How Old Is Nick Avocado?

How Old Is Nick Avocado?


How old is nick avocado

Nick Avocado is an American vlogger renowned for his mukbang videos on YouTube. His channel boasts over 1 million subscribers.

He began as a vegan food taster, but his popularity quickly turned into something dark and dangerous.

He has a history of mental health issues. At five years old, he was diagnosed with depression and started taking anti-depressants for treatment.

He is 30 years old

Nick Avocado is a well-known YouTuber that primarily uploads mukbang videos. He's widely considered as an influential figure within the mukbang community.

He is an American Internet celebrity renowned for his inordinate amounts of food consumption in mukbang videos. He also garners criticism online due to his extreme eating habits and is frequently accused of bullying others.

His fans worry about his health due to the dramatic increase in weight he's recently undergone. Nevertheless, he insists that most of this additional water weight is due to water retention.

YouTube star was born on May 19, 1992, in Ukraine and adopted by American parents when he was young. He spent his formative years growing up in Pennsylvania, U.S.A before moving to Florida with his family.

His biography states that he began therapy at a young age due to mental health issues like depression and attention deficit disorder. To treat these ailments, medications were administered.

In 2016, he stopped being vegan after realizing how detrimental it was to his health. He explained the decision in a YouTube video posted shortly thereafter.

Nikocado avocado is a renowned mukbang blogger with millions of followers. His videos showcase him eating various foods, from sweets to meats.

He boasts a net worth of $15 million, which he has acquired through his YouTube channels and other video services such as Patreon and Cameo.

YouTuber Ben Cohen met his future wife Orlin Home through a vegan Facebook group in 2016. They got engaged two years later and have two children together.

Their relationship is still going strong, and they are enjoying each other's company. Unfortunately, their separation has become a recurring topic in their mukbang posts.

As a result, his fans want to learn more about him and connect with him. They are searching for his phone number as well as other social media handles in order to do so.

The YouTuber has an extraordinary story and has achieved great success within the mukbang community. Through his videos, he has earned millions of dollars and developed a massive fan base across America, Japan and beyond - not to mention he's also an acclaimed violin player!

He is married to Orlin Home

Nikocado Avocado (real name Nicholas Perry) is an internet celebrity renowned for his mukbang videos. His posts have amassed millions of views and subscribers, resulting in his channel becoming one of YouTube's most popular.

Prior to becoming an Internet sensation, Nikocado was a classically trained violinist. He worked at The Home Depot while pursuing his ambition of becoming a freelance violinist.

Nikocado and Orlin Home began dating while members of a vegan Facebook group. After communicating through private messages, the two began dating in 2016.

Nikocado and Orlin remain deeply in love despite their difficulties, having tied the knot in 2017 and now living together in Florida.

Nikocado and Orlin's marriage has crumbled due to the drama on his YouTube account. According to Nikocado, online trolls and pressure from viewers have caused issues within their union.

Orlin is a food blogger and video creator who often collaborates with Nikocado Avocado on his YouTube channel. Together they have amassed an extensive following, sharing videos of their travels as well as meals.

They were married since April 10 and their wedding was filmed at Chic-Fil-A. After living in Colombia for three years, the couple eventually relocated to Florida.

Nick and Orlin are both vegans, though they do not adhere to a rigid diet. They enjoy trying different kinds of foods and are both passionate about their beliefs.

Their relationship has been documented in multiple mukbang videos and they often post about its turbulent nature. At times, they've been accused of being "evil" and "controlling."

They have also shared many sultry videos featuring each other. Furthermore, they even have an OnlyFans account where they post explicit pictures and gifs.

However, they have warned people against sharing their images or videos. While they have received much negative feedback from fans, they remain dedicated to their fans and always eager to try new things with them.

Nikocado and Orlin have an enthusiastic fan base, having created mukbang videos together since June 2019. Their fans eagerly await each new video release; further proof that these two are creative souls; they often try out new foods in their videos for added taste testing fun!

He is gay

Nikocado Avocado is an accomplished Internet celebrity with millions of fans and followers across his social media accounts. His vlogging career has helped him achieve fame, earning him millions of dollars in earnings.

