I Took A Challenge And Made THOR Live Action

I Took A Challenge And Made THOR Live Action


I Took A Challenge And Made THOR Live Action

Whether you're a fan or not, you probably have heard of Marvel's THOR. The character has been a huge part of comic books, movies, and video games for decades. After being asked to create a live action version of the character, I took on the challenge. Taking on the task of creating the THOR that fans have always dreamed of was a daunting task. However, with the help of my fellow filmmakers, I was able to pull off what I set out to do. Despite some bumps along the way, the movie is now available on DVD.


During San Diego Comic-Con, Natalie Portman announced that she will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Jane Foster, Thor's former girlfriend and wielder of the magic hammer Mjolnir. Portman had been absent from the MCU since Thor: The Dark World. She said she wanted to bring in a storyline about breast cancer.

After the events of "Thor: Ragnarok," Thor has lost his home, brother Loki and his eye. Thor vows to return to Asgard to face Loki. He enlists the help of his former girlfriend Jane Foster. In the film, Thor re-emerges as a new God of Thunder.

The movie will feature a cast that is larger than any Thor film before. It will also feature the return of Christian Bale, Idris Elba, and Taika Waititi, as well as new faces such as Tessa Thompson, Dave Bautista, and Jeff Goldblum.

The film will feature a new villain, Gorr, played by Academy Award winner Christian Bale. As his name suggests, Gorr is a God Butcher, bent on killing all the gods. He is also a fealty of Rapu. Rapu is a mocker of Gorr's expectations in the afterlife.

Thor is also accompanied by a new ally, the Black lesbian Valkyrie, played by Pom Klementieff. Hela, the evil goddess of death, will also return to the MCU.

"Thor: Love and Thunder" will open on July 8, 2022. It will also feature the return of the Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum.

CGI effects

Earlier this year, Thor: Love and Thunder was released in theaters and it has received a great deal of criticism for its CGI effects. However, a number of vendors helped to bring the movie to life, including EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani, Method Studios, Fin Design + Effects, Rising Sun Pictures, and Cinesite.

Thor: Love and Thunder was the first Marvel movie to use The Volume technology, a new green screen technology created by Lucasfilm's VFX unit Industrial Light & Magic. In this technology, actors can interact with digital creations in real time. For Thor: Love and Thunder, it was a great opportunity to explore the technology's capabilities.

The film also featured a number of inventive visual effects, including the creation of a frost monster on Earth. Several other effects vendors contributed key shots, including Base FX, Blur Studio, Double Negative, and Luma Pictures.

While the film is packed with visual effects, some of the most impressive scenes were filmed on set. For example, the film opens with an origin story of Christian Bale's supervillain Gorr the God Butcher. During the film, Gorr kidnaps children and takes them to the Shadow Realm. In order to rescue them, Thor must speak with his son Axl, who is floating head-first in a floating head projection.

For the film's main action sequence, BUF helped to extend Rainbow Bridge, which links the center of Asgard to the observatory. The bridge was designed to look crystalline, and the energy generated by the bridge is used to power the observatory.

Scenes of truth in action movies

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Conversation between Thor and Loki

During the Infinity War, Thor and Loki are having a conversation. They are deciding whether their relationship should end when Odin dies. They are also deciding how much to bet on each other in the coming war.

The conversation is a tad complicated, but there are plenty of signs that it is an important one. When Thor asks his adopted brother about his conquests, he is talking as though they are his own. Loki is also on the lookout for an opportunity to kill.

Loki is no longer hiding in plain sight. He has a slew of tattoos dedicated to his deceased loved ones. He is also contributing magical skills to rebuilding Jotunheim.

The Infinity Stones are not the only thing that can destroy a planet. Loki also happens to be a master of all things related to time and space. He can also manipulate magic.

It is also no secret that the Odin-Loki relationship has been a tad rocky lately. Odin was never a fan of Loki, and the former was snubbed by his mother. He had the opportunity to reclaim his honor, but he declined.

Odin also kept Loki in the dark about Hela. He also had the opportunity to save his life. That is, until he was stabbed. In the meantime, Loki is attempting to kill Thor and Odin.

The Hulk in Battle of Champions

Throughout the history of the Marvel Comics universe, The Hulk has had to fight and defeat many powerful heroes. He is a superhuman fighter with a powerful and volatile personality. He has defeated many mutants and teams of superheroes.

Hulk is also one of the most feared villains in the Marvel Comics universe. He is known for his rage, which makes him extremely unpredictable. He has lost many fights to powerful heroes, but his rage often results in unnecessary fights.

The Hulk has gotten stronger over the years. His strength and rage are excellent against villains, but can be problematic when he gets out of control. He has also been betrayed by a friend.

One of the most powerful and enduring villains in the Marvel Universe is the Abomination. He is a satanic entity that Hulk has beaten. His gamma radiation is linked to dark magic. His powers are also linked to a dark force that only occurs at night.

Another powerhouse superhero in the Marvel Universe is The Thing. He and the Hulk often fight. The Thing is gray and does not have the pure power of the green Hulk. They usually fight to a draw.

The Hulk is also a noted smashing enthusiast. He reduces boxing gear to useless leather. He also bangs gloved fists together. His fists are filled with pure fury.

The depressed version of Thor in Avengers: Endgame

Throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), many of the characters have exhibited signs of depression. For Thor, this is a fairly recent development. His depression is attributed to his defeat at the hands of Thanos in "Infinity War" and loss of his sister and half brother, Loki.

Thor's new appearance in Avengers: Endgame is a big deal among MCU fans. But it's not a particularly impressive feat. In fact, some people have questioned the film's depiction of the character's depressive state.

In "Endgame," Thor's depressive state is depicted through a variety of methods. He is shown as overweight, drunk, and shirtless. He is even seen playing video games with Fortnite. While this may not be the most accurate depiction of a depressive state, it does show that godlike heroes can deteriorate.

