Is Daniel Scheinert Married?

Is Daniel Scheinert Married?


Is daniel scheinert married

Daniel Scheinert is a renowned director from Birmingham, Alabama. His impressive list of credits includes Swiss Army Man, Interesting Ball, Possibilia and The Death of Dick Long among many others.

He recently inked an exclusive five year deal with Universal Pictures, marking a significant achievement for the director. Their latest movie Everything Everywhere All at Once has already broken $100 million at the international box office.

Daniel Scheinert is a director

Daniel Scheinert is a director whose work on the big screen has been widely celebrated. Aside from directing, he's produced various television commercials and music videos - one of the most renowned being his collaboration with Lil Jon on "Turn Down for What," which garnered over 1 billion views on YouTube. Scheinert's other noteworthy accomplishments include producing his first feature film, the kung fu fantasy epic Everything Everywhere All at Once; plus, he recently inked a five-year deal with Universal.

Notably, the legendary and rare Daniels managed to secure a place of honor in Hollywood's esteemed hall of fame. His name is even commemorated on a plaque within the executive suite!

He was born on June 7, 1987

Daniel Scheinert was born on June 7, 1987 in Birmingham, Alabama and is an American filmmaker best known for his films Swiss Army Man (2016) and The Death of Dick Long (2019).

Daniel Scheinert is a filmmaker, television and radio host, and has featured on shows such as NTSF:SD:SUV (2013) and Childrens Hospital (2013).

The Daniels, professionally known as DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What," made their mark in the entertainment industry by directing music videos such as DJ Snake's "Turn Down For What." Their work in filmmaking soon followed; their debut feature film Swiss Army Man was an impressive success and earned them a Directing Award at Sundance 2016!

ENTPs tend to be introverted and reserved, often having difficulty understanding others' emotions or moods. They think too abstractly and lack social skills when interacting with others.

They may also exhibit a degree of cynicism and an unwillingness to embrace new ideas or changes in their personal life, making it difficult for them to form meaningful connections with others.

Daniel Scheinert has been an open explorer, willing to try new ideas and work on projects that have broadened his perspective of life. In a Criterion's "Closet Picks" web series interview, he recounts how he and director Daniel Kwan (aka The Daniels) created their breakthrough hit movie Everything Everywhere All at Once; a multidimensional comedy-drama which became an unexpected box office sensation.

He refers to their filmmaking process as a "puzzle project." They begin by searching for a story beat, then discover visuals that match it, and finally explore how much more can be added to their movie by combining both elements.

Though this may seem like a lot of effort, the Daniels have managed to make their film an enormously popular and critical success. It has been nominated for 11 Oscar awards and is currently considered a front-runner to win Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards.

He has directed many movies

Daniel Scheinert is an American director renowned for his many films over the years. He's best known for directing DJ Snake & Lil Jon's music video "Turn Down For What."

He and his partner Daniel Kwan (known professionally as "Daniels") have earned a reputation for weaving absurdity into poignant personal tales, often featuring unique visual effects. Together they've written and directed numerous music videos as well as feature films.

They have earned widespread praise and awards for their work, with Swiss Army Man winning the Sundance Film Festival's "Directing Award: U.S Dramatic" among other accolades. Additionally, Everything Everywhere All At Once earned 11 Oscar nominations and became A24's highest-grosing indie film of 2022.

The film's success has earned the Daniels an invitation into the elite group of filmmakers selected for Criterion Collection Closet Picks, but not without some online criticism.

At the Closet Picks panel, he described Spike Lee's 1997 biopic of Malcolm X as a "crime movie," to which some viewers took offense. While some fans rallied behind him, others disagreed.

Daniel Schienert was born in Birmingham and attended Oak Mountain Elementary and Middle Schools before attending Shades Valley High School where he participated in the International Baccalaureate program and joined their student film production team.

After graduating, Schienert attended Emerson College in Boston where he met Kwan, also a graduate. They started working together on projects together and eventually joined Emerson professor of art and design Matt Koenig to offer filmmaking workshops at the university.