He is an American vlogger, blogger and food enthusiast renowned for posting mukbang videos on his YouTube channel which have amassed him millions of subscribers and views.

As a mukbang vlogger, he creates videos where he consumes meals and poses for photos while doing so. While he has numerous fans and followers, some people take issue with his content.

Furthermore, some people are afraid of him. One such individual is Stephanie Soo. She made a video to explain what it felt like to be around him and it sparked an immense backlash, leading to the loss of thousands of subscribers in the process.

Nikocado Avocado was born on May 19, 1992 under the sign of Taurus and raised in Kherson, Ukraine.

He was adopted by American parents and is a vlogger with five YouTube channels boasting millions of subscribers and views. Additionally, he plays the violin professionally.

Before becoming boyfriends, the couple met on a Facebook group for vegan men. Over time, they began exchanging private messages and texts between themselves.

They began dating in 2016 and decided to tie the knot in April 2017, becoming parents of two children: Mr. Noodles, a parrot named Mr. Noodles, and Kiwi, an adorable sloth.

He initially became a vegetarian before beginning his mukbang video career, but now consumes meat and other animal-based foods. His videos have been viewed by over 6 million people.

He owns several pet animals, such as a parrot and sloth. He affectionately refers to his fans as "little sloths."

Nick has been dealing with health issues for some time. In 2021, he broke three ribs and is taking steroids to treat them. Additionally, Nick reported feeling pain in his testicular area as well as blurry vision and lower abdominal discomfort.

He is a vlogger

Nick Avocado is a YouTube vlogger with millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views. He's achieved great success on the platform and earned substantial money from it through advertising revenue on his videos, merchandise sales, Patreon donations, cameo performances, and other ventures.

He is an American vlogger born in Ukraine and adopted by an American family. He rose to fame through his mukbang videos, which feature him eating foods in front of viewers.

His first mukbang videos were posted in 2016, and since then he has amassed an impressive following of subscribers. His content is controversial; he frequently consumes large amounts of food while entertaining his viewers while adding layers of melodrama to each video.

Many on social media have encouraged him to take a break from his mukbangs due to his weight gain, yet he has yet to fulfill this plan. Furthermore, he has expressed concerns about his mental health in the past and said that it's more important for him to focus on that than creating videos.

Nikocado Avocado is an American vlogger and social media personality renowned for his mukbang videos. With over 3.4 million subscribers on his main channel, he has earned a whopping $7.56 million from advertising revenue generated from those videos.

He has a controversial personality and is often criticised for his unhygienic habits. He's also known for his outbursts, tantrums, and unpredictable outbursts of temper. He gets easily enraged over seemingly insignificant things and usually assigns blame to those around him for their misbehavior.

In a 2020 interview, Trisha Paytas revealed that he has been struggling with mental health issues for years and had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when younger. This admission and his outbursts on social media caused people to speculate whether his health was declining.

He is often perceived as a bully on social media and harasses his fans. He also faces accusations of racism due to his Ukrainian heritage. Additionally, he got into a heated argument with Stephanie Soo over a video she made about him that received widespread backlash.

How heavy is nick avocado

How Heavy is Nick Avocado?

Nick Avocado, a Ukrainian-born American internet celebrity, has amassed an immense following thanks to his mukbang videos.

Before he began eating large portions of fast food on camera, the YouTube star appeared relatively trim.

Since beginning his food challenge venture in 2016, he has been rapidly gaining weight, raising concerns about his wellbeing.


If you're a fan of YouTube food mukbang videos, nick avocado is a well-known YouTuber who makes humorous vlogs about his delicious lifestyle. His videos have gained an enormous fan base across America, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Internet experts report that Nick Avocado's weight has significantly increased over the years. He now weighs over 350 pounds, which is quite a lot for someone who used to only weigh 150 pounds when they started vlogging.

The fact that he has not heeded warnings from his fans about his weight has raised concerns. Although in the past he's claimed it is just water weight, there appears to be no plans for him to reduce it any time soon.

His fans are worried about his health. They urge him to cut back on junk food consumption and shed the extra pounds.

Some of his fans are even worried that he might pass away soon due to his size. They caution him against binge eating, which could lead to obesity and other serious illnesses.

