Jessy Schram 2022

Jessy Schram 2022

Jessy Schram


JESSY SCHRAM at Tyler Ellis' 5th Anniversary Celebration ...

She is a writer, director, producer, and actress with her own website. She has written for the "Broad City" show, "Broad City" character's website, and Vice's "Broad City" homepage. Jessy has been making and directing videos since 10 years old. She has many videos on YouTube and shares work on her Instagram. Jessy has made many shorts for web and TV, a documentary as well as set design for Chris Rock.

In 2011, Schram joined the main cast for the first season of the TNT science-fiction series Falling Skies. Her character was reduced to a recurring role in seasons two and three, then to guest appearances in season four. Between 2011 and 2016, Schram appeared in four episodes of the television series Once Upon a Time, playing Cinderella/Ashley Boyd. She reprised the role in the 2013 premiere of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



First, paint the picture of what you want to do. Imagine how you want your scene to look. Do you want a sky of blue? Do you want the bright leaves to be orange and red? Assemble all the necessary props, like pumpkin Charlie Brown.

American film and television actress Jessy Schram was born and raised in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. She appeared in numerous commercials. And stage productions before taking the bold step of moving from Chicago to Los Angeles. At the age of 18. Since then, she’s had the privilege of working with some of the very best in the business. (Source: www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com)


What do you do when you're tired of being tired?

Jessy is easily ambitious and passionate enough about what she does to climb as high as she wants. (Source: tvovermind.com)



Fashion-forward, snowboard-loving pro snowboarder with a badass cat named Rilo.

Actress Jessy Schram started her entertainment career when she was just 16 years old. She also starred in the TV movies "Jane Doe: Vanishing Act" (2004-05), "Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don't" (Hallmark Channel, 2004-05) and "Jane Doe: Til Death Do Us Part" (Hallmark Channel, 2004-05). She also appeared in "Jane Doe: The Wrong Face" (Hallmark Channel, 2004-05) and "Jane Doe: The Harder They Fall" (Hallmark Channel, 2005-06). She worked in series television while getting her start in acting, including a part on "Drake and Josh" (Nickelodeon, 2003-07). In the early 2000s, she acted in "Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss" (2006) with Lea Thompson and "American Pie Presents The Naked Mile" (2006) with Steve Talley. She also starred in the TV movies "Jane Doe: Yes, I Remember It Well" (Hallmark Channel, 2005-06). More recently, she tackled roles on "Falling Skies" (2010-15), "Once Upon a Time" (ABC, 2011-) and "Major Crimes" (TNT, 2011-15). She also appeared in the Denzel Washington action picture "Unstoppable" (2010). Schram most recently appeared in "Harvest Moon" (Hallmark Channel, 2015-). (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)




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