Knight Of Swords serial

Knight Of Swords serial

Knight Of Swords

The journey to becoming the leading vendor in the market never stops. While grocers maintained a leading position, we were focused on creating an even better experience for shoppers and on exploring new and emerging trends and new products and channels for our grocery business to expand and grow.


NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

In a general context, the Knight of Swords is a change card, it tells you that a big change is coming, one you have been awaiting for quite some time and you better be ready to roll with it when it does. It’s time to jump in and seize the moment! This is a Minor Arcana card of being assertive, direct, honest, quick witted and intellectual. It signifies being dashing, daring, brave, courageous or rebellious. It also represents being talkative, ambitious, forward thinking, focused and single-minded when it appears in your Tarot spread. When this card appears in your Tarot reading, it can indicate that you go against the flow and have great leadership qualities and that you are a perfectionist and a risk taker. If representing a person, the Knight of Swords is an adult (20-35 years of age and usually male) who has a strong personality, is quick-witted, a fast talker, intelligent, daring and rebellious. He may be an air sign such as Aquarius, Gemini or Libra. The knight is assertive and rational but can be impatient and impulsive. He has a very direct manner and this can sometimes make him seems a little insensitive. However, he is also exciting and adventurous which draws people to him. Champions, heroes and warriors charging into battle are signified by this card and as such, it can represent a soldier or someone in the mi

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