Is Lexi Rivera Vegan?

Is Lexi Rivera Vegan?


Is lexi rivera vegan

Lexi Rivera is a YouTube and Instagram star from California who was born on June 7, 2001 as the youngest of four siblings.

John Rivera and Laura Rivera are her parents. She has three older brothers - Blake, Brent, and Brice - who are all well-known social media stars themselves.

Her diet

Lexi Rivera is a renowned YouTube and tik-tok star renowned for her amazing flexibility. She's the younger sister of famous YouTuber Brent Rivera and has amassed an adoring fan base through her videos.

Her workout regimen is quite straightforward, involving cardio exercises, stretching, yoga and meditation. Furthermore, she incorporates healthy eating habits into every day's schedule for added benefit.

She prioritizes eating nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruit, beans, grains and more. Furthermore, her diet is low in saturated fats and refined sugars.

American social media influencer, Ashley Graham, has been vegan since July 2018 and reported to BBC News that her health had never been better. 'It was a really difficult period for me before going vegan but now I feel completely different and it has transformed my life; no longer do I stress over food or weight issues anymore'.

At 13, Lexi was diagnosed with anorexia; however, through modern medicine, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle she was able to find recovery. She attended boarding school, worked hard on her studies and sporting achievements while also receiving treatment.

In addition to her success as a YouTuber, she also has an acclaimed acting career. She recently featured in the YouTube series Brobot alongside her brother Brent.

She boasts 8.35 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 5.06+ million followers on Instagram. Her videos have received an incredible 2.5+ billion views.

She is from Los Angeles, California. Her mother is Mexican descent and her father of Italian heritage. She has three brothers named Brice Rivera, Blake Rivera, and Brent Rivera - each with their own distinct style.

Lexi loves dancing and connecting with other dancers through social media channels. She also enjoys traveling and watching movies.

Her favorite food is a variety of fruits and veggies, as well as something sweet occasionally. When possible, she opts for organic or local produce whenever possible.

Her lifestyle

Her lifestyle has always been an integral part of who she is. She enjoys traveling, playing sports and spending time with her family; in addition to that she also loves dancing and singing. With many fans on TikTok and Instagram, she makes a comfortable living from it all.

Her diet is an integral part of her lifestyle. To stay in shape, she follows a rigorous workout regimen. Furthermore, she abstains from eating meat and often posts videos of herself enjoying vegan food on social media platforms.

Lexi enjoys traveling and participating in 24 hour challenges when she has time. She often visits Hawaii or Mexico with her family, visiting places together.

She has been vegetarian for most of her life. Both of her parents are vegan, so she was never forced to eat meat.

Lexi Rivera is a renowned social media star and YouTuber with an immense following on both platforms. She has collaborated with numerous notable personalities from the world of social media.

Her net worth is estimated to be between $2-3 million. She boasts over 8.4 million followers on Instagram and 9.17 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, in addition to collaborations with other social media stars for Amp World - a collective of YouTubers and Instagrammers - where they create content together.

Despite her success on the internet, she's still very young. Born June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California to three older brothers: Brent, Brice, and Blake Rivera, she has achieved great success despite having a small online following.

She began gymnastics training as a child and eventually turned professional. She competed in multiple competitions and earned several awards throughout her career.

She is an accomplished skateboarder with a large YouTube following. Additionally, her brother often features her in his videos.

Although she does not eat meat, she loves seafood. Her favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Will Ferrell.

She enjoys watching comedy movies, her favorite being Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell and Johnny Depp.

She enjoys watching other YouTubers' videos and is particularly fond of David Dobrik and Nicolette Durazzo. Additionally, she has an immense admiration for animal rights activists.

Her appearance

Lexi Rivera, a well-known social media star, recently attended the American Music Awards and looked stunning on the red carpet. Her flawless appearance is testament to her health-focused lifestyle.

She is the younger sister of popular YouTuber Brent Rivera and has amassed a large social media following. On YouTube, she uploads fashion and beauty content with a comedic touch; her channel boasts 8.4 million subscribers on YouTube as well as 21.7 million on TikTok.

