Ky Future Stars

Ky Future Stars

Ky Future Stars

The Ky Future Stars initiative has introduced fifty of the driven, most diligent and hard working students in the school to a career in the automotive. These students have come from a variety of spaces, and they've shown the Ky Engineering team their capabilities and their futures in the Greek automotive industry.



Each participant will then have the opportunity to try out to be selected to attend a 3 Day camp and cheer at the Kentucky Future Stars All-star football game and activities. Participants will try out by performing the materials/cheers focused on during the tryout clinic. Each participant will begin by spiriting onto the try out floor. Any running or standing tumbling will be performed after the cheer performance. Running or standing tumbling is optional and not required.

Future Stars is a child care facility facility which provides day care services for all children. Children who experience quality early education and child care in Future Stars in the city of Louisville receive long term benefits. They have better math, language and social skills as they enter school, and, as they grow older in the county of Jefferson, state of Kentucky, they will require less special education and will progress further in school. This day care is located in the Louisville in the county of Jefferson, in the state of KY. Several research studies have found that high quality child/day care centers have common characteristics, specially near Louisville. (Source: prek.club)



Many past Future Stars are playing in the best football conferences in college football (SEC, ACC, Pac 12 & more), also many Future Stars are ranked as 3 & 4 star players on the high school level and have many D1 offers from colleges across the Country. The Future Stars staff are always passing on names of top Future Stars to college coaches at every level!

The players will be evaluated by the Future Stars Staff and graded on their ability and attitude. Please note that this is a state-wide all star game. Just because your child does not make the team, does not mean they are not a very good player. Just means that spots are limited at each position and every great player could not make the team. No player that made a previous Future Stars team is guaranteed a spot on the present team. (Source: kentuckyfuturestars.com)


It is time, once again, to award the @1776Bank Revolutionary Player of the Week. We have a real good one for you today as we highlight one of ’25s elite third level defenders. Javion Wallace is a corner who is physical with a capital “P.” It won’t take too long for him to find the field even playing for one of Kentucky’s more talent-laden rosters. Enjoy this look at this young superstar and join us again a week from today where we will do this once more. HB.

This week’s recipient is simply among the hottest in-commonwealth prospects in all of Kentucky presently. With his academic performance, particularly where he has performed, expect him to fetch offers other athletes can only dream of getting. Kid is a true 4.4-second forty, you don’t see those very often playing HS football in Kentucky. Enjoy the feature and join us next week when another worthy recipient is similarly honored. HB. (Source: kentuckyprepgridiron.com)


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