Know more about Being Mary Jane season 4

Know more about Being Mary Jane season 4

being mary jane season 4

Being Mary Jane

The season that NETFLIX has released MARY JANE'S PLEASURE PALACE on dvd and blu-ray. Being mary jane season 4 looks back at the events of past seasons in all of these special features.

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She's barely hanging on to her sanity after a night that ended with her being chased down the street. As a result, even more wary with the evidence she's collected, especially when it comes to the relationship between Cottonmouth and Fagin. Meanwhile, back at the Boys' Empire, Cottonmouth and Fagin are also in a emotional crisis. Entering a world of drugs and violence didn't come easy, but now their lives are unraveling just as quickly as they entered it.

In the first act of the episode his youngish senior producer Garrett (Ashton Holmes) burst in her office to assign her the job of covering. A humanitarian gala in which the Ronda Sales New Hope Foundation will be honored. This so-called ‘bigger than Oprah’ foundation provides education to girls in Kenya and was started by its namesake, anchor Ronda Sales. (Source: www.essence.com)


This show is a drama about a 20-something gal who learns that she's pregnant. And then has to figure out what to do next as her life as she knows it gets upended.

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Welcome to the fourth season of Being Mary Jane. This season features Denzel as H.I.V.-positive Allen, who struggles to keep his old life while staying in check with new do-gooder, Eve.

The shows kicks off with a dreamy newsroom. MJ’s wig is beautiful, bouncy, and curly. Plus, she’s apparently married to Justin! He’s the executive producer and she’s head anchor. They’re romantic and in love and it’s everything MJ could possibly want. There’s even an imaginary son named Jay. Everything is great until the whole family sees Kara on the street. Now she’s “just somebody [MJ] used to know.” (Source: www.refinery29.com)


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