How Much Does Black Ink Crew Cast Get Paid 2023?

How Much Does Black Ink Crew Cast Get Paid 2023?


how much does black ink crew cast get paid 2023

The cast of the popular show Black Ink Crew is made up of many talented actors and actresses. They have been nominated for numerous awards and are popular amongst fans worldwide. There is no question that the cast of the series are paid a decent amount, especially when compared to other TV shows. So what is the average pay for each member of the cast?


Black Ink Crew is a reality television series that follows the daily lives of African-American tattoo artists in New York City. The show is currently airing its sixth season. It has kept fans entertained with multiple spin-offs. While many cast members have left the show in the past, several have been brought back. Here's a look at how much each of them gets paid.

The cast of Black Ink Crew have stage names such as Tiffany, Sassy, Puma, Sky and Young Bae. Each of them get paid a little bit, though the amount isn't disclosed.

The highest paying cast member is the CEO of the Black Ink Crew. He is also the richest character on the show. This may come as no surprise, considering his hands in several investments.

Another of the most famous cast members is Alex Robinson. Although he is a tattoo artist, he is also a father. He has appeared on Judge Mathis' Show and has a name that's synonymous with controversy.

On the other hand, Donna Dawson is a body piercer. She's appeared on the show for several seasons. However, she hasn't been around as long as other cast members.

For her part, she's earned her money off of hosting and brand partnerships. She's also managed to venture out with her own hair extensions business.

Ceaser is a big time owner of the Black Ink Crew. His salary isn't a public record, but his net worth is estimated to be at least $10K. He has his hands in other investments, including Louis Vuitton shoes.

Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson is a celebrity tattoo artist from Brooklyn, New York. He is famous for his bold and beautiful pieces of art.

The 30-year-old is known for his appearance on VH1's Black Ink Crew. Though he was not involved in the show's main cast, he was a regular in the back rooms.

Alex was born in 1992 and has an impressive Instagram following of over 320,000 followers. After appearing on the show, he gained fame as a tattoo artist. His bold and beautiful artwork have inspired many people.

He started working at a tattoo shop after completing his education. While he was a fan of the show, he was also disappointed that the cast didn't use his real name more often.

Donna Marie Lombardi and Alex Robinson had a long-running relationship on the show, but rumors have started to swirl that the two are no longer together. Fans have turned to social media to talk about the duo's separation.

According to Reality Entertainment TV, Alex and Donna broke up in January of 2022. Several cast members have responded with death threats.

But what's the real story? Some fans have said that Donna was a phony, and that she was not really interested in tattooing. Others have expressed disappointment at her exit from the show. However, they have not given up hope that the couple will reunite.

Dutchess Lattimore

Dutchess Lattimore is a former reality star on VH1's "Black Ink Crew." She was the show's first female tattoo artist and one of the series' most popular cast members. She is currently running her own tattoo shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Lattimore has worked as a model, rapper, and tattoo artist. She has a background in business management and visual art. Originally from Lincolnton, North Carolina, she studied business management and a concentration in Visual Art at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

She has been featured on numerous reality television shows. She also has a role as a radio host. She has been recognized for her contributions to the fashion and tattoo industry.

In 2015, she opened her own tattoo parlor in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her shop is called Pretty N Ink. As a businesswoman, she is also involved in philanthropy. Currently, she is planning to open a second tattoo parlor in Miami. Eventually, she hopes to open more shops across the country.

While Dutchess has been a successful businesswoman, she has also faced several challenges during her career. One of those challenges was being outcast on the show. Another was her experience with racism and depression after being released.

However, she has found love again. She has become engaged to another fellow Black Ink cast member, Ceaser Emanuel. He was her on-off boyfriend.

Sky Days

Black Ink crew members get paid well. The salary ranges from $1,500 to $7000 for a single episode. This equates to $91,000 for a 13-episode season.

Sky Day is one of the main cast members of Black Ink. She is a popular character. However, she has been accused of criminal activity in the past.

Sky Ferreira is known for her saucy candor and her ability to take accountability for her actions. She is also a member of the LGBTQ community. She has been portrayed in several magazines, as well as a few reality shows. Currently, she is starring in Scared Famous on VH1.

She has earned her fair share of money from her acting roles on television. She has a net worth of $4 million.

Another member of the crew is Donna Dawson. She is a tattoo artist. She was featured in Black Ink for the first two seasons. She is also an Instagram influencer. Her salary is around $2 million.

One of the more popular cast members is Sky Days. She earned her place as a regular on the show in the second season. Aside from being a receptionist at the tattoo shop, she is also an actress and a social media influencer.