Her features, particularly her emerald eyes and blonde hair, are truly captivating. Furthermore, her skin is flawless with a radiant complexion. To top it all off, she loves to stay fit by working out daily!

As a child, she was an accomplished gymnast who competed in numerous competitions. She won first prize and is now certified as an expert gymnast. Her fans follow her online, enjoying watching her amazing moves perform.

She enjoys acting and has starred in web series Max on Brobot (2018) and romantic-drama Everything, Everything (2017). A huge fan of Will Ferrell, she's watched almost all his movies.

Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time for family and friends, as well as taking trips with her brothers. Although she would love to visit Japan and Thailand someday, this hasn't yet been possible.

Her social media accounts demonstrate a close bond with her brothers and they enjoy spending time together. Furthermore, she shares an intimate connection with her mother Laura.

Her diet consists mainly of plant-based foods, though she occasionally enjoys eggs. Her favorite dishes include broccoli, Brussels sprouts and avocados as well as fruits and vegetables; however she does not consume dairy products or meat products.

She has been vegan for over a year and passionately supports animal rights. She has an expansive circle of vegan friends whom she adores and admires.

She is currently dating Ben Azelart, a professional skateboarder. The couple began dating in 2018 and were together for almost two years until their separation in late 2020.

Her family

Lexi Rivera is an American social media influencer and gymnast whose career took off after appearing on her brother's YouTube channel. Her videos garner millions of views each month on both Instagram and YouTube, cementing her place among other top influencers in this space.

Despite her fame, she still leads a healthy lifestyle and loves working out. She exercises daily and follows a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, gymnastics has always been an interest of hers which she began learning at an early age.

She enjoys creating videos on YouTube and Instagram, where she has amassed a large following. She's known for her 24-hour challenges on both platforms as well.

Recently, she visited Japan with her brothers and boyfriend Ben, sharing a vlog on social media about their experience there. For her, it was an exciting trip as she had always wanted to go there.

When she's not posting videos to social media platforms, Rivera enjoys reading books and watching movies with her family. Additionally, she loves traveling and is always up for a new adventure.

Her parents are John and Laura Rivera, with three brothers named Brent, Brice, and Blake. Her mother works as a housewife while her dad owns an auto repair shop.

They reside in Huntington Beach, California where Lexi completed her education. As an American citizen and Christian believer, Lexi holds dual nationality.

She boasts an impressive fan base on TikTok, where she boasts 19 million followers with 414.7 million Likes. On her YouTube channel, she uploads videos featuring pranks, challenges, and vlogs for viewers to enjoy.

She enjoys playing sports and spending time with her family during her free moments. She was previously engaged to Ben Azelart for two years; however, they decided not to get back together in late 2020.

Rivera had a passion for gymnastics from an early age, and she enjoyed competing in various competitions. Her parents encouraged her to hone her skills; eventually becoming the top gymnast at her school.

Is lexi rivera married

Is Lexi Rivera Married?

Lexi Rivera is a YouTube and TikTok star renowned for her captivating content. Her videos have amassed an adoring fan base of millions.

She is a young woman born and raised in California, USA. She had an idyllic childhood with her parents and three brothers; her dad works as a shop owner while her mother stays home to care for the household.

Her Age

Lexi Rivera is a renowned social media star with millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube, known for her entertaining content. Her videos and photos have won her an enthusiastic following on both platforms; additionally, she's collaborated with numerous renowned brands on her account.

The 21-year-old American social media star was born on June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California to John Rivera - who owns a shop by trade - and Laura Rivera, a housewife. Her parents raised her alongside three brothers - Blake, Brice, and Brent - as do most American children from Huntington Beach.

She developed an interest in gymnastics as a child, with dreams of pursuing a career there. Since then, her love of fitness and dance has only grown stronger; she regularly practices these skills to stay healthy. When not at school or work, she enjoys going on adventures and exploring new places.

She is an incredible gymnast who has become increasingly popular on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Her stunning modeling pictures feature swimwear and trendy outfits, and she loves to share her fun moments with her audience.

When she's not spending time with her family, she loves to write for her blog and share interesting tips and tricks with readers. Additionally, she strives to hone her writing skills by discussing various topics like makeup and beauty on it.

