How Many Episodes of Below Deck Down Under Will There Be?

How Many Episodes of Below Deck Down Under Will There Be?


how many episodes of below deck down under will there be

There has been much speculation over how many episodes of Below Deck will be broadcast down under, but so far it seems as if the show's producers have not made any announcements. This is especially surprising since the series is currently being filmed in Australia. If the show will be televised in that country, there may be some potential ramifications on the production budget.

Jamie Culver

Below Deck Down Under has been filmed. The new series will premiere on March 17, 2022 on Peacock. It follows the crew of M/Y Thalassa as they sail across the tropical Whitsunday Islands. This is the first streaming-exclusive spinoff of the Emmy-nominated Below Deck franchise.

Aesha Scott returns from her seasons in the Mediterranean to join the Below Deck crew. Her free-spirited nature will conflict with her newfound responsibility as the Chief Stew.

Bosun Jamie Sayed is a former police officer who values order and hierarchy. He tries to keep his deck team on his side. However, he is not the only one to make mistakes. Captain Jason notices that Jamie has poor management skills.

Bosun Jamie Sayed isn't the only bosun to be fired on Below Deck Down Under. Benny Crawley, another deckhand, is considering leaving the boat. And Jamie isn't too pleased.

Below Deck Down Under is set against the backdrop of the Great Barrier Reef. It's a yachtie drama that's sure to keep fans of the popular Bravo series coming back. But don't be surprised if the show bleeps curse words.

Below Deck Down Under stars three Americans. Culver Bradbury is a deckhand. His alter ego is Keith Stone. While he's on board, he has a hard time getting along with his fellow crew members.

Deckhand Benny Crawley seems to be spiritual. He also seems to be very quiet. But he still has a crush on Brittini. They are supposed to go on a van road trip together after their last charter.

The deck team is thrown into chaos when they have to deal with demanding charter guests. There's a lot of interpersonal drama among the crew, and it's all coming to a head with Captain Jason.

Marcos Spaziani

Below Deck Down Under, a spinoff of Below Deck, has been confirmed for filming. It is not yet known when the show will air, but it is likely to take place sometime in the near future. This is not a Bravo show, so it will not air on that network. Instead, it will be broadcast on Peacock.

Below Deck Down Under has a number of interesting head-turning moments. One of them is when the charter group leaves and the crew wants to rest. The charter guests, however, leave the worst tip in the show's history.

Another interesting moment is when Marcos Spaziani and Louis Huh expand their business to include catering and private chef events. They also started a food truck named ML Eats.

Below Deck Down Under was a hit, but the season is not over. The next season will most likely air in March of 2023. Fans will not be disappointed. In fact, they'll be pleased to see the cast take accountability.

Below Deck Down Under is one of three Below Deck spinoffs to be renewed by NBCUniversal. The others are Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Mediterranean 2. Those three shows will be back next year.

The original Below Deck was a hit, but the newest addition to the cast isn't exactly what fans were hoping for. Despite the show's good reviews, Marcos Spaziani hasn't gotten the kind of support he'd like from other cast members.

Although he's not one of the fan favorites, Marcos is a talented chef. He has cooked for celebrities and former US presidents. His 12-course meals impressed viewers. During his time on the show, Marcos suffered a serious injury. However, he was able to recover and has made a name for himself.

Malia White

Below Deck Down Under was a surprise hit on Bravo. The show quickly surpassed its predecessors as the most scandalous. Some of the sexiest moments of the show's first season were the romance between Malia and Tom Checketts and the relationship between Hannah and Captain Jason Chambers.

However, there have been several other scandals on the show. These include the above-mentioned one-night stand between Malia and Wes Walton, the romance between Brittini and Culver, and the sabotage of Hannah Ferrier.

One of the most interesting parts of Below Deck Down Under was the introduction of Captain Jason Chambers, who is a Peacock original. According to Aesha Scott, he is "a very intelligent guy, very hardworking, very good at leadership." She is also "excited about teaching the next generation of yachties."

It was also said that Malia White would be leaving Below Deck Med. When asked about it, Malia said she was leaving because of a bad scooter accident. But she did confirm she was not coming back for Season 7.

One of the more interesting things about Below Deck Down Under was the way it mixed business with pleasure. On the show, yachties entertain demanding charter guests in locations all over the world, from Croatia to Spain. There are also a lot of romances between the crew.

One of the most entertaining things about Below Deck Down Under is watching the yachties party it up while sailing through the Mediterranean. You can watch all three seasons on Hayu.

As for the other stars of the show, you can find out more about them by reading Galley Talk. Also, make sure to watch the new trailer for season 10 of Below Deck on BravoCon.