She is one of the richest cast members of the show. She is reportedly earning around $91,000 per episode. That's on par with Walter Miller's salary.

O'Shit Duncan

Black Ink Crew is a reality TV show that takes place in Harlem, New York City. The series has been broadcast on VH1 for the last eight seasons and has a spin-off show, Black Ink Crew: Chicago. It has aired a total of 174 episodes. However, it has not been renewed for a 10th season.

The cast of the show is led by Ceaser Emanuel, who has a net worth of roughly $2 million. He is also the founder of the Black Ink shop. His cousin Teddy Ruks is his assistant manager.

Another notable cast member is Melody Mitchell. She has appeared on the series as both a tattoo artist and manager. Her income comes from the show. She is also dating tattoo artist Lalo Yunda.

Another cast member is the ex-fiance of Tatiana and Tatiana's brother. Young Bae is a former South Korean national. He has also been seen working as a tattoo artist for the Black Ink crew. Although his salary has not been released, he is believed to be worth between $100,000 and $1 million.

In addition to his roles as a cast member and manager of the Black Ink Crew, he has also played a minor role in True to the Game, a reality show that aired in 2020. During his time on the show, he played a recurring character named Sky, whose name is actually Jo Keita Days.

Shariff Homer - Teddy Ruks

Teddy Ruks is one of the leading cast members of Black Ink Crew. He is a rapper and tattoo artist. His talents are well appreciated by customers. Moreover, his status is growing.

Teddy has been featured in every season of the show. The series focuses on the lives of the crew's members, and how they are providing fresh ink to their celebrity clients.

As a talented tattoo artist, Teddy has been able to gain recognition from his customers and fellow artists. The popularity of his work has helped him earn a great deal of money. Despite his successful career, he has always maintained a good rapport with his fans and other individuals.

Teddy Ruks was born in 1983 in New York, Usa. He holds a bachelor's degree in Management.

Before joining Black Ink Crew, he was an assistant manager at the Black Tattoo shop in Harlem. When the show premiered, he earned a lot of respect from his fans.

In addition to his profession as a tattoo artist, he is also a popular reality TV star. He has been featured in several shows, and has amassed a huge fortune. He is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Teddy Ruks is not married yet. However, he has been romantically linked to Sky Days. They are known to spend time together, and are often spotted together.

How Many Black Ink Crew Shops Are There in 2023?

In 2023, there are only a few black ink crew shops left in the world. The 113th crew is in Beverly Hills, and the Dutchess Lattimore is starting a new shop in Arizona.

Ceaser's breaking point

Ceaser Emanuel, the star of VH1's Black Ink Crew, has had a roller-coaster of an eventful year. A video clip went viral, in which he is seen abusing dogs. He was then fired from the show.

However, he's speaking out about his actions and taking responsibility for them. The reality star has said that he was breaking up a fight between two dogs. And while he claims the footage was leaked, he hasn't ruled out it being true.

Ceaser's daughter accuses him of beating her in January of 2021. This led to him being fired from the show. But then the reality star got himself into trouble with the law.

Now that he has been removed from the show, Ceaser is making some big moves to keep his tattoo shop running. One of those moves is to hire a new artist.

At the same time, Ceaser is also preparing for his big move to North Carolina. While his relationship with Donna Lombardi has been on rocky terrain lately, he is also trying to make peace with his former roommate.

Meanwhile, O'Sh*t is going through a downturn. His girlfriend's pregnancy and his own recent bout of drinking has him wondering where his father is. He also fears for his mother's safety.

Dutchess Lattimore's new tattoo shop

Crystana "Dutchess" Lattimore is a popular tattoo artist in North Carolina. She has appeared on the reality television show, Black Ink Crew. She owns a tattoo parlor in Charlotte called Pretty-n-Ink.

Dutchess was born on February 25, 1984 in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Her parents wanted her to pursue education and hoped that she would concentrate on studies. But, she showed exceptional talent in art at an early age.

At North Carolina A&T, she studied Business Management and Visual Art. After graduating, she became a tattoo artist. Then, she joined the cast of the VH1 reality television show, Black Ink Crew.

When the show came to an end, she continued to work as a tattoo artist. Eventually, she landed a job at one of the most famous tattoo parlors in Harlem, New York. During her time there, she met Caesar Emanuel, a tattoo artist. Together, they developed a mutual interest in tattooing and began to date.

In 2015, the couple became engaged. However, after a year, they broke up. Later on, she left her engagement to Emanuel. This caused a scandal. Some fans speculated that they were cheating on each other.

