Love and Hip Hop Miami - Where Are They Now in 2023?

Love and Hip Hop Miami - Where Are They Now in 2023?


love and hip hop miami where are they now 2023

Love and Hip Hop Miami aired their last episode this past April and they have yet to announce where they will go from here. However, fans of the show can take a guess at what they could be doing in 2023.

Bobby Lytes

Bobby Lytes is an American singer, rapper, songwriter and television personality. He is a main cast member of the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Miami, which airs on VH1.

Bobby is of African-American descent and was raised in Homestead, Florida, United States by his mother. When he was a child, his father was arrested in a drug case.

Lytes is one of the eight original cast members of the popular reality show. The show is based on the lives of aspiring hip hop artists. It is also a reality show about the struggles of gay rappers in the music industry.

Bobby was the first openly gay cast member of the VH1 franchise. Lytes also hosts a web series called Bobby's World. His work has been streamed almost 1.9 million times on Spotify in 2020.

Bobby has a net worth of $5 million. While he has had one relationship in the past, he has no plans to get involved with another. But he does not let rumors or his life get in the way of his career. Currently, he has 674 thousand Instagram followers.

As of August 2019, he has a Twitter following of more than 35,000. Bobby is very active on social media. He has a well-shaped, slim figure and black eyes. At 5 feet, 2 inches, he wears size six shoes.

In 2017, he was featured in the South Florida Times. In that article, he told the story of his time on Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

Although the show is no longer on television, he still appears in several television specials. He has even starred in Gagging with Jason Lee. Eventually, he will star in his own dating show entitled Bobby I Love You, Purr.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra is a Dominican-American actress, singer, dancer, model and reality television personality. She has starred in the VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Miami since season one. Her success on the show led to a multi-album record deal with BMG.

The reality star started her career as a child model. She eventually won a spot on a popular Hispanic variety show. From there, she gained attention for her talent and curvy figure. However, her success wasn't without complications.

She faced racism in her home country, which resulted in a conflict with fellow castmate Young Hollywood. As a result, she spent several months homeless. In an effort to give back to her community, she started a music career. But it wasn't long before she was struggling to keep up.

With a little help from her mother, Amara eventually found her way to the music industry. She performed in concerts and benefit shows, including the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, and has toured with notable artists such as Supa Dups and Jim Jonsin.

During her time on the Love & Hip Hop: Miami franchise, she has also been on the forefront of a few dating dramas. During the show's fourth season, she and Allan explored their relationship in more depth. They are currently going through an on-again-off-again relationship.

Despite her fame and success, Amara La Negra is still working on building her empire outside of entertainment. Currently, she has a real estate investment deal in her mother's hometown of the Dominican Republic.

In addition to her acting and singing career, Amara has become an activist for racial equality. She has spoken out about sexism and colorism in the entertainment world and hopes to use her success to help improve the lives of other women.

Shay Johnson

In the world of Love and Hip Hop Miami, there's a woman who's become one of the most memorable characters in the show. Shaherah Johnson, better known as Shay Johnson, has been a star for many years.

After a couple of seasons of the show, she got the opportunity to be a part of the main cast. She starred in three seasons of the show. Now, she's back on the show with a baby bump. This season, she's going to be a part of the new series Iyanla: Fix My Life. And she's about to get a lot more help from famed life coach Iyanla Vanzant.

Iyanla: Fix My Life will kick off a brand new season on October 31 at 9 p.m. It'll feature Shay and Iyanla, who'll be tackling a long-running family issue. The episode will be a bit of a reintroduction.

Before her appearance on Love and Hip Hop Miami, Shay Johnson also appeared on the shows Charm School and Flavor of Love. During her time on these shows, she competed for the affection of Flavor Flav. When it came to her relationships with other celebrities, she had a lot of conflict.

Shay is an actress and fitness motivator. Her company, The Healthy Hand, provides natural health and wellness products. There are no artificial colors or sweeteners.

Shay is a mother and hopes to pass her knowledge on to her daughter. She's also a model. But she recently revealed that she's had a blood transfusion.

She hasn't posted about it on social media yet. However, she's already received 34k followers on her Instagram account. That's great news for her fans. They seem pretty interested in her new company!

CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story

TLC is an American girl group that broke through in the '90s. They released four multi-platinum albums and earned four Grammy Awards. Their music has also influenced pop, hip-hop, and R&B artists.

TLC is now working on new material. The group is releasing a compilation album this fall. It will include new and classic TLC songs. These songs will include "No Scrubs," "Creep," and "Waterfalls."

TLC will also release their first-ever movie, "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story." This biographical film is set to air on VH1 on October 21. During the film, Chilli and T-Boz serve as executive producers.

While the film doesn't show much of the group's past, it does accurately portray their outfits in music videos and public appearances. The film also features Asha Crawford, who plays Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. During the film, Asha explains how she got the job.

TLC has sold 65 million records worldwide. Four of their singles reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100. One song, "Creep," even won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance.

In addition to this, TLC is working on their 20th studio album. It will be titled 20. Twenty is a nod to the group's 20-plus year career.

The album will feature a Jermaine Dupri-produced track. And the closing credits will include Ne-Yo's "Meant To Be." As the group continues to make music, they're putting a spotlight on their legacy.

With their latest album and tour, TLC is proving that their impact can last far beyond their two decade career. If you want to see them in concert, you can catch them at the Celebration of CrazySexyCool in Miami on September 27. You'll be able to see the group perform sidestage, as well as enjoy a virtual dance lesson from a recent TLC tour rehearsal.

Season 4

Love and Hip Hop Miami is an American reality television series set in the vibrant city of Miami. The show stars established superstars as well as up-and-comers, and is filmed in and around Miami, Florida. As is the case with most reality shows, the show's cast and crew is not limited to Miamians, however.

