Kate Danson:.

Kate Danson:.

Kate Danson:


Kate Danson, an accomplished actress and outspoken advocate of the final frontier, first came to prominence as Ensign Dumani aboard the Enterprise in "Star Trek Generations".

Kate Danson is an American Actress as well as a skilled production designer from Los Angeles, California. Kate Danson is most popularly known for being the daughter of legendary actor, Ted Danson. This beautiful 39-year-old (as of 2019) lady, was born as Katherine Danson. Her mother is Casey Coates who is an Interior Designer, Environment activist, and talented movie producer. Having born in a family full of superstars, Kate Danson decided to be an actress at a very tender age. Kate also has a sister namely, Alexis Danson. If you to know more about this gorgeous actress, then stay tuned till the end! (Source: wikiabio.com)


Kate Danson is an American actress who has starred in films like The Girl Next Door and The Equalizer.

In 1989, Ted Danson starred in "Cousins," a romance about two married people who fall in love. According to IMDb, Kate appeared on screen. Look closely during a wedding reception scene and you'll see a (very) young Kate watching a video on TV. (Source: www.yahoo.com)


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Web searches on "Kate Danson's mother" are through the roof, so here's the scoop. Cassandra was Ted's second wife, and they were married for over 15 years before Ted's relationship with Whoopi Goldberg led to their split. The ensuing divorce is rumored to have cost Ted roughly $30 million. Cassandra told People magazine in 1995 that her husband's fame played a part. "Eventually the celebrity becomes helpless and unable to lead a normal life," she said. "That's when the family suffers, and ours was no exception." (Source: www.yahoo.com)





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