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michele morrone calendar

Michele Morrone has become a worldwide phenomenon after his role in the hit erotic film 365 Days. The Italian actor and model is an attractive figure who has captured the attention of women everywhere.

His seductive good looks and rugged charm have captured the hearts of women around the globe, making him a sought-after fashion icon as well.

365 Days: The Next

Last year, Netflix's hit erotic thriller 365 Days hit theaters. Based on Polish author Blanka Lipinska's book of the same name, 365 Days enjoyed critical and box office success.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone star as Laura and Massimo, directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes. Filmed on location throughout Sicily and Poland, the movie is based on Lipinska's second novel of a trilogy.

365 Days has quickly gained international acclaim despite its troubling story line and controversial subject matter. With themes like Stockholm syndrome and romantic abuse in the name of love, it appealed to viewers around the globe.

Critics questioned if 365 Days lived up to its hype, as many saw it as glorifying organized crime and depicting sex violence without realistic realism. Many compared it to 50 Shades of Grey books and movies.

When it came to the sequel, 365 Days: This Day, director Barbara Bialowas and screenwriter Tomasz Mandes took a different approach. They reshot the film and added several scenes.

This time, 365 Days: This Day introduces an intriguing new character who adds another layer of complexity to Laura and Massimo's love story. Marcelo "Nacho" Matos (Simone Susinna), a longtime rival gang leader determined to destroy Massimo and win Laura's heart, makes an appearance.

However, he's not the only one causing problems for Laura and Massimo in the third installment of the series. Indeed, it promises an even more compelling plotline than what 365 Days: This Day had to offer.

Additionally, the film contains plenty of sex and may be too explicit for some viewers. Rated 18 for adults, it boasts more nude scenes than you can shake a stick at - so don't miss this movie!

365 Days: This Day

Netflix's erotic thriller 365 Days, which premiered in 2020 and made a huge impression, made waves with its steamy, dark story about a woman kidnapped by a mafia lord who promises her one year to fall in love. Despite its many graphic scenes and toxic themes of Stockholm Syndrome and mob culture, it became an unexpected international hit.

Ultimately, Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone), her kidnapper-turned-man-of-her dreams, tie the knot. However, things are not going as smoothly as Laura had hoped.

Massimo keeps her safe, but he rarely spends time with her. Soon enough, Massimo becomes too busy keeping up with his job that she begins to feel bored in her housewife role. That is until she meets Nacho the attractive gardener who seems to really take interest in her.

Laura and Massimo get engaged, and then enjoy their honeymoon together. However, soon a rift develops between them as Laura begins to have feelings for Nacho.

As the film's end draws near, she leaves Massimo behind and goes to stay with Nacho while Massimo is away. Unfortunately, she discovers her husband has been having sexual relations with his former-girlfriend Anna who's now a mafia kingpin.

It's an unexpected turn of events that is sure to leave viewers stunned and in disbelief. However, the film also has a major cliffhanger, so it's worth watching just to find out what happens next.

As events unravel, shocking revelations emerge - including Laura being secretly pregnant with Massimo's child! This comes as a major blow since she had always maintained she wasn't expecting it.

In this case, she was only five months pregnant when the tunnel attack happened. Thankfully, she made it through and gave birth to her child!

Once Laura returned home, she immediately informed her best friend Olga of her pregnancy; however, she kept it a secret from Massimo as well, as she didn't want him to know.

She delayed telling Massimo about the baby until after the wedding - a sad decision given his status as an underworld kingpin.

365 Days: The Finale

The erotic thriller 365 Days has become one of the most popular films on Netflix, drawing in millions of viewers with its passionate sex scenes and controversial topics. Based on Blanka Lipinska's book, Morrone stars as a mob boss who kidnaps Laura Biel for one year to fall in love with him.

The first movie, released in June, had a thrilling cliffhanger ending that kept viewers guessing as to what would happen next. In the second film filmed in Sicily and Poland, Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) and his wife Laura Biel grapple with making decisions regarding their relationship.

