it to life. Soon, the film earns millions of passionate fans. Ultimately, Marcel is given a second chance to find his long-lost family.

The film's cast includes Jenny Slate, who starred in the short film. Jenny Slate also reprises her voice in the film. The film was co-written by Dean Fleischer-Camp, a director and writer who previously worked on short films for YouTube. Other notable actors include Brian Williams, Lesley Stahl, and Conan O'Brien.

The film is now in theaters. Although it premiered in limited theaters in June, it has become a wildly successful animated movie. According to Deadline, the film grossed $169 million in its first weekend of release, generating nearly $28,000 per theater. The film received unanimous positive reviews from critics, and it also achieved a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

What is the Trailer Movie?

What is the trailer movie

Unlike an actual movie, a trailer is not just a single video. In fact, it's often a three-act structure that begins at the beginning of the movie, moves through a middle act, and ends with a dramatic climax. It also typically features signature music, whether it's a memorable song or an orchestral piece. The last act typically includes a montage of the movie's most important emotional moments, and may even feature a cast run-through.


The most successful trailers tell a compelling story in a three-act structure. The first act introduces the central characters, setting, and premise of the film, while the middle acts build tension and heighten conflict, culminating in a dramatic climax. The final act often features a visual montage of emotional moments and a cast run.

Unlike a feature film, a trailer is much shorter than a full-length movie, so there is a need to include more information and exposition. This means making use of voice-over and on-screen text to explain important events. Producers can write new voice-over dialogue, or repurpose dialogue from the film.

The first trailers were part of the marketing of serial films in the early 1900s. While this system intricately linked filmic narrative and promotional discourse, it was eventually replaced by a feature film marketing system that separated the narrative and promotional discourse. Serial marketing relied on telling the same story multiple times in different media, and the trailer movie was born.

Creating a trailer movie requires careful planning. After you have a script, you must break down the script so you can figure out which clips will be best suited for the trailer. A script breakdown software can help you find the best footage, and can even help you figure out your budget.

Three-act structure

The three-act structure of a trailer movie is based on the story's three distinct parts - the setup, build, and payoff. Each of these parts is designed to advance the plot and create emotional impact. The first act establishes the main character and his or her goals. Act Two builds on those goals and raises the stakes. The final act resolves the story. The three-act structure is not the story's actual structure, but a useful organizational tool.

Screenwriters swear by the three-act structure, but they disagree about what it means. The three-act structure helps create an interesting story with a consistent narrative arc. It also helps you avoid a haphazard story arc, which can make it difficult to maintain interest and keep the audience engaged.

In order to create an effective trailer, it is important to use a storyboard. The storyboard guides the editing process. By using a storyboard, you can create a story that will engross the viewer. With this approach, you can give your audience a sneak peek of the movie, as well as a sense of the film's plot and conflict. Using the three-act structure for your trailer movie is a great way to create an engaging and memorable experience for your audience.

Movie trailers are typically two minutes and 30 seconds long. They follow a three-act structure: Act one sets up the main idea of the movie, Act two is the meat of the trailer, and Act three is the conclusion. The trailer's goal is to grab the audience's attention, and each act builds to a climax.

The first act is an introduction to the characters and the conflict. Act two reveals how the characters come to this point in the story, and act three is a resolution to the conflict. Ultimately, the trailer reveals a satisfying resolution. This makes the film more likely to be a successful one.


The voiceover in the movie trailer was popular in the 1990s, but the phenomenon isn't as widespread today. Though trailers no longer feature the "In A World..." voiceover, you can still hear familiar phrases. But these trailers may soon go the way of the dinosaurs, amidst the emergence of digital media. For example, the trailer for The Wolverine was released on Vine, Twitter's viral video sharing platform. Although the trailer didn't include the trailer voiceover, it did use twenty-one cuts in six seconds.

When creating a trailer, you need to create an authoritative yet engaging voice. There are a few different types of voice actors that you can choose from. You can start by searching for movie trailer voice actors on websites like Voices. These websites list actors by age, language, and accent. This way, you can find someone who can give an engaging voice to the trailer.