It's not surprising that the show's creators opted to go with Miami for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its proximity to a multitude of Latin music and culture hotspots. And while the city is certainly a hotbed of musical innovation, it's the hip hop scene that really shines.

In fact, Miami is the center of the world's hip hop culture, and it is home to a wide array of notable celebs. From rap stars to the glitterati, this town is the hub of a swarm of stars.

But what's the newest fad in the city's hip hop scene? This season, the biggest changes include the departure of PreMadonna and Bobby Lytes from the main cast. Meanwhile, a newcomer, Florence El Luche, replaces them. Another newbie, Shay Johnson, has a lot to say about her single parenthood. Despite all this, Miami is a hot spot for music, and Love and Hip Hop is no exception. So, what will come of all this?

The show is not without its squabbles. Emjay and Ray J have a spat, and while this doesn't end well, there are still highs and lows. What's more, it's not just Emjay and Ray J that are at odds.

There's no question that Love and Hip Hop Miami has come a long way since its eponymous debut, and a slew of stars are stepping up to the plate. However, there's always room for improvement.

Where to Watch Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023

where to watch love and hip hop miami 2023

If you are looking for the release date for Season 5 of Love and Hip Hop Miami, you've come to the right place. Besides the release date for season 5 of the series, you'll find information on the cast and the premiere date of the season as well.

Season 5 release date

Love and Hip Hop Miami is an acclaimed reality series based in Miami. It has a diverse cast of rappers, socialites, and singers, and revolves around their personal struggles and professional achievements.

Season 4 of Love & Hip Hop: Miami was the most intriguing season yet. In addition to returning Trina, Trick Daddy, and Amara La Negra, it also introduced newcomers like Ace Hood and N.O.R.E. As well as the Queen of Kompa, Florence El Luche.

While the show's fourth season was a huge hit, it did end in 2021, leaving fans with no idea when Love and Hip Hop: Miami will be back. But, it's not the first time the show's been on hiatus.

Despite the network's lack of a formal rollout, fans have been left with hopes that the fifth season will be a surprise. And the latest news indicates that it may be.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami is an offshoot of the original show. The network failed to announce plans for a fifth season until weeks before the show's premiere.

The premiere will air Monday, August 8 at 9PM ET. Fans will watch as Love & Hip Hop: Miami reveals the secrets and drama of Miami's music and nightlife scene. Also on the agenda is the birth of a new baby, shocking betrayals, and a long-overdue family reunion.

On the eve of the new season, VH1 has revealed more details about the series' core cast. Although the network did not officially reveal the name of the show's fifth season, fans can be sure to expect the return of Trina, Trick Daddy, and N.O.R.E.

"Love & Hip Hop: Miami" is part of the popular franchise that features several reality television shows, including "Love & Hip Hop: New York," "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," and "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." Each of the shows explores the lives and stories of celebrities, and offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the music industry.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami Season 5 will continue many storylines that were introduced in the previous seasons. With a cast full of stars, it's sure to be one of the most intense seasons of the franchise.

Cast members

Love and Hip Hop Miami is an American television series that follows prominent hip hop figures in the Miami music scene. The show is produced by Monami Productions and airs on the VH1 channel. There are many core cast members and supporting cast members. Each season has a different ensemble of stars.

Several of the main cast members have been with the Love & Hip Hop franchise since its first episode. Trick Daddy, Lil Scrappy, and Trina are some of the original cast members. Various other notable names have also appeared on the show, including N.O.R.E., Ace Hood, Fuego, and more. Throughout the series, the cast has been subjected to plenty of drama.

Several of the show's main cast members have been arrested for crimes. While the exact details of their arrests are unknown, the show's lead star Bobby Lytes has been accused of numerous offenses.

As of the end of Season 4, the cast was in a bit of a turmoil. After the season wrapped up, Love & Hip Hop Miami released a "Level-Up Mondays" feature. This aired back-to-back episodes beginning at 8 PM ET on the channel. During this show, the main cast members would compete for cash prize money.

Love & Hip Hop Miami will return with its fifth season on August 8, 2022. It has not yet been announced whether Chris Brown will join the cast. A few of the other main cast members will continue to battle for fame in the South Florida.

One of the newest cast members is Brisco. He has made a name for himself by releasing viral songs. His social media profile is extensive.

The Love & Hip Hop franchise has been in production with MTV since 2011. Throughout the years, the show has introduced spin-offs and television specials.

In the season trailer for the season, the cast members reunited and teased more drama. But despite all the drama, the main cast members were surprisingly close.

Despite all the ups and downs of the Love & Hip Hop franchise, it has continued to offer an opportunity to earn fame. In the past, the show has featured notable rappers and social media personalities.

Season 6 cast call audition dates

The Love and Hip Hop franchise is a reality television series that focuses on the lives of stars in the hip hop industry. It is broadcast on the VH1 network.

The cast of the show may change each season. New members may be promoted to the main cast, or they may go through a probation period with the team. However, returning members are not required to participate in annual auditions.

Love and Hip Hop Miami filmed in Miami, Florida. Several of the show's cast members have come from poor backgrounds.

Love and Hip Hop Miami primarily focuses on the hip hop scene in South Florida. Up-and-coming and established artists flourish in the warm glare of the sun.

A few of the series' cast members are strippers. Jessica Dime, Yandy Smith-Harris, and Stevie J have all worked as strippers. Other cast members have had careers as rappers.

Besides music, Love and Hip Hop also features drama. Amara struggles with her love life, and tries to focus on her music. She also clashes with Ray's team, and her mother has a physical altercation with her father.

Love and Hip Hop Miami season six is set to air in 2022. There are no casting dates yet, but auditions will occur soon. This year, several new cast members are joining the cast, including Jay Kelly, Tokyo Vanity, and Grammy-winning songwriter Sean Garrett.