Since then, she has launched her own tattoo parlor, Pretty-n-Ink. The tattoo shop will host community events once a month. As of now, the shop has over 335k followers on its Instagram page.

Ceaser's enemies take over the 113th shop

If you were one of the many fans of the VH1 TV show Black Ink Crew, then you know that the show was filmed at the Black Ink 113th Street tattoo studio in Harlem. After filming a season, Ceaser walked away from the shop. He hasn't returned to it since.

Since then, the cost of living has skyrocketed in New York. The crew finds that their finances aren't up to par. They're also dealing with the fallout from a recent arrest.

The 113th Street crew has to deal with legal issues, as well as a family emergency. Bae's mom is coming to live with them. Rob struggles with her mom's presence, and isn't happy about it. She also finds herself in the middle of a medical emergency.

When a man from her past arrives at the shop, Sky fears for her safety. As a result, she must make a life-changing decision. Luckily, she gets a break when she's rescued by Sky.

Despite the fact that she's dealing with a lot of complications, she still manages to find time for her friends. However, she's pushed aside her love for her ex-roommate, Tati. To make things worse, she has an uncomfortable conversation with her.

113th crew travels to Philly for a tattoo convention

The Black Ink Crew heads to Philly for the annual tattoo convention. Their plans for the show have changed. Now, they will have to fight off the 9MAG crew and Ryan. They also have to decide if they will lose the 113th.

Ceaser is not ready to give up the original Black Ink. He gets a shock when he learns that an employee is a mole. As a result, he has to hire a new artist behind his back.

Cease is unsure about what to do about this. He plans to get revenge at the tattoo convention. But when he learns that his wife, Tati, is running in with the law, he is scared to make a move.

At the same time, Donna is in a difficult situation. She's caught trying to steal one of Mel's clients. After a traumatic event, she breaks down.

Sassy makes a major decision about the future of the shop. She mulls over leaving the shop. Her decision could lead to chaos in the future.

Puma is planning to open a new tattoo shop. He finds out a lot about O'S**t's life. Moreover, he tries to make peace in the 113th. This is when he comes across his biggest rival.

113th crew's visit to Beverly Hills

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113th crew's visit to Chicago

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How Many Black Ink Crew Shows Are There 2023?

how many black ink crew shows are there 2023

If you're wondering how many black ink crew shows are in the works, you're in luck. This is a very simple process, and you'll be able to get an answer to your question soon. You'll just have to do some simple math to find out exactly how many "Black Ink Crew" episodes there are in the works.

Ceaser Emanuel's dog abuse video

One of the hottest topics on social media this month is the firing of "Black Ink Crew" star Ceaser Emanuel. The reality TV show was based on the daily operations of the Black Ink tattoo shop in Harlem, and Emanuel was the star of several seasons. But this summer, a video showing him abusing dogs surfaced online.

According to reports, a security camera at the Emanuel home captured the footage. A dark-colored dog was being attacked. The video then went viral. It appears that Emanuel was hitting the dog with a folding chair.

The footage was allegedly leaked by his ex-girlfriend, Suzette Samuel. However, she denied any involvement. As a result, VH1 has fired Emanuel from the show.

A spokesman for the network said that the video "appeared to be leaked" and that the network had expected to address the situation during the show. Nevertheless, the network had made a decision to fire Ceaser without recutting the season.

Some of the show's producers have expressed disappointment with the decision. They believe that the video was appalling.

David Emanuel, who starred on the reality series as Ceaser, spoke about the video. He said it "made me feel terrible." During an interview with 107.5 WCGI, he also said that he felt that his time on the show had little to do with his healing.

Emanuel has owned studios in Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Orlando. Though he didn't have a criminal record, he faces a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals and two misdemeanor charges of animal abuse.

The Black Ink crew has had its fair share of problems during the last few months, but this season's cast is ready to move forward. After all, it is a landmark season for the popular show.

Ceaser's departure from "Black Ink Crew"

Ceaser Emanuel, the star of "Black Ink Crew," has finally left the show. His exit is said to be the most controversial of the season. Its effects on the next season of the show aren't known yet.

The star of the show had been battling allegations of child abuse before his exit. He was also accused of beating a dog in a video that went viral. However, he was acquitted of the accusations.

A new season of Black Ink Crew is set to debut without the controversial star. This season was the most turbulent season in the series' history, and the crew went through a lot. Several of them were forced to take involuntary leave. One of them, Tati, spread rumors that Kitty was dating Ryan.

Some of the crew members took to social media to vent about their feelings about Ceaser's exit. Teddy Ruks, Ceaser's right-hand man, said that Ceaser is taking steps to handle his mental health.