In the film, Thor's appearance is also the subject of much controversy. The Russo Brothers reportedly intended to depict Thor's weight gain as a representation of his depression. However, this didn't go as planned. Many fans were upset with the film's depiction of Thor's weight. Others took to social media to poke fun at the film for its depiction of overweight characters.

In the end, Avengers: Endgame didn't know how to handle difficult themes, such as depression. It also didn't do the best job of presenting the small miracles of the MCU.

Grassy Knoll Marks 59th Anniversary of JFK Assassination

Tuesday marks 59th anniversary of JFK assassination

59 years ago, President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas. The assassination of President Kennedy was a big deal in the United States, and was even viewed as a sign of impending doom for Dallas for many years afterwards. As such, the city was considered to be a pariah in many areas for the years following the assassination.

Grassy Knoll

Grassy Knoll marks 59 years since the killing of President Kennedy in Dallas. The assassination opened up a Pandora's box of conspiracy theories. Some claim that the assassination was orchestrated by the CIA, while others claim it was a murderous act by a mob.

The House investigation found evidence of a second gunman on the knoll. While the jury will have to decide whether this is true, a 2008 team of experts used high-tech tools to determine that the origin of the bullet would be at Oswald's perch.

Although the committee did not test shots fired within seven-tenths of a second, it did consider the possibility that one of the shots came from the knoll. However, no witnesses provided testimony that would indicate that no shots were fired from the knoll.

The committee also considered the possibility that a shot from the knoll could have hit the President. However, no physical evidence supported this theory. The committee also found no loud noises that could have been heard by the motorcade.

In the end, the committee did not believe that the shot from the grassy knoll was the best way to kill the President. However, it did conclude that a shot from the knoll did not hit the President at Zapruder frame 312.

The committee also found that the time between impulse patterns was too short for two shots to be fired. The best synchronization of film and tape would have been based on the correlation of impulse pattern four on tape with the fatal head shot to President at frame 319 of Zapruder film.

Oak Cliff homes where Oswald stayed before the assassination

Several Oak Cliff homes were used by Lee Harvey Oswald while he was in Dallas for the Kennedy assassination. These homes are now private and in some cases, they're being converted into museums.

Patricia Puckett Hall lives in one of these homes, and is a third-generation rooming house owner. She started offering tours of the house nine years ago. She says that people always ask to see it. She says that she's hoping to sell it soon. Her sons will own it when she dies.

The house looks like it did in 1963. There's a gap in the fence, which allows visitors to peek into the backyard. It also has a stereo that has period hits. You can also stand under the stairs where Oswald took a photo of himself.

The home also has a bathroom and a living room. There's a replica of the couch in Mamie pink. There's also a refrigerator and a bed. Oswald rented the room for $8 a week. He also left a wedding ring on the nightstand.

Originally, the building was a boarding house owned by Gladys Johnson. She rented out 18 rooms. She received death threats because she was Oswald's temporary landlady.

Dallas was seen as a pariah city for years after the assassination

Upon the assassination of President Kennedy, Dallas was known as "The City of Hate". For years, the city was in the news for all the wrong reasons, and was a target of ridicule and hysteria. Dallas became an international pariah.

Dallas has undergone a makeover over the last 50 years. One major change is the removal of a large "X" that was embedded in the pavement of Elm Street.

Another is a newly painted concrete pedestal where Abraham Zapruder made his home movie. The city is preparing for an official event on November 22, 1963, the day JFK was shot.

There are also a number of other small changes. The city has added street lamps, repaired a few street signs, and cleaned up the grassy knoll that was the site of the assassination.

Dallas has also become a hotbed of conspiracy theorists. According to a survey, most Americans believe that there was some sort of conspiracy behind the Kennedy assassination. Many conspiracy theorists denounce the official line that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole killer.

The Sixth Floor Museum is one of Dallas' most popular tourist attractions. The museum is housed in the former Texas School Book Depository, which was the location where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy.

Majority of Americans believe that Oswald had co-conspirators in the murder

Despite the official conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter, a majority of Americans believe that he had co-conspirators. In fact, a recent poll shows that more than half of Americans believe that Kennedy was murdered by a conspiracy.

The conspiracy theory that Kennedy was murdered by a conspiracy has become part of the culture. It is one of the most widely accepted conspiracy theories of all time. There are countless books and movies that speculate on how Kennedy was killed. Many of these books and movies claim that Oswald was a member of the Mafia or the Soviet government.

The official conclusion that Oswald was the only shooter has been challenged by new evidence. A recent poll shows that more than half of Americans are interested in obtaining the tapes from Oswald's time in the CIA.

The government has failed to be transparent. The government has held back documents and evidence pertaining to the assassination from the public. The government has been called on to release these documents.

The House Select Committee on Assassinations conducted a two-year investigation into the assassination of JFK. The investigation was flawed. It relied on a questionable acoustical analysis of a dictabelt recording from the Dallas police headquarters.

Jacqueline Kennedy sat next to her husband's coffin in the back of the plane

During the 59th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination, we've seen a lot of images from the era. We've seen President Kennedy buried at Arlington National Cemetery and Air Force One flying across the country, but we've never seen the picture of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy sitting next to her husband's coffin in the back of the plane.

The picture of the First Lady sitting next to her husband's coffin on Air Force One was certainly an interesting one. Nevertheless, it was not what happened that really made it a memorable moment.

President Kennedy's assassination happened at the same time as the Cold War was heating up. Many people assumed a far-right component was responsible for the murder. However, the Warren Commission found that the assassination was actually performed by a single individual.

While there were rumors of an assassination conspiracy, the most likely culprit was Lee Harvey Oswald, who traveled to Dallas to work at the Texas School Book Depository. Oswald was accused of shooting President Kennedy in the head and neck, and was arrested shortly after the assassination.

