Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Reflect on Closer Relationships

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Reflect on Closer Relationships


what mariah carey thinks of nick cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been a huge part of each other's lives. They both share a special bond with their children, and Nick Cannon's son was recently diagnosed with glioma, a deadly form of brain cancer. Now, he and Mariah are taking time to reflect on their close relationship and the impact it has had on their lives. Here's a look at what they both have to say about each other and their family.

Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are co-parenting pre-teen twins. While the twins are not quite old enough to be independent, they are old enough to understand some basic facts about animals and birds. They have been together for a couple of years now.

Nick Cannon has had nine children with three different women. He also shares twin sons with Abby De La Rosa and a daughter with model Bri Tiesi.

According to Mariah Carey, her ex-husband has not spent enough time with her 11-year-old twins. She wants him to be a more involved father.

As co-parents, Carey and Cannon have had an amicable relationship. Despite the fact that their marriage ended in 2016, the duo remain friendly with each other and their children.

Since their split, Mariah has been with her boyfriend, backup dancer Bryan Tanaka. Their love story is making headlines.

According to reports, Mariah has been busy recording multiple projects in the past few years. In addition to the usual singing and dancing, she has also started a relationship with Australian billionaire James Packer.

Nick Cannon has been active in the music industry, too. He recently released a new single, "Alone," which is a song that samples a classic song by Mariah Carey. The lyrics are inspired by the singer's 1990 self-titled debut album.

Despite having nine children with three different mothers, Cannon remains very open about his life. He admitted to wanting a vasectomy in May, but it has yet to happen.

Cannon has had one child die, a five-month-old boy named Zen, who died from a brain tumor in December 2021. Though he is not ready to get married again, he has not yet ruled out the possibility of reconciliation.

Nick Cannon's family

When Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon divorced, they kept their co-parenting relationship amicable. They were raising pre-teen twins together. And now that Nick is married again, he has two more kids on the way.

After their separation, Mariah and Nick have been busy with other things. In February, she was seen celebrating Father's Day with her longtime boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka. However, Carey doesn't seem to be bothered with the fact that her ex-boyfriend is busy growing his family.

Although she doesn't really keep up with the rest of Nick's kids, she seems to be okay with his new lifestyle. She even said she's happy with the two more kids he has on the way.

Besides announcing the birth of her second son, Golden, on Valentine's Day, Nick Cannon also has a song dedicated to his ex-wife. The track is a sample from her 1990 self-titled debut album. It's a song about family and love, but it also doubles as a tribute to Carey.

Since her divorce, Mariah has been able to spend more time with her twins Monroe and Moroccan. They are now 11 years old. While they know they have many siblings on the way, they still don't understand the logistics of having overlapping pregnancies. But they do like playing with their brother Golden.

Despite the recent news, Mariah Carey and her ex-husband Nick Cannon are happy and healthy, and they have an amicable co-parenting relationship. For now, though, their focus is on their career.

Having nine children with six different women has been a source of controversy for Cannon. During his interviews with radio stations and podcasts, he's spoken out about his desire for a big family, but has also made some controversial comments.

Nick Cannon's daughter died of brain cancer

Nick Cannon's daughter died of brain cancer at five months old. This is the second child that he's lost to a brain tumor. The first was his son, Z Chilling, who died at 23 months.

Zen was the seventh child of Nick Cannon. He also has six other children from other relationships. His other children are 10-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with his ex-wife Mariah Carey, and 1-year-old daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell.

When Zen was just two months old, his parents noticed his breathing seemed different. They thought he had a sinus problem. However, when the family went to the doctor, doctors discovered a malignant tumor. It was too late to save him, however.

After receiving news that Zen had cancer, Cannon flew to California to be with his baby. When the baby's health deteriorated, Cannon dedicated an episode of the show to him.

Cannon reflected on his grief, but said that he wouldn't pray for a miracle. Rather, he leaned on faith to get through the tough time.

Zen's death was confirmed on the Nick Cannon Show on Tuesday. During the show, Alyssa Scott also announced that she had a daughter with Nick. She also posted a video of herself talking to the infant.

Cannon has been open about his grief. He says he was on the fence about expanding his family. Earlier this year, he had a photo taken with Alyssa at a shower for a child. At the time, he was dating another woman, LaNisha. But he split with her after a month.

He had to cancel some recordings for the week. Though he had to work, he said he could still get some quality time with his son.

Nick Cannon's son was diagnosed with glioma

Nick Cannon's son Zen was diagnosed with glioma, a brain cancer, when he was just two months old. His parents, model Alyssa Scott and rapper Nick Cannon, were surprised to learn about the diagnosis.

When they took Zen to the doctor, they were told that he had a high grade glioma, which causes a buildup of fluid in his head. The fluid was causing him to have problems breathing.

When Zen's health began to deteriorate around Thanksgiving, the couple knew something was wrong. He had a cough, and his breathing patterns were off. Initially, the doctors thought it was a sinus infection, but they eventually realized that something was wrong.

Eventually, doctors found that the tumors continued to grow. They opted to place a shunt in the baby's skull to drain the fluid. However, the shunt failed to stop the tumor from growing.

While they were waiting for the fluid to drain, Zen Cannon and Alyssa Scott were left with a decision. They wanted to give their son the best possible quality of life in the last few months of his life, but they didn't want to subject him to grueling chemotherapy.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Nick Cannon opened up about his son's death. He shared why he didn't want to put his son through a grueling chemotherapy treatment.

As a result, Zen's case included a brain surgery and a shunt procedure to drain the fluid. At the time of his death, Zen was five months old.

Though Zen was a healthy infant, he was still expected to have a short life. According to the American Cancer Society, the average life expectancy of a child with a glioma is about six to seven years. Ultimately, the best treatment for a glioma depends on the size and health of the patient.

Nick Cannon's twins have a special bond with their dad

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have a pretty great bond. Although they've had their fair share of ups and downs in the past few years, their relationship is still good. They have coparented each other's kids, they've been known to make appearances together, and they even shared Christmas.

While there's no word on if they'll ever get back together, Mariah and Nick are on good terms. The two have a special bond, and they celebrate holidays and birthdays together.

One of the reasons for their co-parenting relationship is the fact that their twins have a special bond with their dad. Both Moroccan and Monroe were born in 2011, and they've had their fair share of public appearances. In fact, they've appeared in music videos.

