How Old is Pauly D and His life

How Old is Pauly D and His life

Facts about Pauly D Life


Pauly Del Vecchio Jr a DJ rockstar born on July 5, 1980- 12,000 - 61. Pauly D is publicly known for his best DJ personality and being a cast member of MTV's reality show Jersey Shore. Known as Pauly D and DJ Pauly D he gained fame in such a short time. He is one of the first cast of Jersey Shore to get his spin-off show, known as The Pauly D project.  (Wiki)

Pauly D knows as Paul and Vinny Guadagino were both famous for the jersey shore show. That series made both of them famous back in 2009. They have also worked for many other reality shows but gained fame through jersey shore. They also appeared in Double Shot at Love, where they were supposed to find their partner among a sea of women. Pauly launched the Pauly D.

Project in 2013 and he tried hard to work for this series with Vinny. Finally, in 2018 both of them reappeared together in the reunion of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

After spending ten years of their life, Vinny and Pauly D are now together again. Pauly has a daughter as well. In 2020 the Dynamic Couple is going to appear in a show also together which is called Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D and Vinny. It's a show in which they are supposed to show off the wild pranks to be a futurestarr. It will appear on Tv. Star Search hunt also is the best place for new people with talent. People are still in doubt that how old is Pauly D, Paul del vecchio. Because they are seeing this fantastic DJ and keeping music notes align since 2000. What exactly is his age? Wondering how. Let’s know more about Pauly D in this article.


 Pauly D and his Love Life:

Pauly DelVecchio Jr. from Double Shot at Love is now a day known as the boyfriend of Nikki Hall. They both are in a romantic relationship.

Recently this couple was seen as sharing a romantic bond in Las Vegas. Pauly D and Nikki Hall spent their quarantine together in Las Vegas. They both share an intimate bond. Pauly D met Nikki Hall in the show Double Shot at love Season 1. Nikki is known to be the very first woman in the mansion who got the chance to kiss down this creative DJ. Nikki had to fight a lot to get her spot on the priority list of Pauly D. Nikki was the first one who gets intimate with Pauly. At the end of the season, Pauly had to choose one of them from Nikki and Derynn Paige. Pauly D ended up choosing Nikki. Ups and downs came in between this couple during the show. However, the couple revealed some of the details about their relationship on the latest virtual reunion.

About DJ Pauly D:

DJ Pauly d went to Johnston High School before he became famous. DJ Pauly D idolized DJ AM. Pauly D has also worked as a local DJ until Jersey Shore contacted him through his MySpace Account.  

DJ Pauly D got into his profession when he was just 14 years old.  In this article, we will tell you all the details about Pauly D. From his favorite travel place to his favorite dish we have got you covered. There a reason Pauly D picked his nickname. He always wanted a brand which everybody would love to listen to. Pursuing his passion and dream, he got fame by his Pauly's music career. His music career was started from being a teenage boy of 14 years old.

According to Pauly D, he loved music more than anything Pauly Said in an interview:

"I love music and I love playing loud music, so every time I would hear a car drive-by with the loud music I'd be like, 'When I get a car and my license I want to have loud music like that.' So I ended up having music for my car in my room before I even had a car."

In this life, he is still making his way out to surround by loud music always. He crafts music out of creativity and mixes it behind the DJ booth.

Quick Facts About Pauly D:

Birthday: July 51980

Nationality: American

Age: 40 Years40-Year-Old Males

Sun Sign: Cancer

Pauly D is also known as: Paul DelVecchio

Born In: Providence, Rhode Island

Famous As: DJ, Television Personality

DJs Reality TV Personalities

Height: 5'10" (178 cm), 5'10" Males

Pauly D’s Family:

Father: Paul D. DelVecchio Sr

Mother: Donna DiCarlo DelVecchio

Children: Amabella Sophia Markert

U.S. State: Rhode Island


How old is DJ Pauly D?

Pauly DelVecchio Jr. born on July 5, 1980. He is 40 years old. Pauly has a sister Venessa who is Italian. Pauly D became a DJ for local clubs first, and then he made his appearance in reality television fame.


Pauly D’s Favorite Travel Destination:

Pauly D's favorite destination in The Bahamas. Pauly D went to Italy and Miami in the seasons of Jersey Shore. He traveled for his music. He loved his life in Las Vegas. He is used to getting lags. Believe us or not his favorite destination is not Jersey Shore. It's the Bahamas. Yes. It is Pauly D's favorite place to go to. He loves the weather there, the beaches and the beautiful areas of the land. You have to pre-book to reserve a room in the winter and summer seasons. However, success doesn't come easy to anyone. You have to work hard day and night to gain success. But Pauly D seems to be doing well, and he achieved a ton of success in such a short time.

Pauly D Hair Style:

Pauly D's hairstyle is becoming famous these days. It kind of suits his personality. Although we have only seen his natural hair color since the day he came into the music industry, it’s always a bit dangling. He became a fantastic hairstylist by doing his hair. It isn't just about the blowout hairstyle he owns, but his extraordinary personality also got the attention of people. Pauly admits that it took him 25 minutes to get his hair done. He has got a lot more to do other than just a blowout.

Pauly fits in so well when it comes to managing the music and blend it to please the audience. He knows exactly what to produce and let the original beat on the flow. Pauly is a wild card because of his temperament, and he is unpredictable. A lot of people think that he is a little bit angry about nature, but he has discussed with his close friends that I'm not!

"I always have to emphasize that I'm from Rhode Island and even when I say that, they're like 'Rhode Island, where's that, Long Island?' I'm like, 'no, Rhode Island,' and I have to explain to them what it is."