Voiceovers in the trailer movie are an excellent way to convey a story or setting without giving too much information about the movie. Voiceovers are often the first part of a movie's marketing campaign, and they can be a fantastic way to increase awareness about your film. Regardless of the genre, a well-crafted trailer can be a powerful way to get your message across to an audience.

If you're looking for a voice over actor for your movie trailer, Eric Chase Creative Services can help. They offer a variety of services, including voice over acting, demo recording, and more. If you're interested in finding out more about how they can help you, contact us today.

Shot list

Before shooting a movie or trailer, it is essential to create a shot list. The list should include the types of shots that should be taken and how long they should last. It will help the filmmaker get the best possible shots in the movie. The shot list can be useful for filming a short film, a trailer, or a promotional video.

The shot list can include details about composition, camera movement, and tone. It should also indicate the aspect ratio of the shot. It is important to create a shot list based on the storyboard and script. The list should also include any reshoots. The shot list should be a living document for the filmmaker, as it will serve as a guide during production.

To create a shot list for your trailer, open a PDF file with Adobe Reader or Preview. Type in or draw your shots on the document. Most classroom trailer makers will use two devices, one with the shot list and the other with iMovie or another program. You can also print a copy of the shot list after you've filled it out.

Once you have a shot list, you can share it with the rest of the team and edit as needed. A good shot list will make it easy for the crew to understand the director's vision and what they need to do to make it happen. In addition to creating a shot list, you can create a storyboard, which will help you visualize the shots.

After creating the shot list, you can preview your movie trailer. In the project view, you can easily assess the video in your project and choose where to place it. If a shot has a bad placement, it can be removed and replace it with a new one. You can even change or delete individual clips to see how they look in your trailer.

As with any film shoot, it takes a lot of planning to create an effective movie trailer. You will want to have the best footage to capture the mood of the movie. You'll also want to make sure that everything looks the way it should. This means breaking down the script into small parts. You can do this by using script breakdown software, which will help you identify the key elements and help you determine your budget.

Which is the Best Movie Trailer?

Which is the best movie trailer

Film trailers have come a long way in the last few years, but some stand out above the rest. This article examines the most epic trailers of all time. It includes Terminator Salvation, Jaws, Spectre, and Whiplash. Here are some tips for making a great movie trailer.

Terminator Salvation

The trailer for Terminator Salvation is a fun, action-packed look at the future of the Terminator franchise. While the trailer is not entirely informative, it does provide some hints as to what the movie will be like. The trailer shows off some of the best and worst parts of the franchise.

Despite the trailer's gimmicky appearance, the film falls flat in many ways. The movie's story is uncompelling, and its characters lack depth and substance. It also contains some obligatory fan service and callbacks to Terminator catchphrases, but does not do a very good job of bringing the Terminator mythos to life. While the movie does have a likable cast, its biggest weakness is its script.

The latest trailer for the fourth installment of the Terminator franchise has landed online. Combining footage from Empire Movie-Con and Comic-Con, it features an intense last shot and lays out more of the movie's plot than the teaser did. Despite this, the trailer isn't the best, but it's still pretty good.

Though there are many similarities between the two films, Terminator Salvation has a distinct tone. In the post-Judgement Day world, man and machine must work together to defeat larger evil forces. And although the movie's tone is distinctly grim and gritty, it sometimes succeeds in delivering on its audacious tone.


Jaws is a 1975 American thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg. It is based on a novel by Peter Benchley. It is one of the most successful and beloved horror movies of all time. The film has been viewed more than a billion times. It has won many awards and continues to be a classic. You can watch the Jaws movie trailer below. We hope you enjoy it! We hope you'll share it with your friends and family!

Jaws is one of Steven Spielberg's most popular movies. It is regarded as the first summer blockbuster and features three unforgettable lead performances. The movie will open in theaters September 2 in IMAX and RealD 3D formats. While a lot of fans may think this is an aging movie, it remains a classic and is still a classic for many.