While Kennedy was being buried, his wife and first-born son Patrick Bouvier Kennedy were in Bethesda, Maryland. Their gravesite was in Arlington, Virginia, on an axis between the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington House.

Robert Kennedy's salute to his father in the back of the plane

Almost 20 years after President Kennedy's death, people are still discussing whether his assassination was real or not. While few are denying that Lee Harvey Oswald fired the killing shot, there are many people who believe that the assassination was not carried out in the way it was reported. Some have even suggested that Kennedy was not actually killed, but that someone else was.

On the day of Kennedy's assassination, a number of people were killed, including several in a train crash. Some also died as a result of the plane crash. This led to a raging debate about the shooting, including accusations that the assassination was faked. Some have even suggested that the man who was killed is not Kennedy, but Vincent Fusca, who lives in Pittsburgh.

Kennedy was in his third year as president when he was assassinated. He had barely carried Texas in the 1960 election. But the state was crucial to his re-election in 1964. He wanted to mend the ruptures in the Texas Democratic party.

In Dallas, Kennedy's wife and children were at his side. Caroline Kennedy gave John a toy helicopter. She had given it to him for his third birthday. He had aspired to become a pilot from childhood.

Cronkite's broadcast of the assassination

Regardless of whether you were born during the time of the assassination of President Kennedy, or if you were born after it, the events of that fateful day will remain in your mind for the rest of your life. Walter Cronkite's broadcast of the news of JFK's death is a defining moment in the history of television.

Cronkite was the anchor of CBS Evening News from 1962 to 1981. He was also a radio announcer and war correspondent, who covered events in Europe and the Pacific. He was 46 years old when he became the anchorman of the evening news.

On the day of the assassination, Cronkite was on call to cover the news. He was sitting at a United Press International (UPI) wire machine in the CBS newsroom when the first bulletin broke. It reported shots had been fired at the president's motorcade in Dallas.

Cronkite was able to decide which stories would be aired. He explained to his audience that the reports were unverified, and that they were not official confirmation. He explained that reports were being relayed by KRLD, a Dallas station, and that he was waiting for an official confirmation from CBS.

Gareth Bale Makes US Debut

Gareth Bale le amarg el debut a Estados Unidos y consigui el

Earlier this week, Gareth Bale made his US debut against the Chicago Fire. It's one of the biggest games of the year for him and the US Soccer Federation. It will be interesting to see how he performs in a game against the world's top team.

Robert Page debutante vs Estados Unidos

Considering how much time and energy Wales has poured into qualifying for the next World Cup, the opening game against USA will be a stern test of their mettle. This could prove to be a challenge, but a settled side with a good age profile is an advantage for the Welsh. They should be able to put the brakes on a young US side.

The MLS has a number of players who could make their mark on the international stage. One of them is the MLS Cup winning captain and former Real Madrid star Gareth Bale, who will be reunited with Wales' Euro 2020 nemesis Ryan Giggs in the Qatar desert. Despite being a recent LAFC signing, Bale has already made two starts for the MLS outfit and has impressed in both. During his time in Los Angeles, Bale has also been an integral part of the Welsh success story and has proven his worth with a pair of goals against Austria and Ukraine.

Gareth Bale has insisted that he is fit enough for the big game, and is likely to be a starter in the first match against USA. He has played less than an hour of competitive football since September, but is expected to be fit for the start of the World Cup. He may also get a chance to match the other MLS big guns in the opener.

The USA has played a fair few games against European teams in recent years. The US has lost four of the past nine World Cup finals games to European opponents. However, the US has won three of the last four major international tournaments. Despite this, they were considered the underdogs going into the tournament. Although their draw against Saudi Arabia was a competitive match, it was not the best performance of the night.

The US has played a number of high profile European teams during their recent World Cup qualifying campaigns, but will be challenged by a Wales side that will be more than a match for the Americans. Despite their recent success, Wales have failed to keep a clean sheet in any of their last 12 matches. The good news for Wales is that their best players have been rested for their final two matches against Ukraine and Austria. The team has also been playing a more aggressive style of football, and will be looking to get back on track in the Qatar desert.

The USA's MLS side is a mix of veteran players and youth. The biggest stars include Kieffer Moore, Aaron Ramsey, Joe Allen, and Neco Williams. The team will be coached by Wayne Hennessey, who has a history of success with the Chicago Fire. Despite the high quality of the team, the young American side could be lacking in the experience department.

Los ltimos juegos de Bale en Estados Unidos

Despite being a small and relatively unknown team, the United States of America are a formidable force. The team features an impressive number of players and has played four World Cup matches so far. They are the second youngest team in the tournament and are led by Christian Pulisic, the leader of the team. In the upcoming round of matches, they will face Great Britain and England. They will also play Iran in the group B match on 29 November.

In their first match of the tournament, the United States dominated the first half. They took a 1-0 lead after a goal by Tim Weah. However, Gales reacted positively in the second half and scored a goal of their own. They also got their first penalty and scored another goal. In the end, the two sides ended up battling it out in a 1-1 draw. The United States and England will meet again in the round of 16. During this match, the United States will also face the newly-minted Inglaterra.

The United States has been a force in MLS over the past few years, but it is still far from being a national team that can rival MLB and NFL. But that may soon change. The team has just signed one of the most exciting players in the game, Gareth Bale, to join their roster. He will be part of LAFC and will start his MLS career in June. This will be Bale's second high-profile signing with LAFC.

The United States played the first match of the tournament in Qatar. They will also face Great Britain and England in the next round. Their mermo performance in the first half was impressive. They forced Gales into a few misplaced passes and had two corner kicks. However, they could not prevent Gale from scoring an historic goal. Their only option was to react in the second half.

