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It is that time of year again for the annual toy and food drive for the Glen-Ed Pantry. We will collect items through December 9th. There will be Christmas boxes by the main office! (Source: ecusd7.org)

Su Should Rethink Playing Football Against Liberty Universit

It is embarrassing that Syracuse University still competes against Liberty in football. When the series was announced in 2018, I didn’t think much of it other than the potential for three wins for SU in non-conference play. 

Liberty County School Syste

Our mobile app is recommended to all our students, parents, teachers, staff members, and other members of our community. (Source: play.google.com)

Daily Schedules / Schedule Overview

Liberty Virtual Schools will be running class schedules synchronously for Grades K-8. High School students will run an asynchronous schedule. Our teachers are committed to building relationships through learning with all of their students. Below are the daily schedules for our students in elementary (K-5) and secondary (6-12). 

Daily Summaries Station Details: Newark Liberty International Airport, j Us, Ghcnd:usw00014734

Select the date and category/type of data (when available) or use the arrows on either side of the graph to navigate back and forth through the timeline. (Source: www.ncdc.noaa.gov)

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Tucker on Fredo, Reveals the Only Thing That Gets Your Fired From CNN Fake News

Happy Birthday Lady Libert

A gift from France, the statue was conceived by Édouard de Laboulaye and designed by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, to symbolize friendship between the two countries and their shared love of liberty. It was dedicated Oct. 28, 1886, and welcomes about 4 million visitors every year. (Source: www.dailyrecord.com)

The idea behind our Zero Hero campaign is to recognize our students for showing up to school and meeting basic expectations. At the end of each quarter, any student that qualifies will be invited to a Zero Hero party. At the end of each quarter, all students will have a clean slate. If your student doesn’t qualify for Quarter 1, they will have the opportunity to qualify for quarters 2, 3, and 4.

Students are allowed to walk to the YMCA this year. All students wanting to go to the YMCA after school must have a membership and a note from a parent or guardian on file in the main office. Students walking to the YMCA must meet Miss Rashada in the commons after school and will be escorted over as a group. Once students are at the YMCA they cannot walk back to the school building and must be picked up by an adult from the YMCA.

Syracuse athletes’ safety should also be discussed, as Liberty University currently has no requirements for a vaccination other than encouraging students and staff to get it, and there is no mask mandate. In March of 2020, students returned to Liberty’s campus during the pandemic, resulting in the unnecessary spread of COVID-19.



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