Massimo and Laura's marriage is in trouble, as they recently discovered they are expecting a child. When Massimo attempts to call off their wedding and send Laura away due to her lifestyle being unsafe for him and his family, Laura stubbornly refuses to go and declares her love for him still.

She comes across Massimo on the beach and inquires if he wants to wait for her; he replies that he will. They reunite, with Nacho admitting her affair.

Later, she visits her parents and confesses her feelings for him. Olga tries to talk her out of it, but she remains determined.

She returns to Massimo and confesses her feelings for him, asking for more time. Massimo assures her that he will wait, yet she cannot help but wonder if this marks the end of their marriage.

As with the first two movies, The Next 365 Days is an incredibly long story that lacks engagement. It features over-the-top sex and drama throughout, leaving the story unresolved at the end. The only saving grace may be that this series is based on a book; thus there could potentially be another sequel down the line.

365 Days: Subservience

Michele Morrone, star of 365 Days and Subservience, is set to star alongside Megan Fox (Transformers and New Girl), according to Deadline. Written by Will Honley and April Maguire, the film will begin production at Bulgarian Nu Boyana Studio on January 7th.

The story follows a struggling father who purchases a domestic SIM to take care of his home and family, but things go awry when the device starts gaining awareness and proves deadly. Produced by Millennium Media with Jeffrey Greenstein, Jonathan Yunger, Tanner Mobley, Les Weldon, Rob Van Norden, Yariv Lerner and Jon Berg on board as producers.

Millennium Media recently wrapped production on comic book adaptation Red Sonja with Matilda Lutz, Wallis Day and Robert Sheehan; Dirty Angels with Eva Green, Ruby Rose and Maria Bakalova in Greece; plus they have joined forces with Jason Statham and Dolph Lundgren for The Expendables 4, set to hit theaters in 2023.

Years later, Laura (Morrone) is approached by Massimo Torricelli with an offer: she must stay with him for one year to fall in love with him. When Laura declines his offer, he promises to send her away if she doesn't comply.

Laura reluctantly accepts his offer to spend the next year with him, despite her objections. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for her to realize he isn't the kind of person she had expected.

She attempts to run away, but he won't let her go alone. Soon she becomes trapped in his world of sensuality and danger as he tempts her with all that he offers.

Directed by SK Dale and written by Will Honley and April Maguire, this movie marks a reunion for Fox and Dale who previously collaborated on 2021 film Till Death.

Millennium Media will release Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin with Elliot Page, Gerard Butler and Kate Winslet in 2023, which was funded by Jeffrey Greenstein, Jonathan Yunger, Tanner Mosbley, Les Weldon, Rob van Norden and Yariv Lerner alongside John Berg and Jeffrey Greenstein. Additionally they produce The Expendables 4 as well.

Michele Morrone CD Review

Michele Morrone is an acclaimed actor, model and singer best known for her lead role as Don Massimo Torricelli in the erotic drama 365 Days, which earned her international success in 2020.

Milanese actor has also showcased his musical passion by releasing the critically-acclaimed debut album Dark Room. His singles Hard for Me and Feel It, as well as the poignant ballad Angels, have amassed millions of streams worldwide.

Dark Rooms

This CD has an incredible blend of dark, ethereal and melodic songs that make me want to dance. It also has some excellent bass and drums which I adore. If you're searching for a new album to listen to, I highly recommend this one - I will certainly be checking out her other releases in the future!

One of the best books I've read this month is Dark Room Etiquette by Jessica Roe. It follows a teenager as they experience something no one wishes to experience: death. The writing, pacing and characters work together seamlessly to create an engrossing tale that keeps readers on edge of their seat. While some content in this book may not be suitable for everyone, it's done masterfully and serves to highlight its seriousness instead of serving as shock value.

I enjoyed this bar's dark light atmosphere and decent craft beer selection, though there wasn't a wide range to choose from. You can get classic beers and some artisan foods here; however, if you're searching for more diverse offerings I suggest checking out other bars nearby!