However, he has never given up on his weight loss goal and remains positive about overcoming it. In fact, he's even made several videos documenting his weight gain journey for support and inspiration.

He's now a huge star with four YouTube channels and over 5.5 million followers. He has been accused of being an eating disorder, with some people suggesting that his excessive consumption of fast foods could be contributing to his obesity.

Although he has never been diagnosed with diabetes, his excessive weight has contributed to other health conditions like asthma and high blood pressure. Additionally, in 2022 he broke three ribs but quickly recovered from them.

Nikocado avocado is an American YouTuber who has been active in the mukbang community for four years now. He primarily posts videos on meat, dairy and non-vegetarian meals.

His social media accounts boast a massive fan base, boasting 1.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.1 million on Twitter. His videos have been viewed an incredible million times daily!


Nick Avocado is a YouTube star renowned for his extreme-eating videos. Nick affectionately refers to himself as the "mukbang" vlogger, and his videos have earned him millions of fans around the world.

On May 19, 1992, he was born in Ukraine and adopted by a family from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Although he has a brother and sister, there is no information regarding his biological parents or foster parents.

In 2014, he launched his YouTube channel and began posting vegan lifestyle mukbang videos that quickly went viral. Since then, his channel has amassed 1.9 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular mukbang creators on the platform.

Nikocado Avocado's success has earned him a substantial amount of money and fame in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, he has received numerous awards and endorsements that have further cemented his place as an accomplished artist.

However, he has encountered several controversy and accusations. Particularly, his behavior while working on collaboration videos with other YouTubers led to many negative comments and worries from fans.

People are worried about Nikocado Avocado's weight, as he has recently put on some pounds due to what some fans believe are unhealthy eating habits.

His fans claim he has become a health risk and his weight has been steadily rising. Furthermore, it appears he has lost his libido and developed erectile dysfunction as a result of his excessive eating habits.

He has begun to suffer from mental breakdowns, leading his fans to fear him. His personality is somewhat peculiar; he can switch from being upbeat and cheerful to irritable and angry in a flash of his tongue.

He often makes funny faces while jogging and has been known to hunch over in a goofy manner while talking.

His outgoing and free-spirited nature have been the cause of numerous disturbing controversies on social media platforms. Throughout his vlogging career, he has been known for making controversial remarks and leading an unpredictable lifestyle.


Nick Avocado is a well-known mukbang vlogger and YouTuber with five distinct YouTube channels that boast millions of views. Additionally, his blog showcases his videos as well as other content.

The YouTuber is renowned for his extravagant mukbang videos that often involve eating copious amounts of food. Additionally, he delivers dramatic and comedic performances, for which he has been given diagnoses of ADD and OCD.

He was adopted at a young age and has always been told that he is adopted, though he does not know the identities of his parents. Since the age of five, he has been attending therapy as his main source of mental support.

At seven, he began taking antidepressants for the first time. Though it was difficult for him to comprehend why his biological parents gave him away, he eventually learned how to cope with it during his teen years.

His success on YouTube made him wealthy, but the lifestyle has taken its toll. He's gained weight and is increasingly vulnerable to mental illness; he even keeps a CPAP mask in his bedroom for sleep when he experiences severe emotional outbursts.

Nikocado has also demonstrated racist and offensive behavior towards Asians, criticizing other races, religions, and cultures. He has been accused of exhibiting fetishistic tendencies.

He is an extremely loud individual who struggles to control his temper. He frequently shouts and complains, while having a short attention span.

He can be a difficult person to work with and an irritant for fans. In his videos, he often acts irritable or swears, and it's common for him to experience emotional outbursts during recording. This makes working with him quite challenging.

In December 2019, Nikocado Avocado was accused of harassing and making his fellow mukbang creators feel unsafe during their video shoot. This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Since 2016, the vlogger's videos went viral. Although he declared himself vegetarian and stopped consuming meat, he continued making mukbang videos that featured extreme calorie consumption and weight gain.


Nick Avocado, 29 years old and an American YouTuber and food blogger with 6 channels with millions of views on his mukbang videos and food challenge videos, has gained notoriety for his culinary expertise.