Donna, a former long-running cast member, spoke about the controversy. She said she hoped that Ceaser got his karma.

Puma, meanwhile, tried to mend the fences with Ceaser. They went to a bachelor party in Atlantic City. But the evening didn't go well.

Meanwhile, Dutchess, another long-running cast member, came out to speak out about the controversy. She believed that Ceaser's departure was a karma move.

However, the biggest question about the show's future is still how it will survive without him. Many cast members don't think it will work without him.

Still, some of the cast members have said that they won't be able to handle the absence of the controversial star. Others believe the show could go on with a different lead.

Ceaser's new tattoo shop

Ceaser Emanuel is the star of VH1's Black Ink Crew. The show follows the day-to-day operations of a Harlem-based tattoo shop. It has inspired spin-offs in Compton and Chicago. A new Philadelphia location is set to open next week.

The aforementioned VH1 special also touched on a topic that's been in the news lately. Ceaser Emanuel's tenure on the show - a tad - has been a subject of interest for many fans, and has even garnered a bit of controversy.

There's been some speculation that this is actually a new venture by the former VH1 cast member, who has been working on his mental health in the intervening years. One of his business partners, Ted, has confirmed that the company is indeed owned by him.

Although the Black Ink crew has been a popular local tourist destination for years, the crew has had a number of characters come and go. Several of them are notable, such as Donna (fiance of DMX), O Sh*t, and Sassy. Other noteworthy members of the crew include Teddy Ruks, who is the shop's right-hand man.

For all of the drama surrounding the VH1 show, the cast has been quite gracious about allowing fans to meet them at their locations. Some of them have even gone as far as to hold a grand opening for their new locations.

While many of the cast are now living the high life, others are on the wrong side of the law. Among those facing charges is one of the show's stars, Ceaser Emanuel. He's allegedly been accused of aggravated cruelty to animals, and faces a felony charge of the same.

This isn't the first time that Ceaser Emanuel has faced the consequences of his actions. He was previously fired from the show after he had been spotted taking a nap.

Ceaser's relationship with Dutchess

Ceaser Emanuel and Dutchess Latimore have been through some rough patches throughout their time together on Black Ink Crew. But, they are getting back on track. This season, viewers can expect to see Caesar win back his fiancee in a variety of ways.

The Black Ink Crew stars have been putting their love life on display, and fans are in for a treat. A new episode of the show airs on February 26. Fans will get to see Caesar and Dutchess reunite for a big decision. They also will learn how they've grown as businessmen. Hopefully, this will prove to be a good sign for their relationship.

Before they got engaged, Ceaser and Dutchess had a special connection. Both had been in relationships with other women before. During the years they were together, they broke up several times.

When they got engaged, the couple shared an engagement ring. However, they decided to break up permanently in 2016. Despite their breakup, Ceaser recently talked about their relationship in an interview. He mentioned how thankful he is that the engagement didn't work out.

In the last two seasons, Ceaser and Dutchess have had a lot of ups and downs. There were rumors that they had been cheating on each other. While the pair were happy, they had a hard time dealing with the rumor.

As the season progresses, it seems that both Dutchess and Cease are questioning their relationship. After the police arrive, they decide to discuss their relationship. Eventually, they realize that they are not as close as they thought. Even though it is clear that the two are unhappy in their relationship, they still try to make things work.

How Much of Black Ink Crew is Scripted 2023?

how much of black ink crew is scripted 2023

If you're like many people, you probably wonder how much of Black Ink Crew is scripted in the upcoming season of the series. Well, here are a few factors that you'll want to keep in mind.

Young Bae

If you're a fan of the Black Ink Crew, you probably know that Young Bae is a tattoo artist and has her own clothing line called 2one2 Apparel. She also has an activewear line which is geared towards women who are health conscious and want to look stylish while exercising.

While she was on the show, she was a mother to a baby named Niko. But before she was featured on the show, she was a poor immigrant from Seoul, South Korea. Her father was abusive, but she used her artistic skills to overcome the hardships.

Since then, she has become one of the most famous tattoo artists in New York City. She is now the owner of Diamond Tattoos in Times Square. And she is planning to open a clothing line in the future.

For her part, Young Bae has become an influencer. She was even featured on The Voice. She has taken the initiative to create a better world for her son.

Another interesting fact about her is that she has an impressive net worth. According to Gossip Biography, she is worth around $200 thousand.

During the time that she was on the show, Young Bae was married to a man named Rob. This marriage ended after a series of tumultuous events. However, the couple had a son, Niko.

