Kevin Jackson:

Kevin Jackson:

Kevin Jackson


He’s an entrepreneur who has been wrestling with world class serial entrepreneur, John Luciano of Pro-Wrestling Inc. You can find him all over the internet on his YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He is currently on a wrestling tour in the Middle East and is looking to come back to the United States when the tour is over.

This article is about the wrestler. For other people called Kevin Jackson, see Kevin Jackson (disambiguation). (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Born on the 16th of May 1985 in Toronto, Ontario, Kevin Jackson wasn’t always the world-renowned Professional Wrestler we now know him as. Before Kevin made his way to Canada at the age of 5, he grew up in a small farming community in Michigan. Raised by his single mom, as well as his grandparents everyday life wasn’t easy for the aspiring athlete.

Jackson often collaborated on projects in various media: with, among others, the film-maker Kevin Macdonald, with whom he co-produced a Channel 4 documentary on Humphrey Jennings, The Man Who Listened to Britain (2000); with the cartoonist Hunt Emerson, on comic strips about the history of Western occultism for Fortean Times, on two comics inspired by John Ruskin (published by the Ruskin Foundation) (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Kevin Jackson is a professional wrestler who, in the 2011 Wrestling Observer Awards, was ranked #4 in the world.

Jackson has worked extensively as a wrestling coach. He was head coach of the Sunkist youth development program, National Freestyle coach for USA Wrestling for eight years (2001–08) and the freestyle wrestling coach for two United States' teams at the Olympics. Jackson was the freestyle coach at the Olympic Training Center and head coach for the U.S. Army team at Fort Carson (1998–2001). (Source:en.wikipedia.org)


Kevin Jackson is the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist and the first African-American to win an Olympic wrestling medal. Jackson also won consecutive NCAA titles with the team from Oklahoma State University, and was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion from 1994 to 1996.


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