Jason Chambers

If you're a fan of the Below Deck franchise, you're probably wondering about the next season. It's rumored that the new season will take place in Australia. But how many episodes of Below Deck Down Under are we really going to see?

Captain Jason Chambers is one of the stars of the Below Deck spinoff, Below Deck Down Under. He recently appeared on a Hannah Ferrier podcast.

The new series follows the crew aboard a luxury mega-yacht. Along the way, they encounter marine life and travel to the Great Barrier Reef.

For fans of the Below Deck franchise, this series promises to be an amazing experience. In addition to the usual crew drama, viewers will get to experience the local culture of a particular locale. That means that they'll be able to appreciate some of the most beautiful views in the world.

There's also a new character, a first-time bosun named Jamie, who faces a number of challenges. However, he's got the looks to back up his potential to be a bosun's best friend.

Aesha Scott, the chief stew, will be back for another season as well. She's said to be one of the most attractive characters on the show.

While below decking, it's not uncommon to hear Jason say "I've never seen that before!" He's not just saying it to be funny, though. His work ethic and dedication are impressive.

When asked about what's new in the below decking world, Chambers mentioned the latest Below Deck Down Under, which is a travel-themed show. The new series features guests sailing the Whitsundays, which is part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Besides his good looks, Chambers has a long history in the yachting industry. He has worked on charter yachts around the world.

Reunion special

A reunion special of Below Deck Down Under is expected soon. After all, it's been a long and tumultuous season. But, there are plenty of surprises and head-turning moments.

The season has featured numerous crew members dealing with family feuds and alcohol-fueled drama. In addition, the crew has dealt with issues such as high-pressure situations and illnesses. They've also had a chance to interact with billionaire clients.

The season has seen the departure of two of the original crew members. Second Engineer C.J. LeBeau and deckhand Culver Bradbury both had to leave. And, it has also seen the arrival of a new captain, Jason Chambers. He's a native of Australia and he's excited to show his country to the world.

Before the season ended, Bravo released a video statement from the crew's Chief Stew Natasha Webb. During the video, she revealed that they would not be attending the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion. However, they did have their own Instagram Live reunion.

This reunion special is different from other Below Deck reunions. It won't be the full cast, but just a small group.

The cast has been posting on social media and gathering in groups to talk about the series. Brittini Burton said she's not happy with the way things turned out. She told Showbiz Cheatsheet she thinks Captain Chambers "distracts" the crew.

Below Deck has been a fan favorite. It's been fun to see the crew interact with clients and get to know them. Their high-pressure situations have led to a number of injuries and illnesses.

It's not clear when the season finale will air. It's rumored to follow the same format as the other Below Deck shows.

Below Deck Down Under - How Many Episodes of Below Deck Down Under Are on Peacock?

how many episodes of below deck down under are on peacock

Below Deck is a reality TV show that follows the crew of a superyacht. The show takes viewers behind the scenes to show the reality of working on a luxury yacht, as well as the tension and politics that come with the job. This season, the show has moved to the Whitsunday Islands, which are near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. While on the boat, the crew must endure long hours and high levels of stress.


Below Deck Down Under is a spinoff of the hit reality series Below Deck. It follows the crew of the luxury motor yacht Thalassa. The show explores the dynamic relationships between the crew and their charter guests.

Below Deck Down Under stars Ryan McKeown, Brittini Burton, Culver Bradbury, and Aesha Scott. It also features other cast members. These include Captain Jason Chambers, Bosun Jamie Sayed, and Chef Ryan McKeown.

Below Deck Down Under is set on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It also features the tropical Whitsunday Islands. During the show, the crew of the M/Y Thalassa faces a series of interdepartmental and interpersonal struggles.

Below Deck Down Under has been criticized for its bad behavior. The crew members have been injured over the years. Some have even suffered from stress-related illnesses.

Below Deck Down Under is a streaming-exclusive franchise. It premiered on Peacock in March 2022. Initially, only a few episodes were released. However, this is now changed. In order to watch the entire season, you need to subscribe to Peacock Premium. For just $4.99 per month, you can enjoy ad-free viewing.

Below Deck Down Under has been a hit for many viewers. It was initially filmed in the Whitsunday Islands region. Many fans have supported chef Ryan McKeown. But now he is being fired. He was caught flashing his butt at his former boss. This will lead to a dramatic finale for the Below Deck downunder.

Below Deck Down Under has been praised for its strong casting. Currently, the cast of Below Deck Down Under includes Chef Ryan McKeown, Captain Jason Chambers, Bosun Jamie SAyed, and Aesha Scott.