Young Bae is the first to admit that her show has its flaws. As a result, many viewers accused the series of being fake. Yet, it has survived several major cast changes.

Ceaser Emanuel

The former reality star Ceaser Emanuel, who was the founder and owner of Black Ink, was fired from VH1 after a video of him abusing his dog went viral. He faces a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

The controversy over the infamous video clip broke out in late June. The show's cast was close to the end of filming for Season 10, but the controversy came to a head.

The video shows a man hitting a dog with a chair. When fans saw it, they were shocked. Some believed that the video was leaked. Others thought that it was all in the camera. Regardless, it created a lot of backlash.

The video was not aired on the show. However, it is possible that it was recorded on a home security camera. Whether or not that was the case, Ceaser's lawyer has vouched for the authenticity of the video.

According to celebrity net worth, Ceaser's worth is $2.5 million. That number may seem a bit high for the tattoo artist, but he has managed to expand his brand across the country. He has shops in Atlanta, Orlando, and New Orleans.

Before he became famous, Ceaser was broke. This is why he started his own tattoo shop in Harlem, New York. His goal was to build a tattoo empire that would help him build a job.

After he had a child, he began to become more serious about his business. But he was also accused of firing his employees as a habit.

Black Ink Crew is a reality show on VH1. It follows a group of tattoo artists in Harlem. Some of the cast members have been embroiled in real life drama. They have even been sent death threats. However, most of the show's topics tend to be scripted.

When the show first premiered, there were plenty of interesting things happening. The cast was a mixed bag. One of the cast members was Richard 'O'S**t' Duncan, who struggled with alcohol and addiction in the early stages of the show. He later moved to the Atlanta area, where he opened up his own tattoo shop.

Another cast member, Jakeita "Sky" Days, became known for her sexy moves on the show. She was also a business owner and aspiring actor. But, her departure from the show after season eight wasn't so pretty.

After an argument with her 19-year-old son, Des, Jakeita 'Sky' Days left the show. She briefly dated Teddy Ruks.

One of the other interesting aspects of the show was its music supervisor, Liz Lawson. This person helped audiences understand the world of Black Ink by bringing a musical soundscape to the show.

Another of the show's newest stars, Sky Carson, had something to say about the show on social media. She said leaving the show was the best way for her to make her move in terms of mental health and spiritual growth.


The new season of Black Ink Crew Chicago is about to begin. And with it comes plenty of talk about the new show.

The new season will feature the return of two of the crew's most memorable characters. Besides KP, the cast will also welcome Charmaine Bey, a Chi-town singer.

Ryan Henry is gearing up for his new season of #BlackInkChi. He recently sat down with Distractify to talk about the upcoming show.

As a bonus, he also gave fans some insight into his personal life. Aside from being a tattoo artist, Prince Spencer is also a painter and cartoonist.

As for the other members of the crew, they've already gone through some significant changes. Jet has moved on to become a day one artist in Ryan's shop. But he's not exactly thrilled with the way production is treating him.

Meanwhile, Don is still married to Ashley Brumfield, and they've updated their wedding vows in the process. However, their marriage has not been smooth. Moreover, Ashley feels like Don has been pushing her away.

Despite all this, the new season will feature the cast's best moves. In addition to the main storyline, the crew will also be revealing some of the craziest moments from their past.

Besides Prince, there are some other notable cast members. Among them are Miss Kitty, who will return to the series this season. She started out in Black Ink Crew's original New York franchise as a receptionist. It's unclear if she'll make it back to Chicago, but she'll certainly be a part of the show's narrative.

If you were a fan of the TV series "Black Ink Crew", then you've probably heard about Dutchess Lattimore. She is a former reality star who has been on the show for a number of seasons.

Her appearance on the show earned her some fame and fortune. Now, she is a tattoo artist and owns her own shop. Originally from North Carolina, Dutchess is now living in Charlotte. Despite her success on the reality show, she has struggled with her mental health. The star has dealt with depression and racism after leaving the show.

Lattimore was born on February 25, 1984, in Lincolnton, North Carolina. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 132 pounds. She has a black and brown complexion. Before she began to work as a tattoo artist, she attended college and got a degree in business management and visual arts.

She later went on to study business administration at North Carolina A&T State University. After completing her studies, she decided to pursue a career in the tattoo industry. Since then, she has appeared on several television shows.

Dutchess's "Black Ink" stint was the start of a series of highs and lows. It was during her time on the reality show that she was outcast by some of her co-stars. However, she eventually got over her disappointment and started working as a tattoo artist.