Hard For Me

Hard For Me is an impressive collection of songs that showcases Usher's ability to push pop boundaries. The album's standout track, "Roll Call," features a bassline and distorted voice; other standout tracks include Young Thug's verse in "No Limit." Throughout, Usher's signature style shines through in his smooth vocal delivery and stunning production - culminating with "Stronger," featuring cloud-borne piano riffs backed by gospel choir for an impressive lyrical display that's both remarkable and understated.

Usher has always been one of the premier R&B artists, so it should come as no surprise that he's taken advantage of modern pop music trends to craft an incredible album. Not only is this his most impressive work yet, but also a significant milestone in his career as one of music's greats. There are plenty of delightful nuggets on this record so make sure you listen from start to finish for all the enjoyment it has to offer.

Feel It

New York-based alternative rock band Soul Blind have come a long way since their series of EPs. Their debut album 'Feel It All Around' proves that they still possess the capacity to craft an infectiously warm sound that resonates with warmth.

Their sound is built upon distorted guitars and bass, hard-hitting drums, and spacious vocals. It elicits feelings - whether nostalgia for an earlier time or desire for change.

Throughout the album, there are some incredible moments. The opening track 'Electrified' sets the bar high with its catchy riff and massive sound that will have you jumping from your seat in excitement.

It then transitions into the more subdued 'Sparkle', featuring a steady heartbeat and captivating guitar riff that will stay with you long after listening has ended. 'Still Frame', another highlight on the album, offers up a strong bassline combined with upbeat vocals for an uplifted atmosphere.

The track brings back memories of classic grunge and showcases the band's ability to craft an excellent record. With its powerful chorus, it stands out among other tracks on the album.

This album is packed with great songs, some of the standouts being 'I Want A Love Like This', 'Jennifer' and 'Leviathan' which features an incredible guitar section to wrap up the album nicely. Unfortunately, some tracks dragged on a bit too long for my liking.


Months ago, Italian actor and musician Michele Morrone released Dark Room, a musically diverse effort that showcases his abilities as an artist, composer and producer. Released alongside 2020 erotic romantic drama 365 Days, Dark Room became an instant hit and propelled Morrone into international stardom.

Morrone's album features an array of talented artists and producers, providing a showcase for his skills across several genres. There are electronic dance and pop songs mixed with orchestral and choral works as well as some more traditional pop tracks.

One of the most captivating aspects of this album is that most of its songs are original compositions. It was produced by Italian songwriters and musicians such as Michael Angelo and Nicola Ricca, who have collaborated with notable artists like Eminem, Kanye West, Alessio Ferrari and David Guetta.

The project's most captivating aspect is Morrone's talent as both a performer and lyricist, allowing him to craft some of the most unforgettable lyrics and melodies we've ever heard from an Italian singer-songwriter. For instance, his song Beautiful has achieved significant success on Spotify with over 13,000 plays and boasting an impressive 10-65% popularity rating.

The album showcases the power of modern production techniques and inventive songwriting combined into a captivating package that's an absolute pleasure to listen to. With its overall feel of quality, it is sure to become a welcome addition to Italian music fans' arsenals.

Another Day

Paul McCartney composed many of the songs on Another Day with help from Linda McCartney, including the title track. This marked the first time a McCartney song had been credited to his spouse.

"Another Day" and its B-side, "Oh Woman, Oh Why", were released as singles in February 1971 but hadn't been featured on McCartney's album Ram which had been released three months earlier.

At that time, the British music industry still held that singles were standalone songs and not included on albums. However, some CD reissues of Ram include both songs as bonus tracks for those who don't own the original recording, providing access to them nonetheless.

These songs have a classic rock and roll sound. McCartney delivers an uptempo vocal in one of her rasping verses, while the guitars are skillfully played. Overall, the sound is upbeat and upbeat - perfect for listening in your car on long journeys!

I would not suggest this album for those who prefer more subdued, slow-burning music, but it's definitely worth checking out if you appreciate psychedelic pop. It's one of the more beautiful instrumental albums I've heard in years and an enjoyable way to explore Brian Eno's other work.