Aesha's bluntness

One of the stars of Below Deck Down Under is Aesha Scott. She may be a bit of a chameleon, but she has managed to maintain a good work ethic. During her career, she has worked on some of the best-known boats in the business. While her stint on Below Deck may not be the same as the one she had while working for a major luxury yachting company, her experience onboard Below Deck has given her a solid foundation on which to build her career.

Aesha has always been a sucker for a challenge. In the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under, she is tasked with keeping the crew and guests on track. This requires a fair amount of brainpower, and she didn't know how much it would take.

When it comes to the best way to keep a crew and guests on task, Aesha has some tricks up her sleeve. The first is her use of an alarm clock to get the job done. However, she also admits that she doesn't like how Chef Ryan keeps pushing her to the limit.

Aesha isn't the only one who has made a good showing on Below Deck. Among the cast, Ryan McKeown has been a thorn in Aesha's side, but she has also been an asset to the boat. Before she started work on Below Deck, she served as a back up stewardess on the Below Deck Mediterranean. She was also the star of a sexy boatmance with Jack Stirrup, who is now a husband and father.

Aesha has also shown her dedication to a worthy cause. She helped a fellow Below Deck alum acclimate to the realities of reality TV.

Benny's deteriorating work relationship with Jamie

If you have been watching Below Deck Down Under then you have no doubt noticed that Jamie Sayed and Benny Crawley have been having a rough go of it lately. They are not strangers to conflict and bickering, but this was their first time working as a crew of a super yacht.

While it may be easy to look at the feud between Jamie and Benny as a simple argument over who is boss on the boat, it actually turned into something more complicated. The two had a rocky work relationship that was exacerbated by Benny's bad behavior. In this week's episode, we got to see a little more of what went down between the two.

It all started when Jamie complained to Captain Jason Chambers about Benny's poor work performance. He felt that Benny was constantly late to his job, and he felt that his leadership style was lacking. As a result, he wanted to fire Benny. However, Benny refused to take it personally.

Benny did not like the way that Jamie was speaking to him. In addition, he felt that Jamie had no right to speak negatively about him.

After hearing what Jamie said about Benny, Benny decided to defend his reputation. So, he put together a video to show off his newfound skills.

He also made sure to mention the fact that Jamie Sayed had done a better job of showing the rest of the crew how to do the f-word. This is a feat in itself.

The other major highlight of the video is a shout out to a deckhand named Lewis Lupton. Lupton is known for playing devil's advocate.

Aesha's interior team vs Jamie's deck team

Below Deck Down Under is a yacht-themed reality series filmed in Australia. It follows a crew of hot yachties on the M/Y Thalassa as they navigate interpersonal drama and high-pressure charter guests. The first season of the show is set in the Great Barrier Reef, with close encounters with marine life.

Below Deck is a franchise that has captured audiences since its premiere on Bravo. It features thrill-seeking charter guests, interdepartmental turmoil, and a crew with questionable behavior. Those who want to watch the series can do so for free with an ad-supported plan. Streaming is also available.

Aesha Scott returns as chief stewardess for the new season. She was a favorite of fans on Below Deck Mediterranean. Her new role will require her to juggle her free-wheeling personality with the demands of her job.

On the crew are a variety of new personalities, including Brittini Burton, Culver Bradbury, and Magda Ziomek. They hail from different backgrounds.

Magda is a hot young girl looking for a good time. However, she has some trouble understanding her new job. She insists on communicating with her boyfriend, Maciek, while she's working. This results in her getting into a bit of trouble.

Captain Jason Chambers has 20 years of experience. He's proud to have native Australians on board. When he's not aboard the boat, he lives in the Philippines. Despite his new role, he is still impressed by the crew.

Bosun Jamie Sayed is a newcomer to the deck. She has worked as an interior crew member, and she's excited to try her hand as a bosun.

Chef Ryan McKeown is another familiar face on the ship. But his new position clashes with his service style. And he finds himself smitten by a woman.

Below Deck Down Under has been giving fans a lot to talk about. The spin-off series follows a crew of charter guests on a yacht. Those on the ship face high stress and long hours. As a bonus, they get to experience the glamour of life on a superyacht.

The show is produced by 51 Minds, the same people who brought us Bravo's Below Deck. Executive producers include Lisa Shannon and Grace Lee. They are also responsible for Below Deck Adventure. It will premiere on November 1 at 9/8c.

One of the main characters is Aesha Scott. She is a former Below Deck Mediterranean cast member who was promoted to chief stewardess. Her character is a little bit quirky, but she does her job. She also likes to compare Airlie Beach to New Zealand.

Another character to keep an eye out for is Chef Ryan. He is a Philadelphian native and brings a powerful authority to the galley. Despite his good looks, he is considered to be a distraction to the charter guests.

