Michele Morrone Is Currently Filming a Sci-Fi

Michele Morrone Is Currently Filming a Sci-Fi



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Michele Morrone recently made headlines as Massimo Torricelli in Netflix's 2020 erotic thriller 365 Days and is now working on another film with Megan Fox called Subservience, starring as himself alongside her.

Khloe Kardashian and Morrone were photographed holding hands during Dolce & Gabbana's spring/summer 2023 Milan Fashion Week show on September 24. Their steamy photo sparked speculation online that they may be an item.

365 days

Michele Morrone is best known for his role as Massimo Torricelli in Netflix's hit erotic thriller, 365 days. His performance has made him an overnight success and earned him a global fan base. But there are other aspects of the Italian actor that few people know about.

Morrone has quickly grown into a fashion and music icon, with his own clothing line and album released on Valentine's Day 2020. Additionally, the model has worked with brands like Guess and Dolce & Gabbana.

At the start of 2020, he never imagined himself becoming an overnight sensation. It all happened by chance.

His debut film, 365 Days, debuted on Netflix and quickly went viral. Soon after, he secured roles in films like MGM's Duetto and Netflix's The Trial.

He had always desired to be an actor, but never expected such rapid success. After appearing in 365 Days, however, he realized acting is truly his calling.

Morrone has also pursued other artistic interests throughout his career, becoming an accomplished painter and musician. His musical abilities even made it into the movie 365 Days, as four of his songs were featured on the soundtrack.

Morrone's fame has been further cemented by his enthusiasm for comic book movies and superhero flicks. He's a huge admirer of Iron Man and Thor, and is always on the lookout for new releases.

He's an avid fan of anime, particularly the manga series Naruto. Additionally, he has begun crafting stories and plays for his own blog.

Since his appearance in 365 Days, the 31-year-old has been incredibly busy. He's currently prepping for another film in the series and also plans on launching a perfume and swimsuit line.

Michele Morrone enjoys painting and singing when not acting. As a self-taught artist, he draws inspiration from his environment. Additionally, he's an avid comic book reader - recently beginning to read the manga series Naruto.

His other interests include fashion, and he's often seen posing on the red carpet with high-end labels like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. Additionally, he is an avid fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise with many ideas for future projects.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news of when the fourth movie will be released, and it appears Michele Morrone is keen on reprising his role as Massimo Torricelli. Recently, he teased an Instagram post that could potentially hint at this possibility.

With regards to the rest of the cast, there has yet to be confirmed. However, it seems likely we'll see more of Laura Biel in the sequel. Furthermore, as this third film was shot in Sicily, viewers may get a taste of local culture and cuisine as well.

michele morrone vinyl

Michele Morrone Vinyl

Actor, model and singer Michele Morrone achieved worldwide acclaim after appearing in the 2020 film (and online streaming phenomenon) 365 Days. His songs such as Hard For Me and Feel It have charted worldwide.

On January 13th, 2022, Melegnano-born actor will release his brand-new single, "PUSH ME," an edgy urban pop tune that's sure to get under your skin.

1. Feel It

Italian singer, actor and model Michele Morrone vinyl is a rising star. He gained notoriety with his role as "365 Days" on Netflix in 2020 and since then his albums have reached the top of Italian Albums Chart.

In addition to his acting career, he has also modelled for several major brands such as D&G and Blumarine. With an avid fan base and signature features, he enjoys a devoted following.

He is renowned for his sensuous music and has become the global face of Guess Men's Fall/Winter 2023 collection. A native Italian, he was raised in Melegnano near Milan.

Morrone, who is currently single, enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Additionally, he loves traveling and discovering different countries around the world.

Morrone is signed to Universal Music Germany and Poland, performing live concerts around the globe. Additionally, his songs "Feel It" and "Hard For Me" have seen tremendous success on Spotify.

On the horizon is Morrone's debut album Dark Rooms. Produced by Hotel Torino and co-written with Italian songwriter Alessandro Giulio, the record will be released later this year.

As of November 2016, Dark Rooms has achieved Gold certification in the United States and sold a combined total of 1.6 million copies worldwide. It has also been streamed over 100 million times to date.

His debut song "Feel It" has been featured on the soundtrack for 365 Days and garnered millions of streams. With its dark sound, it may remind listeners of songs like "Earned It" by The Weeknd.

2. Hard For Me

This sensual urban pop song with electronic influences explores dark passions, seduction and redemption. It follows the journey of a man whose demons must be conquered to move forward in his search for love.

