How to earn money online without paying anything

How to earn money online without paying anything

I am sure you know at least one friend or family member or colleague earning hones money online.  You might have thought, it’s easy peasy money and you can make it too.

Have you ever wondered why?

It’s because either you didn’t know where to look at and where to start from or you wanted a shortcut to earn tons of money. Let me tell you, there is no shortcut to earning money. You have to work hard. In this article, we are here to tell you how you can earn money online without paying anything. Earning money online is very easy now a day every second person is earning money, sitting at home and it is very beneficial for our youth at the time of corona as it is safe.

Working online or we can say earning online is so much in trend companies are giving work at home only and the policy is work from home. So many apps are publically announced from which we can earn a handsome piece of money by the home itself. In this article, we will know more about the online money earning process in different fields like comedy, music, the entertainment industry, modeling, and many more.


There are so many types of jobs around us from which we can earn money online. Let us discuss some types of jobs which help us earning money online.

   1.  Help local businesses on Facebook for jobs online.

Did you know that you can make a living on Facebook? With Facebook advertising, you can help businesses expand their reach. A Facebook Business Page is a free opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook. To create a Facebook Business Page, simply log into your personal Facebook account, click “Create a Page” from the drop-down menu, and then follow the steps to build out your business profile.

To use Facebook to promote your business, you need to do more than setting up a Facebook page – you need to use it and post regularly. ... "Your audience and customers want to feel like they know your business and can relate to you." While it's important to post regularly, it's just as important to post quality content. If you're measuring cost per click (CPC) Facebook advertising costs on average about $0.27 per click. If you're measuring cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Facebook advertising costs about $7.19 CPM (Hootsuite).

Just like Facebook profiles and groups, you can set up and use a Facebook Business Page for free – regardless of how many followers or likes you have. Even if you spend money on Facebook Ads, there's still no charge for the organic aspects of your Facebook Business Page.


Proofreading means carefully checking for errors in a text before it is published or shared. It is the very last stage of the writing process when you fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting issues, and inconsistencies. Proofreaders oftentimes hold a bachelor's degree in English or journalism. However, graduates in other disciplines also can succeed as proofreaders by demonstrating their understanding of written language. Employers frequently require candidates to take a proofreading test to show competency.

A proofreader ensures content is free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting, and other such errors. ... The job is all about tweaking the syntax and diction in a piece to ensure the most fluid, original projection of the content possible, explained Koles. An online proofreader is $52,202 per year. Keep in mind that the amount of money a proofreader makes will be dependent on how fast they work per hour. Some proofreading freelancers make anywhere from $25-$50 per hour.


The primary task of a blogger is to produce content in the form of articles. Blog content is how you provide value to your audience, educate them on what your business is about, and ultimately build trust with them before you can expect them to spend any money. A blog (a shortened version of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first, at the top. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

The two main ways bloggers get paid through ad networks are per impression or per click. Paid per impression – with these ads, the viewer does not have to click on the ad in order for the blogger to receive an income. ... “advertisers pay website owners based on how many people have seen their ads.


An online tutorial is a self-study activity designed to teach a specific learning outcome. They are usually delivered via Blackboard but can also be made available via the Internet or on a DVD. There are two main types of online tutorials which we refer to as Recorded and Interactive. Online learning is education that takes place over the Internet. It is often referred to as “e-learning” among other terms. However, online learning is just one type of “distance learning” - the umbrella term for any learning that takes place across distance and not in a traditional classroom.

Online courses and degree programs are more convenient and cheaper than their counterparts in traditional education. Those are the two main advantages of online learning that lead many students to opt for online platforms when they want to earn a degree or certificate.


Transcription is challenging work, but you can train from home and work from home or anywhere you have access to a computer with an internet connection. It is not, however, a get-rich-quick-while-laying-around situation. If you happen to be a decent typist with good hearing or listening skills and you're pretty okay with utilizing a computer for things like doing research and downloading files, then a transcription gig might be an excellent option for you.