The United States played with a lot of intensity in the center of the field, and this pressure was felt throughout the game. But when it was time to rob the ball from the opponent, Gales was able to prevent the attack. The United States managed to keep the ball in the opposing penalty area for only about three minutes. But when the ball ended up in the opposing zaga, the United States failed to prevent Gale from putting it in the air. They also failed to prevent the Gale seleccion from playing the ball from behind. They also failed to prevent a shot that went past Wayne Hennessey.

The United States seleccion is led by Christian Pulisic, who has been a key player for the team. He has been a member of the National Team since 2006. He is a prolific scorer with six FIFA Futbolist of the Year awards to his name. He also played a role in the World Cup final for the United States.

Este es el ltimo partido de Bale en Estados Unidos

MLS's new phenom, Gareth Bale, was finally introduced to the United States on Monday. Having spent the past nine years playing for Real Madrid, Bale moved to the MLS in a bid to prove his quality. In his first match, Bale played in a left wing band alongside Carlos Vela. The duo was able to control the midfield and attack.

In the first half, the United States dominated the play, but they lacked creativity. Gales was also able to pressure them and force several good chances. In the 82nd minute, Kieffer Moore scored a penalty for Gales. It was the only door shot of the game. After the remate, the United States reacted strongly. They got some yellow cards and went on to a tense second half. However, Bale and the team managed to make the final score 6-2.

Gareth Bale was initially inserted into the starting lineup by coach Steve Cherundolo. Bale was tasked to defend the goal against Tim Weah in the first half, which he did successfully. However, in the second half, the United States grew in confidence and went on to score three times. In addition, he scored the deciding goal.

Bale had a hard time defending the penalty, and ended up being derribed by a United States defender. When the ball came back to him, he aferred it and shot at the upper right corner of the box. However, he was unable to prevent Matt Turner from intercepting his shot. He ended up sending Bale to the ground.

The first half drew a 2-2 draw. The United States and Ghana played a much more aggressive game in the second half. They were able to control the midfield and attack with more creative plays. Nevertheless, the United States lost points and finished the World Cup with a record of one point, below Inglaterra. However, the United States could finish second behind England, if they win their next match against Iran on Friday.

The United States of America is preparing for the World Cup after an eight-year absence. They co-host the 2026 FIFA World Cup with Mexico, and will try to collect three points against Iran in their next match. The United States has a young roster with some talent in European leagues. In addition, they are co-hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup with Mexico and Canada.

After the match, United States coach Gregg Berhalter remarked on his players' performance. He said that Gales was a very smart team, with great intelligence in their game. The United States was also able to pressure Gales on the offensive. The teams were equal in the first half, and the game was more even in the second half. The United States will try to win their next match to keep their lead in Group B.

My Anime List is Incomplete Without One Piece

one piece my anime list

If you are looking for anime series that are fun to watch and have colourful characters, you have come to the right place. In this article I will go over the Characters, Storyline, and Rating of One Piece. These elements will help you determine whether or not this show is for you. One Piece has over 300,000 fans worldwide.

One Piece

One Piece is a series that takes place in Japan. It follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a 17 year old boy with a thirst for adventure. He's attempting to become the new Pirate King and must find the mysterious One Piece. He gathers his crew and sets out on a grand journey, where he battles strong enemies.

One Piece is rated PG-13, and the television series includes over 900 episodes. You can also find a movie based on the series, but be sure to read the spoiler warnings before watching! In addition to the TV series, there are also two animated series: One Piece: Defeat the Pirate Ganzack! and One Piece: Chopper Plus. Each of these films is a retold version of a previous arc in the series.


My anime list is incomplete without a character from One Piece. The adventures of the title character revolve around his quest to find the One Piece, and to become the Pirate King. To get there, he must battle many strong opponents, including Shanks. This is a challenging quest and one that requires a great deal of courage.


One Piece is one of the most popular manga series in the world. Its storyline follows the exploits of a group of unique characters. It has been credited with being the first manga series to attempt world building. It also has a huge cultural impact on Japanese anime. Many of the characters from the series are based on characters from the Dragon Ball series.

The storyline of One Piece centers on the adventures of a 17-year-old boy named Luffy. This character is a swashbuckling adventurer who aspires to become a Pirate King. He sets out to find his childhood hero, One Piece, by sailing across the Grand Line. Along the way, he battles strong enemies and embarks on crazy adventures.


The popularity of One Piece is undeniable. With an epic cast of colorful characters and over three hundred thousand subscribers, it's no wonder that the anime has become a staple in the anime world. It has become the world's top grossing manga series. It's also an excellent example of a shonen story, with lots of funny scenes and epic action sequences. It also shows a wide range of characters, including diverse people from different backgrounds.

The pacing of One Piece has been criticized by its fans, especially Japanese fans. Some fans grew impatient with the slow pacing, and stopped watching on a weekly or sporadic basis. The show was also criticized for its unrealistic storylines, and its unrealistic premise led to a decrease in its ratings. Despite this, One Piece remains an enjoyable show for many fans.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Review

attack on titan season 4 myanimelist

Attack on Titan is a well-made anime series that features the adventures of the titular Titan. It has a captivating story and is animated beautifully, making it one of the greatest anime series of our time. In this episode, Eren Yeager struggles to end the ancient war between Marley and Eldia, while Reiner Braun uses his own powers to stop him.

Isayama fucking killed the animation

The first part of Attack on Titan season 4 will air on the NHK TV channel in Japan, but a subbed version of the episodes will be released on Crunchyroll and Funimation for fans to watch. Part 2 of the anime will consist of 12 episodes, and will be released one episode per week. It will be available on streaming services on Mondays at 7:45 am AEST and Sundays at 3:45pm ET.

The last episode of the anime shows Eren sneak-attacking the nation of Marley, a nation which tries to gain support for a global coalition to wipe out the Titans. The anime also shows that Eren is from the Eldian bloodline, which has been responsible for atrocities in the past.

