Kody Brown's Better Half, Wife Janelle Brown: A Look at Her Life and Lifestyle

Kody Brown's Better Half, Wife Janelle Brown: A Look at Her Life and Lifestyle


Kody Brown, the lead figure in the TLC show Sister Wives and his family is a topic of much controversy among many viewers and non-viewers alike. While most people think that it would be difficult enough to date and marry one man, Kody has done so with four women! In this new series, Kody, along with his four wives will introduce us to their growing family, which includes seven children and two more grandchildren on the way. We'll take an exclusive inside look.


Sister Wives star Kody Brown says he and sons Garrison, 23, and Gabriel, 21, are'not talking' and'need therapy' after dispute over his COVID-19 rules

Kody Brown, star of the reality TV show Sister Wives, says he and his two sons are not talking to each other after a dispute over how he is handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Brown says that Garrison, 23, and Gabriel, 21, are "not happy with the way things are going" and that they "need therapy".

Sister Wives star Kody Brown says that he does not want any other children (Picture: TLC) Kody Brown, 55, and his four wives are planning to have more children.

They are currently living in a guest house on the property of his sister, Meri Brown, and her husband Chris, who are also polygamists.

Polygamous divorce expert offers unique perspective on breakups When a couple decides to end a polygamous relationship, things can get complicated. That's where polygamy divorce expert Dr. Jessica Bennett comes in. She offers her clients a unique perspective on breakups, based on her years of experience dealing with these types of separations.

Kody and Christine talk about their divorce on the ‘One on One’ reunion episode

On the "One on One" reunion episode, Kody and Christine candidly discuss their divorce. They both express that they still care for each other, but Christine admits that she was not happy in the marriage.

'Sister Wives' Star Reveals She's Already Replaced Kody Brown in Her Family

In a recent interview, 'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown revealed that she has already replaced her estranged husband Kody Brown in her family. Meri explained that she has been focusing on her new relationship with her daughter, who she is now raising as a single mother.

Kody, Meri Brown Will 'Never' Be Intimate Again 'Sister Wives' Revelations

Kody Brown and his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have been through a lot over the past year. The Sister Wives star's relationship with Meri has been strained since he revealed he was dating Robyn. And now, it seems things have gotten even worse. A recent episode of the show saw Kody and Meri admitting that they will "never" be intimate again. Meri said she felt "betrayed"

How Khloe Kardashian Feels About Sister Kim’s Romance With Pete Davidson

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly feeling happy for her sister Kim Kardashian as she embarks on a new romance with Pete Davidson. A source close to the reality TV star says that she is "really happy for Kim" and that "she thinks Kim and Pete are a great match."

'Sister Wives' Family Guide Get to Know Kody Brown's Spouses and Kids

The 'Sister Wives' Family Guide provides viewers with an in-depth look at Kody Brown's four wives and their 18 children.

‘Sister Wives’ Why Meri Won't Leave Kody Despite No Sexual Intimacy

The polygamous family featured on the reality TV show "Sister Wives" has been in the news lately, with Meri Brown announcing that she is divorcing her husband Kody. This comes after it was revealed that Meri has not had any sexual intimacy with Kody for over a year. While many people are surprised that Meri is still with Kody, considering the lack of intimacy in their relationship, she has said that she will not leave him.

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s Weight Loss Transformation See Photos

Janelle Brown, of TLC's "Sister Wives" fame, has been open about her weight loss journey, and the photos she's shared on social media are nothing short of amazing. The mother of six has lost a total of 50 pounds and looks incredible.


Since being on the show Sister Wives, Janelle Brown has been in the public eye. She has been married to Kody Brown since 1990 and they have four children together. She is a stay-at-home mom and has been outspoken about her beliefs.

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