Married to Medicine's Miss Quad and Toya Bush-Harris

Married to Medicine's Miss Quad and Toya Bush-Harris

Married to Medicine's Miss Quad and Toya Bush-Harris

quad married to medicine

We've heard a lot about Miss Quad, but did you know that her new digs also include a reality show? Yes, Miss Quad has a reality show and now she's partnered with Toya Bush-Harris! So, let's take a closer look at her new digs and her relationship with Dr. Gregory Lunceford. You can watch Married to Medicine every Sunday at 9:15 pm ET on Bravo.

Miss Quad's new digs

Toya Wright's shade over Miss Quad's living arrangements did not go over well, but the reality star has taken matters into her own hands and is now living in a lavish Atlanta home. The former "Love and Hip Hop" star, who was previously married to Dr. Gregory Lunceford, has been in and out of a number of relationships since the breakup, but has yet to be linked to any rapper. During the Season 8 finale of Married to Medicine, Toya apologized to Quad for the remark and revealed she was looking for new digs once again. The upcoming fall 2020 season has Toya listing her home for $3,525 million.

Aside from her work as a talk show host, producer, and brand contributor for BCBG, Quad is also an author and cook. In 2017, she became a brand contributor to the prestigious designer brand and celebrated the move with a bottle of Black Girl Magic wine. She has a large fan base and leverages her popularity by attending elite fashion weeks. In addition to her work as a fashion contributor for BCBG, Quad also has her own luxury canine clothing line, Picture Perfect Pup. In addition, she is a prolific baker and has developed her own recipes.

The 40-year-old actor, model, and reality TV star, Quad Webb-Lunceford, was a frequent absentee from the first season of the show, but she came back later on. Her new digs, however, came as a surprise to fans, who were thrilled to see the new place where she could relax and cook her heart out. Although her salary is not public, fans are already excited to see the new addition to her life.

As she begins the new chapter of her life, the reality star is looking forward to meeting her new daughter, Ariana. The newest addition to her family's ever-growing family, Quad Webb has opened up about some of the changes that have occurred since the first season of Married To Medicine. She opened up about her new living arrangements and her new family, sharing a glimpse of her future. In Season four, Quad Webb was pregnant with Mason and called herself "maunty" to her six-year-old nephew, and had a baby girl named Ariana.

Aside from her new digs, she's also undergoing a divorce with Dr. Gregory. The couple, who had been married for six years, separated recently. After their separation, Quad has been photographed with two women - Jackie Presley and Dr. G - which led many fans to speculate if the couple is dating again. This is not the first time Quad's divorce has been publicized. But the divorce is certainly causing a ruckus in her life.

Her relationship with Dr. Gregory Lunceford

In Season 6 of "Doctor Who," Dr. Gregory Lunceford filed for divorce from his wife. The two have not been in touch since they separated. Earlier this week, Dr. Gregory Lunceford shared a birthday photo with his new girlfriend, captioned 'Blessed'. While it's unclear if Jennifer is still with Dr. Gregory, it certainly looks like it.

Married to Medicine" star Dr. Gregory Lunceford recently filed for divorce from Quad Webb, which has led to rumors that he's not the man she once married. The former couple appeared on "Married to Medicine" and admitted to infidelity. Lunceford also admitted to taking a woman to a hotel room with a friend. In the season 6 reunion, however, he said nothing happened. On Tuesday, Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Quad Webb remained separated, and their divorce was finalized.

In the interview, Lunceford said that she stopped being committed to his marriage years ago. The doctor maintains that he did not cheat on her. He allegedly ended up in a hotel room with another woman because of a lack of intimacy. In the interview, Lunceford defended his actions. The divorce became final on October 4, 2019.

Despite a messy divorce, Quad Webb remains committed to her career. She is committed to building her career before her family, and Dr. Gregory was not willing to give up his career in favor of family. In the season five finale, she revealed that she had reached a "crossroads" in her relationship with Dr. Gregory. The couple's two children have not spoken since their split. It is unclear if she will ever see them again.

During the filming, Quad Barrett and Dr. Gregory were at odds. Quad wanted to work through her problems before taking the big step of marrying. Gregory's desire for a stay-at-home wife was not compatible with Quad's needs. Despite their attempts to mend their relationship, the couple never made it. As a result, Quad has moved on to her new life with her mother.

Since her marriage to Dr. Gregory Lunceford, Quad Webb has been busy with other relationships. However, she has not lost hope for love and is taking her time to find someone to settle down with. Although she's still open to love, the show's cast isn't denying rumors of a divorce. This shows that it's important to stay hopeful and open-minded in a relationship.

Her new reality show with Toya Bush-Harris

Married to Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris is a real life mother-of-two and a pharmaceutical rep. The show follows the lives of six women in Atlanta as they try to balance motherhood and a busy career. In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she opens up about the conflict between her family life and her professional ambitions. After all, it's her husband who's a physician, and her new reality show is a show about him!