She also has been involved in the modeling and fashion industries. She has appeared in several publications and television shows.

Ryan Ryan

If you're a fan of the VH1 reality show Black Ink Crew, then you may be wondering how much of the show is scripted. It's hard to say how much the show is actually scripted because the cast has largely stayed secretive. However, there's no doubt that the show has changed a lot since its early days.

When the show first debuted eight years ago, it was a gritty, realistic depiction of the tattoo business in the streets of Harlem. Today, the show is a bit more scripted.

The show has had its share of high-profile characters. One of those is Sky Days, who has appeared in all of the show's eight seasons. He owns a retail fashion shop in Miami, and he also speaks to women about achieving their dreams.

There's also Donna, a woman who's known for her messy and abrasive behavior. She's a full-time working mother who also crochets like a granny.

Another Black Ink Crew member who's worth mentioning is Ceaser. Although he doesn't get much screen time, he's still a key figure in the show.

He's a major player in the crew, but he has his share of ups and downs. As the head of Black Ink, he's got a big decision to make.

Other notable players include Phor, who links up with Prince, a former employee of Ryan's. And then there's Donna, who gets her chance at a tattoo job.

How Many Seasons Does Black Ink Crew Have 2023?

how many seasons does black ink crew have  2023

If you're a fan of Black Ink Crew, you might be wondering what will happen in the future. There are a few things that are already known, but a lot is still up in the air. So what are the odds that the crew will be around for another season?

Ceaser Emanuel's departure

Ceaser Emanuel is a tattoo artist who was a longtime member of the Black Ink Crew. However, he was recently fired from the show after a video of him hitting a dog went viral.

After the video was posted, VH1 announced that Emanuel would be removed from the show. He was charged with one count of aggravated cruelty to animals.

The incident was recorded on a security camera. A clip was uploaded to YouTube, showing a man chasing a dog and hitting it with a chair. Another video shows a figure kicking the crate of a dog down an incline.

While Emanuel was briefly incarcerated, he was released the same day. His lawyer, Walter Mosley, said there was no police involvement.

Despite his termination, Ceaser plans to return to reality TV. In a recent interview, he discussed his next steps and his hopes for success.

He told Distractify that he is in therapy and is working on his mental health. He also plans to start a new tattoo shop in the U.S. and is looking for partners.

There have been a lot of changes within the Black Ink Crew since it started. It was originally founded as a small tattoo shop in Harlem. But it has grown into a larger franchise.

"Black Ink Crew" is now a popular series on VH1 and offers a platform for artists to showcase their talent. The show has faced controversy and changes over the years. Several major cast changes have occurred, including the departure of longtime member Donna Lombardi.

Fans are taking to social media to share their thoughts on the situation. Many are wondering why the show was renewed after the video was released and what the show will do without Ceaser.

Black Ink Crew fans know that the relationship of Ceaser Emanuel and Dutchess Latimore had a lot of ups and downs. The two were in a romantic relationship and got engaged. But in 2016, they broke up.

Before they split, both had a special bond. They had been working together on the show for over five seasons. Eventually, they had to part ways because of rumors of cheating.

When Dutchess and Cease decided to break up, they were at a low point in their lives. It was a horrible situation and they realized they had to move on.

Ceaser and Suzette are friends. They met several years ago. Since then, they have crossed paths many times. However, they entered into a friend-zone.

At the beginning of season three of "Black Ink Crew," it seems like Caesar is trying to make the relationship work. Sassy gives him information that could change their relationship forever. This makes Ceaser feel confused about the future of their relationship. Fortunately, he has a chance to mend the fences with Puma.

During season one of Black Ink Crew, it was clear that Suzette and Ceaser had a great connection. Ceaser dated Crystal, and she was supportive of his relationship with Suzette.

While the relationship seemed to work well for a while, things started to fall apart. Things were so bad that Ceaser filed a lawsuit against Crystal. And when he and Puma had a disagreement, the former boyfriend was fired from the show.

Fans are hoping that the relationship between Ceaser and Dutchess will be saved. They are unsure whether or not it will end up in a divorce. That being said, they are both still willing to work on the relationship.

Art2Ink crew confronts fiancee

Art2Ink has a new tattoo artist join their crew. The crew is ready to welcome his talent, but soon they run into their old frenemies.

When the crew heads to Las Vegas, things do not go as planned. They have a rough trip, but the Black Ink crew wins in the end.

Donna finds herself in another Black Ink relationship. A new manager-in-training threatens to turn things upside down. This leads to an ugly brawl.