Attack on Titan is an anime series based on a manga that is extremely faithful to the original source material. This means that criticisms of the manga are likely to carry over to the anime. The anime has an engaging story, but it lacks substance. Ultimately, it is simply too black and white. However, it's a good show and one that's worth watching.

The series' ending is also quite disappointing. It feels too sudden, and the abrupt turn of Eren into an antagonist is rather jarring. It's also a poorly conceived ending given the character's history. After nearly 100 chapters of the series, Annie is released to join the heroes in their attempt to stop Eren. While this is a decent ending, it is not what fans want to see.

The anime is based on a manga series written by Hajime Isayama. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 743. The world was ravaged by a series of titans, ranging from three to 15 meters tall. The survivors managed to build three walls around their capital, but when the titans attacked, they broke through the walls, killing civilians.

Mappa fucking killed the animation

Attack on Titan season 4 has a lot of flaws. It's not as good as previous seasons, and the production values are worse. The fight scenes looked terrible. There's also a lot of over-use of CGI, especially on the new titan. Even the president of WIT has been accused of over-working his staff and not giving the show the same level of attention as previous seasons.

Wit was responsible for the first season of AOT, but the studio passed the season on to Mappa because they had too little time to prepare. There's a lot of criticism about the studio, but most manga readers have moved on. The studio has a very busy schedule, and the fans can criticize them any way they want.

There are a few episodes that didn't work for me. Fortunately, I've had some episodes that were better than others. Those episodes always have a few issues, but this one was no exception. Despite the flaws, this episode was still a fun episode overall. In addition, the odm scenes were better than ever before, and the choreography was on par with the best Wit episodes. It was good to see the girls bonding with Mappa, but the show has a lot of issues.

The OST for the Eren Jacket scene wasn't an appropriate choice, and the OST was out of place for the Gabi scene. The animation, however, is a big plus. Next week could be the craziest episode of the season.

Attack on Titan is a very interesting series with lots of action and tension. It is also very well animated. Even if there are a lot of plot holes in this anime, it is still worth watching for the animation alone.

Eren Yeager fights to end the ancient conflict between Marley and Eldia

Eren Yeager sets up a disastrous plan, attempting to end the long-feud between Marley and Eldia with the help of his Titans. Digging deep into his family history, he seeks to use his power to control his destiny. In the midst of this battle, the two nations' Titans fight against each other and the two sides use soldiers and Titans to gain a decisive advantage. Eren's father, Reiner Braun, battles with his Titans to stop him, and Gabi Braun and Falco Grice struggle to survive Eren's forces.

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series, with a huge fan base and a lot of hype surrounding it. Fans of shonen will enjoy the unique plot, hot side characters, and excellent animation and sound.

Reiner Braun uses his powers to stop Eren

In this anime series, the main protagonist, Eren, is a half-titan, who discovers that he can turn into a Titan. This transformation comes with a lot of risks, and Eren must learn to deal with them. After he witnesses the death of his mother, he becomes inspired to kill Titans and save humanity. Eren is known to make outrageous claims, but his character is so well-developed that the viewers tend to believe him.

Reiner Braun is a strong willed character with a solid constitution. He is a good communicator and works well with his comrades. He is the number two in the trainee class, and helps Eren during training. The official English translation by Kodansha shows him as an inquisitive individual who is curious about what is happening inside Eren.

When Reiner is attacked by Titans, he uses his powers to stop Eren. This is the final battle between the two Titans. Zeke commands Falco to attack Reiner, and both of them fight back. Reiner then grabs Eren's ankle, but Eren escapes again, forcing Zeke to shoot him.

After losing his family to the Titans, Eren decides to join the Survey Corps, a group of soldiers who battle outside the walls. He also joins forces with Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Their mission is to defeat the Titans before the last wall is breached. This anime series is an adaptation of the Hajime Isayama manga. It was first aired in Japan at the Marunouchi Piccadilly 1 cinema.

The series features a new female Titan, who has a human-like body. This Titan is tall and has blond hair. She is also highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat, likely due to her controller. She was trained by her father since she was a small child. Her ability to defeat Eren was first displayed when she fought the Attack Titan, and she won the fight with a single punch.

No Game No Life

no game no life myanimelist

No Game No Life is a sandbox adventure game that follows two NEETs. The series is about their lives and the choices they make along the way. It is released on October 21, 2014 by Seven Seas Entertainment. This series is a lot of fun and is a must-watch for anyone who likes anime!

No Game No Life is based on a sandbox game

A sandbox game is a game in which players can explore, build, and modify the environment. It can also be played multiplayer. The game's sandbox nature is a great feature for gamers. While most games have a set structure, a sandbox can be highly varied, and players can use the game's sandbox mechanics to create a unique world.

The sandbox design also allows developers to make fewer investments in high-level game design. While the sandbox element is a positive thing, it can also be mistaken for narrative content. Because of this, many games have failed to reach their full potential.

The game's sandbox design also provides designers with a unique challenge: creating a captivating world. Designers of free-form sandbox games must have considerable experience in creating a compelling narrative. A game can be interesting if it has both a narrative undercurrent and free-play.

It can be hard to narrow down the best sandbox games, as there are so many different genres and settings. Despite the huge variety, however, the sandbox game style is generally characterized by a unique sense of freedom, which gives the player agency. The player is free to explore the universe at their own pace and make decisions that will affect their world.

It is about 2 NEETs

Myanimelist is an anime about two NEETs, two teenagers who are trying to find their way in the world. Both shows have similar themes about the struggle for identity, self-depreciation and relying on others for happiness. The main difference between the two anime is the level of darkness, with the darker series tackling darker themes. The lighter series on the other hand, focuses more on love and companionship between two damaged characters.

Myanimelist is about two NEETs, who try to find a way out of their situation. They meet one another outside of their apartments. One day, they see a crying second grader outside of their apartment, and they attempt to comfort the kid. They eventually become friends.