While they have been coparenting for a while now, the couple have had their fair share of tumultuous times. Earlier this year, Zen, one of Carey's children, passed away from brain cancer. And later that year, Carey and Cannon filed for divorce.

Since then, their relationship has improved, and they've been on the best of terms. Carey and Cannon are often seen together with their twins. As they rekindle their love, they've made a point to make sure their kids are happy.

The twins have already been spotted out and about on red carpets, and they have appeared in music videos. Their parents are also active in their children's lives, and they regularly make special appearances with their kids.

While the twins might have a special bond with their father, Mariah Carey has a little something up her sleeve for her father. Specifically, Mariah has plans to teach her sons to appreciate their blessings. She wants them to know they're loved and adored no matter what.

What Mariah Carey Song Is In Big Energy?

what mariah carey song is in big energy

If you're looking for the best and latest of Mariah Carey's songs, you need to look no further. She's a pop star who's arguably one of the top-certified female artists in the world. Her latest single, "Big Energy" is a catchy tune that's sure to become a staple of your playlist.

Top-certified female artist

In March, Mariah Carey received a dozen new RIAA certifications. She is now the top certified female artist in the U.S., with 69.5 million equivalent units sold. Her most recent awards include "Without You" (platinum), Daydream (11x multi-platinum), and The Rarities.

With over 32 million views on YouTube, "Big Energy" is one of the most popular songs in modern music. It has reached number one on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, Rhythmic charts, and Mainstream Top 40. Originally released on September 7, 2014, it has already earned RIAA-certified platinum status.

Big Energy was nominated for the 2022 Song of the Summer Award at the MTV Video Music Awards. The album also received nominations for the 2022 NAACP Image Awards for Best R&B/Hip-Hop Album and Best Pop/Rock Album.

In addition to the two Grammy Awards, Latto has also been nominated for two 2022 People's Choice Awards. She has been a four-time nominee at the VMAs. Moreover, she has won the award for Best New Artist at the BET Awards.

Mariah Carey's self-titled debut album is considered one of the best-selling albums of all time. The record also set the record for best-selling non-Asian album. It spent 128 weeks on the Billboard chart and has sold more than 28 million copies worldwide.

Her first single, "Fantasy," went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making her the first female artist to reach the top of the chart. A remix of the song featured Young Dirty Bastard, who sang Carey's father's verse. This was Carey's first number-one single in Europe.

Her sophomore album 777 has garnered high praise and acclaim. Featuring Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, and Childish Gambino, the album debuted in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 200 and spawned the hit single, "Big Energy."

In addition to receiving her Congressional Award, Mariah Carey was named by Variety as one of its Power of Women. Additionally, she has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Pop-leaning album

If you're wondering what a Mariah Carey song is, you're not alone. With a huge catalogue of songs and a career spanning over two decades, she has had plenty of opportunity to show off her creativity.

In her debut album, "Vision of Love", Mariah displayed her talent for writing and performing. The track spent four weeks atop the pop chart. She also won Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Performance.

By the time she released her second album, "Daydream", Mariah had established herself as an innovator. The album is centered on piano-based chamber pop, but features French horns, strings, and a full orchestra.

Mariah also took the opportunity to work with an edgier group of collaborators. For instance, Clarissa Dane sang lead on the song "Someone's Ugly Daughter" on the same album. Another example is a collaboration with Skrillex. This collaboration was a great way to show off the singer's skill at producing music.

Among the other things, "Fantasy" was a great song. It was the second single to hit the top of the Hot 100, following Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone". Interestingly, it isn't the definitive version of the song. That honor goes to the remix from David Morales, which you can find on Mariah's upcoming Daydream album.

As for the title track, it is a solid contender for the top spot in the rap world. "Big Energy" has been in the Top 10 of the Billboard rap charts for the past two weeks. It was nominated for Song of the Summer at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.

It's no surprise that Mariah has garnered an incredible amount of attention for her songwriting. She has worked with over forty different writers and producers, and has a plethora of hits to her name. Her most recent album, 777, features a stellar line-up of guest vocalists, including Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, and Childish Gambino.


Latto and Carey have a mutual appreciation for the music, as well as the music industry, in general. The duo have collaborated on a song called "Fantasy (Remix)," a song that features Young Dirty Bastard's father's verse, as well as Brandy's.

The track is a quick classic. It has garnered considerable attention, and is currently ranked in the top ten songs of 2021. In fact, the title of Latto's "Big Energy" is a nod to the track.

There's not much to say about this track, but it's been around for thirty weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. That's a lot of time for a pop track, and it certainly gets the ball rolling for Latto's sophomore 777, which dropped last Friday.

It's got a lot of features, so you might want to check out the 777 album. Among the other notable tracks on the record are Lil Wayne's "Wheelie," DJ Khaled's "Freaky," and 21 Savage's "Wheelie," to name a few.

The 777 album also contains the best single of the year, "Big Energy (Remix)," which is a nice touch. The track isn't the only collaboration Latto has worked on, as he's teamed up with Kodak Black and Childish Gambino. However, it's probably the one that will get the most attention.

For now, Latto has done it again with his latest release, "777," a raucous album that stays true to his Atlanta brethren. 777 is no doubt the most highly anticipated album of his career, and it should be. A deluxe edition is likely on the horizon. Those who aren't satisfied with the regular version can get a taste of his wares at his Twitter Q&A.

Nominated for Song of the Summer Award at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards

The 2022 MTV Video Music Awards will take place in New Jersey at the Prudential Center on August 28. It will simulcast on BET, the CW and Comedy Central. These awards will celebrate the most influential artists in the music industry. There are 16 nominees for the Song of the Summer award.

Billie Eilish leads the nominations list with five. Lil Nas X, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift are also among the contenders.

The song "First Class" by Jack Harlow was released in April. It spent three weeks at the top of the charts. It's a collaboration with electronic producer Marshmello.

The video for "Industry Baby" earned nominations for Best Visual Effects, Best Direction, and Best Art Direction. Other nominations for "Industry Baby" include Best Hip Hop, Best Lyrics, Best Video and Best Collaboration.

Other nominated songs include "Bad Habit" by Lacy and "Way 2 Sexy" by Drake. The winner will be decided by fans' votes. This marks the first Latin artist to be nominated for artist of the year.