O'S**t is facing legal problems. He reunites with his Baby Mama #1. His past life comes back to haunt him. He faces jail.

Ceaser has lost his first Black Ink shop. Puma has plans to open a new shop. But his mother-in-law takes warpath after learning about Art2Ink. She demands Puma close down the shop.

Sky has a heartbreaking past. She has a secret surgery. However, she has to make a decision that could change her life forever. And it will take a lot of guts.

Tati is a mess. She goes home with another guy. Ted is furious. After an ugly confrontation, she tries to cover up her mistake.

Alexis is a thorn in the side of the crew. She tries to get back on Ceaser's good side, but a photo shoot goes awry.

Teddy is married. He and Euni often post pictures of herself on social media. However, a rumor mill begins to form. Eventually, Teddy deletes pictures of her. Leaving her heartbroken.

Naeem and Alexis are new to the crew. Alexis is deaf. Having trouble raising her voice, she uses aggressive hand motions.

Puma's mother-in-law arrives to confront Puma about his plans. While she is there, she catches him in a compromising position. Suddenly, the Black Ink crew is in hot water.

Puma and Ted grapple with complex family issues

If you've been following "Black Ink Crew New York", then you know that Puma and Ted have been dealing with some complicated family issues lately. But don't worry, they're still in love, and they're not alone.

On this week's episode, "Black Ink Crew 2023," Puma and Ted face complex family matters. They are reunited with their estranged mother. However, their reunion comes with some unexpected results.

The crew has a surprise for Sassy. They throw a Mixxxy bash for her. During the event, Puma confronts Sassy about their rumor that she has an affair with Ted. He also discusses parenting in the reality TV spotlight.

A new member of the Black Ink crew will arrive soon. It's unclear whether or not she'll be Tati or Spyder. Still, she will be a welcome addition to the crew.

In other news, the crew travels to Arizona to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Black Ink. Walt works hard to get his kids back home, while the rest of the family faces some difficult family situations.

A paternity test is held for O'S**t's new baby. Donna is caught trying to steal Mel's client. Cease struggles to be a loyal friend. And Sky struggles to make a life-changing decision.

Lastly, in "Black Ink Crew New York", a block party is held for Ceaser's new shop. This causes everyone to be on edge.

Ceaser faces a felony charge of animal cruelty. He reaches a breaking point. Afterward, he returns to Harlem. His daughter claims that she received death threats. When he learns that she was not the only one, he decides to sit down with Puma.

In another storyline, the crew finds out about Ceaser's arrest. The police officer and his bail bondsman visit the shop to cover up a tattoo.

How Many Seasons of Black Ink Crew New York 2023?

how many seasons of black ink crew new york  2023

If you are a fan of the popular show Black Ink Crew New York, then you might be wondering how many seasons you can expect for it. The answer to that question depends on several factors, such as the popularity of the cast members, the production company that's running the show, and more. So, you should do your homework to ensure you get the answer you want.


Black Ink Crew New York is a reality show about a group of black tattoo artists in New York. They are joined by a slew of colorful characters who work at their shop.

The crew is made up of eight main characters, and each of them has a story to tell. While the episodes focus on the work at the shop, they also explore their relationships and friendships.

Puma and Teddy are the founders of the crew, and both of them are trying to move forward in their lives. Their relationship is not perfect, but it is strong.

Puma is trying to juggle his work as a businessman and his role as a father. He is excited for the return of Black Ink Crew New York. However, he is also confused by the news of a new competition.

The cast is filled with crazy characters. Some of them are very funny and loveable, while others are quite sexy. But what happens when one of the cast members gets arrested?

A new episode will air on October 18 at 8PM. To learn more about the show, check out the official website. You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

After a long time away, Puma is returning to Black Ink Crew. When the show returns, he will open a shop in Atlanta, Georgia. His friends, Ted and Alexis, will have a hand in this endeavor.

Meanwhile, Puma will also open a tattoo shop in Harlem. However, he will face a difficult decision.

Ceaser and Dutchess are in a relationship. However, they have yet to finalize a pre-nup. As a result, the two of them will need to pay for unexpected renovations.


The VH1 reality show "Black Ink Crew" follows the lives of the characters that work at the Black Ink Tattoo Shop in New York City. Although the majority of the cast has rotated between supporting roles, one character has been a mainstay of the show, Dutchess.

Dutchess is the only female tattoo artist in the Black Ink crew. She is a business management graduate with a focus on visual art. She also works as a paid model for magazines and publications.

Donna is the apprentice of Ceaser and Dutchess. She worked at the shop for many years. However, she left the crew in season nine. This led to a lot of drama.