The Jaws movie trailer features an extensive use of the John Williams score and several classic scenes from the film. These include the attack on Chrissie Watkins and Alex Kintner. The trailer also features a memorable line from Chief Brody. Dean Newman is the head of content for The Daily Jaws, the largest and most devoted Jaws fan site in the world.

While some people may say that Jaws is a rip-off, the movie is a very high quality film. In fact, the movie is even better than the book. It is full of fine acting and tight direction. In short, it's an intense horror movie. If you've never seen the film, you're missing out.


Spectre is the twenty-fourth James Bond film. It is produced by Eon Productions and distributed by Columbia Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It is the fourth Bond film to star Daniel Craig and the second directed by Sam Mendes after Skyfall. This spy film has a lot of action, suspense, and romance and will be a fun summer watch for Bond fans.

While Spectre has some familiar spy-thriller motifs, it also features some exciting new characters. For example, the trailer introduces Madeline Swann (Lea Seydoux) and Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), who are Bond's love interests.

The theatrical trailer was released on 22nd July 2015 and lasts two minutes and 30 seconds. It features all the main locations, except Morocco, which was still filming at the time. However, the film's final trailer was released on October 2nd and included the scenes from Morocco and some special effects shots from the pre-title sequence.

The Spectre movie trailer offers a glimpse at the plot and the cast of the upcoming spy film directed by Sam Mendes. The film stars Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, Naomie Harris, and Ralph Fiennes. The cast also includes Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux, David Bautista, and Naomie Harris.

The Spectre movie trailer features the villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a fictional global terrorist organization that has been featured in Ian Fleming novels, films, and video games. The film is directed by Sam Mendes and written by John Logan and Neal Purvis & Robert Wade. It is scheduled to hit cinemas on November 6, 2015.


In order to judge which is the best movie trailer, it's important to first look at what makes a movie trailer work. Trailers typically follow a three-act structure, with a beginning, middle, and climax. In addition, they usually feature a signature piece of music, such as a catchy song or powerful orchestral score. The last act is usually a montage of the film's emotional moments, with a voiceover providing a narrator's perspective on the story.

One of the most memorable trailers for an upcoming film is the one for a film by James Cameron. This trailer for his film Avatar, for example, includes a scene in which a woman describes a film project she's making. The camera jerks about in the forest as Dunbar speaks, and the final shot shows her apologizing to the camera. Although this trailer has no plot, it captures the tone of the final film perfectly.

Another movie trailer that stands out is the one for the prequel film of Alien. The prequel movie takes the audience to a world that was before Ripley's exploits on the Nostromo. The film also explores the origin of xenomorphs before Ripley's escapades on the ship. While the trailer itself is a bit brief, it manages to capture the viewer's attention, making them eager to watch the film.

There are many different ways to judge a movie trailer, but one thing that unites all the different kinds is that a good trailer sets the mood. Obviously, a good trailer must set the mood for a movie, so a good trailer should have an emotional impact.


Inception, the Christopher Nolan movie that is set in the architecture of the mind, is getting a new trailer. The film was supposed to hit theaters last month, but Warner Bros. has opted to push it back a month. COVID-19, a virus that causes illness, was the reason for the delay. The movie has been plagued by controversy, but Warner Bros. is bringing it back to theaters anyway, and the new trailer certainly doesn't let it down.

Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a thief with a unique ability to enter people's dreams and steal secrets. This ability has made him a sought-after asset in corporate espionage, but at the cost of everything he loves. The film is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It will be released internationally on Aug. 12 and in the U.S. on Aug. 21.

The film has been under intense secrecy. Even the cast was kept under wraps. The trailer also featured music that is instantly recognizable. During the movie trailer, a Belgian women's choir covers Radiohead's "Creep." The movie trailer is a visual treat, with dizzying visuals and a tense atmosphere.

The sound design of the film's trailer was created by Hans Zimmer, the composer of the movie's soundtrack. He added a layer of strings to the film's sound design. The resulting piece was later included in the film's score as track 528491. Though the film itself is not based on this music, it still plays a major role.

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