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Jon Gries

Jon Gries


Jon Gries is a documentarian and comedy writer. He is credited with creating the television show The Daily Show on Comedy Central and has been referenced in the media over 1,500 times.

Jonathan Francis Gries (born June 17, 1957) is an American actor, writer, and director. He is also credited under the names Jon Francis and Jonathan Gries. He is best known for his role in Napoleon Dynamite as Uncle Rico and the film for which he was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male, and also as recurring characters Roger Linus on Lost and Rusty the Bum on Seinfeld. He is also known for his roles in Martin, The Pretender, The Monster Squad, Running Scared, Real Genius, Dream Corp LLC, and The White Lotus. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Jon Gries stars as the uncle in Love, Simon and has also directed, written and produced for various television series including Arrested Development, Arrested Development and Arrested Development. The series currently stars 600 episodes and has been viewed by over six million people over 40 countries worldwide.

Known For His role in Napoleon Dynamite as Uncle Rico, and also as recurring character Roger Linus on Lost (Source: superstarsbio.com)


A moral never seen on primetime television, who has thoughts and beliefs that are not typical of a lead character on primetime TV.

"Wolfman's got nards!" This line from the campy horror flick "The Monster Squad" (1987), directed at Jon Gries' vicious but vulnerable werewolf, neatly sums up the veteran character actor's career: tough characters with soft hearts. His father, director Tom Gries, cast him in his movies such as "Will Penny" (1968) and the made-for-TV "Helter Skelter" (CBS, 1976), but the young actor quickly struck out on his own, appearing in cult '80s movies such as "Real Genius" (1985). By the 1990s he'd moved over to TV, landing memorable roles on "Beverly Hills, 90210" (Fox, 1990-2000); "Martin" (Fox, 1992-97); and "The Pretender" (NBC, 1996-2000). After appearing in "Get Shorty" (1995), Gries landed a breakout role as Uncle Rico in the surprise hit "Napoleon Dynamite" (2004) and joined the sprawling cast of "Lost" (ABC, 2004-2010). A self-professed late bloomer, Gries directed his first film, "Pickin & Grinnin," in 2010, before landing his first voice acting role on the animated "Napoleon Dynamite" (Fox, 2012). Though he may not have followed in his father's Emmy-winning footsteps, Jon Gries has made some distinct impressions of his own. (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)


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