Her social media success has inspired many brands to join her journey. With more than 8 million followers on Instagram, she regularly shares content related to her life and interests with fans.

According to her social media profiles, she and her siblings share a close bond. They are always supportive of her and eager to lend a helping hand when needed.

Her siblings have been incredibly supportive of her social media career and she has worked hard to earn their trust and admiration. They frequently post encouraging messages on her accounts on various platforms, as well as applauding the success of her YouTube videos.

Her Net Worth

Lexi Rivera is an American YouTuber, actress and social media influencer born on June 7th 2001 in Huntington Beach, California. She was raised alongside her three brothers Blake Rivera, Brent Rivera and Brice Rivera before embarking on her professional journey in 2011.

Her mother is a homemaker and her father an owner-operator by profession. Both of her parents have Mexican ancestry. In June 2019, she completed her school education and graduated from Huntington High School in West Virginia with her friends in tow.

At the tender age of 12, she began posting videos on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Her brother Brent Rivera had a significant role in developing her career as a content creator; his support allowed her to amass an extensive following across these platforms.

As a social media star, Lexi earns her income through various sources such as brand endorsements and paid promotions. Her estimated net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be $2 million.

She earns money by selling her own merchandise online. Her Instagram account boasts 8.4 million followers and her TikTok account boasts 20.1 million fans.

Lexi is an incredible vlogger who creates hilarious content. Her YouTube channel boasts a large following and she earns an average daily income of $12,000 from it.

She has collaborated with other YouTubers such as Pierson Wodzynski, Andrew Davila, Caleb Burton and the Stokes Twins throughout her career. Additionally, she has starred in multiple movies.

Her YouTube channel boasts 7.30 million subscribers and she makes an average daily income of $12,000 from it. Additionally, she's renowned for her 24 hour challenges videos.

One of her most popular videos is "I'm PREGNANT!" She posted this clip in 2019 which quickly gained the attention of her fans.

She has also created videos such as "Prank My Crush for a Week!" and "24 Hours in a Gym!" Additionally, she has been featured on several television shows.

As a social media star, she has amassed an estimated net worth of over $2 million. As an accomplished content creator, her success can be credited to hard work and dedication that paid off.

Her Siblings

Lexi Rivera is a renowned social media star with millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube. She has her own line of official products and generates considerable income from videos posted to both platforms.

Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million, with her annual income coming from sponsorships, brand endorsements and advertising fees. Her YouTube channel has become a huge success with over 8 million followers on social media accounts.

She was raised in Huntington Beach, California where her father is a shop owner and mother is a homemaker. Her three brothers include the eldest, Blake - an accomplished hockey player who competes with the Jr. Ducks team during the national championships.

Lexi, the youngest of her brothers, enjoys a close bond with her brothers. They are immensely supportive of all her endeavors and constantly encourage her to take on new challenges.

They enjoy spending time together and often create humorous videos. Some of their most cherished memories include taking a bath together and eating sushi together.

Lexi and her family also own a dog, whom Lexi affectionately refers to as her guinea pig. She enjoys reading voraciously and has an affinity for writing.

She is an outgoing individual who enjoys engaging with her fans. She has a great sense of humor and is always willing to answer their queries.

Lexi has amassed a following across both platforms, with her YouTube videos boasting over 1.2 billion views. Additionally, her personal Instagram account boasts eight million followers.

As of 2018, she is dating YouTuber Ben Azelart; however, they parted ways in 2020.

Rivera is an accomplished social media influencer with a massive following on both platforms - she's on track to surpass 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and recently started blogging about fashion and beauty on her Instagram account.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California and enjoys spending time with her brothers. They often go on vacation together and have a dog called Pierson that they consider their best friend. She enjoys gymnastics and being flexible; additionally, she likes to prank her friends.

Her Personal Life

Lexi Rivera is an Instagram personality who enjoys traveling and gymnastics. Her followers follow her regularly as she posts pictures of herself with friends and family on the platform.