Nicki Minaj has broken barriers for women in the music industry. She has worked with Ariana Grande and Jessie J on the song "Bang Bang". Her sophomore album Gemini Rights is currently in the Top 6.

Kendrick Lamar is tied with Drake and the Weeknd for the most nominations. His song "Way 2 Sexy" has seven. He is also nominated for Album of the Year.

In addition to the nominees for Video of the Year and Artist of the Year, the list also includes multiple nominees for the Best New Artist award. Avril Lavigne, Bebe Rexha, Ashley Graham, DJ Khaled, Joel Madden, and Billy Eichner are presenters.

Reissue of Merry Christmas

If you've been a fan of Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas album for a while now, you'll want to pick up her new deluxe version, which will be available on November 1. The deluxe edition is packed with new tracks and remixes, plus it features a special bonus track.

The record was first released in 1994. Since then, it has become a beloved holiday soundtrack. But its most recognizable song, "All I Want For Christmas Is You", has become an object of ridicule. Now, a petition is asking for it to be banned from retail spaces.

Although she hasn't yet been able to knock off the Beatles, Carey is one of the only female artists to score more than 20 Billboard Hot 100 top ten hits. She also has more writing credits than any other female composer.

It's not hard to imagine why this song has been a holiday smash. Carey's performance on the video for "All I Want for Christmas is You" is a mash-up of a variety of elements. In addition to the classic holiday tune, she's throwing snow, sitting by a fireplace, and holding Christmas ornaments.

However, while the video is a fun gimmick, it's not exactly groundbreaking. The song's lyrics were already a hit, but Carey's version is a little more polished.

There's no official streaming of the deluxe edition, but you can get an early look at the album when it arrives on November 1. Fans will also get access to the exclusive tour dates that Carey has scheduled. As a bonus, there's a two-CD deluxe edition.

The deluxe album is also available in digital and physical formats. The vinyl set is a limited-edition release, released to coincide with its 20th anniversary. It features 11 tracks spread over two discs, with original album artwork and pull-out posters with lyrics.

How Many Boeing 737 Are Still Flying?

how many boeing 737 are still flying

If you are a Boeing 737 enthusiast, you might be wondering how many of these aircraft are still flying. Some of them are being operated by Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Gol.

Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Gol have the largest fleet of 737 MAX jets

Alaska Airlines is the fifth largest passenger carrier in the U.S., with more than a hundred aircraft in its fleet. In addition to Boeing, the company also operates regional and freight aircraft made by Embraer and Bombardier.

Alaska recently announced plans to replace its Airbus A320 family of jets with the Boeing 737 MAX. The new aircraft is larger and more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. It's also capable of flying 600 miles farther than the current A320.

The 737 Max will allow Alaska to add more transcontinental service. Anchorage will get year-round flights to Phoenix, and the Lower 48 will get three new routes to Portland, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

In order to help the airline meet its fleet growth strategy, Alaska has secured rights to purchase an additional 105 Max aircraft through the end of the decade. That's enough to fill the entire mainline fleet by 2023.

Alaska plans to pay cash for most of its new planes. In addition, it has negotiated a deal for future purchase options for another 105 Max aircraft through 2030.

According to the airline, the 737 MAX family has increased the overall reliability of its fleet. They also offer more capacity, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced carbon emissions.

Boeing is building the Max in the Renton factory near Alaska's headquarters. Alaska is expected to take delivery of its first MAX in early 2021.

In addition to its 68 firm orders, Alaska has negotiated options for an additional 52 Maxes. This represents the largest commitment to a single jet type in the history of the company.

Alaska expects to be the third or fourth US airline to fly the Max. Its first route is scheduled to start in March.

The 737-800 is the most common version

The Boeing 737-800 is the most widely used version of the 737-NG family. It has a wide-body design and has two overwing exits on each side of the cabin. These wingtips allow for greater fuel capacity, as well as increased MTOWs. However, the 737-800 is not the longest-range plane in its class, with a maximum range of 2,900 nautical miles.

Another version of the 737-NG family is the BBJ Max, which has a similar wing layout to the 737-800. The US Air Force operates the BBJ as the C-40B. There is also the P-8 Poseidon, which is an long-range maritime patrol aircraft. This aircraft was developed by Boeing and originally intended for use by the US Navy.

Other versions include the 737-500, 737-700, 737-800, and the 737-900ER. While these versions are similar to one another in their overall dimensions, they differ in their cockpit windows.

In terms of capacity, the 737-800 can carry 162 to 189 passengers. The 737-700, on the other hand, seats 149 in a single-class layout.

In addition to its passenger and cargo capacities, the 737-800 features a high-efficiency engine, a smaller dorsal fin, and split-scimitar winglets. These airframe improvements are designed to reduce fuel consumption by about two percent.

Some 737-800 aircraft have undergone additional modifications, including a rear pressure bulkhead and additional exit doors. This was to address safety issues related to the 737-800's "MCAS" system, which was found to be defective in some models.

The 737-800 has a history of being the workhorse of the airline world. United Airlines is a regular customer, and they converted slower 737 Classic models into the more effective New Generation variants. Despite the ongoing safety problems associated with this model, it remains the most widely used version of the 737.

The 737-200 proved its success by delivering 1,000 units to regional customers

The Boeing 737 is a popular aircraft that is in use by a number of airlines. It is a narrow body plane that features six abreast seating, a 707 fuselage width, and two underwing turbofans.

While the 737 is a successful plane, it has had its share of problems. In March of this year, the FAA grounded the 737 MAX. However, the plane's production has slowed down but it is still operating.

Boeing started development of the 737 Next Generation series in 1991. The NG variants feature a redesigned wing and updated CFM56-7s. These engines offer a 15% fuel savings over the NG.

The next generation of the 737 was designed to compete with the Airbus A320. While the 737 had a reputation for being efficient, the A320 was a full fly-by-wire aircraft. Compared to the 737, the A320 offered more capacity, better flight characteristics, and a higher gross weight.

As the 737 was approaching its 40th birthday, Boeing had to find a way to upgrade the platform. They could have spent $12-15 billion to develop a new model, but they decided to work on the 737.

Initially, the 737-200 was going to be the first aircraft to undergo the change. However, the company faced a number of challenges, including the need to fit the CFM56 turbofan engines in front of the wings. This made maintenance easier.