It is an adventure

MyAnimeList is an online community where users can share and rate their favorite animated series and movies. Creating your own MyAnimelist account is easy and free. Sign up today and start browsing! You can find anything from manga to anime to kids' shows. The games feature exciting storylines and fantastic characters.

It is a comedy series

If you like anime with a lighthearted tone, Myanimelist is the series for you. It features comedy anime about a group of high school students who deal with various problems. The main characters are all girls, and there are many side characters too. The series' comedy is different from the typical one, however.

The series follows the adventures of Tsuda, a first-year student of an all-girls school. He gets elected to the student council on his first day, but he gets in over his head, and the ribbing starts. Soon enough, he is banished to a fast food restaurant in modern Tokyo.

Darling in the FranXX MyAnimelist

darling in the franxx myanimelist

Darling in the FranXX has been published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment under the Ghost Ship imprint since April 5, 2022. The anime series features a diverse cast of female characters. You'll see the likes of Kokoro (Code:666), Mitsuru (Code:326), and Ikuno (Code:196).

Mitsuru (Code:326)

In DARLING in the FRANXX anime, Mitsuru is the main character. He is the former Parasite "326" of the Thirteenth Plantation, partnered with Ikuno to pilot the Genista. Before becoming a pilot, Mitsuru worked as a parasite, and was married to Ikuno. However, during his time working overtime, he changed his memory, causing him to change his character and abandon his marriage. However, once he met Kokoro, he decided to stay with her, and they had a child together.

After the first battle, Mitsuru tries to make up for lost time by giving Kokoro the best performance he can. He also tries to explain to Kokoro the importance of fiduciary relationships, and he promises to protect her from dangers.

Throughout the series, Mitsuru and Kokoro become more attracted to each other, which makes them romantically involved. This leads to many heartwarming moments in the series, as well as a great deal of angst. The underlying coming-of-age theme also plays a large role in the series. While it may be a small character, Mitsuru is a major part of the story and has many important roles.

Despite the fact that the plot of DARLING in the FRANXX is extremely predictable, fans will appreciate the fact that it features the characters in different ways. For example, the show is set in space, so the two characters will have to deal with different situations to keep their relationship going. Despite these difficulties, the two characters are still best friends, and a bond develops between them.

Ikuno (Code:196)

Ikuno (Code:196) is a parasite from the Garden who was given a code as a baby. She was not treated any differently than other parasites and was often laughed at by kids. However, Ichigo eventually begins to have feelings for her, and she is soon accepted into the Plantation 13's squad. She is partnered with Mitsuru, and she is also present when Hiro and Naomi fail to connect.

Ikuno has feelings for Ichigo from childhood, and he is not easily let go of these feelings. However, when the wedding is going to take place, he calms down and starts to accept his situation. However, he is still jealous of Ichigo.

The character is also the original partner of Mitsuru. The two do not get along well and blame each other for their incompatibility. Mitsuru blames Ikuno for her difficulty in trusting others. However, she is visibly hurt when Ikuno parades Zero Two as the better partner than her. She also defends Kokoro against the 9's.

DARLING in the FRANXX is an anime series. In this series, a Parasite known as "214" tries to protect Kokoro, and he is a former Parasite. Previously, he was partnered with Mitsuru and was their pilot. They became romantically involved, and he even becomes pregnant with her.

Kokoro (Code:666)

Kokoro is a human girl with a soft personality, who is often considered to be the anime's version of Madonna. She is partnered with Futoshi (Code:214) and pilots a FranXX Genista. While they have different personalities, they share similar traits.

Kokoro is raised in the Garden. The codename indicates that she is a non-special person, who is not given any special treatment by adults. Her real name is Nana, which is a feminine Japanese word for seven. In episode 20, Kokoro learns that she is code 007, the child version of the franxxx dangling fae.

Darling in the FranXX is an original sci-fi anime co-produced by studios Trigger and A-1 Pictures. It's directed by Atsushi Nishigori, and features mech designer Shigeto Koyama (famous for Star Driver mecha). The cast also includes Masayoshi Tanaka, a character designer. Hiroyuki Imaishi serves as the action animation director. The soundtrack is by Asami Tachibana.


Mitsuru is a main character in the anime series DARLING in the FRANXX. She is a former Parasite with the codename "326" from the Thirteenth Plantation. She partnered with Kokoro to pilot a FRANXX called the Genista. Mitsuru is very proud and competitive. She also has a sharp tongue. She has a lot of rivalry with her former partner Hiro, which makes her want to prove that she is better. Her relationship with Ikuno has changed too, because she grew closer to her partner.

After being separated from her lover, Mitsuru and Kokoro fall in love again. However, when Mitsuru is faced with the decision to leave Franxx and her life with Hiro, she is not happy. She realizes she has fallen in love with Ichigo, who helps her to stay in the Franxx world. As for the rest of the squadra 13, they begin a life in society as stancars.

As an adult, Mitsuru is taller and wears her hair in a slicked back style. She wears black and white clothes and has a wedding ring. She is also a good mother and is able to handle the stress of raising children.

Darling in the Franxx is an anime series that premiered on January 13, 2018. The manga series was written and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki, the creator of the manga "Black Cat." The show's coming-of-age elements have been well-received by viewers, and the show is already in its second season.


Ikuno, a lesbian who fought against gender norms, is a powerful female character. She represents anyone growing up facing gender issues, including those who are gay. Despite the adversity of being gay in a lesbian culture, Ikuno proved that she could stand up for herself and find someone who understood her feelings.

While "Darling in the Franxx" was one of the most watched anime series in July, no official announcement has been made. Although fans have expected a second season to debut in the fall of 2019, the exact date remains a mystery. The upcoming season will most likely follow the events of the manga, which followed the first season. It may also be a spin-off or prequel storyline, focusing on a new cast or following up on an established storyline.