After 15 years of instrumental albums, Brian Eno returns to songwriting on Another Day on Earth. Whether he uses his trademark techniques to craft lush and complex sounds or simply lets them flow naturally, the result is stunning.


Michele Morrone is an Italian model, actor, singer and entrepreneur renowned for his role as Massimo in the Netflix hit series 365 Days. His debut CD "Dark Room" served as the soundtrack for the film and featured him alongside costar Anna Maria Sieklucka on the hit single "Feel It".

Fans of EMO will appreciate this CD for its Latino-inspired, pumping sass, as well as more uptempo songs with electronic elements. Highlights include "Senorita," a sensual ballad, and the uplifted "Livin' la Vida Loca," both top picks on the album.

However, there's something amiss with the record that makes it one of Capsule's least cohesive albums to date. Producer Nakata clearly struggled to define what Capsule would sound like, creating some songs that were "so Capsule" and others that weren't, leading to an odd division across the album.

Nakata's work with Perfume and Meg is well known, so you'll recognize this line of thinking in many songs on Player that could have come from any one of his non-Capsule albums between 2007 and 2010. For an artist whose sound is so central to their identity, it can be an odd place for them to find themselves on this record.

Though Player doesn't quite measure up to Capsule's best work, it still provides plenty of entertainment and deserves a listen. While not quite at the level of its predecessor, 365 Days, Player still manages to surpass most other CDs in the franchise while being one of their better efforts thus far.

gizelle bryant hair stylist

Gizelle Bryant and Her Hair Stylist Kalxito Blount

Gizelle Bryant recently debuted a new hairstyle thanks to her best friend and longtime stylist Kalxito Blount. Together they work to keep Gizelle's locks healthy and strong so they can remain full and lush.

Reality star and founder of EveryHue Beauty, 52-year-old Tamra Judge, has a longstanding partnership with her hair stylists. In fact, she even created an exclusive hair care line called Kalixto Blount Hair Wellness to further nurture those relationships.

Kalxito Blount

Gizelle Bryant and Kalxito Blount have been best friends ever since they met over 20 years ago. Their special bond has remained intact through thick and thin.

From their early days together, they would do everything from go on dates to cook dinner for each other. Now that both have busy careers, they still manage to carve out time for each other and maintain their friendship.

Their shared love of fashion and style has cemented a special bond over the years, so when they collaborate on a project together, they make sure to coordinate every detail.

Their hairstyling partnership is no different, with Blount always taking great care to ensure Gizelle has a gorgeous head of hair when he works on her. He also uses products from his own line called Kalixto B Hair Wellness which help the star's locks remain glossy and healthy.

Bryant often takes her stylish looks on-the-go when attending events with her daughters Adore (17), Grace (16), and Angel (14) She recently donned a sultry white top and black pants for a protest against police brutality in Washington DC, looking effortlessly chic in an outfit featuring white top and black pants.

On The Real Housewives of Potomac, Bryant is known as an outspoken mom who advocates for civil rights. She's a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter and has taken a stand against unfair treatment of people of color in this country.

Last week, Bryant braved the pandemic without letting her health get in the way of her work on the show. She went to a salon for the first time in a month and looks like she's back to normal!

Bryant was able to give her hair a much needed post-quarantine touch-up after receiving an intensive treatment that gave it shine and luster again.

In the episode, Bryant and her pastor ex-husband Jamal Bryant went out for a fancy dinner; however, before they left their daughter warned their mom not to reconnect with their dad. Their love for their dad is evident but they also understand of his infidelity and want to protect their mother from any hurt caused by it.

Gizelle Bryant is not afraid to speak her mind and seems open to reconnecting with her former husband. However, Gizelle's daughter's warning has left her feeling uneasy about it all.

Gizelle has always been supportive of her daughters, even in spite of her sometimes abrasive attitude and tendency to stir up drama among the cast. In fact, Gizelle often serves as their voice on camera when discussing problems with their father on-camera.

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