A career goals essay refers to a piece of writing that explains which career path you wish to pursue and what you want to achieve. In the essay, you'll write about your career aspirations, relevant achievements that put you in a better position to fulfill your goals, and ways your ambitions can help you go even further. A career aspiration typically refers to a long-term career goal, plan, or dream that is far away in the future, instead of short-term and in the present. An aspiration is a strong hope, dream, or goal. The idea of aspiration has a positive, upward connotation. We aspire to be or to become something that we perceive is better than what or where we currently are. There are many different types of aspirations, such as career, social, and personal. You may start with your short-term goals and then roll into your long-term goals. Briefly outline your steps to achieve those goals. ... Keep your goals focused on your employer and the job you're applying for and how your goals will ultimately add value to the company.


If you’re looking to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, you’ll have many different career paths to choose from. You can choose to work in a variety of establishments, including production houses, television channels, movie theatres, advertising agencies, film production companies, and theatres and web production companies. You may be interested in visual entertainment, musical arts, performing arts, or a combination of those fields. You may choose to devote your life to creating path-breaking entertainment, assisting bigwigs in the entertainment industry, or working as a performer at an entertainment facility.

Indian Colleges offering courses in Acting are:

A) National School of Drama: This is one of the most reputed government-run institutes purely dedicated to actors, based in Delhi. Graduates from this school are in great demand in Bollywood!

B) Whistling Woods International Film School: This world-class institute is based in Mumbai and run by famous producer-director Subhash Ghai. It offers long terms courses in acting and can really help you to achieve your dreams.

C) Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares: This acting institute is also based in Mumbai under the personalized guidance of maverick actor Anupam Kher offers short-term courses in acting.

Here are the Indian institutions offering courses in Film Direction – Career In Entertainment:

A) Film and Television Institute of India: This center of excellence is based in Pune and is in the service of the nation for more than 50 years. It’s a government-run institute and has global standards of teaching.

B) Whistling Woods International Film School: As mentioned earlier, this institute offers multiple courses in film making and the direction is one of the important streams covered under their curriculum.

Choreography – Films and Fashion Shows

Choreography Courses after school are offered in these colleges:

A) Shiamak Dawar’s dance Academy: Right from toddlers to grow-ups, this academy not only trains you to become expert dancers in various western dance forms, it also helps you to make your career as a choreographer.

B) Ganesh Hegde Dance Academy: This dance academy is run by famous Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Hegde excelling in Bollywood dance forms.

Music – Instrumental and Singing


A musician's career is one of diverse and multiple income streams. Many businesses, for instance, are discovering that musicians make incredible employees due to their communication skills, organizational ideas, discipline, and focus. Music can also be a contributor to the success of a business.

Here are some music goals:-

1. Compose an original song.

2. Learn a new song every week.

3. Branch out and try learning another instrument.

4. Learn a new style or genre, or explore improvisation.

5. Create a press kit for your brand, or update your musical resume if you’re a soloist

6. Every week, commit to doing something than inspires you musically.

7. Parents: Support your child by attending every concert and recital this year – or go the extra mile and sign up for lessons, too!

8. Plan and record a music video.

9. Create a practice schedule and stick with it.

10. Identify the excuses you typically use to avoid practicing, and brainstorm ways to combat them.

11. Try your hand at writing lyrics, even if you struggle at first. It takes practice!

12. Mark your calendar for routine instrument maintenance, such as changing your guitar strings, so you don’t forget.


Everybody has a dream. More realistically, everybody who picks up a camera has some idea – conscious or not – of what they want to get out of it: be it a simple record of an event, or delusions of artistic grandeur. More often than not, there’s a truly enormous gap between where the photographer wants to be, and where they think they are. There yet another gap between where they think they are and where they actually are. For most, the levels tend to shake out with aspiration coming first, followed by self-perception, and then finally, reality. As with most things photographic, there’s just as much psychology involved as a technicality.

5 goals that make you a better photographer:-

1.   Make time to make the work you love.

2.   Improve your craft.

3.   Learn from the greats.

4.   Travel more.

5.   Be more focused.


Comedy is a literary genre and a type of dramatic work that is amusing and satirical in its tone, mostly having a cheerful ending. The motif of this dramatic work is triumph over unpleasant circumstances by creating comic effects, resulting in a happy or successful conclusion. However, the purpose of the comedy is to entertain the audience. Based on the context and the source of humor, comedy is categorized into 3 types such as farce, burlesque, and satire. On the other hand, tragedy is the contrast of comedy. ... 'Every Man in His Humor' is an example of the comedy of humor.

3 ways that make you a better comedian.

1.   You need a joke.

2.   Get on stage

3.   Be able to act.