Ichigo and Ikuno are childhood friends, and Ichigo has known Ikuno since she was a child. Originally named Ikuro, Ikuno was bullied by other children. But Ichigo's efforts to change the pronunciation of her name led to the creation of Ikuno. While Ikuno blushes whenever she is encouraged by her friend, Ichigo comforts her after she fails to activate Chlorophytum with Mitsuru. They share a moment of adoration and friendship before Ikuno finally activates it.

"Darling in the FranXX" is an anime series by Kentaro Yabuki that premiered in January of 2018. It was praised for its coming of age elements, but many viewers are still wondering when season two will be released.


Kokoro is one of the fan favorites of the Franxx anime series. Although she never shows any interest in the male lead Futoshi, she always tries to talk to Mitsuru. While they are not yet romantically involved, both characters already have feelings for one another.

Kokoro's gentle personality makes her one of the most beloved characters in the franchise. She is a beloved character amongst boys, with a gentle personality. She is partnered with Futoshi (Code:214) to pilot the FranXX Genista.

Kaguya Sama - Love is War

kaguya sama love is war mal

If you're a fan of manga series, then you've likely heard about Kaguya-sama, the heroine of the manga series Love is War. This series is one of the most popular series to date, with more than 50 million copies in print. It's a great read for kids of all ages, as it features a female protagonist who is not only beautiful but also extremely smart. The story follows the lives of Kaguya-sama and her friends and family, and is extremely funny.

Miyuki Shirogane

Kaguya-sama love is war is an anime series that defies genre expectations with its manic energy and perfectly timed visual gags. The result is an exhilarating symphony of hilarity.

The series focuses on the relationship between high school students Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane. They are both gifted students who have fallen head over heels for each other. Nevertheless, neither of them has ever admitted their feelings, so the two must fight for their love.

The two are classmates at Shuchiin Academy, where Kaguya is the student council president and Miyuki is the vice president. They are both well-known throughout the prefecture. Both of them are too proud to confess their feelings, so they plot to get each other to show signs of affection.

The manga was first published in Miracle Jump in May 2015. In June 2016, it was transferred to Weekly Young Jump. Shinichi Omata directed the project and Yasuhiro Nakanishi wrote the scripts. The characters were given different personalities and the story arc was well developed.

The manga was written in episodic format, which made it hard to translate to the screen. The manga has a strong narrator that makes scenes funny. The actress who voices Kaguya does a good job of impersonating Fujiwara.

Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya Shinomiya's manga series, Love is War, is a delightful diversion from the usual romance genre. Infinitely firing off perfectly timed visual gags, this manga is a manic explosion of manic energy and hilarity.

Kaguya is the vice president of the Shuchiin Academy student council and the daughter of the Shinomiya family. Although she has never had a boyfriend, she is popular and is often asked for advice on love. She is also left-handed, so she is taught to write and eat with her right hand. Her surname, Shinomiya, means "four." Her family name is also derived from temple or shrine. The manga series also suggests that Kaguya and Miyuki will eventually become married.

Kaguya is a beautiful young woman with long black hair that is tied with a black-red ribbon. Her hair falls to her mid-back, and her slender figure reveals a delicate chest and thin eyebrows. The manga is published by VIZ Media, and is currently available in English. The plot revolves around the two teenagers' love lives, and the conflicts they face as they struggle to get closer to each other.

Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane are top students at Shuchiin Academy. They are both members of the student council, and Kaguya is the vice president. Although both girls are very good at their classes, neither is able to admit their feelings for each other, so they plot to convince the other.

The book follows Kaguya and her three classmates as they go about their daily lives. They meet in a Japanese school and get entangled in a variety of conflicts. As they work together, the students are thrown into a variety of situations, including a fried rice cook-off between Chika and Miko Iino. This conflict is brought about when a student council officer drags outsiders into a conflict.

Shuchiin Academy

The Shuchiin Academy Kaguya Samo manga has been running for over seven years in the Weekly Young Jump manga magazine. It has now finished its third season, titled Ultra Romantic, and has quickly risen in the MyAnimeList rankings. The manga follows the story of two genius high school students, Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya. Each one has their own unique personalities, but they all have one thing in common: they both are extremely smart.

The manga follows two high school students, Kaguya Sama and Miyuki Shirogane, as they compete for the role of President and Vice-President of their respective schools. Each has an innate talent for strategy, and they are committed to making each other their president.

Both are talented performers and have an affinity for performance arts. Miyuki is one of the smartest students in the school, placing first in every semester's exam scores. She even earned an early acceptance to Stanford University. Miyuki's intelligence extends far beyond her academic talents, as she demonstrates her abilities in advanced construction and calculation.

The manga also features a few funny characters. In addition to Maki, the character Tsubasa has an unwavering crush on Maki. Unfortunately, he isn't given enough screen time in the manga outside of the romance. He is in the bottom half of his school's exam scores and is often tutored by Maki's girlfriend, but he's also very charismatic.

The anime is not only entertaining but also highly educational. Both protagonists have brilliant personalities and are able to compete with Kaguya both academically and in arguments. This makes it an interesting show to watch if you're looking for a romance with a twist.

Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen OVA

Kaguya Sama Love is War is a rom-com anime series that focuses on the relationship between two students named Kaguya and Miyuki. While Miyuki is proud of her school, Kaguya is wary of showing her feelings. Together, Miyuki and Kaguya set out on a journey to get the confession that they both want. The OVA's plot follows the two as they struggle on a daily basis to gain her love.

Miyuki Shirogane is a high-achieving student. She is a student council president and is a powerful force in the school. Kaguya Shinomiya, meanwhile, is a popular vice president. Both girls are well-educated and are considered "perfect" couples. Although the two girls are not romantically involved, they do form a close bond when they have a common interest.