Another challenge was the lack of space under the wing to accommodate the larger engines. The new engine placement meant that the nose had to point upwards, causing the aircraft to stall.

Finally, Boeing introduced the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. This system controlled the aircraft's flight characteristics and helped to regain control of the nose.

The 737-800 was the first 2 crew aircraft

The Boeing 737-800 is one of the most popular versions of the Next-Generation 737 family. Designed to offer the airline industry a combination of range and capacity, the 737-800 is a favorite among leading airlines around the world. This versatile aircraft is available in a two-class layout, seating 162 to 189 passengers.

Featuring an award-winning Sky Interior, the 737-800 offers passenger comfort and in-flight internet service. It also has four center-aisle pull-down stowage units. In addition, there are 30 Main Cabin Extra seats in the front of the cabin that offer four to six inches of extra legroom.

Since the 737-800 entered service in 1998, it has had a very successful run. It has been involved in fewer than 25 accidents, and its safety record is excellent.

The 737-800 was designed as a workhorse for many airlines, and it is a popular choice for all four major U.S. airlines: United, Delta, Southwest, and American. It is also the plane most commonly used in China.

When Boeing first launched the 737, it was intended to compete against the BAC One-Eleven and the DC-9. However, the Caravelle from Sud Aviation and the BAC One-Eleven were already in service. Consequently, Boeing had to find a way to catch up with the competition.

With its wide range and good economy, the 737-800 was a hit with the market. The 737-800 is an extremely reliable, economical, and popular aircraft. Today, it is the second most-used jet in the world, after the Airbus A320.

Despite its reliability, the 737-800 has faced some high-profile crashes. A Boeing 737-800 operated by Transavia crashed in July 2018. Moreover, it was shot down by a missile in Iran in January 2020. And a 737-800 was lost in Mangalore-Bajpe Airport in 2010. These are only a few examples of the 737-800's history.

The 737-800 crash in China

The 737-800 crash in China left aviation experts scratching their heads. While there is no immediate answer to the mystery, details on the aircraft's malfunctions are beginning to emerge.

The first officer on the ill-fated flight was a 59-year-old instructor with 31,769 hours of experience and the youngest of three pilots on board. The plane, a Boeing 737-800 NG, was a narrow-body, single-aisle jet.

After the crash, China Eastern grounded the entire fleet of 737-800s. It also opened a hotline for family members. This was the first time the company had ever made such an announcement.

The plane, which had been cruising at 29,000 feet, dropped to a remarkably low altitude of just over 20,000 feet in just 77 seconds. Air-traffic controllers tried to make contact with the plane, but they couldn't. They were not able to rescue any of the 132 people on board.

However, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery, China Eastern sent work teams to the site of the crash. Investigators used flight data recorders to figure out what went wrong.

The CAAC released a preliminary report within 30 days. The report said that the flight crew and maintenance personnel met standards that are pertinent to air carriers. But it did not point to technical recommendations for the 737-800.

Last month, investigators continued to probe the accident. The Chinese government has not yet commented on the cause of the crash.

In the end, no one was seriously injured. However, the plane crashed into a mountain, scattering debris across a wooded terrain. At least a dozen of the 132 passengers and crew on board died.

While there is no conclusive explanation for the incident, the occurrence of a pilot deliberately ordering the 737 to plunge is a big deal. If the investigation into the accident yields any meaningful findings, it could impact the global air transport industry.

How Many Boeing 737 Have Been Built?

how many boeing 737 have been built

There are a number of different airlines in the world today, and one of them is the Boeing 737. This aircraft has been produced since the 1970s, and today it is in service on flights to and from almost every major airport in the world. It is also used on military and government missions. Despite its age, there are a number of people who have enjoyed flying on this aircraft.


If you've been keeping track of aircraft deliveries in recent years, you may wonder how many Boeing 737 have been built. Boeing has been in business since 1967 and has been producing airliners for decades. However, the manufacturer is facing a strong competitor in Airbus.

Both manufacturers have passed the 10,000-aircraft delivered mark, but Airbus has a long way to go. Its A320 family has been in the market for almost two decades, while Boeing's 737 has been around for nearly 50 years.

The A320 has been outselling the 737 for several years. Airbus has also made great strides in the fuel-efficient and faster A320 model. But Boeing has maintained the lead in aircraft delivery.

For years, the Boeing 737 was king of the single-aisle category. The 737-800, which seats up to eighty-two passengers in a single-class layout, has the advantage of a longer range and larger capacity.

Boeing has been working to produce the 737 Max. This newer variant is able to fly faster than previous 737 models and has larger engines. Unfortunately, the new jet has had its share of problems. These issues have hit 737 orders hard.


The Boeing 737 is one of the most successful airliners in history. It has been produced for over five decades, and its range of variants have taken advantage of changing airline expectations.

One of the oldest 737s is the 737-800, which has been in service for more than half a century. It's been used by United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, among others. This aircraft has a 138- to 204-seat capacity, and it is also the longest 737 ever built.

In order to accommodate these large seats, the cockpit has a dual seat design, and it uses Rockwell Collins avionics. It has been fitted with carbon brakes, which reduce fuel burn by around 0.5%.

Boeing 737-800 has received a number of modifications, including a new wing-body join process. These methods allow the airplane to be built in six days, rather than the usual 11 days.

Several airlines have ordered the 737-800 NG, including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Norwegian Air Shuttle. These aircraft are currently in service, with nearly 5,000 737-800 NGs being delivered since 1998.


The Boeing 737-800 is one of the most popular and widely used aircraft in the world. It is primarily used for passenger transport. As such, it is the workhorse of the skies. Almost every developed nation has a 737-800 in service.

There are four generations of the 737, beginning with the Boeing 737-400. These are the 737-600, 737-700, 737-800 and 737-900. Depending on the model, each variant fills a different role. Some versions have a large cargo door, while others have a smaller one.

Originally, the 737 was conceived as a replacement for the 727. Boeing wanted a true short-haul jet, but the competition was growing. They needed to come up with a way to compete. In the first generation of the 737, they looked at developing an aircraft with podded engines and a T-tail.

For the 737-800, Boeing wanted to give the airliner more passengers. It was based on the 400, but it was stretched to accommodate 189 passengers.

