Mephisto marvel

Mephisto marvel

Mephisto marvel

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Mephisto is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in The Silver Surfer #3 (Dec. 1968)

and was introduced in the Marvel universe by Stan Lee and John Buscema, based on Mephistopheles – a demon character from the Faust legend, who has sometimes been referred to as Mephisto. Introduced as a recurring adversary of the Silver Surfer and Johnny Blaze, an incarnation of Ghost Rider, Mephisto has also endured as one of Spider-Man's adversaries, being part of the superhero's defining stories as well as being responsible for Norman and Harry Osborn's respective transformations into the Green Goblin and Kindred. Mephisto has often come into conflict with Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, and other superheroes in the Marvel Universe, responsible for the creation of the Cosmic Ghost Rider. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Mephisto went on to become a foe for the Norse god Thor in Thor #180–181 (Sept.-Oct. 1970), Astonishing Tales #8 (Oct. 1971) and Thor #204–205 (Oct.–Nov. 1972). He was later revealed to be the being to whom Johnny Blaze had sold his soul to and thus had been cursed to become the Ghost Rider,

Other appearances included posing as Satan in Marvel Spotlight #5 (Aug. 1972); tormenting the titular superhero team in Fantastic Four #155–157 (Feb.–April 1975) and Thor #310 (Aug. 1981) and 325 (Nov. 1982). Mephisto also guest-starred in two miniseries: The Vision and the Scarlet Witch vol. 2 #1–12 (Oct. 1985–Sept. 1986) and Secret Wars II #1-9 (July 1985–March 1986), before starring in the self-titled miniseries Mephisto vs. #1–4 (April–July 1987), battling several of Marvel's super teams. The miniseries was penciled by co-creator Buscema. (Source: en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org))though Mephisto's influence is still felt in the 1990s by the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider. (Source:

Mephisto continued to torment the Scarlet Witch in Avengers West Coast #51–52 (Nov.–Dec. 1989); created a new adversary for the Marvel heroes in Daredevil #270 (Sept. 1989); and appeared in the graphic novel Triumph and Torment: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom (1989). Additionally, he was featured prominently in the One More Day storyline in The Amazing Spider-Man #544; Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24; The Sensational Spider-Man vol. 2 #41 and The Amazing Spider-Man #545 (Oct. 2007–Jan. 2008).

Mephisto is a perennial villain in the Marvel Universe, and is responsible for a number of evil acts, including capturing and holding the soul of Cynthia von Doom – the mother of Doctor Doom — until Doctor Strange and Doom freed her to ascend to Heaven.

In Secret Wars II, Mephisto seeks to steal Beyonder's powers or to destroy him to win the favor of Death. Mephisto sends an army of supervillains called the Legion Accursed to attack the Beyonder, who is saved by the Thing. After the Legion Accursed was defeated, Mephisto returned its members to where they were before he formed the group. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

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