Marshmello Face

Marshmello Face

Marshmello Face: Marshmello Real Identity & Name Revealed 2021

Although many people around the world follow him, it is unclear who he really is. He always wears a mask, so that we can’t figure out who he is. It has been an old question of ‘who’s under the mask?’ (Source: thenuherald.com)

Workers Use Earthmovers to Clear British Columbia Highway Following Devastating Floods

ca.finance.yahoo.com)Earthmovers worked to clear British Columbia’s Highway 5 on November 20 after devastating floods and landslides in the province.Flooding and mudslides affected multiple key highways in British Columbia during an atmospheric river event, which prompted the declaration of a provincial state of emergency on November 17.British Columbia issued fuel restrictions on November 19, limiting customers in parts of the province’s southwest to purchasing only 30 litres per trip to a gas station. Essential vehicles were exempt from the restriction.This footage by Kurtis Brown shows earthmoving machines shifting soil near Highway 5’s 256 Exit. Credit: Kurtis Brown via Storyful (Source:

Saudi Pilgrimage Sites Developer to Restructure $800 Mln Government Loan

Jabal Omar Development Company , one of Saudi Arabia's largest listed developers, said on Sunday it agreed to restructure a 3 billion riyals ($799.91 million) loan it owed to the government as part of plans to fix its finances. The company, which runs the Jabal Omar complex of hotels and property within walking distance of the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca, was hit hard when the coronavirus outbreak reduced pilgrimages. "This agreement will have several immediate and significant long-term positive impacts on the Company’s financial position, enabling it to accelerate the pace of development of its Jabal Omar masterplan and support the government’s efforts in achieving its goal of welcoming 30 million pilgrims by 2030," it said in a statement. (Source: ca.finance.yahoo.com)

Holiday Cheer As Florida's St Augustine Turns on Lights to Kick Off Festive Season

A crowd of people gathered and cheered as the lights were turned on to commence St Augustine’s Christmas celebration, known as the Nights of Lights, on November 20.Thousands of lights were switched on, illuminating the Florida city’s historic district and downtown area. The seasonal festival was to be held until January 31, 2022.This video posted to Instagram by Joseph DeGance shows the moment the lights are turned on. Credit: Joseph DeGance via Storyful (Source: ca.finance.yahoo.com)



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