Unlike the original 737-400, the 737-800 is more fuel efficient. It burns 850 US gallons of jet fuel per hour. A 737-800 has a range of 900 miles, compared to the 737-400's 600-mile range.


The Boeing 737-900ER is a larger, enhanced model of the basic 737-900. Its length is 138 feet 3 inches, and its fuselage is the same as the 737-800.

This plane was developed to address the shortcomings of the 737-900. For example, the original 737s were too small to have fuel dump systems. To overcome this, the 737-900ER features a flattened aft pressure bulkhead, which adds a wingframe and aft cabin area. These added features, along with a stronger keel beam structure, improved the aircraft's landing performance.

In addition to the enhanced performance, the 737-900ER also features a longer range. It can fly about ten miles further than the 737-800. That extra range was made possible by a combination of new avionics, increased thrust, and improved engine design.

There are three emergency exits on the 737-900ER. Two are in the aft wing, and the third is in the main cabin. Depending on the operation, operators may choose to deactivate the Type II door.

When first developed, the 737-900ER was conceived as an early replacement for the Boeing 757. Boeing originally planned to market the 737-900ER to airlines that needed more passenger capacity. But Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Air Lines all decided that the 737-900ER was too large and unprofitable for their operations.


The Boeing 737 BBJ2 is a private jet aircraft designed for smaller groups of high paying customers. It will join the fleet in April 2023. With its luxury amenities, it is a great choice for affluent families and corporations.

The Boeing BBJ2 is built from the fuselage of the Boeing 737-800 commercial aircraft. It is equipped with two CFM56-7B27 turbofan engines that are rated at 27,300 pounds of thrust.

The BBJ2 features nine auxiliary fuel tanks and a hydraulically operated retractable landing gear. It also has a low swept wing with a vertical fin. Its cabin has a maximum capacity of five hundred and ninety four cubic feet and a total cabin volume of ninety nine square meters.

The BBJ2's cabin can accommodate sixty passengers in a high-density configuration. As an alternative to traditional seating, a separate relief crew lounge is available. In addition, the aircraft can fly more than 6,000 nautical miles without refueling.

The cabin of the BBJ2 measures twelve and a half feet wide. It has a total cabin volume of one thousand four hundred and thirty-six cubic feet. Depending on the number of passengers and the amount of baggage carried, the range of the aircraft may vary.

737-300, 737-400, and 737-500

Boeing 737-300, 737-400, and 737-500 are all variants of the Boeing 737 airliner. Designed to increase the capacity of the 737, each version has its own unique characteristics. While the 737-500 is a relatively modern replacement for the 737-200, the 737-300 was the first aircraft in the 737 family.

Originally, the 737-400 was designed to compete with the McDonnell Douglas MD-80. However, the design was changed and was used for both passenger and freight air travel.

When it was introduced, the 737-400's fuselage was lengthened by over ten feet, while the main cabin was enlarged. The aircraft also featured a tail bumper, which prevented tailscrapes during takeoff. Its main engine was a CFM56 high-bypass turbofan produced by CFM International.

Initially, the 737-400 had a seating capacity of 170 passengers. This was a huge upgrade over the 149 seats of the 737-300. Since then, the 737-400 has proven to be an effective airliner, especially in the short-to-medium range category.

Several airlines use the 737-400. These include Piedmont Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. In the early 1980s, a few airlines switched to the 737-400F, a cargo-carrying variant.


The 737-600 was the smallest Next Generation 737 variant. It is a 122-132 seat airliner, and is in service with Tunis Air, Lauda Airlines, and Air Algerie.

Initially, the 737-600 was a short body aircraft, which matched the smallest member of the Airbus A320 family. However, Boeing decided to develop a slightly larger airplane, which became the 737-100.

Boeing wanted to expand the 737's capacity and range. In response to the low-cost boom, many airlines were looking for extra capacity. This led to the development of a new airframe and a series of airliners, including the 737-500 and 737-600. These models were developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The first Boeing 737-600 was delivered in 1998. Since then, 69 have been produced. Some airlines still fly a small number of -600s, such as Janet Airlines.

The 737-600 was developed as a competitor to the Airbus A318. While the 737-600 was successful in terms of total orders, it did not match the 737-500 in the number of aircraft built.


The Boeing 737-700 is a midsize jet that features a two-class layout and seats 126 passengers. It has been in service with Scandinavian Airlines, GECAS, Lauda Air, and Air Algerie.

The Boeing 737-800 is a derivative of the 737-700. It is a long-range business aircraft with a maximum range of 5500 nautical miles. This 737 has a larger fuselage and split Scimitar winglets. In 1998, it received type certification from the FAA.

Aside from the 737-700, Boeing has also introduced several other Next-Generation versions. These include the 737-600, 737-900, and 737-800. Each version has been produced to accommodate a different number of passengers.

The smallest of the NG models is the 737-600, which has a capacity of 110 to 132 passengers. Unlike the 737-500, the 737-600 is not equipped with winglets.

The next-generation versions of the 737 are designed with enhanced wing designs, new glass cockpit, and more powerful engines. Several variants are certified for 180-minute ETOPS operation.

For military applications, the 737-700C has been modified to provide a large cargo door. Another variant is the P-8 Poseidon, a maritime patrol aircraft. Originally developed for the US Navy, it is now in use by seven countries around the world.

How Many Boeing 737 Max Are in Service?

how many boeing 737 max are in service

Have you ever wondered how many Boeing 737 Max are in service? If so, you are not alone. According to data compiled by FlightGlobal, more than 200 airlines currently operate a Boeing 737 Max. These airlines include Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, Gol, Southwest, and Ryanair. Those companies are not the only ones to fly the aircraft, though.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has ordered a total of more than 100 aircraft, including 145 Boeing 737 Max aircraft. These planes are expected to be inducted into the airline's fleet in the next two years. The Max family has proven to be highly fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, and versatile for expanding service.

Alaska has also taken options on 52 additional Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This commitment is the largest in the airline's history. It will give Alaska more flight options, which is important as the company expands its presence in Alaska.

Alaska Air is also planning to fly more 737-800 and 737-700 aircraft. This will add to its existing mainline Boeing fleet. Eventually, Alaska Airlines will operate only Boeing aircraft.

Alaska's 737 Max order is worth $7 billion at list prices. In addition, it is one of the biggest orders in Boeing's 90-year history.

