Iowa Basketball game

Iowa Basketball game

Iowa Basketball

The athletes raising the pulse of the nation after the U.S. women’s basketball team triumphed earlier this week in the Olympics. That’s an interesting comparison, not to mention the fact that the match-up will be broadcasted on ESPN. How many recruits will Iowa be able to attract now that they’re now in the national spotlight? (Photo: The Sports Gal) By Michael Seelau The NBA playoffs are underway and we’ve all heard.

What the Analytics Say About Iowa Basketball After Four Games

The college basketball season is still in its early stages. Iowa has not played the best of competition, but the first four games have given us a rough idea of what this team could look like for the rest of the season. (Source: 247sports.com)

Iowa Hawkeyes on Yahoo! Sport

Following a 108-82 home win over Alabama State on Thursday, Iowa is averaging 97.3 points a game and is making an average of 11 shots from 3-point range. Iowa made 20 of 44 shots from beyond the arc in the win over Alabama State, which Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery said was a byproduct of Alabama State staying in a zone defense throughout the game. The zone enabled us to continuously get good shots, I thought,” McCaffery said. (Source: sports.yahoo.com)

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After an easy peasy lemon squeezy first week, the Iowa Hawkeyes (2-0) return to the hardwood to face the NC Central Eagles (0-2). The Eagles gave Richmond a run for their money in the first half of the season but lost to the Spiders and Memphis last week. The Hawks beat them 97-67 in the first game of last season. Patrick McCaffery & Keegan Murray combined for 28 points in that one! (Source: www.blackheartgoldpants.com)



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