Jamie Lee Curtis' Oscars 2022 Dog

Jamie Lee Curtis' Oscars 2022 Dog


At the Oscars, Jamie Lee Curtis brought along her small dog named Mac N Cheese as a tribute to Betty White. With this gesture, Jamie Lee Curtis hopes to inspire more people to adopt rescue pups like Mac N Cheese.

Before she was adopted, the puppy had a difficult life. But after attending the Academy Awards, she found her forever home with an 11-year-old boy and his dad.

Betty White

Last year, Betty White, the beloved actress who passed away at 99 years old, had a special affinity for animals. As an outspoken advocate and rescuer of wildlife, her lifelong work remains inspiring to this day.

At the Academy Awards, Jamie Lee Curtis paid a heartfelt tribute to Betty White by bringing out an endearing dog named Mac & Cheese. To emphasize her admiration of animals, Curtis encouraged viewers to adopt pets from shelters like Paw Works in Thousand Oaks, California.

At the In Memoriam award presentation, Curtis shared her passion for animals with the audience and expressed how fortunate she felt to have shared a moment onstage with Betty White. She then encouraged viewers to adopt rescue pets, sparking an important discussion regarding animal welfare in America.

Betty White had a successful acting career as well as writing and producing her own shows. She produced and starred in the hit sitcom "Life with Elizabeth" from 1952 to 1955, wrote several books, and made numerous television appearances.

Betty White is remembered as a comedy icon and one of television's most recognizable stars for her roles on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Golden Girls."

But she also made a name for herself by advocating animal rights and aiding those in need. Throughout her lifetime, she was honored with the National Humanitarian Medal from American Humane organization and was an outspoken supporter of animal rights.

Betty White never wavered from her commitment to animal rights and welfare throughout her career, always proud to promote and fund numerous rescue and shelter organizations. In 2018, Betty even hosted a PBS special entitled "Betty White: First Lady of Television."

After her passing, fans of White have continued to honor her memory with a social media challenge that asks people to donate money to an animal shelter or zoo in her honor. This kind act would have been especially meaningful to White, and it's an inspiring way for us to remember her.

Mac & Cheese

At the Oscars, Jamie Lee Curtis brought along a special pup for her tribute to Betty White - Mac-N-Cheese! Rescued from Paw Works in Camarillo, California and available for adoption, Mac-N-Cheese is named in honor of Betty and can be adopted.

Animal rescue organization with headquarters in Camarillo and an adoption facility in Thousand Oaks was thrilled to provide this amazing opportunity for the pup. Not only did they provide him with food, a leash, toys and a collar tailored specifically for her size and shape - everything - but they also adorned her with special items like food containers. It truly made his day!

At her appearance, Curtis stressed the importance of animal rescue and how White had fostered her pets over time. She encouraged people to open their hearts and homes by adopting a shelter pet - which is why she chose this particular pup as one of her "In Memoriam" pets to be featured onstage.

Though this was an exciting milestone for animal rescue, it also brought attention to the devastating issue of dog and cat euthanasia. Estimates suggest that between 200,000 and 300,000 cats and dogs die annually in U.S. shelters alone.

On Sunday during an "In Memoriam" tribute to Betty White at the Oscars, Jamie Lee Curtis brought a dog named Mac-N-Cheese from Paw Works - an animal rescue organization with headquarters in Camarillo and an adoption center in Thousand Oaks - onto stage as she paid homage to White's life and activism for animals; even mentioning that she was looking into adopting her for her honor.

Not long after their onscreen moment, Mac-N-Cheese was adopted by 11-year-old boy named Ben. Travolta shared a photo on Instagram of himself and his son holding the dog with the caption: "Ben adopted this dog from last nights Oscar tribute to Betty White."

Chad Atkins, co-founder and executive director of Paw Works, was approached by Guin Solomon from Good Dog Animals - an adoption agency that helps shelter dogs find forever homes. Solomon wanted a puppy that would be 12 weeks old for the Oscars and needed help transporting her to Los Angeles.

John Travolta

John Travolta is an acclaimed American actor best known for his roles on Welcome Back, Kotter and Saturday Night Fever/Grease. He has received nominations for Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA awards for his work. Additionally, Travolta enjoys a successful music career; he was one of the founding members of Beach Boys.

Over the last decade, Travolta has made a comeback to film and TV, appearing in such series as Swordfish, Domestic Disturbance, Ladder 49 and Wild Hogs. A talented singer himself, Travolta has recorded numerous songs that have become internationally successful.

At sixteen, he took his first acting steps by performing in a local production of Who'll Save the Plowboy?. Subsequently, he attended a drama school in New York where he learned voice, dancing and acting techniques.

After a period of relative mediocrity, Travolta returned with a series of box office hits such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Pulp Fiction. He earned himself a nomination for the Golden Globe for his performance in Pulp Fiction, along with numerous other awards and accolades for his acting.