The 52 Boeing 737 Max aircraft Alaska Airlines plans to buy will arrive between 2024 and 2027. They will be a large addition to the airline's existing 94 aircraft.

Currently, Alaska operates 35 737-9 aircraft. Their performance and guest satisfaction exceed expectations. Since the first 737 MAX 9 was delivered in March, Alaska has scheduled 680 flights on the jet. Among these are 62 to Portland and San Francisco, 401 to Hawaii, and 276 to Las Vegas.

Alaska is the fourth US airline to begin flying the Max. In addition to operating the Max, the airline has a large order for 737-900ERs.

Alaska will be an all-Boeing airline by the end of 2023. By that time, the airline will have retired all of its Airbus A320-series aircraft. That leaves the airline with an all-Boeing fleet of 737 MAXs, 737-900ERs, and 737-800s.


Aeromexico is one of the largest Boeing customers in the Americas. During the last 16 months, the airline has been receiving many new jetliners. The new aircraft will allow the company to offer better travel experiences and more competitive fares.

In order to increase its capacity, Aeromexico has also leased 12 Boeing 737 MAX passenger aircraft. These aircraft are expected to arrive in October.

The airline plans to invest $5 billion in new aircraft over the next five years. By 2022, the company expects to have 147 aircraft in its fleet. Currently, the Aeromexico fleet consists of 118 aircraft.

Aeromexico's widebody fleet is made up of eight Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners, ten Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, and twelve Boeing 737-800s. It also has a regional airline, Aeromexico Connect, which operates 43 Embraer E190s.

With the newest aircraft in its fleet, Aeromexico is aiming to offer more competitive fares and improved connectivity. It has also plans to introduce more domestic destinations.

Although Aeromexico recently announced a net loss of US$123 million for the second quarter of 2020, it still expects to recover to profitability by 2022. This will be a major milestone for the Mexican flag carrier.

One of the airline's goals is to improve its safety record and increase its efficiency. Aeromexico is also planning to replace some of its older airplanes.

Aeromexico recently completed a restructuring process. This resulted in a change in the airline's financing plan. According to the airline, the process allowed it to reduce its lease costs on 18 planes.

Despite the current economic turmoil in Mexico, Aeromexico is optimistic about the future. The airline continues to expand its network to take advantage of the situation in the country.


The Boeing 737 Max is the newest addition to the 737 MAX series. It is designed to offer a number of features to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. One of the most important features is a 15% reduction in fuel consumption. This helps the aircraft to be more efficient and able to travel farther.

Several airlines around the world have put the 737 Max into service, including GOL. In October, the Brazilian airline signed a new deal with Boeing. That deal added an extra 18 737 Maxes to the airline's order.

As part of the agreement, Gol also arranged for Boeing to train 140 pilots in the United States. Using the MAX simulator, the training exceeded the requirements of aviation regulatory agencies.

For the first time since the Max was grounded, GOL will be able to fly its planes again. GOL hopes to use the Max on routes, such as short flights between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.

GOL plans to gradually replace its older 737-700 and -800 aircraft with Maxes. These aircraft are used on medium-haul international and domestic routes. By the end of 2025, GOL expects to have 75 Maxes in its fleet.

Since the Max was grounded, Gol has retrained about 60 percent of its pilots. It is aiming to have all of its pilots certified by the end of the year.

GOL also ordered several Boeing 737 Maxes to support its planned expansion. The airline expects to take delivery of 95 of these aircraft between 2022 and 2032.

Gol is the only major carrier in Brazil to have a 737 MAX in its fleet. While other countries have grounded their NG versions, Gol is not worried. With its extensive resources, it is able to maintain its 737s.

Ryanair, Southwest and Southwest Airlines have also come back for more

In an era of airline consolidation and flight sharing, the MAX is a significant piece of hardware. It can carry more weight, is more fuel efficient and has a longer range.

The Max is no doubt a workhorse for airlines. The small aircraft make up the majority of an airline's fleet.

Boeing's 737 Max has several features, including an improved fuel efficiency, a new generation of engines and longer range. However, its return to flight after a six-month hiatus was not a smooth affair.

Not only has the 737-8200 made its way back into the fleets of a handful of carriers, but it has also been reintroduced by its largest customer. United has been flying the re-certified 737-8 Max since February.

Although the MAX is a workhorse, it is no panacea for the aviation industry. In fact, its grounding had a severe financial and reputational impact. This is why Boeing needs to work hard to rebuild its good will.

Despite the ongoing safety and security issues that plague the airline industry, the Max still stands out as the star of the show. The re-certifying process was faster than expected, which will allow the aircraft to reclaim its status as the safest in the sky.

Besides the Max's return, the industry's biggest story is the vaccine mandate. There are several vaccines on the market, and it is unclear whether or not all are effective.

Several airlines have put the MAX to work, with Southwest putting it to use in a big way. While not all cities are ready to welcome the 737-8 Max, it should be no surprise that Southwest is.

On the other hand, the MAX isn't exactly the first aircraft to have a "free Max change." That honor goes to AirTran.


The FAA is beginning a new process of recertification for the Boeing 737 Max. This includes a series of certification flights in which the FAA and Boeing examine the proposed changes to the Max's automated flight control system.

After the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, the FAA grounded the Max. A total of 346 people died in the accident. Congress called for an investigation into the FAA's certification process.

In response, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure released a report on the Max in March. It identified five specific issues.

At the same time, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) conducted its own investigation of the Max. EASA said it will take public comments into account before making a final decision.

As part of the recertification process, the FAA also released the Airworthiness Directive for the Max. It proposes changes to the design of the flight control system and the training for pilots.

According to the FAA, the Max's automated flight control system has a number of safety hazards. One of the main concerns is the possibility that a fault in the flight control computer could cause a loss of control of the horizontal stabilizer.

The FAA plans to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to begin a 45-day public comment period. It also plans to publish a preliminary summary of its review of the Max.

After the MAX is recertified, airlines that own and operate the aircraft will have to undertake maintenance procedures to prepare it for flying. They must make required fixes to the aircraft, including installing engine coverings and engine covers.

The Boeing 737 Max has been grounded in some countries since its deadly crash in Indonesia. There are currently about 450 MAX aircraft waiting to be delivered to airlines by November 2020.