Review of Kaguya-sama

Kaguya-sama is an anime that revolves around the idea of losing one's love. As the title suggests, it is a story about two people who have feelings for each other but are afraid to confess it. In this case, the story revolves around a girl named Miyuki and her high-school idol, Kaguya. Both of them try to outmaneuver each other, and the plot arcs around their attempts to win Miyuki's heart.

The story is predictable and lacks originality. There are many cliches that make love comedy series boring. Kaguya-sama falls into several of them. Although the main plot is predictable and boring, the character development is pretty good. The cast is also very diverse and fun.

The two lead characters are also quite interesting. They have various personalities and have different goals and ambitions. The story explores the different sides of both characters and their relationships. They each have a childish side as well as a more mature side. This makes the story more enjoyable.

While Kaguya-Sama love is war is mal review stands out as one of the most disappointing anime series ever, its premise is quite promising. It revolves around two genius students who fall in love. The show also explores the idea of psychological warfare through their characters. The two main characters, Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, are vice presidents of the student council. The two are forced to face each other's feelings and make confessions to each other.

Despite its lackluster plot, Kaguya-sama love it is war is mal is a great rom-com and can compete with any of the best. Its main characters are very funny and the art fits the story perfectly. The soundtrack is also perfectly matched to the story.

How to Register for a Royal Bank of Canada Login

royal bank of canada login

To register for a royal bank of Canada login, customers must first choose what type of account they have. After selecting the type of account, customers must provide their social security number or account number, zip code (if you live in Canada), full name, email address, and password. If the customer does not live in Canada, they will need to provide a valid email address and zip code. After completing the registration, customers must create a unique password.

Online contributions to RRSPs

If you have an RRSP account with the Royal Bank of Canada, you can make online contributions to it from your Online Banking account. You can make contributions to RRSPs until 10:30 pm ET on March 1, 2010. The contributions are tax-deductible in the first 60 days. You can find the option to make contributions on the RRSP account holdings page. Click on Self Service > Contribution to RRSP account. Then, follow the simple on-screen instructions.

You can also make a withdrawal of unused contribution room from your RRSP at any time. Withdrawals from an RRSP do not have to be completed within the year they are made, so the money you contributed last year is not wasted. Moreover, you can carry forward unused contributions for future years. Your unused contribution limit will be shown on your federal Notice of Assessment. You can also postpone your current year deduction to a later year. However, you must be careful to ensure that you have not exceeded your deduction limit for the current year.

The key to getting the maximum benefit from your RRSP is to contribute on a regular basis. The more often you make contributions to your RRSP, the more compound interest you will earn. For example, if you contributed $500 monthly for 30 years, you would save $416,129. Alternatively, if you contributed only $250 a month, you'd save $452,000 by age 65.

Another great benefit to RRSPs is that they defer taxes on your investment earnings. This means you'll have more money to invest. Withdrawals will be taxed at a lower rate later in life. In addition, you'll get the benefit of flexibility in managing your account.

Electronic bill presentment

Royal Bank of Canada offers electronic bill presentment (eBill) through its website. The service is free to use and is available from your Royal Bank Online Banking account. The process involves enrolling in Online Banking and signing into the RBC Bill Pay website. You can learn more about the eBill service by watching a video about how to enroll. Using the Royal Bank's bill pay service is easy and convenient.

Account aggregation

With account aggregation, the Royal Bank of Canada can help customers manage their finances across all of their accounts in one convenient place. The bank will work with a number of financial institutions and credit unions to offer this service. Customers can access their balances online and make transfers between accounts. The service also provides account balance notifications and lets users access their accounts from multiple locations. The Royal Bank is Canada's first financial institution to offer account aggregation.

The concept of account aggregation has been around for some time in the U.S., where it's a way for banks to build loyalty and attract new customers. It's a natural extension of the idea of managing multiple accounts in various places online. It's easy to use and makes account management simple.

RBC account aggregation services can include 18 credit cards, including those from all the major banks. The service also includes American Express and Diners Club cards. In addition, it offers access to 16 on-line fund companies and brokerages. In addition, the service can include information from the Cash Edge brokerage firm.

RBC's account aggregation service is supported by Envestnet Yodlee, a data aggregation platform that powers over 1,500 third-party applications. The Envestnet Yodlee API connection allows customers to securely share their financial data with the service. In addition, this connection is much safer than using your RBC login credentials.

Real-time fund transfers

Royal Bank of Canada offers real-time fund transfers in its online investing account. With real-time funds transfers, you can move money from one account to another instantly. There are no limits or other limitations on the amount you can transfer. You can also choose from a wide range of account types, and get competitive pricing and low maintenance fees. You can even save on foreign exchange costs with RBC Direct Investing.

The RBC also offers an international money transfer service. You can enroll online in minutes. Using the service, you can send money to a recipient anywhere in the world. To make a transfer, you must enter the international access code. This access code can be found on the "Transfer Funds" page, which you can find under the My Accounts tab.

Besides international transfers, RBC also offers domestic money transfers via Interac e-transfer. The same service is available through email, and customers can also arrange money transfers through their local branch or over the phone. If you have an RBC account, you can send funds to any other RBC account with a flat fee of up to C$10. You can also send money using a wire transfer, which costs C$45.

In 2015, RBC launched Interac e-Transfer Bulk Payables. The new service allows businesses to send money to their clients instantly and receive payments around the clock. You can even set up automated reminders to make sure your clients do not miss a payment.

RBC offers many services for businesses. For example, Interac e-Transfer for Business allows you to send and receive funds to an email address, mobile phone number, or account number. This service is convenient for clients and is cost-effective. It also provides greater internal controls and fraud protection.

eAssist program

If you are a Canadian and you are planning to move to the U.S., RBC has a wide variety of services to assist you. These services range from cash at more than 50,000 no-fee ATMs in all 50 states to cross-border home buying experts.

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