The Love and Hip Hop franchise is one of the top-rated shows on the VH1 network. Cast members can earn cash prizes. Applicants must be physically fit, mentally sound, and not have a criminal record. To apply, fill out the registration form and upload a talent video. CAB CASTINGS, LLC will contact applicants to confirm their attendance.

Love and Hip Hop Miami is set to film throughout Miami in January through early February 2020. In the meantime, casting directors are looking for talent for a promo campaign. These individuals must meet the studio owner's requirements. If you are interested, register online. Be sure to submit your name, photo, and contact details. The audition is free. Interested candidates can RSVP by providing the studio owner with their contact details.

Season 6 premiere date

The Love & Hip Hop Miami franchise is returning to VH1 in August. It will air back-to-back episodes at 8 PM ET. This installment of the series will focus on the lives of several hip-hop artists and socialites in the Miami music scene.

In addition to the main cast, the show has a large supporting cast. This group includes rappers like Trick Daddy, Bobby Lytes, and Sukihana. They will all enjoy equal screen time.

As Love & Hip Hop: Miami continues to document the lives of hip-hop artists and socialites in the music scene, it will explore their personal struggles. The show will also feature new relationships, weddings, and paternity questions.

The show's cast has been known for its diversity, including Trick Daddy, Bobby Lytes, and Amara La Negra. While many of the cast members are known for their raps, others are renowned for their social media presence.

There's even been a few notable crossover appearances, such as Princess Love and Ray J. These appearances give fans an insider's look at the lives of some of the most famous hip-hop stars in the industry.

With a large cast of prominent celebrities and up-and-coming singers, Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a popular reality show that focuses on the lives of hip-hop artists. Fans can sign up for a free trial to see the show. For more information, visit the official website.

Love & Hip Hop Miami has aired five seasons so far. The fifth season will air in August and will include plenty of drama. A few of the cast members will be reunited for this installment.

Other cast members will be added. Those who are interested in auditioning for the show can sign up for a free trial. Sign up using the official website. To participate, participants must have a physical fitness level and must not have a criminal record. All participants must submit their talent videos and contact information. If they are chosen, they will receive a cash prize.

As with previous seasons, there are numerous new faces in Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Many of these new stars have already become fans' favorites.

Where Can I Watch Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023?

where can i watch love and hip hop miami 2023

If you're a fan of love and hip hop, you've probably noticed that there is a new TV show on the air. The show is called Love and Hip Hop Miami and it's based in Miami. It features an array of different artists including Joseline Hernandez, Trick Daddy, Shay Johnson and more. You can watch the show on your television or via online.

Ray J

Love and Hip Hop Miami is a reality TV show that focuses on the lives of rappers, singers, and socialites in Miami's hip hop community. The show, which airs on VH1 and can be streamed on several websites, highlights the highs and lows of the music business.

Season 5 of the series begins on Monday, August 8. The cast includes Bobby Lytes, Trina, and Amara La Negra. This new series is part of the "Hip Hop" franchise, which also includes Sukihana, Trick Daddy, and Ray J.

This season of Love and Hip Hop will end with an intense season finale, with a couple of new stories set to continue. Love and Hip Hop will air back-to-back episodes with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta on August 8 and 9, with a special "Level Up Mondays" episode on August 9 at 8 p.m. (EST/PST).

This season of Love and Hip Hop will feature a variety of scandals and cheating allegations. The series will also feature a baby shower and a wedding.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this show is that it has a diverse cast. Some of the actors include Ray J, Princess Love, Lil Fizz, Noreaga, and others. Other celebrities will include JT Money's openly gay son Jeffrey White, and DJ Michelle Pooch.

Several of the stars will have their personal lives documented, including Shay Johnson. She is seen celebrating her pregnancy, but she is also seen struggling with her mother.


Love and Hip Hop Miami is a reality television show that airs on VH1. It stars a mix of popular and up-and-coming stars. The show focuses on the ups and downs of the hip hop industry in Miami, Florida.

Sukihana is a young mother. She has four children. She also works with celebrity choreographer Richy Jackson. During her childhood, she studied ballet, musical theater, and acting.

Sukihana has been making YouTube videos. Her videos went viral, earning hundreds of thousands of viewers. Earlier this year, she got engaged. However, her relationship hits a speed bump.

Throughout her career, she has released some of the most popular songs of the last few years. Her music video "Kodak Snack" was a huge hit. When she turned 18, she became pregnant. But she later had an abortion.

Despite her difficulties, she keeps trying to improve her career. In addition to making YouTube videos, she has been featured in many popular songs. Some of the songs she's recorded include "Drug Dealer" by Cuban Doll, "It's A Life" by Bambi, and "Girlfriend" by Kodak Black.

During her tumultuous season, she gets involved in some scandals and feuds. For example, she clashes with Sukihana, Miami Tip, and Saucy Santana. While the feud escalates, Miami Tip steps in to protect her.

Despite her troubles, Sukihana is excited to get her first stadium show. But she runs into trouble on social media.

Diana Danelys De Los Santos

Amara La Negra is an Afro-Latina singer, dancer, entrepreneur and actress. She has been making waves in the entertainment industry since she was a child. After becoming a member of the Love & Hip Hop cast, she has been the breakout star of the show. As of today, she has a multi-album record deal with BMG, a company that also represents Jennifer Lopez.

It's no secret that Miami is a hub for a lot of up-and-coming celebrities. Whether they're into film, music, fashion or business, there's a lot to see and do. For instance, La Negra has been featured in a number of music projects, including the single "Ayy" and the breakout song "Quittate la ropa," which both feature dancehall pop hooks.

Amara La Negra is an American singer, actor and dancer who is of Dominican descent. Her musical career has spanned several years and she has performed on various stages from her childhood. While the most exciting aspect of her career was her appearance on the Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Amara is also a proud mother and philanthropist. In November, she announced that she was expecting twin girls. She and her husband, Allan Mueses, are now co-parenting.

Amara is also known for her role on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, which documents her attempts to cross over into the mainstream. At one point, she has a serious falling out with Veronica Vega.