Morrone is an accomplished Italian actor, singer and model who has rapidly made a name for himself in the music industry as well. He's performed at some of entertainment's prestigious events like iHeartRadio Awards and Oscars.

His career took off when he starred in the erotic romance film 365 Days (2020), which quickly rose to international success on Netflix. The movie has been streamed countless times and reached number one on their global charts.

Due to his success, Morrone has become the face of global fashion brand GUESS and featured in campaigns for Dolce + Gabbana. Additionally, he launched AurumRoma, a women's beachwear clothing line.

Morrone has recently joined Universal Music Germany and is poised to continue his meteoric rise in the industry with a major label record deal. With an upcoming record and album in development, Morrone hopes to wow his devoted fan base with his music this upcoming year! With such an enthusiastic following and plenty of romantic songs already written, there can be no doubt that 2022 will be Morrone's most successful yet!

3. Dark Rooms

Dark Rooms is the debut album by Italian singer-actor and model Michele Morrone, released in 2020 on Polydor Germany and Universal Music Group. It includes the single "Feel It," featured in 365 Days film, as well as "Hard For Me."

Morrone's debut album received critical acclaim from Interia journalist Pawel Walinski, who likened it to a dwarf who shows up during a pate feast. Nonetheless, the songs on the album have become immensely popular and have been streamed several million times.

Morrone possesses an exceptional talent for writing music, as his songs on Dark Rooms are incredibly potent. His songs effectively capture the emotions of their characters and his lyrics are deeply felt.

His music offers a refreshing change from the typical mainstream pop hits. It's accessible and perfect for adding to any playlist.

The album also includes a video for the track, featuring Anna Maria Sieklucka as guest vocalist. To date, it has amassed almost 100 million combined streams.

Although A Dark Room is a text-based game, its absence of visuals doesn't make it any less captivating or captivating. The story is told through words, and its straightforward approach has proved successful for this title.

The book follows Sayers, a teenager who goes through an event no one should ever have to endure. As he struggles through it, reality blurs and he struggles with discovering who he truly is. Despite all of his trials and tribulations, Sayers manages to escape alive and begins living a life he never dreamed possible.

4. Hard For Me (Remix)

Italian actor and model Michele Morrone shares an affinity for digital technology. Not only does he know where to find the latest trends, but his online properties as well, such as his YouTube channel and social media pages - one of which boasts one of Europe's largest subscriber bases - have cemented Morrone's status as a true star within his home country.

michele morrone fan club

Michele Morrone Fan Club

Michele Morrone has become a worldwide sensation since the release of his debut major film 365 Days. As an actor, singer, model and fashion icon with a net worth exceeding $1 million U.S., Morrone is truly one-of-a kind!

Michele is a rising star with his statuesque frame and menacing gaze. He's featured in several films, such as 365 Days - a Polish erotic drama released in 2020.

Born and raised in Italy

Michele Morrone, an Italian actor, singer, and fashion designer was born on October 3, 1990 in Reggio Calabria. His parents Natale and Angela Morrone moved to Melegnano near Milan when he was younger to pursue better opportunities.

Morrone left high school behind to pursue professional acting classes at Teatro Fraschini di Pavia. From an early age, he enjoyed watching movies and TV shows; additionally, he participated in an after-school acting program.

He had always dreamed of becoming an actor and was determined to make it happen. To fund his lessons in acting, he even worked at construction sites and distributed flyers.

Morrone finally achieved his dream role in 365 Days. His performance has been praised worldwide and it has catapulted his career forward; now one of Italy's most popular actors.

He is not only an exceptional actor, but a gifted musician as well. His two successful albums have charted at the top of Italian albums charts. Furthermore, he's a fashion designer and endorses numerous renowned brands.

He enjoys traveling the world and taking long walks while listening to music, as well as spending quality time with friends.

Before becoming an actor, he worked as a gardener and other low-paying jobs to finance his acting lessons. He began with minor theater roles before being cast in lead roles.

In 2011, he gained notoriety for his role in a three-episode web series called Second Chance. This success was further cemented with his appearances in Netflix movies such as 365 Days.

After taking a short break in 2015, he returned to acting and has since made quite the name for himself in the entertainment industry. His credits include numerous Italian movies and television shows.

He has also starred in several short films and plays, for which he received numerous awards and nominations.

He’s a talented actor

Michele Morrone is an accomplished actor and singer best known for his role in the Netflix series 365 Days. Despite his young age, he has already become a household name worldwide. Additionally, he has made waves within the fashion world as well.