On May 27, 2014, he launched his YouTube channel and quickly gained millions of followers. Through it, he has earned millions of dollars and become a well-known figure on the web.

His mukbang videos have become a worldwide sensation, with millions of people enjoying them. This has cemented him as one of the most renowned creators in this genre.

As a result, his fans are concerned about both his weight and health. They urge him to shed some pounds but it appears that he is not paying any attention to their advice.

His videos depict him eating an abundance of junk food, leading to significant weight gain. Before, he was a trim and fit man; however, recently his weight has skyrocketed to approximately 370 pounds.

He used to be vegan but his eating habits changed in recent years. He began consuming meat and junk food, leading him to become significantly overweight.

The vlogger revealed his eating habits had caused multiple medical issues such as vitamin B12 deficiency, tooth decay and low blood sugar. Furthermore, he experienced emotional breakdowns often occurring on camera.

He was also a self-hating drama queen who struggled with his weight and personal issues. He would often cry in front of the camera or go into fits of rage on YouTube.

His fans were worried about his weight, health condition and mental state. He often wore a CPAP mask in bed while having emotional breakdowns and arguments on camera. They were also very upset that he was earning millions of dollars from his channel yet wasn't taking care of himself.

Who knows me better lexi rivera

Who Knows Me Better Lexi Rivera?

Lexi Rivera is a social media influencer and YouTuber with an estimated net worth of between $1-$2 million. She regularly updates her followers via Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Lexi was raised in California with her parents and brother Brent. She shares an enduring affinity for music with her mom, whom she frequently features in videos she creates.

Who is Lexi Rivera?

Lexi Rivera is an American social media celebrity and YouTube star. She reportedly earns over $2 million annually through her various YouTube videos and other online accounts.

She was born on June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California and grew up with her parents and two brothers Brent and Brice. After finishing high school at a local school, she is planning to attend university soon.

Her father John Rivera is a shop owner by profession, while her mother Laura works as a homemaker. She has three siblings - elder brothers Brent Rivera and Brice Rivera; while Alexa Brooke Rivera is her younger sister.

As a child, Lexi began gymnastics training and competed in competitions. She is an accomplished athlete with impressive flips and cartwheels.

She also regularly attends dance classes to stay fit. She often posts pictures of her routines on Instagram and TikTok for others to see.

In 2019, she shared the video "I'm PREGNANT!" This hit the internet and quickly gained a large number of fans, becoming her most popular video. Additionally, she collaborated with Andrew Davila on another video which amassed over 30 million views.

Lexi Rivera is a YouTube sensation with an immense fan base of 7.8 million subscribers on her channel. She posts videos every Saturday and has earned herself the title of being an accomplished influencer.

Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2023, generated through YouTube advertisements and brand deals.

Her social media profiles reveal she is a devout Christian and fan of American comedian Will Ferrell. Additionally, she enjoys gymnastics and fitness greatly.

She boasts a huge Instagram and TikTok following, with many admiring her workout regimens. With an amazing figure, she is able to do flips and cartwheels with ease.

She dated Ben Azelart from 2019 to 2020, but they ended their relationship in late 2020. Though still friends, Ben and Lexi no longer share a romantic interest. Additionally, Lexi has been linked with influencer Andrew Davila; however, neither party has officially confirmed their relationship status.

Who is her mother?

Who Knows Me Better Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera was born on 7 June 2001 in Huntington Beach, California to John and Laura Rivera - both Mexican ancestry. Her dad is a shop owner, while her mom works as a homemaker. As the only daughter in her family, Lexi feels very supported by her brothers as they assist with creating YouTube videos together.

She is an incredibly gifted gymnast with the remarkable ability to stretch and perform different moves effortlessly. Additionally, her love of dancing began at 10 years old; thanks to her flexibility and strength she has won multiple competitions over the years.

Her mother has shown her a great deal of love and care, ensuring that she always feels secure. She has been an inspiring figure in her life, motivating her to pursue all of her aspirations.

Though her mother is not religious, she does believe in the power of prayer and spirituality. She strives to guide her daughter and brother towards making wise choices in life.

She exudes positivity and energy. On social media platforms, she enjoys pulling pranks on her friends.