Trick Daddy

Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023 follows the lives of music industry superstars and rising stars. This docu-soap franchise follows the lives of rappers, singers and rappers, and shows how the stars live, love and work in the city that made hip hop.

Trick Daddy is a Slip-n-Slide Records rapper who has released several albums. His debut was Based on a True Story in 1997, followed by Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets in 2004. He has also been a producer and has ventured into the restaurant business.

The fourth installment of the series, Love & Hip Hop: Miami, focuses on the Miami music scene. It's about the ups and downs of the industry and features socialites in the local music community.

The cast features a diverse group of actors and actresses. Love & Hip Hop: Miami is produced by Monami Productions. The production team has a large following in the Miami music industry. They have worked with the likes of Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, Shay Johnson, Joey Crack, Gunplay, Steph Lecor, and more.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami is based on a docu-soap format and follows a number of storylines, including family issues, weddings and scandals. Several new artists are featured as well, and there are several stories involving the professional struggles of the rappers.

The show is set to air on VH1 on Mondays at 8/7c. It will feature new couples, babies, and long-overdue family encounters.

Joseline Hernandez

If you're looking for a show that's about music, Love and Hip Hop: Miami is for you. It follows the lives of a variety of Miami music legends and aspiring musicians as they navigate their way through the competitive world of hip-hop. In addition to the main cast, it will also feature other musical superstars.

The show has a number of notable cast members, including rap superstar Trick Daddy and his new lady, Amara La Negra. They are joined by some notable names in the Miami music scene, including Gunplay, Bobby Lytes and Sukihana. Some of the show's other notable actors include Ace Hood and Florence El Luche.

The show is available on streaming services like VH1 and Paramount+. You can also watch Love and Hip Hop: Miami on a number of other sites, including Apple iTunes and Amazon Video. These channels offer free trials.

Joseline Hernandez has been in the news a lot lately, and she's finally making her way back into the Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast. She's been away from the show for a few years, but she's ready to shake up the 305 and settle some score. With a fresh start and her fiance, DJ Ballistic Beats, on her side, she's got big things to come.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami's super trailer does a pretty good job of teasing the upcoming season. It teases several different storylines, including the return of PreMadonna. Also on tap is a new twist on a classic show, and a family drama that you're bound to love.

Love and Hip Hop Miami is returning with a fifth season. This season will feature several storylines, including a wedding and cheating allegations. The premiere of Love and Hip Hop Miami Season 5 will air on August 8, 2022.

Love and Hip Hop Miami is a reality show that revolves around the lives of musicians, rappers, and other socialites in the Miami music scene. It's executive produced by Lashan Browning and Donna Edge-Rachel.

The show is based on a documentary style and explores family drama, relationship struggles, professional endeavors, and more. There are a lot of high-profile celebrities involved. Aside from the main cast, there are many supporting characters.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami is available on VH1 and FuboTV. You can also watch a free trial. In addition, you can sign up for a free Philo account to watch the show.

Shay Johnson is a Love and Hip Hop: Miami cast member. She was born in Hawaii and grew up in different environments. Her personality is lively. After her debut on the show, she became an integral part of the narrative.

Shay is known for her energetic personality on the show. She has over a million Instagram followers. As a fitness enthusiast and wellness product endorser, she shares her health and fitness tips.

In the next season, Love and Hip Hop: Miami will be joined by a new cast member. Trina was one of the original cast members. Now, she's a tour performer.

Who From the Black Ink Crew Died in 2023?

who from black ink crew died 2023

When it comes to who from the Black Ink Crew died in 2023, there are many factors that need to be considered. One of those is the relationship that Ceaser Emanuel had with Dutchess. And another factor is the fact that he overdosed on marijuana.

Ceaser Emanuel

Ceaser Emanuel is an American reality television personality, who owns a tattoo parlor in New York and Atlanta. He is also the star of VH1's Black Ink Crew New York.

The entrepreneur turned reality TV star was fired from the show earlier this year after a video of him abusing a dog went viral. According to reports, Emanuel was charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and one felony count of aggravated animal cruelty.

According to court records, Emanuel has not been convicted of any crimes. However, he has received death threats. His lawyer has not responded to PEOPLE's requests for comment.

After being fired from the show, Ceaser sought professional help. He claims that he was dealing with unresolved trauma. This led to a violent outburst.

The incident was captured in a Ring Cam video. According to the clip, Emanuel is seen hitting a dog with a folding chair. Later, allegations were made that the footage was leaked by his ex-girlfriend Suzette Samuel.

According to reports, the dogs are now safe. A second dog has been sent to obedience training.

Although Ceaser Emanuel has been terminated from the show, his departure will not negatively affect the upcoming season. It is expected that the situation will be addressed on the show.

Fly Tatted

Fly Tatted, the talented tattoo artist, joined "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" last season. He was a real winner, racking up over $350,000 in net worth. His talent and personality were a great fit for the show.

The cast of the popular VH1 reality series is known for their antics. From crashing Sky's vacation to Miami to hosting a charity art show in the city, Black Ink is definitely not your run of the mill television show.

Although the show is not a household name, the cast certainly gets a lot of press. It's no wonder that the crew's latest escapade has everyone on the edge of their seats. For example, there's an upcoming Mixxxy bash and a paternity test. Plus, the newest member of the crew has been in the news a lot.

In other Black Ink Crew related news, Ryan Henry has a lot to boast about. He holds the title of the top tattoo artist in Chicago. However, it's his social media posts that have gotten the most attention. He's also been the first to share the news about Fly Tatted's death. Aside from his status as a social media mogul, he's also a philanthropist and the latest celebrity to grace the pages of People magazine.

Bella Tatted

The news that Black Ink Crew contestant Fly Tatted died in the big city is a shocker. Fortunately, his passing was not all bad. He was laid to rest on Monday, February 22. However, no one's really sure why he took his own life. Many speculated that Bella was to blame. Regardless, the saddest day in the life of the former contestant was spent on the brink of madness.