Onstage at the Oscars Sunday, Jamie Lee Curtis poignantly held a dog as she encouraged viewers to open their hearts and homes to animal rescue efforts. She said that one way to honor Betty White - an influential animal rights advocate who passed away last January at 100 - was by adopting a shelter dog.

In response to her words, Travolta's son Ben, 11, adopted the cute pup he'd just held on stage. On Monday he shared a photograph on Instagram thanking both Paw Works and presenter Curtis for helping bring some joy into their family's lives.

Mac & Cheese may be a fortunate pup, but there are still millions of homeless animals across America who need homes. The Travoltas' commitment to adopting a rescue pet serves as a reminder that it's important for us to keep our nation's animal population healthy and secure.

Paw Works

Paw Works, a no-kill animal rescue in Southern California that has saved over 12,500 abandoned dogs since 2014, showed Jamie Lee Curtis some love recently with an endearing tribute. The nonprofit shared hilarious photos of their rescue dogs dressed as some of Curtis' iconic characters like Laurie Strode from Halloween franchise to Linda from Knives Out and Deirdre from Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Each dog costume featured intricate detail, from rescue dog Ziggy's yellow beaded necklace that matched Deirdre in Everything Everything all At Once to another rescue pup wearing a small wig as Laurie Strode. All of them looked fantastic in their costumes!

The animals' cuteness didn't end there, though. They also had the chance to offer words of support and inspiration to Curtis as she celebrated her SAG Awards victory on Sunday. "Stay strong, stay focused and never forget that you are a hero," they wrote in the captions of all their humorous pictures.

As an admirer of rescue animals, Curtis has often shared her enthusiasm on social media platforms. At 63 years old, she has adopted multiple shelter pets over the years and currently owns an adorable poodle-terrier mix named Runi.

In addition to her commitment to animals, Curtis has long been an outspoken champion for animal rights and welfare. In 2006, she was recognized by Los Angeles as their "Ambassador to the Animals" in recognition of her lifetime of activism on behalf of animals.

At the Oscars, Curtis collaborated with Paw Works to honor Betty White--an animal advocate--for her commitment to animal welfare during the In Memoriam segment. As part of her tribute, Curtis brought out a Chihuahua mix puppy named Mac & Cheese who was up for adoption.

Before she became famous, Mac & Cheese's life wasn't always smooth. According to Chad Atkins - co-founder and executive director of Paw Works adoption facility in Thousand Oaks and Camarillo shelter - Mac & Cheese was abandoned with her siblings outside an animal shelter.

Jamie Lee Curtis and the Oscars 2022 Video

Jamie Lee Curtis is an acclaimed veteran actress who has been in the entertainment industry for decades. Most recently, her performance as an IRS inspector in Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert's genre-defying film Everything Everywhere All At Once earned her her first Academy Award nomination.

The 63-year-old star of John Carpenter's 1978 horror movie Halloween has gained a devoted following among horror moviegoers. Her next film, the final installment in the Laurie Strode saga, will be released this October.

Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis has completed the final film of her beloved Halloween franchise, and she's going out on a high note. On the day before Halloween Ends was released, 63-year-old actress shared several behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram to mark this landmark moment: it marks her last time playing Laurie Strode.

David Gordon Green's Halloween Ends is the final installment of a three-film cycle directed by him. His prior two movies, Halloween and Halloween Kills, were critical and commercial successes; this final entry brings Michael Myers' career to an end at the box office.

Michael is not the focus of this film, however; rather, it pays homage to Haddonfield, Pennsylvania and how a small town of misfits never lets a young man forget a shocking tragedy from his past. We meet Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) through flashbacks which chronicle his childhood trauma and how it affected him - leading him to have an uncontrollable reaction at a costume party.

Corey's story is much more intricate than what the film portrays, involving several other characters. As time passes, Corey becomes increasingly certain that Michael Myers is responsible for the deaths of his friends and family; thus he becomes obsessed with finding a way to rid himself of this tormentor.

He even attempts to commit suicide, but is interrupted by Deputy Frank Hawkins (Will Patton), who informs him he's on his way to Japan and wants to visit Laurie's house for the first time since 1978's murders. After that, the film spends its final 20 minutes with Laurie and her granddaughter enjoying their last moments together before Deputy Frank departs on vacation.

Halloween Ends is an effective piece of filmmaking that fits well in Haddonfield despite not being a traditional slasher. It also does an admirable job setting up Michael Myers' final confrontation with Laurie without detracting from the rest of the narrative.