She boasts a sizable fan base on YouTube, where she regularly uploads videos related to fashion and lifestyle. Thanks to its large subscriber base, her channel generates an impressive income.

Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million, largely due to her YouTube and Instagram activities.

Lexi Rivera, 19 years old, is renowned for her funny YouTube content with over 8.5 million subscribers. She loves creating fashion, beauty and comedic videos.

Lexi Rivera enjoys traveling with her siblings and spending time with friends. She particularly enjoys visiting places such as Japan and Thailand, which she hopes to visit soon.

As a child, Lexi Rivera began training in gymnastics and quickly rose to become an expert. She competed in competitions and earned top prizes. Additionally, she participated in school gymnastics competitions, placing first at the inter-school level.

She was born on June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California to parents and three brothers. Her eldest brother Blake Rivera is an accomplished hockey player for the Jr. Ducks hockey team as well as a professional skateboarder.

Her brothers Brice and Brent Rivera, who are also avid athletes, have a special bond with their sister which has allowed her to gain popularity on social media platforms.

Their family is extremely close, and Lexi Rivera and her siblings often travel together, as evidenced by their frequent Instagram posts.

Lexi Rivera is renowned for her YouTube prank videos and frequently engages with her fans through social media platforms. Additionally, she holds huge admirations for Johnny Depp and Will Ferrell.

She had been in a relationship with professional skateboarder Ben Azelart. They met through her brother Brent and were officially engaged in November 2018, though the couple has since parted ways.

What Happened to David Laid?

What happened to David Laid?

David Laid is a fitness model and social media influencer renowned for his body transformation videos.

He boasts a large social media following and frequently shares videos about his fitness journey on YouTube. With over 1 million subscribers and 200 million video views, he has amassed an impressive following.

Biographical Information

David Laid is a bodybuilder, fitness model and social media personality born on January 29th 1998 in Estonia who currently resides in New Jersey, USA.

He boasts a net worth of $1 million and is an Instagram and YouTube star with millions of followers on both platforms. He's renowned for his transformation videos and workout tips that have gained him worldwide attention.

David Laid began his fitness journey as a skinny teenager, driven to build muscle mass and boost confidence. To look good and feel better, he began weight training under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

After several years, his health improved and he was able to shed the extra weight. Additionally, he felt more confident and at ease in himself.

Before his remarkable transformation, he had many obstacles to overcome. He was bullied at school and battled with low self-confidence levels.

Thankfully, his mother and grandmother were his staunchest supporters. They worked tirelessly to help him realize his aspirations.

He was an accomplished musician, having studied classical guitar with Tom Price at Lambuth University and Lily Afshar at The University of Memphis. He has performed on Historic Beale Street as well as in recital at Rhodes College.

Additionally, he has performed with Magi, a contemporary music group, throughout the southeast. Additionally, he taught at a music school and provided private lessons.

His amazing body transformation has inspired many, but also drawn criticism. Those who questioned his health practices suggested he used supplements and steroids to bulk up, but he has denied these allegations and assured his supporters that they made the right choices for their wellbeing.


David Laid is a bodybuilder, fitness model and influencer with over 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He began his journey into bodybuilding at an early age; born in Estonia under the Aquarius zodiac sign.

He boasts an international fan base and is renowned for his remarkable body transformation. His videos have been viewed millions of times, earning him endorsement deals with supplements and clothing companies such as Gymshark Athlete.

His net worth is estimated to be $2 million. He earns most of his money through YouTube channel and fitness modeling, as well as selling coaching suggestions, personalized workouts and diet plans online. With years of experience under his belt in the fitness community, he continues to strive for greater performance each day.

At 14 years, he was diagnosed with scoliosis and given instructions to train and lift weights under the supervision of a physical therapist. This diagnosis gave him newfound self-assurance and an eagerness to live life to its fullest.

Laid initially focused on building muscle mass, but eventually also gained strength and endurance. He started training six days a week with deadlifts and squats as his primary exercises.

His remarkable body transformation inspired many, yet he also faced considerable criticism. Accusations of taking steroids and engaging in other unhealthy health practices were leveled against him; however, he vigorously denied these allegations and maintained that he always followed proper nutrition and exercise regimens.