In addition to the passing of his longtime cohort, Fly also passed away in a less than honorable fashion. Some cast members broke their apathy and took to social media to express their condolences. One member in particular, Ryan Henry, had a lot to say about the unfortunate passing of his longtime mate. A quick check of his social media page revealed a very somber man.

Fly was a talented tattoo artist by trade. His contributions to the burgeoning tat culture in Chicago were well known. Although he lacked the stature of some of his coworkers, he nonetheless stood out in the crowd. He was a big fan of the "Black Ink" brand and he had a knack for the bling bling. During his last days, he took to social media to share his favourite booze and his favorite food.


The Black Ink crew of the 1980's and 1990's has been a staple on VH1's airwaves. They have had their fair share of ups and downs and have made it a point to work as a team.

One of the members of the Black Ink Crew, Spyder D, has a self-proclaimed legacy. He has co-owned two basketball franchises in Atlanta and has also served as a sports agent advisor. But he's been dealing with an ailment and is working hard to get his career back on track.

As a part of his rap career, Spyder has been a gold record holder and a BMI award winner. While he hasn't done much for the music world in recent years, he has been working on an all R&B album. And he's getting ready to launch a pop-up store to sell his own clothing line.

One of the most popular episodes of the Black Ink crew has been the "Smerphie's Dance" episode. It was the first of Spyder's singles to hit the charts.

Spyder is an engineer by trade and he's also a rapper, and in addition to his music, he's also a sports agent. With this in mind, he's taking time away from the studio to do something he's really passionate about.

Ceaser's relationship with Dutchess

If you're a fan of the "Black Ink Crew" series, you probably know that Ceaser and Dutchess have had one of the most tumultuous relationship histories in the show's history. They have been together several times, but always ended up breaking up.

When Ceaser and Dutchess first got engaged, they went through a series of ups and downs. Both of them had a special bond, but it was hard to keep up with the pressure of being in a relationship. Ultimately, the two parted ways, which was a blessing. It gave Ceaser the motivation he needed to build his business.

Eventually, they decided to split up, and in October 2016, they officially did so. This was a tough time for Dutchess, and she felt that she had lost her best friend. She also felt that Cease's friends hated her.

While their relationship didn't go anywhere, Ceaser and Dutchess had a lot of fun dating. They had a few on-camera dalliances with Kitty and Tatu Baby, as well as Crystal, a schoolteacher from Miami.

After the show ended, Dutchess moved to North Carolina and worked at a tattoo shop there. During her time there, she opened her own brand, Pretty N Ink. But, after her move, she found herself a target for her former ex-fiance.

DMX's birthday party

If you are a fan of DMX, you may be interested in the hip hop competition scheduled to take place on his birthday. The contest, which is hosted by the Yonkers Municipal Housing Authority, will feature live performances and prizes. Those who make it through to the final round will be judged by a panel of experts.

DMX, who died at the age of 50, was a rapper, actor and film actor. He was born Earl Simmons in Mount Vernon, New York. During his early years, he lived in public housing. When he was 14 years old, he was sent to a group home for children. It was at this time that DMX got his start in the music industry.

DMX was known for his music, which focused on religion and redemption. He sold 74 million records worldwide. He was a GRAMMY-nominated artist. He also had a local following in New York.

In April of 2021, DMX died after a cocaine-induced heart attack. His funeral was held in Brooklyn, New York. Hundreds of people attended the service, including Nas, Alicia Keys and Lil Kim. After the ceremony, DMX's casket was transported in a monster truck through Brooklyn.

How Much Bet on the Melbourne Cup?

how much bet on melbourne cup

If you are wondering how much to bet on the Melbourne Cup, then you have come to the right place! There are several different options that you can choose from, so it's important that you find one that fits your needs. You can also check out some of our other articles on the Melbourne Cup, which will give you tips on how to pick your bets. The Melbourne Cup is one of the most popular sports to bet on in Australia, and is an exciting event for the whole family.

Early Melbourne Cup tips

The Melbourne Cup is the premier horse race in Australia. Held each year on the first Saturday in November, the race is the most prestigious handicap prize in Australia. There is a lot to consider when picking the winners, such as how well the horses have performed in lead up races, their weight and breed. It's also important to remember the weather will play a big part in the outcome of the race.

In fact, there are a number of ways to bet on the race. You can bet on the winner, the first four or the quinella. Each way bets and exotics are a great way to earn money on the Melbourne Cup.

One of the best ways to bet on the race is by betting on the Starting Price odds. This allows you to bet on a horse before the final field is known, and will generally give you a better payout.

You can also find good early Melbourne Cup tips by looking at the horses' past performances. Look for ones that have performed well on different types of tracks, such as soft or firm. Some are bred for speed, while others are suited to longer trips.

Another good place to start when finding early Melbourne Cup tips is the Unibet blog. They have a lot of information and they publish updated previews of the race.

Vow And Declare is a two-time winner of the Caulfield Cup and feels as good as it did last year. He's a proven winner at two miles and could be a good value pick.

You can also check out Racenet for free horse racing tips. They will offer a range of options including First Four Tips, Trifecta Tips and Quinella Tips closer to the day.

If you're interested in betting on the Melbourne Cup, you should use the advice of professional tipsters. Many make a living by betting on races, and there are websites and YouTube channels where they share their insights. For a small investment, you'll be able to learn from the professionals and start making a profit.

Place bets

The Melbourne Cup is one of the most popular horse races in Australia. It is held annually on the first Tuesday of November. A big field of horses means there are plenty of betting opportunities to choose from.

One of the most popular types of bet is each way. An each way bet involves a wager on a horse to finish either first or second. This is a simple, but lucrative, way to bet on the Melbourne Cup.