At the age of 10, she began posting videos on YouTube which quickly went viral. As a vlogger, she has amassed millions of followers across various social media channels.

Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million. As an actress, she has starred in multiple films and TV shows.

Despite her success, she has yet to tie the knot. Although she had a boyfriend named Ben Azelart, they parted ways in late 2020.

She enjoys traveling, shopping and playing tennis in her free time. Additionally, she cherishes spending quality time with family and friends.

She is an incredibly gifted gymnast, and her remarkable stretch has earned her worldwide fame. Additionally, she has amassed a substantial following through her social media channels and movies.

Who is her brother?

Lexi Rivera is a renowned social media star with more than 7.8 million subscribers on YouTube, as well as accounts on Instagram and TikTok. Her YouTube channel showcases videos featuring her gymnastics skills, pranks, challenges, travel videos, and much more.

She was born on June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California to a shop owner father and homemaker mother. At the age of seventeen she completed her education from a local school there before moving away for college.

In 2010, her brother Brent Rivera launched Lexi a YouTube channel called Lexiloulouu to showcase her gymnastics abilities. However, as Brent's popularity on YouTube grew, he began focusing more on his channel instead of Lexi's.

Despite this, she still collaborates with her brother on some videos. Additionally, she has collaborated with popular YouTubers such as Pierson, Jeremy Hutchins, and Andrew Davila on video content.

She enjoys a devoted following across all social media platforms, but her YouTube channel stands out the most. With more than 7 million subscribers and over 5.5+ billion views on her videos alone, this channel has amassed an enviable fan base.

She has an engaging sense of humor, and her fans adore watching her videos. Her debut video "Wait, Who's My Favorite Brother?" (Q&A) quickly gained over 1.9+ million views within hours after being uploaded.

Her next video, "Little Kids Nowadays," garnered over 11+ million views within just a few days. She boasts an enormous social media following and has collaborated with some of the greatest YouTubers around - Pierson, Jeremy Hutchins, Andrew Davila and Ben Azelart being just some of them.

It's no shock that she has such an aptitude for vlogging and video editing. She possesses a natural talent behind the camera, always striving to make her viewers laugh.

No matter the challenge or hilarious prank she pulls off, her fans love watching her on YouTube and can't wait for more from her. Her fans love watching her do things and are eager for more from her in the future.

She enjoys a large following across all social media platforms and has amassed an impressive net worth through her career. As such, she was able to purchase a car and lead an affluent life in California with her family.

Who is her boyfriend?

If you enjoy watching videos on YouTube and Instagram, Lexi Rivera may be familiar to you. She is a successful social media star with millions of followers across these platforms. Her videos range from vlogs and pranks to challenges and comedic sketches.

She launched her official YouTube channel in 2010, and it was reopened two years later in 2018. Since then, it has amassed an audience of 7 million subscribers who have supported her throughout her career. As a highly influential influencer on both platforms, she is able to generate income through videos.

She often posts videos on YouTube where she provides viewers with an intimate look into her daily life and routine. Additionally, many of her fans follow her on Instagram where she displays a wide array of pictures. On this platform, she often hosts fashion shoots and promotes various brands.

Her YouTube channel has become a huge success, amassing millions of subscribers with each video she uploads. Furthermore, she is an acclaimed user on TikTok, boasting an enormous fan base there too.

Her TikTok content mostly focuses on dancing and comedy, though she also does some lip-sync videos. As an accomplished TikTok artist, her work has been recognized by several renowned brands.

As a result, her popularity has spread worldwide. Her fans follow her on both social media platforms and enjoy watching her content with great enthusiasm.

Reports indicate she and Andrew Davila have been dating for some time. The two have collaborated on social media videos together, and have known each other for some time. Despite these rumors, neither has officially confirmed their relationship.

Lexi Rivera was born on June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California to John and Laura Rivera. Her father owns a shop, while her mother works as a homemaker. She has three siblings - Blake Rivera, Brice Rivera, and Brent Rivera - whom she shares the same birthday.

Rivera began her makeup explorations while still in high school. After being accepted into a dance school and continuing her studies there, Rivera decided to pursue a career in the industry; today she resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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