He served as a teaching assistant at the New York Film Academy and, out of nowhere, they decided to make a short film together - which quickly blossomed into multiple projects.

They eventually found their voice as a team and started creating features. Their most recent project, a science fiction dramedy called Everything Everywhere All at Once, was released by A24 to great acclaim. Their next venture is creating TV series material which they are currently writing and developing with Universal Studios under an agreement to direct and executive produce half an hour comedy that should begin shooting in 2020.

He has been nominated for many prestigious awards

Daniel Scheinert has earned many prestigious accolades in the world of film. These include nominations from Director Guild of America and Critics' Choice Awards; additionally, he won MTV Video Music Award for Best Director.

In 2016, the director's first feature film was the absurdist black comedy Swiss Army Man. Following that, he directed a small dramedy called The Death of Dick Long. Additionally, he wrote and directed science fiction film Everything Everywhere All at Once - which became the highest grossing indie movie of 2022.

As a student at Emerson College, he worked as a camera assistant to the director of music videos such as DJ Snake & Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What." Over time, they developed an intimate friendship and began working together on films together.

They have been working together for years and are known as The Daniels. Their first movie, Swiss Army Man, was a success, leading to them recently signing on with Universal Pictures on a five-year contract.

Director Tim Burton's latest film, Everything Everywhere All at Once, is an acclaimed sci-fi masterpiece and has been nominated for 11 Oscars - an amazing feat for an indie movie.

It has won the DGA Award for Best Feature Film Directing, marking only the third time a duo has won this prestigious honor in history - Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins for 1961 West Side Story and Joel and Ethan Coen's 2007 No Country for Old Men.

The duo, also known as The Daniels, has been invited to join the esteemed Criterion Closet. In a recently released video from the film institution, they chose their top Blu-rays.

Their selections include classic Jackie Chan movies and "Police Story." Furthermore, they confess their affection for Godzilla, a movie they saw as children.

They have been nominated 17 times for the Academy Award for Best Director and have won four times with this nomination.

On January 15th, 2023 CCAs awarded The Postman as a winner. Additionally, Ke Huy Quan earned himself the best supporting actor prize and Paul Rogers was recognized for his editing work on the movie.

Will dolly parton tour again

Will Dolly Parton Tour Again?

Dolly Parton recently revealed in an interview that she does not plan to tour again, instead opting to spend more time with her husband Carl Dean.

In her latest Pollstar interview, she expressed fear of something happening while on tour; thus, staying close to home in Nashville is important for her. Additionally, she appreciates technology which allows her to connect with her devoted fans without ever leaving home again.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is an icon of American music, having earned more than a dozen Grammys, an Emmy, a Tony and two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Aside from her successful career as a musician, Dolly also holds titles as television host, author and philanthropist.

Dolly Parton founded Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, a non-profit organization that sends free books to children in need. Her philanthropic efforts have drawn widespread recognition. In a recent interview, she spoke about why she feels it is so important for children's lives.

Parton also has her own successful record label, Dolly Records. Her debut album for the label was Backwoods Barbie in 2008.

Her musical style is rooted in country music, but she also has an impressive pop songwriting capability. Many of her biggest hits have been love songs like "Here You Come Again," which became her first crossover hit and reached number one on both country and pop charts in 1977.

After the release of her fifth studio album in 2016, she embarked on a tour that featured 60 dates across North America. Recently, Pollstar reported that she doesn't anticipate doing another tour, though it could include occasional special shows.

She has expressed that her partner of 55 years, Carl Thomas Dean, is the primary reason she's retiring from touring. She doesn't want to spend any more time apart from him because she still adores him deeply.

Another reason she decided to retire from touring was her health. She's been fighting cancer since 2015 and hasn't been as active on the road as she once was, according to an interview she gave last month.

During the interview, she also talked about her Imagination Library and why she is such a fan of children's literature. She expressed that while she has always had an affinity for reading children's books as a child, it wasn't always easy to locate the ones she wanted.

