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There are so many bugs in this app that to list them all is probably not productive. However; a couple of the more egregious problems should be addressed so that they (hopefully) will be fixed. Attaching the wrong video to the story, happens way too often. Sending notification of a breaking event and not being able to find the story immediately. Please proof read the writing, there are so many mistakes for a news organization. A continuation of my original review. This app does not work well with iOS 13. Stories end abruptly, i.e. a story will stop mid-sentence and there is no more. Haven’t read a complete story since updating my operating system. This is a news organization that evidently still doesn’t believe in proofreading their stories, I’ve never seen so many errors. It also appears that they don’t read the reviews or just don’t care because they’ve never fixed any of the problems. Problems when attempting to read a news story, i.e. story lines are truncated mid-sentence. This app continues to be the worst app I’ve ever used. (Source: apps.apple.com)

My biggest irritation with this app as well as the local newspaper apps are ADVERTISING. I get notified of breaking news. Sometimes when I open the app to read the story I get a blank page. Other times you are immediately confronted with an ad. If that’s not bad enough, as you read through the story ads keep popping up sometimes causing you to lose your place since the article has now moved to another part of the page. Finally sometimes these ads are so distracting that I give up reading the article because of what I just said. Videos aren’t much better. They usually begin with a 30 second ad and if for some reason the video freezes and you have to restart, you guessed it, another 30 second add. I know none of what I said will change anything but you asked for a rating so I gave it. I would rather pay an annual fee and be done with the ads. I like the way the public radio stations do it. Maybe you ought to try some benchmarking. (Source: apps.apple.com)


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Celebrating 60 years of covering Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa KETV is committed to making a difference in our community. KETV NewsWatch 7 has built a news team with local roots. As Omaha’s News Leader we’re always working to bring you the best local news, weather and sports on your TV, tablet and phone. (Source: www.visitomaha.com)



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