Another common form of betting is the quinella. Like the trifecta, the quinella involves a boxed combination of horses. However, it is more complicated to predict a winner in a quinella.

The Exacta bet is similar to the trifecta, but it requires a more complex set of selections. It is also known as a 'Tri' or 'First Four'. In order to win the bet, you must select two horses to finish first and second in the right order.

There are many more bets available, such as the Win bet, each way bet and Tricast. You can bet on the winner or the top four places, but there are also specials that offer the opportunity to bet on multiple horses, allowing you to make a greater profit.

If you like betting on the Melbourne Cup, you may want to consider using an online bookmaker. Most online betting sites are secure and offer a variety of deposit options. They also provide a support staff, which is great if you're not confident with your knowledge.

Another popular form of betting is an ante post bet. This is a less risky method of betting and can be an excellent way to earn some extra money.

The 'Melbourne Cup' is Australia's biggest horse race. With a prize purse of over $8 million AUD, there is a lot at stake. Luckily, betting on the race can be a fun experience. Whether you are betting on a single horse, or using a 'Tricast' or 'Exotic' bet, it's worth checking out the latest odds before the event.

Futures bets

A futures bet is an easy way to bet on races several months in advance. It allows you to get the best value for your money while taking a risk. As with any type of betting, you should be careful.

To be successful with a futures bet, you need to watch key lead-up races. This includes a horse's performance on different tracks. You also need to look for young horses that have potential.

Many online betting sites offer previous form information for Melbourne Cup horses. These can be extremely helpful. The 2022 Melbourne Cup will be an especially tough race to predict, with many favorites struggling to perform.

One way to bet on the Melbourne Cup is to place an each-way bet. In an each-way bet, you can select one horse to win, and three other horses to finish second.

Another popular type of futures bet is the Quinella bet. This bet allows you to pick any four horses to finish first. Alternatively, you can make a Quadrella bet, which involves picking the winners of the last four races.

Choosing a horse that is performing well on an expected surface is important. Some horses prefer softer tracks, while others are better on a firmer surface.

Betr has recently updated its odds on the Melbourne Cup futures market. As of January 18, the starting price was set at $34. Since then, the odds on the market have been reduced by $10.

Futures bets on the Melbourne Cup are a fun and profitable way to wager. But before you make a bet, you should be sure to read the terms and conditions of any offered betting service. If you are an existing customer, be sure to check out any promotions and bonuses that may be available.

Finally, make sure to check the weather forecast. Weather plays a major role in the Melbourne Cup. For example, if the track is wet, a horse with a strong track record could run poorly.

While this may not give you a perfect chance of predicting the winner of the 2022 Melbourne Cup, it is a great way to gain some valuable insight.

Bookmaker reviews

For most people, the Melbourne Cup is one of the most important races of the year. The race is held in Australia and attracts runners from all over the world. It is the pinnacle of the spring racing carnival.

There are a number of different ways to bet on the Melbourne Cup. These can range from ante post betting, to specials, to wagers such as the trifecta or the each way bet. Regardless of how you bet, you'll want to be sure to get the best odds for your bet.

The most basic type of bet is the Win bet. You back a horse to win, and you earn money for the winning trainer. An ante post bet means you back two horses in the right order. This can make your odds higher, but it can also have some risks.

If you prefer a more complex bet, you can also look into the each way bet, which means you back a horse to place in a certain number of places. In addition, you could also bet on a horse to finish in a specific place.

When it comes to predicting the final position of all 24 runners, sweeps can be a great way to go. These involve betting on the first three home. However, this can be very tricky.

Some bookmakers have also begun to boost the odds on runners from Europe. European raiders have become successful in the Melbourne Cup in recent years.

Regardless of how you go about your bets, it's important to find a reputable bookmaker. Not only will you get the best odds, but you'll be able to find more extra place races and deals to help you bet on the Melbourne Cup.

Whether you bet a few dollars or a few pounds, it's always fun to bet on the Melbourne Cup. Check out Ladbrokes for daily tips and a link to the official 2022 Melbourne Cup Form Guide. Also, be sure to check out Betfred for more promotions and deals.

How Much Bet on the Super Bowl

how much bet on super bowl

If you are looking for the best ways to bet on the Super Bowl, then you have come to the right place. There are many great ways to bet, but you must be sure that you are betting on the correct teams. You will need to know the different moneyline bets, as well as how much you can bet.

Buffalo Bills vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are one win away from clinching the NFC East division. If the Eagles do, they would become the lone undefeated team in the league and the favorite to make it to Super Bowl 57. But, the Bills have a very strong chance to earn the top seed in the AFC and lock up home field advantage in the playoffs. So, how much to bet on the Eagles?

It is not uncommon to see teams in the Super Bowl betting line with a slew of options. It is usually a smart move to hedge your bets. To do this, you can bet on the Patriots, Panthers, or Bills to win the game, while also taking a gamble on the other two teams. This way, you can multiply your payouts if you win.

Assuming the Bills beat the Titans in their Week 9 matchup, they will have to be on their game for the rest of the season. That's because the Titans have won back-to-back games against the Bills. Despite their 0-2 start, the Bills have a very talented roster.

This game could be a close call, however. The Bills have struggled at home against the Eagles. In fact, their defense has been shaky in their last three games. They've allowed more than 170 yards in each of their past three games. On the other hand, the Bills' offense has produced every week. Considering that, it makes sense to bet on the Bills to win.

For bettors looking to hedge their bets, you can take a closer look at the Eagles' point differential. While the Buffalo Bills haven't had the best defense all year, the Philadelphia Eagles have a very good offense. Plus, the Eagles have been very solid against the spread this year, going 5-2.

Considering the Eagles are also playing the second best offense in the NFL, they're a solid number to bet on. The only reason they're not a better bet is if they go 0-2 in their first two games.