Parton's Imagination Library has sent over 20 million books to kids in need, and she has been an ardent supporter of vaccine research. Recently, she donated $1 million to the Moderna Foundation for their Coronavirus-19 vaccine project.


Dolly Parton is a legendary country singer-musician who has performed around the world with numerous artists. She has earned several awards and her discography boasts classic hits as well as 25 RIAA certified gold, platinum, and multi-platinum awards - cementing her legacy as one of country music's most successful female performers ever.

Dolly is an incredibly talented performer, and her live shows are always a treat to watch. Her stage presence and vocals are often backed up by her band for added impact onstage.

She has been performing for over six decades, and even though she hasn't toured in many years, she still enjoys performing at special events and at her home in Tennessee and Dollywood theme park.

Her most recent tour, the Pure and Simple tour, which concluded in 2016, included 60 shows across North America. Additionally, she has recently been nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

However, she has announced that she will no longer be touring, opting instead to focus on her own music. In an interview with concert trade publication Pollstar, Pollstar noted that she would like to spend more time at home with her husband Carl Dean.

Parton has recently decided to put her touring days behind her and focus on creating a rock album. She credits her husband's passion for rock music as the reason for creating the new record, hoping it will capture that style of music perfectly.

Dolly Parton has been performing for over six decades, boasting an extensive discography of hits and classics. She is nominated for 25 RIAA certified gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards as well as being inducted into the Rock &Roll Hall of Fame.

Country superstar Miranda Lambert is an incredibly gifted artist who has penned numerous hits and classics. She's become a hugely popular performer in her home state of Tennessee, even being nominated for the Rock &Roll Hall of Fame.


Dolly Parton has been a pillar of country music for more than six decades. She's accomplished as an artist, writer, actress and businesswoman; owning her own theme park, dinner theaters and waterparks while founding numerous charitable initiatives.

She founded Blue Eye Records in 1994 and since then has released over 40 solo albums. As an Emmy Award-winning television host, she also won several awards for her work - including a Grammy Award for "The Grass Is Blue."

It's easy to see why she has remained popular over the years. Her clever, self-deprecating humor has earned her a reputation as an upbeat, relatable artist. Additionally, her hit songs such as "Jolene," "I Will Always Love You," and "9 to 5," continue to prove popular worldwide.

Parton is a co-owner of Dollywood, an amusement park located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This popular tourist spot offers rides, shows and traditional crafts to visitors from around the South.

Christmastime at Dollywood is always a busy time of year, with visitors treated to an array of holiday shows and concerts. In addition to the flagship production - Christmas in the Smokies - guests can see other classic holiday productions on both indoor and outdoor stages.

Experience an extra special Christmas with Old Saint Nick by taking guests to his cabin. There, guests can see him review the list of children who need presents for Christmas and find out whether their name is on the naughty or nice list; plus they'll have the chance to take a photo with him!

Parton has ambitious plans for the future, including more rock and roll albums as well as a television Christmas special. She's also working on her novel Run, Rose, Run which she co-wrote with James Patterson.

Dolly Parton has stated in an interview with concert trade publication Pollstar that she no longer plans on embarking on a full-blown tour. Instead, the singer wants to spend more time with her husband Carl Dean.


Dolly Parton is a legendary country music performer whose career spanning five decades. Her music has helped shape the industry and she remains one of the most successful female artists in country music history. Additionally, Dolly pioneered the crossover between country and pop music styles with numerous crossover hits.

Dolly Parton was born on January 19, 1946 in Locust Ridge, Tennessee as the fourth of 12 children. Raised in poverty on a small subsistence farm in Appalachia, she became renowned for her songs about childhood and family hardship, such as "Coat of Many Colors" and "In the Good Old Days."

Parton was raised by a hardworking, religious family that struggled to make ends meet. Her mother instilled in her the importance of faith, while being surrounded by church musicians who introduced her to Elizabethan ballads.

