Incineroar is this cool little Pokemon. It's a Dark / Steel type Pokemon. The darkest, coolest kind of Pokemon. AND it's super strong, as can be seen in this fight with Double-Edge. How adorable and powerful is it, huh?



Incineroar's neutral special move is Darkest Lariat, which involves it performing a series of discus lariats that can block projectiles. Its side special is Alolan Whip, in which it lunges at an opponent in order to Irish whip them into wrestling ring ropes and, depending on when the special button is pressed, subsequently perform a lariat, a back body drop, or collide with the opponent. Incineroar's up special is Cross Chop, which has it leap vertically into the air and descend diagonally to perform a cross chop that causes a small explosion upon hitting a surface. Lastly, its down special is Revenge, a type of counterattack that makes Incineroar receive minor damage in exchange for retaliating with a small burst of flame and making its next attack much stronger.

Darkest Lariat is Incineroar's standard special move. When used, Incineroar spins for a few seconds and hits any player nearby with a series of discus lariats. It is very quick and hits multiple times, with its initial hit being very strong and each subsequent hit being weaker than the last. Darkest Lariat also grants varying degrees of invincibility to Incineroar, which makes it capable of interrupting an opponent's attack. Although it has quick start-up lag, its lengthy duration can make it somewhat unsafe without proper timing, especially while off-stage. In addition, Darkest Lariat's initial hit is the only one capable of KOing reliably, whereas its subsequent hits are better suited for pressuring a shielding opponent. (Source: www.mariowiki.com)


Incineroar's flame belt is produced from within its body and burst from its navel and waist as its fighting spirit rises. In addition to spewing fire from its navel, it uses ferocious kicks and punches. This Pokémon disregards the safety of its opponents and on-lookers, sometimes striking the opposing Trainer with attacks. It is a violent Pokémon, and will sometimes ignore its Trainer's orders when it is not in the mood to listen. Despite this, it finds fighting unworthy opponents boring and gets motivated fighting a challenging one. Weak or injured opponents also cause it to lose the desire to fight, which others sometimes use to their advantage. It also values the attention of the crowd as Incineroar's spirit goes up while the crowd is excited or falters when the crowd is bored. While it tends to act like a heel, Incineroar is very happy internally when receiving the admiration of children or young Pokémon.

Similarly to some of its fellow super heavyweights, Incineroar also possesses a unique grab; in this case, a command grab that functions as its side special, Alolan Whip. Upon execution, the player must press the attack or special button again after the throw initiates, and depending on timing, it has three outcomes: performing it early will result in a back body drop that has high vertical knockback that scales slowly, performing it too late will result in the opponent harmlessly bouncing back while damaging Incineroar, and performing it cleanly (as the opponent is about to collide with Incineroar) results in a lariat that is one of Incineroar's strongest moves, thanks to its very high horizontal knockback and low launching angle. Even the early and failure versions of the move have their uses, with the back body drop KOing earlier while near the upper blast line, and the collision being usable to set up a reversal. (Source: www.ssbwiki.com)


Incineroar is based on a tiger and a wrestler, specifically that of a heel, or a villain role wrestler, possibly being the inspiration for its Dark. Its appearance also draws similarities to the popular manga character Tiger Mask, who was also a heel wrestler. Incineroar may also be based on Zangief, a Russian wrestler from the Street Fighter series nicknamed the "Red Cyclone" who, like Incineroar, has a lariat as one of his signature moves. It also has some characteristics of domestic cats.

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