He began his career as a small theater performer in his hometown and quickly rose to become an accomplished actor. His credits include numerous Italian and Polish films.

In addition to acting, he is an accomplished guitarist and musician. He recently released the album Dark Room and continues to gain notoriety for his music; with over one million subscribers on YouTube and 104 million views overall, his success is undeniable.

Furthermore, he boasts an impressive Instagram following where he shares updates about his musical activities. Additionally, he enjoys painting and frequently shares images of his artwork online.

He began practicing guitar as a child, watching YouTube videos on how to play. Over time, his skills developed into professional status and now serves as an ambassador for Guess and Dolce & Gabbana, among others. His hit single "Feel It" reached number one on the charts worldwide and has become an iconic figure in pop music.

He is an incredibly talented performer with a great sense of style, who looks fantastic in everything he does. Additionally, his confidence and likable personality make him particularly appealing.

Michele is married to Lebanese stylist Rouba Saadeh and they have two children together. Their eldest son Marcus was born in 2014 while Brando followed two years later in 2017.

In 2018, the couple separated, yet remain together. They have civil marriages in both Italy and Lebanon. He has spoken candidly about his grief after divorce, working hard to move on with life after their breakup.

He was so distraught by their separation that he almost gave up acting altogether. However, he has recently rekindled his passion for the arts and hopes to take his acting career to new heights in the near future.

He’s a father

Michele Morrone is an Italian actor acclaimed for his role as Massimo Torricelli in the movie 365 Days. Critics praised his acting abilities and it led to worldwide acclaim of him and his work.

He has overcome many challenges in life, from divorce to financial strain. Depressed and hopeless during this period, he almost gave up on his dreams of becoming a successful actor. Fortunately, his passion for gardening helped him bounce back and start over again as an independent gardener.

He was married to Lebanese fashion designer Rouba Saadeh from 2014 until 2018, though their union ended due to financial troubles and mental issues. They also had two sons together.

When his children moved away, it had a profound effect on his mental health. Eventually, he took up gardening in a small town and had to rely solely on his savings for survival.

He says that even though he lived in a remote village, his followers kept sending him messages of love and support. They even sent him birthday wishes - which were incredibly touching for him.

After being diagnosed with cancer, he had received numerous messages from people offering advice and support. These included friends and family as well as fans of his work.

In addition to acting, he is an accomplished musician and curates lyric videos on YouTube. With over one million subscribers and 104 million overall views as of August 2020, his channel boasts a large following.

On August 2nd, 2020, he launched AurumRom, a women's beachwear clothing brand designed by him and featuring pieces inspired by Chiara Pollano's designs.

Another talent he enjoys is painting. He often exhibits his artwork on Instagram and pursues a creative process.

He loves horse riding and has 19 tattoos on his body. One of them features the cross of swords with 1955 on it - a symbol of strength and courage.

He’s a musician

Italian actor, model and singer Michele Morrone achieved international renown after appearing in the erotic film 365 Days. He quickly rose to become an international phenomenon and has since endorsed numerous fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Falconeri.

Morrone, born on October 3, 1990 in Italy, is an accomplished actor, model and singer who has featured in both Italian and Polish films. In 2020 he starred as Massimo Torricelli in the Netflix movie 365 Days which earned him international recognition for his role.

Morrone revealed to Decider that he is also a musician with an upcoming album due out in October. In conversation, he discussed what makes Massimo unique, who inspired his new song Angels, and more.

The 31-year-old is an ardent fan of music, taking pleasure in singing and playing guitar in his free moments. In fact, he even has his own band called The Dark Room which he plays live performances of.

As a child, he often participated in theatre groups and performed small roles. Later, he decided to pursue acting training at Pavia's Teatro Fraschini di Pavia.

He met his future wife Rouba Saadeh while in Lebanon and they tied the knot in 2014. Their civil wedding took place in Italy followed by a small ceremony with only 20 guests in Lebanon. Together they had two sons: Marco (or Marcus) and Brando.

He and Saadeh remain close friends despite their divorce, and they share the same views when it comes to their children. After years of conflict between the two, they have managed to make peace and are now on cordial terms.

Morrone has always been a champion of women's rights and sexual discrimination, supporting various campaigns such as #TimesUp. He recently signed on with UNAIDS to further raise awareness around HIV/AIDS issues.

Morrone and Chiara Pollano have collaborated on the women's beachwear clothing line AurumRoma. Unfortunately, the website crashed within minutes of making an announcement due to an overwhelming surge of visitors.

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