Dolly always had the dream of becoming a famous singer. As Dolly was growing up, her aspiration was to achieve this goal and worked diligently on her music, making several recordings for different labels before settling in Nashville to pursue it full time.

She became close friends with country singer Porter Wagoner, who offered her a spot on his TV show and live tour. They performed together for nearly two decades and became an immensely popular double act.

After her time with Porter Wagoner, Dolly embarked on a successful solo career. She released an array of critically acclaimed albums, won numerous awards, and featured in numerous films.

She achieved great success as an artist, yet often experienced a decline in her core fan base. She disbanded her fan club and her popularity plummeted dramatically during the '90s.

But she returned to her roots, reestablishing herself with traditional country releases in the early 2000s. Her concerts sold out every night and eventually, Pure & Simple became her first number-one album in over 25 years - earning her a place at the top of charts everywhere.

Dolly Parton has earned numerous accolades and won many, including the Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her songs "Jolene" and "I Will Always Love You". Her songs have sold millions of copies worldwide and been covered by a wide range of artists.

Is dolly parton related to miley cyrus

Is Dolly Parton Related to Miley Cyrus?

Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus are two of the biggest pop culture icons. Although they aren't related, their relationship transcends their shared love for music.

They first met while Cyrus was a tween on the set of her show Hannah Montana and Parton played her godmother. Since then, they've exchanged advice and even performed together several times.

Are they related by blood?

Dolly Parton may not have her own children, but she certainly doesn't lack in love for her nieces and nephews. Additionally, the pop superstar Miley Cyrus is her goddaughter.

Both women have developed an intense bond through country music, often exchanging heartfelt shoutouts on social media platforms. Furthermore, their close-knit relationship has seen them share some of the industry's biggest stage moments together.

Cyrus has long been a fan of Parton's music. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, even performed and toured with the country legend during her childhood years!

Parton and Cyrus became friends quickly, with Parton even offering Cyrus advice on her popular Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. She had a major impact on Cyrus' life, and their bond has endured throughout adulthood.

Parton has even served as Cyrus' mentor, providing her with invaluable advice to get her career off the ground in music. Even through difficult times like her divorce from Liam Hemsworth in 2019, Parton has remained supportive of her young star.

Cyrus and Parton don't share blood relations, yet their love of music has brought them close together. The pair has performed together multiple times, even joining Dolly Parton to sing "Jolene" at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Dolly and Miley share an unbreakable bond that transcends their musical talents, showing how deeply they care about one another. Their close-knit family dynamics also serve as a great example of what can happen when two people grow up together.

They've also been able to support each other through difficult times in their lives, like when Cyrus' child star status was criticized in the early 2010s. As she moved away from her childhood role, many of her fans felt challenged or questioned their choices.

They may not be blood related, but their love for each other is undying and has allowed them to build a strong foundation for their friendship. Their bond has allowed them to blossom as artists, and they are proud of its unbreakable strength.

Do they have a relationship?

When you hear the name Dolly Parton, you likely think of a country music legend with an extensive career and numerous hits. While her name may be synonymous with country music, Parton is actually quite successful as a pop artist in her own right; her songs have sold millions of copies and she enjoys an enthusiastic fan base.

Despite her success, Parton still finds time to mentor young musicians like Miley Cyrus. In fact, the two have even collaborated on some music together!

Both artists are not blood related, yet their relationship transcends their professional roles. Together, they performed "Jolene" at both the 2019 Grammy Awards and on "The Voice".

Miley and her sister regularly perform together at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where Miley helps promote their business venture. Recently, Miley recorded a cover of "Jolene" that went viral on YouTube.

Miley has seen Dolly as a role model, teaching her the value of humility and staying true to yourself. She urges Miley to strive to "be the best version of yourself no matter what life throws at you."

Dolly and Miley do not share a blood relationship, but they have an inseparable friendship that transcends both of their musical careers. Additionally, the two share an amazing godmother-goddaughter bond which has been nurtured since Miley was very small.

Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus' relationship began when Dolly and Billy Ray worked together in the early 1990s. The two fell in love over their shared passion for country music, leading Parton to become Cyrus' godmother after they met.

Dolly and Ken have collaborated on several of her albums, including her 2020 holiday release A Holly Dolly Christmas. Additionally, the duo performed at both the 2021 Grammy Awards as well as Dolly's 2020 concert in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Dolly and Miley's relationship has been a tremendous blessing to both of them. It has enabled them to realize just how powerful their voices together can be, as well as the influence they can have on those around them.

Do they perform together?

Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus may not be related by blood, but their musical talents have been shared since 13 years old. Cyrus is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, with Parton serving as her godmother.

Cyrus and Parton both enjoy tremendous success in their careers, with Dolly being known for her hits such as "I Will Always Love You," "Jolene," and "Islands in the Stream." She has also been nominated for multiple awards including four Grammys and three Golden Globes.

At their most recent performance, Miley and Dolly sang a stunning medley of their songs. The duo sang an irresistibly sensual version of Patsy Cline's "Walking After Midnight" before proceeding to belt out an electric rendition of "Jolene," both dressed in matching pink and black outfits.

They both sounded stunning together, and it was evident that the two were having an incredible time on stage. It wasn't the first time they'd collaborated before.

They also collaborated on her holiday album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, which features an all-star cast of musicians and performers. Their stage chemistry is electric, as they both share a passion for their music.

On NBC's New Year's Eve special, the two singers delivered some of their finest performances to date. One particularly standout number was their cover of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' "I Love Rock 'n' Roll."

Cyrus and Parton clearly have a special bond, as they both speak fondly of their time together. They've shared memories of acting on "Hannah Montana" together as well as discussing their shared passions in music.

Both singers enjoy a large social media following, and their performance was an instant hit. People across the internet expressed their delight over the duet, calling it one of the best medleys they had ever witnessed.

This performance was just one of many remarkable moments from their NBC special, which you can watch now on Peacock. The special featured a plethora of incredible performances as well as appearances by several surprise guests and Cyrus and Parton themselves.

The special concluded with an incredible performance from Cyrus and Parton, who sang the timeless country hit, "Jolene." Both musicians sounded fantastic singing this infectious track, showing that they both had a blast performing it.

Do they stay in touch?

Dolly Parton is one of the world's most beloved country stars and she shares a special bond with her goddaughter Miley Cyrus. Though Dolly doesn't have children of her own, she has strong bonds with the young pop star and even serves as her "fairy godmother".

Miley Parton has been an integral part of Miley's life from day one, especially since her birth. Her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, who performed with Parton on tour and made a guest appearance on Disney's Hannah Montana series, is another longtime friend.

However, Parton had never been officially related to Cyrus until she became her godmother at 17 years old. In 1996, she and Cyrus' mother Tish tied the knot and now have two sons together: Braison and Trace.

Cyrus has also credited Parton with keeping her grounded. She said that being constantly exposed to fame had gotten in the way of moving forward, and Parton helped her move past it.

In her 2013 Cosmopolitan cover story, Cyrus shared that being in the spotlight wasn't everything that brought joy. She explained that working with Parton on Hannah Montana felt like "being a proud mama," and their relationship was "really, really good".

They have remained friends throughout the years and often collaborate musically. In 2017, Miley co-wrote and sang Rainbowland for her album Younger Now; later that same night they performed a duet version of Parton's hit "Jolene" at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Despite their close bond, country music icon and singer rarely meet. In an interview with "Later Night with Seth Myers," Cyrus revealed that she communicates with her godmother via fax.

Cyrus loves cooking and spending time with her family when she's not singing or performing. Recently, she joined Duncan Hines to launch a line of brownie, biscuit, and corn-bread mixes.

Miley was raised surrounded by country music, often visiting her mother's family in Tennessee. Her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, who had a career as a country singer himself, joined Dolly Parton on tour.

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