Donna finds herself confronted by a former love interest. She also has to face questions about her marriage and her kids. But she wants to get her job back.

The crew finds out about a mysterious man from Sky's past. When the man shows up at the shop, the crew fears for their safety.

After Sky's surgery, she tries to get Donna back. But it isn't as easy as she thinks. Her past comes back to haunt her.

O'Shit has problems with addictions. His family is facing serious legal problems. He and Kathie both want to take care of the situation. They call on their spirit guides to help them.

Puma has plans to open a new tattoo shop. But Ceaser isn't so pleased with the news. And he's also been having a hard time with his own wife.

Dutchess makes a plea for a truce at the shop. It's a big decision. One that will determine her future.


The controversial departure of Ceaser Emanuel from the VH1 reality series "Black Ink Crew" has been a hot topic on social media. After the release of a video, allegedly showing him abusing a dog, he was fired from the show. It seems like it was a no-brainer, but fans of the show were not happy with the network's decision.

Before becoming famous, Ceaser was broke. He has since built a tattoo empire. His most recent venture, however, has caused a lot of controversy.

In addition to his work on "Black Ink Crew," Ceaser has appeared on other shows, such as Love & Hip Hop. He is also believed to have child support issues.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is worth $2.5 million. Several photos of him are currently floating around on the Internet. Some of these pictures were posted by his girlfriend, Suzette Samuel. She began throwing shots at his daughter Cheyenne on Facebook.

While "Black Ink Crew" fans have a lot to say about the series' recent episodes, it's unclear how long the show will continue without Ceaser. The new season of the show is slated to air later in 2022 or early 2023.

One thing is for sure: "Black Ink" will not be without controversy. Fans are expecting the network to address the situation during the show.

The upcoming season of the show will focus on the events leading up to Ceaser's exit from the series. During this time, the crew will need to learn to survive in a post-Ceaser world.

Black Ink Crew New York is the tenth season of the hit VH1 series. It follows the daily operations of the shop owned by the popular tattoo artist.


If you are a fan of the VH1 series "Black Ink Crew", then you may have heard about the new season, which will premiere on October 18. This is a very anticipated season as it will feature the departure of Ceaser Emanuel, who was fired from the show in June due to allegations. However, a lot will happen before that.

For those who have not seen the show, it features a variety of different cast members. Each season has had a different lineup. Currently, the cast includes Spyder, Puma, Young Bae, Ted, Tati, and Alex.

The crew has come a long way since the first season. It has been nine seasons since the beginning, and the cast has evolved over the years.

During the last few seasons, the cast has been joined by various guest stars. Most of them have played a supporting role. Some of them include Jessica Miller and Mama Bae, who guest starred on the show during the seventh and ninth seasons.

On the 10th anniversary of the show, it is time for the Black Ink Crew to take a look back and find a way forward. Specifically, the team must deal with the aftermath of Ceaser's departure, and the consequences of the allegations against him.

While this season will focus on the Emanuel's tattoo shop, the team will also have to face the challenge of navigating the post-Ceaser world. Their achievements will be celebrated, and their losses will be mourned.

After a grueling year, Spyder has recovered from his health crisis and now focuses on his family legacy. He also refocuses on his career. His wife is willing to step down as his personal trainer, and she wants him to take health seriously.

"Black Ink Crew New York" has been a popular television series since its debut. The show follows the lives of a group of Black tattoo artists. It's filmed at a shop on 113th and Lennox Street in Harlem, New York.

The show's cast includes Puma, Alex, Dutchess Lattimore, Ted, Teddy, Donna, Nikki, and Sky. They each have their own struggles and drama within the shop.

Young Bae, a South Korean native, joined the crew after a difficult upbringing. She was able to overcome her difficulties through art. During her time on the show, she won an award for her work.

Tatti, a New York native, was also a part of the series. She worked to prove her artistic abilities during the previous season. After an incident, she took a step down to an apprentice position.

Dutchess, a former roommate of Donna, is also a member of the show. When she's approached by a man from her past, she worries for her safety. This leads to an unexpected event.

Ceaser Emanuel is another cast member. He has been a tattoo artist for many years. His life has been filled with ups and downs. Recently, he has begun to focus more on his personal life, and is enjoying a new sex icon status.

As the season progresses, the cast finds themselves facing many complications. Donna and Alex are having relationship issues. Their friendship is threatened by the arrival of a third crew member, a member of the twin sister's family.

Despite the chaos, the crew is able to keep the shop running. However, the unexpected arrival of an assailant threatens to bring the whole operation to its knees.

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