Toya and her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, recently sold their dream home in the season 9 premiere of Married to Medicine. However, she gave fans an inside look into the lives of the couple. She explains that the sale was necessary to maintain their financial stability. The couple sold their previous home, a six-bedroom house with two stories and six fireplaces, when they were facing a tough financial situation. In Season 2, they lost a $50,000 deposit on the home. They eventually had to downsize.

After being married for five years, Bush-Harris is finally getting her own reality show on BravoTV. She and her husband are the official cast of 'Married to Medicine,' a show about the lives of women in the medical community. Despite the fact that she is a mother-of-two, Bush-Harris has managed to keep her viewers engrossed and entertained since the show premiered.

Married to Medicine Star Quad Webb-Lunceford Is Divorced

quad married to medicine

Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Quad Webb are divorced after six years of marriage. He is a psychiatrist and Quad is a medical sales rep. They co-host the talk show Sister Circle, which was recently cancelled, and are parents to a nephew named Ariana. While their divorce was bittersweet, it's also good news for their fans. It seems like the happy ending the couple were searching for. However, what's next for the duo?

Dr. Gregory Lunceford is a psychiatrist

Fans of Bravo's Married to Medicine know that Dr. Gregory and Quad are having a rocky relationship. The couple married in 2012, but have been battling ever since. During the season five finale, Quad revealed that she had reached a "crossroads" in her marriage and wanted to separate from her husband. While Gregory wanted her to stay at home to raise the kids, she had other ideas. After all, she wanted to build her own brand.

The pair has two dogs and four cats. Interestingly enough, they are a reality TV couple. The first couple appeared on the show as newlyweds in February 2013. Both have since become well-established physicians and have several philanthropic interests. They support the Canine Assistants Foundation and various charities. The two have a net worth of $1 million. They are devoted to helping people suffering from mental illnesses.

After seven years of marriage, the couple divorced. At the season 6 reunion, the couple filed for divorce, but later separated amicably. The couple has said that they still love each other. The court confirmed the divorce on October 4, 2019.

Quad Webb-Lunceford is a medical sales rep

Born on May 13, 1980, Quad Webb-Lunceford has a successful career in the medical industry. She has a background in biology and chemistry and is the daughter of a working mom of two. She later attended college, graduating with a degree in Biology from Tennessee State University, and interned at Johnson & Johnson and McNeil. After working as a medical sales rep for several years, she entered showbiz. Her life story was featured in the reality TV show, Married to Medicine, where she gained fame and recognition.

Despite being married for more than six years, Quad Webb-Lunceford filed for a divorce in 2018. She claims to have tried to work out the differences between her and Gregory in private, but he refused. During the course of the divorce, she is seeking information from Gregory about his financial status, including any real estate or business properties he owns. She hopes to get the documents she needs to finalize the settlement.

Her first ticket to fame was her appearance on Married to Medicine. Since the show began airing in 2013, Quad was one of the first names that popped up. Earlier, she worked as a medical sales rep and used her skills for her own personal business. Today, she owns a pet clothing line called Picture Perfect Pup. Her husband is a psychiatrist in Atlanta. Recently, she spoke to Married to Medicine about her new career.

She co-hosts the now-cancelled talk show Sister Circle

The 'Married to Medicine' star, who created the talk show 'Sister Circle' with Rashan Ali, Syleena Johnson, and Trina Braxton, recently spoke out about the cancellation of the talk show. In the interview, she also discussed how she secured her position in the industry, and what goes on behind the scenes in this field. Here are some of her best quotes from the interview.

The now-cancelled talk show Sister Circle is canceled after three seasons. After suffering from a coronavirus, the show's production was suspended. It aired on television One in various markets, including TEGNA-owned stations. The cast included Rashan Ali, Syleena Johnson, and Quad Webb-Lunceford, but did not mention Dancie's firing. Dancie's previous appearances on the show include fill-in slots for Rashan Ali and Syleena Johnson on August 2nd. Trina Braxton replaced Kiana Dancie after the show's debut.

Ali and Webb have spoken out on the cancellation of the talk show. The show aired on TV One and starred Rashan Ali. The cast also included Trina Braxton, Syleena Johnson, and Quad Webb. After the first season, Trina Braxton took over as co-host. Despite the cancellation, Sister Circle has many fans. Some of them have even called for another network to pick up the show.

She has a nephew named Ariana

On Married to Medicine, Quad Webb has a new baby brother or sister. She gave birth to a baby girl named Ariana on April 8 in Memphis, Tennessee, and is looking forward to meeting her nephew this week. During her six-year marriage with Dr. Gregory Lunceford, the storyline of the show focused on her husband's desire for children. She wanted to wait until she was ready to become a mother. During the last season, the drama and career of the women in the show played out.

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She has a hot tub

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