How Many Boeing 737 Max Have Caught Fire?

how many boeing 737 max have crashed

When the Boeing 737 Max finally began to enter service a year ago, many questions were raised regarding the safety of the plane and its ability to fly. During this time, there were a number of crashes, both fatal and non-fatal. In addition, there were a number of incidents during mid-flight that were noted as potential problems with the MAX plane. These accidents led to concerns that the planes could have been safer, especially in light of some of the other 737-800 crashes in recent years.

China Eastern Airlines crash

The latest in a series of deadly crashes involving Boeing 737 Max jets is a crash of a China Eastern Airlines flight. On Monday, a plane carrying 132 people crashed into a mountain in southern China, leading to a massive fire. Chinese authorities say no survivors have been found yet.

After the crash, China Eastern Airlines grounded its entire fleet of 737-800 aircraft. They also launched a hotline for family members. However, representatives did not immediately respond to Bloomberg News inquiries.

According to CCTV, China Eastern set up nine separate teams to handle the crisis. CCTV's state news outlet reported that the airline did not have any foreigners on board, though it confirmed that 123 passengers were on the plane.

It's not clear what caused the crash. In previous cases, investigators have cited maintenance issues, pilot error, and sabotage as the causes of crashes. This time, investigators will likely look into the pilots' history, training, and weather data.

There's a good chance that investigators will consider the crash intentional. In fact, several major crashes in the past have been caused by deliberate acts. One case, a 2010 Henan Airlines crash, killed 92 people.

Chinese officials haven't released much information about the crash, but they say the aircraft was flying at 29,200 feet and was on a flight path to Guangzhou. CCTV said there were no indications that the pilot was in distress or that a person intruded on the cockpit.

Ethiopian Airlines crash

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX crash on March 10 triggered the world's largest airline crisis ever. A month after Indonesian Lion Air flight 610 crashed, another 737 Max plane crashed in Addis Ababa, killing 157 people and sending the nation into a deep recession.

It was the first fatal crash involving a Max and came just six months after a similar plane crashed in Indonesia, killing 189 people. Authorities in Ethiopia blame the crash on faulty sensors, but they also found that a flight control system known as MCAS was triggered four times before the crash.

The Ethiopian plane was in the air for about six minutes before it plunged into the ground. After a fatal dive, the 737 MAX created a crater about 32 feet wide and 40 feet long.

In addition to the crater, a hole in the ground was left behind. Investigators found that the aircraft had an angle of attack sensor that provided faulty information to the aircraft systems. When the angle of attack sensor malfunctioned, the plane's flight control system tried to force the nose down four times.

However, the pilots on the Ethiopian 737 Max had no way of controlling the plane. They had to use emergency procedures to get the plane back on track.

The chopper's vertical speed readings showed the plane moving up and down at a speed of 575 mph. It took the pilots almost six minutes to get the jet back on track.

Mid-flight incidents on MAX planes during first year back in service

In its first year back in service, the Boeing 737 Max has suffered from mid-flight incidents that have been traced to the plane's flight control system. This was the same system that caused two crashes in March and October. These accidents have raised questions about the safety of the Max and about the underlying design of the aircraft.

The 737 Max is an improved version of the original model, with longer range and more fuel-efficient engines. Its updated avionics, cabins, and engines are designed to make it safer to fly, according to the airline.

A recent investigation by ABC News has uncovered dozens of mid-flight incidents on MAX planes. Some pilots and flight crews reported problems with the flight control system on a variety of MAX models. But some aviation experts doubt whether the system was the cause of the crashes.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a mid-flight emergency was declared at least six times on a Max last year. That's more than any other aircraft type.

One of the reasons for this is that the flight control system was upgraded to include a new feature called MCAS. If the system is activated, it will pitch the plane downward. However, this feature is not supposed to happen by itself. Only if the pilot controls the airplane manually can the feature be turned off.

Other fatal accidents involving the 737-800

The 737-800 is a passenger jet aircraft operated by numerous airlines. In the United States, it is used by several major carriers, including AirTran, US Airways, USAir, and Southwest.

It has a range of 2,900 nautical miles, and seats 162 to 189 passengers. Since its entry into service in 1998, it has been involved in 11 fatal accidents.

In 2010, 44 people died in an Embraer E-190 crash. That is the worst loss of life in a passenger airliner accident in the past decade. Other crashes have claimed only two lives each.

An airplane belonging to China Eastern Airlines crashed in the south of the country on Monday. Investigators are looking to recover data from the flight recorder. However, they are yet to identify a cause of the crash.

Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed Shanghai-based China Eastern to organize the search efforts. He said, "This incident is shocking for me and the nation," and vowed to conduct an investigation.

After the accident, China Eastern grounded all 737-800s. Earlier, the airline had changed the colors of its website and social accounts to black. A team from the aviation regulator is now monitoring the airline's operations.

China's aviation safety record has been among the best in the world over the past decade. Although China has not confirmed any of the passengers' deaths, local media has reported that the crash may have been the result of a natural disaster.

Boeing's board ignored red flags about the planes

After two deadly crashes, Boeing's board of directors has had to face lawsuits from shareholders. The lawsuits claim that the board failed to follow basic safety measures, and should have acted faster to prevent the disasters.

Among other things, plaintiffs' attorneys cited the'smoking gun' that Boeing's board of directors ignored a red flag that could have thwarted the crashes. They also cite a lack of oversight by the board and its failure to keep the aviation industry on its toes.

A US judge has ruled that Boeing's board of directors must face a lawsuit. This comes as a result of two fatal 737 Max crashes that killed hundreds.

The first was Lion Air flight 610 that crashed in Indonesia in October 2018. The second, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, crashed in March 2019. Both crashes were caused by a flawed flight-control system called the MCAS.

Despite a series of regulatory enforcement actions, the company did not respond to the problems. Instead, the company went ahead and made extensive modifications to the flight-control computers of its new 737 Max aircraft.

Earlier this year, Boeing agreed to pay $2.5 billion to settle criminal charges and compensate families of victims. In exchange, the airline was granted a deferred prosecution agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

However, even though the settlement is complete, Boeing still faces a host of civil lawsuits from passengers and their families. Several of these cases accuse the company of failing to properly manage its 737 Max.

