Laura Leon:

Laura Leon:

Laura Leon:

Laura León

Laura Martínez León is a natural Cuban soprano. She emigrated from Cuba to the United States in 2005 and is currently a Young Artist at Florida Grand Opera where she is covering Yvette in The Passenger and Norina in Don Pasquale. (

Laura Leon, Sres - New Hyde Park, Ny Real Estate Agent

With a keen eye and an extensive knowledge of the real estate market, trends and interior design, Laura offers her clients an outstanding level of service. Her experience within the Queens and Long Island area, coupled with her fluency in Spanish allows her to reach and meet the needs of a wide clientele base. Laura has a stellar reputation for quick, timely response to each client’s needs and concerns. Her telephone and email are always at hand and while it is essential to be sales-driven, it is also critical to balance this by fostering a professional relationship built on trust and understanding. As a resident of Valley Stream, wife and mother of three she fully understands the commitment to finding a dream home. She exemplifies integrity, dedication, hard work and creativity at every stage of the real estate transaction. You can trust that she will work diligently to meet your real estate needs. (Source: www.realtor.com)

Laura Leon

Laura Leon always goes above and beyond for her patients. While there are many stories to share, one in particular comes to mind. It is the story of Mr. & Mrs. M, who Laura met when they came to The Methodist Hospital’s Coronary Care Unit (CCU). Mr. M would take care of his wife with so much love and delicacy. Laura was immediately moved by both of them, but she also knew that Mrs. M. was suffering from many chronic illnesses that could shorten her life. Mr. M paid a visit to CCU to see Laura about three months ago. He remembered the care she delivered for his wife and he wanted to come by and notify Laura that Mrs. M had passed last year. Laura bought him some coffee and they talked for a little while. Mr. M does not get many visitors now and of course he feels lonely since having lost his special someone. Laura knew she had to do something to let Mr. M know that there were still people who cared for him, so they exchanged numbers in case he ever needed anything. On May 29, 2010, Laura visited with Mr. M at his home. They talked about Mrs. M and the good times they shared. Mrs. M loved knitting, so before Laura left, Mr. M gave her a knitted table decor that his wife had made. Laura plans to continue visiting Mr. M and she is in the process of getting a few other Methodist nurses and doctors who are interested in visiting him to accompany her. Laura is the perfect example of going above and beyond, not because she is a nurse, but she is a genuinely caring person. Nominated by: Emma Morales – RN (Source: www.daisyfoundation.org)


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