It's like people assume so many things on their own whether then confirming first. Do people have many misconceptions about where Pauly D was born? How old is Pauly D.? These kinds of questions give Paul a new perspective to look at life from his audience's side.


DJ Paul and his career and School:

There are many misconceptions about Pauly D that he was born to be an artist. He didn't just decide to be a DJ. It was his dream for a very long time, and his past proves that he worked hard to earn this fame. When he was in his struggling age, he was open up to any gig that comes into his way. He never said no to any invitation whether it was big or small he has done it with determination and performed so well to impress his audience. In his interview with Boston Magazine, He said: "I made a little name for myself just in that small state [Rhode Island] DJing almost six nights a week. I was doing all different kinds of bars, all different kinds of genres of music. That's why I'm so open format because some of the bars were like a rock bar, some would do just hip-hop, some were just dancing. That's how I created me being an open format Dj and it allows me to DJ for different kinds of audiences, just because of Rhode Island."

We love how Paul describes things about his roots and the kind of person he is now! He is an adorable person. 


Sports Pauly D loves:

Pauly loves to watch his favorite teams in his free time. And even it turns out to be East Coast boy. He describes it in his own words:

"I'm a New England fan, the New England Patriots, like that's my team. It's always been ever since day one. It's never changed."


Nowadays, Pauly is now an experienced DJ. He can make the audience buy his show's ticket on the first go.

He entertains the audience in his way. He is probably one of the best DJ's of this era.


Paul doesn't Eat Fish:

There are many websites and magazines on the internet that give us information about what their favorite celebrity loves to eat or not. With a few cheat meals like Italian and French, Paul loves to eat Italian. And he never gives up on Spaghetti and meatballs.

 Do you know that Pauly gets a Manicure every other week?

Yes, believe us or not, but this incredible rockstar told US Magazine in 20122 that Pauly hits up to the beauty salon every second week to get a manicure. He loves the way the beautician polish his nail and makes them look fresh and young.

Pauly D says:

"A DJ's hands have to look good."

Well, now it makes sense to us. Those hands must look good to gain fame. Many guys love to have a manicure in fact boys are more curious than women.

So always make sure to clean yourself before you go out to hunt your talent. Groom yourself and please others.

Pauly D is Mama’s Boy:

Every other star in this world must be his mama's boy, but Pauly D is the biggest momma's boy. He may have a considerable reputation in jersey shore BFF Vinny, but in real life, he is a big mama's boy. He adores his mom more than anything in the world.

He has said this statement in every interview that he loves his mom more than anything. Paul D said in an interview that "the very first woman in my life is my mother. She is the number one woman in my life. For me, it’s significant if I describe my mother as important to me. She has to be important to me because she is my mother. My mother always says that you should treat people like you treat me. I treat my mother like she is a queen. I treat my girlfriend the same”

This describes Pauly D's attitude so well. He is such an adorable person inside out.

Pauly D and is Luxuries House in Las Vegas:

All cast members of The Jersey shore upgraded their living standards due to the success of this masterpiece. They all are relaxing in a cramped shore house these days. They are relaxing and having fun in the luxury house in Miami. On the other hand, Pauly D is living in Las Vegas home.

He has a Daughter and Loves her So much:

Pauly D is officially a dad. He has an adorable daughter, and he is crazy about her. He has a sweet family and lives happily. However, he is not married to the mother of his daughter; he always made his daughter a priority. He still talks about her baby girl. He says that "my daughter is Daddy's little girl, she gets whatever she wants, but remarkably does not act spoiled! He has a matching toy Lamborghini truck, a Mercedes Benz G63 toy truck, and her own turntables."

Pauly D has a very complicated relationship in history. He is a father who is no doubt a great reason to appeal to women. Pauly D adores his daughter. He also brings her daughter to the Double shot at love show to show the ladies her beautiful daughter.


His authentic intention was to clear the mindset of people about how she looks at girls and her daughter. Pauly d likes to keep his private life private and keeps his house away from social media. But at times when he wants to show off sometimes as his daughter is such a cutie pie. Some cute things about his beautiful daughter Amabella Sophia. According to the reports, Pauly has no idea that she has a daughter he knew about her after a couple of months. Reports also declared that the mother tried to abort the child she was being paid for the abortion.


Who is Pauly D’s Baby Mama?


Amanda Markert is the mother of Pauly D's daughter. TMZ previously reported that Amanda used to work at Hooters first met Paul in Pool part in Las Vegas. That one time hook up led to a nasty custody battle between both of them, the parents now have agreed about their daughter's living, and they have quite rough ugliness behind this custody agreement.


He is Terrible when it comes to Sleep:      

These days with the advancement in technology, no one is an early bird. Pauly has to deal with his sleep patterns more than he deals with anything. He always focuses on bigger things rather than wasting time on sleeping. Most of the time he played pretty fairly at day times he never worked for too late in the night. We are talking about the club nights Pauly doesn't bother people and any issues they might have with his Sleep. The majority of Paul's work needs to be done in the day time.  

 Back in 2011, Pauly admitted that I don't sleep a lot; I am always wide awake."

Pauly d 40 is now living the best days of his life because he was quarantining lately with her girlfriend. The jersey shore star has been making fans swoon online with his beard look.

He called his new look quarantine beard that makes him unrecognizable to anyone. We all know that Pauly d has been so much into fashion, he always focuses on his on self aside from his facial hair the star covered his trademark and stand out of the crowd. Pauly has been a very committed man throughout his career. He gave information to get rid of the signature hairstyle. He usually posts pictures with great captions. DJ paul tells his fans how his fans are essential to him.







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