Safety concerns

The Boeing 737 MAX is an upgraded model of the 737 airplane, and is a newer aircraft that features two different engines. It is also known for its increased fuel efficiency. However, safety concerns abound and families of those who have been killed by the jet have called for more oversight.

There have been two fatal 737 MAX crashes, both in recent years, and they have led to major changes in the aviation industry. In the years since the first crash, Boeing has made several major management changes. Those changes include creating a new executive council, a chief aerospace safety officer, and a safety management system.

Safety concerns abound with the 737 MAX because of its flight control systems. These systems have been the subject of a number of investigations. One of these involves the stabiliser trims. They help the pilot with directional rotation, but they are also susceptible to failure.

The FAA is examining these systems in great depth. They are also reviewing the company's manufacturing practices. According to the NTSB, the faulty sensor that triggered the two 737 MAX crashes was not the root cause of either accident. Instead, investigators found that the design of MCAS, the flight control system that triggered the two crashes, was the cause of the crashes.

In an effort to address the safety issues of the 737 MAX, Boeing has been working on a "safety management system," or SMS. This is designed to "inculcate" safety into the operation of the aircraft.

How Much Are Tickets to a Seattle Seahawks Game?

how much are tickets to a seattle seahawks game

The Seattle Seahawks are one of the most exciting and well-known football teams in the United States. This is the reason why the people in the area tend to pay a lot for tickets to their games. Fortunately, there are certain ways in which you can save money when you purchase your tickets to a game.

Cost of tickets

The Seattle Seahawks are one of the most successful teams in the NFL. They have won a Super Bowl and they're preparing to do it again. Their defensive secondary is called the Legion of Boom. Head coach Pete Carroll has been responsible for the team's back to back appearances in the Super Bowl.

The team is also known for their high octane offense. They're a favorite of many football fans. That said, their prices aren't cheap. In fact, the average Seahawks ticket costs 49% more than the league average. This is the 18th highest increase in the NFL.

There's no shortage of places to purchase tickets for the Seattle Seahawks. If you're looking for a discount, try selling your tickets online. You may even get a refund. However, keep in mind that this can be risky if the demand is high.

Another great way to save is to buy tickets for away games. These are often less expensive than home games against well-known rivals. On average, the Seattle Seahawks have won their last ten meetings against the San Francisco 49ers.

The first thing you'll want to consider when purchasing a Seattle Seahawks ticket is how close you want to be to the action. Tickets with better views will cost more, so if you can live with your seat being a little farther away, you'll save.

The cheapest ticket for a Seattle Seahawks game is $150, although you can go as high as $561. For a lower-level seat, you're looking at a price of about $218.

If you want to see the game in style, you should consider renting a suite. At the highest end, you can expect to pay between $15,000 and $35,000 for a suite that has space for up to thirty guests. A package that includes catering services is also available.

While there are a few ways to get cheap Seattle Seahawks tickets, the easiest is probably to buy them online. This way, you'll be able to choose your preferred seats and be assured that your purchase is secure. Plus, you'll be able to have your tickets sent to your phone or via email.

Seating capacity of suites

Whether you're a Seattle Seahawks fan or you're visiting to enjoy a game, a suite can make your experience a lot more memorable. Not only do you get a great view of the field, but you'll be able to relax in a luxurious environment.

Seating capacity in a Seahawks stadium suite will vary depending on the type of suite you're looking for. Some are located on the main level and others are on the lower level. Each one is equipped with amenities that make you feel like you're in the stadium, but at a more comfortable, private level. You can choose from luxury or club-level seating, as well as indoor or outdoor seats.

If you're looking for a luxury suite, you'll have access to your own VIP lounge, a mini bar, and an exclusive entrance to Lumen Field. Guests can also stay connected with Wi-Fi in their suites. These suites are perfect for corporate entertaining and small groups of friends.

Luxury suites are usually located above club-level suites. They have indoor or outdoor seating and may include a private VIP parking lot. Most of these suites can accommodate 18 to 24 guests.

Club-level suites are the smallest of the three types of Seattle Seahawks suites. They're a smaller space than luxury suites, but they are the closest to the action. In addition to seating, these suites come with a catering package. A suite attendant is on hand to assist you with your game experience.

The "Red Zone" suites are located at the helmet level near the end zone. They are equipped with a wet bar, stereo, and two flat-screen HDTVs. This level is a great way to enjoy the game with your friends or family.

Another suite at the Red Zone is a helmet-level suite, which includes a small patio with seats. You'll also have access to a phone and two flat-screen HDTVs.

Finally, the club-level suites are located at the lower level of the stadium. These suites are the most expensive of all the Seahawks suites. They're available through a lottery system.

COVID-19 rules

Ticket holders attending a Seattle Seahawks game will need to know about COVID-19. Last year, the team was barred from playing at home because of a COVID outbreak that was affecting fans nationwide. This year, Seattle will enforce a proof-of-vaccination policy for all fans attending a game.

Fans 12 and older will need to present a negative clinical COVID-19 test within 72 hours of attending a game. They may also choose to present a negative test in lieu of a vaccination. However, fans under 12 are not required to have a vaccination.

To determine if you need a COVID-19 test, you'll need to answer a few questions. If you have a serious medical condition, you may be at higher risk of getting this disease. In addition, some other illnesses may increase your chances of contracting it.

The Seattle Seahawks have announced new COVID-19 rules for ticket holders. Fans who attend a game will be required to wear masks. Regardless of whether or not you have a positive COVID-19 test, you'll still be required to wear a mask.

Tickets for a Seattle Seahawks game are not redeemable for cash. You can't sell your tickets for cash or resell them to a stranger. Instead, you can give them away to a charitable organization.

Although the Seattle Seahawks haven't announced all of the specifics, it's likely they will require proof of vaccination or masking to enter the stadium. In addition, you'll be required to wear a mask while eating.

Another COVID-19 rule that applies to the Seattle Seahawks is the Clear Bag Policy. All bags, including clutch bags, must be free from dirt and debris. It's not uncommon for fans to pack small clutch bags. Those who do not follow the policy will be asked to leave the venue.

Aside from the clear bag policy, there are some other COVID-19 rules for Seattle Seahawks ticket holders. Fans over 12 must present a positive or negative COVID-19 test.

Fans who do not want to present a negative test can still attend a match. Washington state and King County will require all fans to wear a mask on game days.

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