David Laid is a well-known YouTuber, bodybuilder, and social media personality with over 1 million subscribers on his channel. He's best known for posting fitness videos.

On January 29th, 1998 he was born in Estonia to his mother and two younger siblings. Tragically, on that same day his father tragically passed away due to a fall from a cruise ship docked at one of Estonia's harbors; devastating the family forever.

At the age of 14, Laid suffered from scoliosis. Determinated to overcome his condition, he started working out and soon after started going viral with millions of views on his transformation videos.

David had a low self-esteem when he started his YouTube career. He felt self-conscious about both his appearance and weight, as well as being frequently bullied.

He took up weight training and began posting workout videos on his YouTube channel. Eventually, his fans gave him a large following, enabling him to make a full-time living from his work.

David Laid not only has a YouTube channel, but a Facebook page with over 377k followers. On Instagram he also boasts an enthusiastic following where he posts photos and videos documenting his fitness journey.

David Laid stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs between 185-195 pounds. His shoulder breadth measures 55 cm and his waist size 28.75 cm; he usually wears a size 11 shoe, though sometimes struggles to find shoes that fit properly. With such an attractive physique and charming personality, Laid currently dates dancer and fitness enthusiast Julia Jackson; though she doesn't appear in his videos, they have been together for two years.


David Laid began his fitness journey at an early age. Since then, he has achieved great success, becoming a social media personality, sponsored athlete, and bodybuilder while inspiring people to reach their health and fitness goals.

He was born in Estonia and raised by his mother Nino. When he was two, his father tragically passed away due to an accident aboard a cruise ship; this tragedy devastated the family, eventually leading them to move to America.

David laid experienced bullying as a child due to his thin frame and was eventually diagnosed with scoliosis. To strengthen his muscles and restore his spine to normal alignment, the doctor suggested that David begin weight training.

David was initially reluctant to try fitness, but soon came to appreciate the soreness and pain he experienced after working out. With such rapid results, David decided to become a fitness model, starting his own YouTube channel in December 2013.

His videos quickly went viral, garnering millions of viewers. After graduating from Mainland Regional High School in 2014, he dedicated himself full-time to producing fitness-related videos.

He has amassed an impressive following through his Instagram and YouTube accounts, often sharing his body transformations to inspire others that they too can reach their goals with hard work and dedication.

David Laid currently weighs in at 187lbs (85kgs). To stay in shape and build muscle mass, he works out six days a week.

He prioritizes lifting heavy weights and exercises like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. Additionally, he takes various supplements like creatine and whey protein but does not believe in using steroids to gain mass.

Net Worth

David Laid is a fitness influencer who earns an impressive amount of money through his YouTube videos. Additionally, he's the author of an eBook which provides guidance on how to achieve dramatic physical transformation in just nine weeks.

He has amassed millions of subscribers and followers on his YouTube channel, earning several thousand dollars monthly through advertising revenue and sponsorships. Furthermore, he serves as a Gymshark athlete endorser.

His personal life is mostly kept private. He's currently dating dancer Julia Jackson, though they don't share much about their relationship on social media platforms. Nevertheless, they have been together for some time and appear to be contented.

Bodybuilder Kyle prefers to date women who share his enthusiasm for fitness. However, he prefers to keep his romantic endeavors private.

Reports indicate he has a net worth of $900,000. Most of his money comes from his YouTube channel and paid programs; he also does brand sponsorships and commercials for various brands.

He is a self-titled fitness trainer with an avid following on social media channels. His website sells different workouts for sale, and he also shares fitness advice via his accounts.

As a child, he was frequently bullied by other kids due to his small stature. Diagnosed with scoliosis, the only thing that helped him overcome this struggle was starting to exercise regularly.

His doctor encouraged him to begin lifting weights, which drastically changed his life and led to him becoming an accomplished bodybuilder. He began uploading his workout videos onto YouTube where they quickly gained popularity among viewers.

His earnings are expected to increase in the future, and he currently has multiple sources of income. As a fitness instructor and model, he earns several thousand dollars each month through YouTube ad revenue, paid workout programs, and brand endorsements.

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