If the Bills lose to the Titans in their home opener, they will have a tougher time securing a 2-0 record to start the playoffs. The Eagles haven't beaten their division rivals in six games, but they've been able to overcome that with a 5-2 record against them.

Those two teams are expected to meet up in the Super Bowl, though the Eagles are also favored to win the Super Bowl. With a win, the Eagles would also secure the top spot in the NFC. However, if they lose to the Titans, they'll have a lot to do in the two weeks before the Super Bowl.

Even if the Bills win, they're not likely to get to the Super Bowl. There are several factors that could keep them out of the Big Game. One is the injury to quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Another is the sprained shoulder of quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Cincinnati Bengals vs LA Rams

The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals are coming together in what will be the final preseason game of the year. A matchup between two teams that have defied the odds many times this season. How much to bet on this game will depend on your position on both teams.

The Bengals are a young team, but they have some superstars. In addition to Ja'Marr Chase and Joe Mixon, the Bengals have a few other talented players. It will be a difficult matchup, but the Bengals have a chance to win this game if they can beat the Rams on the ground and in the air.

While the Bengals have struggled to stop the pass in most of the year, they have been exceptionally good at defending the red zone in the playoffs. That's a good reason to consider betting the Bengals.

The Rams, on the other hand, are considered one of the best defensive teams in the league. With some excellent players such as Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, they are a great challenge for the Bengals offense. If you're looking for a way to bet on this game, try betting on the Bengals minus four points. This can give you a solid return on your investment.

In their first two games this season, the Bengals lost by 13 and 25 points. They've not been able to cover a spread in three of their last four postseason games, but they've shown they can stay close. After all, the Bengals beat the top-seeded Titans in Week 1 and the Raiders in the Wild Card Game.

While the Bengals are young and haven't won a game in the past two weeks, they still have a good chance at a big win on Saturday. If they can run the table, they can cover the spread. Despite their preseason record, the Bengals are expected to win this game. As a result, the total is at 37.5.

As for the Rams, they're an NFC champion with a great roster. However, their preseason record is a little disconcerting. Their two preseason games have only produced 95 and 106 total points. Even so, most key players on this team have made deep playoff runs.

Nonetheless, the Rams have a slight advantage overall. Specifically, they have a very good defensive front. The offense also has playmakers all over the field. Especially when it comes to the passing attack, the Rams have a lot of weapons. These two teams should make for a thrilling game. You can bet on the Bengals to cover the spread, but the Rams will be a tough team to beat.

On Saturday, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams will go at it in what will be the last game of the preseason. The home team is favored by 4.5 points, while the underdog is +170.

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are one of the easiest types of sports bets to make. These types of bets allow you to bet on a team you think will win without worrying about a number of obscure statistics. In addition, they are easy to understand. You can bet on more than one team, but you need to be sure you are betting on the right ones. If you have more than one team you want to bet on, you can use multiple wagers to increase your chances of winning.

There are many benefits to moneyline bets. The most obvious benefit is that you don't have to worry about a number of obscure statistics. It is also the easiest type of bet to place. Additionally, you won't have to pay back your bet if the game is cancelled. Moreover, there are several betting sites where you can place multiple bets and bet on a variety of games.

To win a moneyline bet, you need to wager more on the favorite than the underdog. For instance, if you bet on the Niners and the Cards, you will receive a return of $100 for each $110 you bet. When the numbers are flipped, you can also win if the Cardinals beat the Bucs.

However, the most important moneyline bet is the most expensive, although that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a return on your investment. Some sportsbooks will let you change your bets on the fly, but it's a good idea to double check your choices before placing a bet.

Choosing a good moneyline bet is easy if you know what to look for. A lot of sportsbooks offer team totals for each quarter of the game. You can also bet on the winner of the Super Bowl by using a total for the game. Another option is to play live. This is a great way to watch the game as it happens, and see how teams perform.

Another good reason to consider a moneyline bet is that you won't be disappointed if you don't win. Unlike other types of bets, you will be able to see your money grow. You may even be able to double your money if you bet correctly.

While moneyline bets aren't the only type of bet out there, they are the easiest to make. They are also the easiest to win. With the right knowledge, you can easily double your money in no time. Whether you're a new bettor or a seasoned pro, you can take advantage of this type of wager to win big. And if you aren't, you can just try to learn the basic rules and you'll be set for the next time.

You can also check out online betting sites for a moneyline bet on the Super Bowl. Bovada offers Super Bowl moneyline odds, and DraftKings sportsbook has the biggest selection of moneyline bets on the internet.

Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023

jojo from love and hip hop miami 2023

Love and Hip Hop Miami is one of the biggest shows in the entertainment world. The show has had a huge impact on the hip hop world and has been known to help many rappers get their first break. One of the best rappers on the show is Jojo.

Kevin Gates

The Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023 season will be ending soon and fans will be sad to see Jojo Zarur and Kevin Gates depart. Although they have been seen together on the street and at the posh New York City restaurant, it was not clear if they were dating or not.

However, the two did get to spend some quality time together during their vacation in Jamaica. And while there's no official confirmation that they are dating, their presence in the city was certainly a treat for fans.

After all, the lovebirds have been together for almost two decades and are a rap power couple. They run the Bread Winners' Association and are also responsible for launching a cannabis brand called BE Provisions.

In the meantime, though, they're busy pursuing their careers. While Dreka has a successful career as an actress and stylist, she also runs her own label and has recruited artists for her husband's new label. Despite the fact that the duo has never publicly commented on their relationship, it's safe to assume that the two share a strong bond.

Meanwhile, in the present, they're both active on Instagram and have both gained millions of followers. It's no surprise that they've also been spotted holding hands while on the streets of New York.

Amara La Negra is one of the original cast members of Love & Hip Hop Miami. She grew up in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States. When the show premiered, she was dubbed the show's breakout star. However, she was faced with racism in her home country. Her struggles with colorism resonated with the audience.