The film is a testament to the power of long-form serialized storytelling, something increasingly beloved among horror filmmakers. Shows like Vice Principals and The Righteous Gemstones have demonstrated this phenomenon's emotional impact on audiences - and Halloween Ends doesn't disappoint either. As such, fans of this franchise can look forward to an emotional climactic finale in this final chapter of their trilogy.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

On Sunday night, Jamie Lee Curtis earned her first Oscar for her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once. As the daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis has been a staple in Hollywood for four decades.

Her acting career has been a long and diverse one, encompassing various genres and roles. She's featured in films like Terror Train and Prom Night, but it was Everything Everywhere All At Once that earned her first Oscar nomination.

Starring Hong Kong acting legend Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Quan, a Chinese immigrant living a mundane life with her husband and daughter. However, she suddenly finds herself drawn into an exciting adventure where she discovers that her life could have been very different.

Evelyn is summoned by a version of her husband from an alternate universe and sets out on an epic journey to save the world and reconnect with her daughter. But as she explores each parallel universe, Evelyn questions both the meaning of her existence and what role she should play in this vast universe.

It's this philosophical conceit that makes the movie so refreshing. Unlike cynical multiverse narratives found in recent comic book movies such as Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert utilize the concept of the multiverse to tell a story about love, loss, and what it means to be alive.

Rather than being an obstacle in the plot, the multiverse serves as a metaphor that complicates and intensifies each character's emotional journey. When Evelyn, her husband, and daughter get involved with verse-jumping, an evil IRS agent, and an all-consuming bag of doom they are all brought face-to-face with their own existential crises in new and unexpected ways.

Ultimately, Everything Everywhere All at Once is a movie about life and its importance; how we must value it in order to survive. It also emphasizes the value of taking risks and trying something new. Ultimately, Everything Everywhere All at Once will leave you thinking and is one of Esquire's Best Movies of 2022.

The Defiant Ones

Dre and Iovine are two of the most renowned figures in music, often credited to their collaborative skillset. Together they've collaborated on numerous songs and projects such as Eminem's hit The Chronic, plus Dre and Iovine helped launch Beats headphones which are widely considered to be among the best in the world.

As two daring entrepreneurs, they challenged conventional wisdom and revolutionized pop culture in profound ways. Their partnership endured for many years and launched several iconic brands.

Allen Hughes' latest documentary offers an insightful, bold take on their partnership and its lasting effects on modern culture. The four-part series won an IDA Award last December and is likely to receive a nomination for Emmys this year.

Fans of Iovine and Dre, as well as anyone interested in hip-hop history and the music industry, must see this documentary. It follows their parallel rise and relationship, offering an intriguing look into their paths as they intersect.

In 1958, Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier star in this controversial film that called for racial harmony and demonstrated that segregation wasn't an accepted part of society. At the time, it sparked much controversy due to its call for integration.

Stanley Kramer's film was based on a true story and yet it still managed to be highly provocative at the time, signifying how rapidly America had changed. It was an daring move for Hollywood to make such a statement, and Kramer did an excellent job of portraying this situation in such a way that makes it relevant today.

Though a bit lengthy, The Defiant Ones is an engaging watch. It covers a lot of ground and boasts stunning archival footage with interviews with Bono, Tom Petty, U2 and Stevie Nicks among others.

Although the film doesn't go into as much depth as some other documentaries, it still manages to capture viewers' interest and give an insightful glimpse into each person's backstory. Furthermore, viewers get a sense of their personalities, drive, and work ethic through these captivating portraits.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

After years of running Halloween Town, Jack Skellington (voiced by Chris Sarandon and sung by Danny Elfman) becomes disenchanted with his annual tasks and seeks a change. He wanders into the woods where he discovers an enigmatically doorway to other worlds; opening it brings him into Christmastown--where everyone is getting ready for Christmas by throwing snowballs instead of heads and singing along to festive tunes.

Jack shares the news of Christmas with the rest of his town, and everyone seems eager to join in the excitement - except Jack himself who doesn't quite know what to expect. Having never visited before, Jack has never really given the holiday a chance.

He's always been skeptical of Halloween Town, but when Santa Claus and his reindeer deliver presents to the kids there he realizes there's a different kind of joy around this time of year. So he decides to take over the festivities.

Jack's plan is foiled by Sally, a shy and free-spirited ragdoll who also loves Jack but knows better. Ultimately, Sally takes Jack's plans into her own hands and goes after him.

Tim Burton's signature stop-frame animation style is a delight for fans of his work, and there's plenty to enjoy about this world. There are an array of creatures from guillotine-tipped skeletons and horrific spiders to bare-boned figures and dismembered body parts.

This world is dark and macabre, yet not particularly scary. It combines Halloween and Christmas traditions without getting too gory - though some people might find it disturbing.

It takes a satirical look at politics, with the town mayor playing himself two faces: unwilling to become "holiday leader," yet unsure of what else to do either.

Jack ultimately comes to understand that what he needs most is acceptance of himself. While contented in his new home, Jack feels guilty for not doing better.

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