Lawsuit against Bad Wolves 'Tommy Vext'

Lawsuit against Bad Wolves 'Tommy Vext'

Tommy Vext

Bad Wolf

On December 1st, Tommy Vext (no relation to the metal band) tweeted a rather cynical comment about bad wolves on the surface of Mars as opposed to a boy falling in love with a girl since it was a "new song". He was soon followed by another tweet that he apologizes for the bad joke.

After his exit from Bad Wolves, Vext started a GoFundMe campaign for a solo record of original music. He also started uploading a series of cover songs he recorded in 2020 onto his YouTube account, as well as announcing tour dates for a "Fuck Cancel Culture Tour" in April 2021. His GoFundMe campaign raised over $175,000 before Vext stated on March 15, 2021 that he would not be releasing it due to being "financially bullied into submission". He claimed that "the original album I made last year will either not come out or be given to another act on the label to perform as their own. Unfortunately fighting this would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take years to get resolved". He also stated that the covers album "is still sitting until the legal agreements can be signed off on but I'm excited to get those out to you guys as soon as I can." (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


In October, it was revealed the Bad Wolves, which consist of former members of Pierce the Veil and Motionless in White was allegedly trying to rip off their former band members Tommy Vext and Matt McDonough. On October 6, Tommy filed a lawsuit against the band. Vext is trying to gain the rights to all profits/income and use of the name, as well as compensation for damages. He is also suing the band for $10 million in damages.

The heavy metal group Bad Wolves initially formed in 2017. All five members of the band released their first album Disobey in 2018 and their second one N.A.T.I.O.N. in 2019. The team has an upcoming album named, Dear Monsters, which is set to release in 2021. While the team was working together on their music, their lead singer, Tommy Vext, decided to leave in January 2021. The members stated on social media about Tommy's exit. While fans are thrilled to know the new lead singer of the team, some are still wondering what happened to Bad Wolves lead singer. (Source:www.republicworld.com)





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