After Amara's debut, she landed a multi-album deal with BMG. But she had to deal with colorism, a conflict with her girlfriend, Keyara, and her clash with light skinned Latino producer, Young Hollywood.

The show focuses on the trials and tribulations of the hip hop community in the Miami area. It will cover some of the best and the worst of the genre. In addition to this, it will also explore artists who are trying to get their voice heard in a crowded field.

One of the most compelling characters on the show is Amara La Negra. A native of the Dominican Republic, she struggled with racism in her home country. She also faced colorism and boyfriend stealing. Now, she's juggling love, music, and future plans.

In the first season, Amara and Jojo were both cool with each other. However, things tipped to the wrong side when Amara's rival Bobby Lytes got in their way. He started talking smack about Amara and Jojo, which left Amara in a sour mood. This season, Amara tries to get her old friends back on the same page.

Pleasure P

Pleasure P is an American Grammy Award-nominated singer. He is best known as a member of the hip hop band Pretty Ricky. His relationship with Shay Johnson is also the subject of the Pretty Ricky series.

Pleasure P appeared on Love and Hip Hop Miami season 1 and 2. However, he isn't the only member of the cast that has been featured on the show. There are a number of other new and returning stars that will also be featured on the series.

The Love and Hip Hop Miami supporting cast is very large. Each cast member enjoys an equal amount of screen time as the main characters. In addition to Pleasure P, the supporting cast includes Shay Johnson, Angela Johnson, Jojo Zarur, Chinese Kitty, Chinese Nicky, Khaotic, Michelle Pooch, Spectcular, Gunplay, Steph Lecor, Amara La Negra, Noreaga, and Prince.

As the second season of Love and Hip Hop Miami premieres, we get a look at Pleasure P's love life. We'll see if he still loves his ex-girlfriend, Shay Johnson.

Meanwhile, Trina will be pushing forward with a project that will highlight the next generation of female rappers. She'll also be dealing with the recent life choices of her friend, Gunplay.

Kevin and Dreka

The rumors surrounding the love life of rapper Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates have been swirling for some time. While the two are still married, there have been reports that the couple have split up. This is rumored to have happened three times in the past three years.

Although there have been no official confirmations, Kevin and Dreka have been spotted together on several occasions. They have even been seen holding hands, making them one of the most romantic couples in the hip hop industry.

The duo have been dating for a number of years and they have two children. However, their relationship has been the subject of extensive speculation, most recently in the fall of 2021. It's not entirely clear how their relationship started, but it's believed they first met in 2003.

When the couple first got together, it was thought that they were dating for a while before they married. However, they actually tied the knot in October of 2015. Since then, they have been happily married.

As fans, we've all wondered how their romance lasted. But in recent months, the pair have been spotted together on a number of occasions. In one particularly memorable case, they were spotted out and about in New York City. After a meal in the city, Kevin stopped to take pictures with fans. He also filmed himself and Jojo.

Zarur Boutique

Zarur Boutique is the business of celebrity stylist Jojo Zarur. Zarur is a fashion designer who has styled many A-listers in the hip-hop industry. She also owns a boutique in Miami, Florida.

Zarur opened her first store in August 2016. It was during the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami that Zarur became famous. The boutique sells exclusive items for celebrities.

Zarur is the main cast member on season two of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Her character is the main antagonist in season two. As the show's star, she is paid around $1,500 per episode.

Zarur is from a wealthy Mexican family. Zarur's father, Jose Antonio Zarur Menez, owns four homes. He is also an alternate director for the Qualitas Compania de Seguros. His personal wealth is estimated at $2 million.

Jojo Zarur began her career in the fashion industry as a stylist. Her experience and knowledge about trends helped her become an effective stylist. Having worked with rappers such as Young Thug, she gained the recognition of many. After her successful work, Zarur began her own store, which has made a big splash.

During the first season of Love & Hip Hop:Miami, Zarur made a big name for herself as a celebrity stylist. Her first client was a social media star, and she quickly grew her profile.

Juju C

If you're a fan of Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023, you probably are familiar with Juju C. She is one of the show's main cast members. But what you may not know is that she is also the author of the book Secrets of the Jewel. This inspirational women's guide offers advice and motivation for women to succeed.

Juju was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in Florida. Her parents were Afro-Cuban immigrants who moved to the United States in the 1980s.

She went to Barry University where she earned a bachelor's degree in business. Then, she worked as a security screener at the Orlando International Airport. After 9/11, she worked as an entrepreneur. Despite her busy work schedule, she managed to take time out for her family and friends.

Juju is known as a social media star. She is the owner of a hair company called Candy Jewels, and runs several other businesses. She is also a real estate agent and motivational speaker.

Juju appeared in Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. In the end, she and Safaree had a fight over friendship. However, they later reconciled.

In Season 8, Juju was introduced to the main cast. She becomes their confidante. She is also a supporting cast member.

Lil Scrappy

Love and Hip Hop Miami is a show that follows the lives of people in the South Florida music industry. This show features characters such as Trick Daddy, Lil Scrappy, Jojo Carroll, Chinese Kitty and Angela Johnson. It is aired on Wednesday nights at 10/9 PM Central.

The first season of L&HH: Miami revolved around Gunplay and his relationship with Keyara. In the second season, Trick reunites with his estranged wife, Joy, after her arrest for cocaine possession. There is also a feud between Amara and Jessie Woo.

Jojo Zarur is an entrepreneur and celebrity stylist. She also owns her own boutique. Her character was not a fan favorite. But she did come back to the spotlight last night. On her IG Story, she shared a video of Kevin Gates holding her hand.

Bobby Lytes is a rapper and singer. He was born in Miami. He has been arrested multiple times for crimes. His cousin is Trina, a rapper and singer. However, he is not a fan favorite.

Shay Johnson has appeared in several Love & Hip Hop shows. One of his appearances was on VH1's Flavor of Love. Another appearance was on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

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