Some of the other cast members are Culver Bradbury and Brittini Burton. Both have been featured on Below Deck Down Under, and Brittini's newest post on Instagram suggests she's headed to the United States for a road trip.

The first season of Below Deck Down Under ended with two crew members being fired. There is speculation that Aesha is the next to go. The crew members have suffered from stress-related illnesses due to high-pressure situations.

The show has received a number of negative reviews and complaints. Fans of the show are looking forward to seeing how Season 2 will play out. If you're interested in watching the entire season, subscribe to Peacock Premium for $4.99 per month. You'll be able to stream the show ad-free.

Where to Watch Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 Online

where to watch below deck med season 4 uk

If you are looking for a great place to watch Below Deck Season 4, there are several options. Some of the places you can check out are Sling TV, Netflix, and Reelgood. The good thing about these is that they are all online and you don't have to have a cable connection to enjoy them.


Below Deck is a reality show starring crew members on a mega yacht. Each season follows a new crew and different guests. The show has garnered over 2.6 million viewers per episode.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a spinoff from the original Below Deck series. Each season features new guests and new charters. It's the ultimate reality show.

Below Deck Mediterranean is on Bravo. You can stream it online. There's also a free trial for a month. Subscribers get access to 75+ live channels. You'll also get a free VPN.

Below Deck Mediterranean is available on several on demand networks, including Hayu. But if you want the best experience, go with a paid service. Streaming services like Amazon Prime are not included in your subscription. If you're not yet a member, you can sign up for a free trial to get access to Below Deck Med.

Peacock is another streaming service that offers a new episode one day after it airs on Bravo. They offer a Premium tier for $4.99 a month. This ad-supported subscription offers a full week's worth of episodes.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality show that's a part of the "Below Deck" franchise. It follows crew members aboard a 150-foot mega-yacht in the Mediterranean.

Below Deck Mediterranean features the Ionian Princess, Sirocco, and The Wellington. Fans will enjoy seeing how these three yachts interact. Some of the crew are new while others are returning. In addition to the usual sex battles, love triangles, and comical confrontations, Below Deck Med offers an escape from reality for fans.

Another of the show's most interesting features is the new boat. It will serve as the foundation for a new Below Deck franchise.


Below Deck is a reality show on the Bravo network. It follows a crew of people who live aboard a mega-yacht. They go on charters to entertain high-profile guests. During these trips, the crew often find romances and scandals. In addition, the crew also has to handle other responsibilities onboard the vessel.

Below Deck is on Netflix in the UK. Seasons one through five are available to watch, although season six and seven are not currently available. There is no release date for the new season, but it should be out soon.

Below Deck Mediterranean is the second spinoff of the Below Deck series. The first was Below Deck Down Under, which quickly became one of the most popular seasons of all time. This series focuses on a new group of passengers.

Below Deck Mediterranean is filmed in Malta. The crew sets sail through Greece and Spain. Each week, a different guest is added to the crew. One of the most recent guests is Malia White. She will be back for a third season.

Despite its escapades and scandals, Below Deck has been a successful series. It has averaged over two million viewers per episode.

Below Deck Mediterranean is an excellent addition to the Below Deck franchise. Aside from the crew, the show features many new guests.

The show has had dramatic exits, too. For example, chef Ben Robinson left the show in season 4. His departure was not without reason. He specialized in cancer care. However, he is now back with Below Deck.

Below Deck Mediterranean is not available on Amazon Prime. However, it is available on Binge and Hayu. It offers a free trial for new subscribers. You can sign up for a month and get access to a large number of shows.

Sling TV

Below Deck Mediterranean is a series that follows the crew on a 150' mega-yacht in the Mediterranean. Guests come aboard, and each crew member has a particular role. Some guests are annoyances, while others are new to the team.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 is coming soon. The show will be available to watch on the Bravo website and through live TV services. You can also use a VPN to watch online.

Below Deck is a reality series that follows the crew on a luxury superyacht during charter season. Each season focuses on a different boat and follows different crew members. It's a great way to see how yachting is handled in different parts of the world.

Below Deck Adventure is a different type of Below Deck show. The show features a new captain and new crewmembers. All of the crew members are expected to navigate the demands of fellow crew members, guests, and fellow yachties.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 is set to premiere in July. The show will feature a cast of new guests each week. This includes Mzi "Zee" Dempers, a returning cast member.

You can get access to Below Deck on Peacock, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and Fubo TV. For the best viewing experience, subscribe to one of the above services. Subscribers to Peacock have access to the Premium tier for $4.99 per month.

To watch Below Deck on Sling TV, you need a Sling Blue subscription. If you're not a subscriber to the service, you can sign up for a free trial. Once you've signed up, you'll receive 50 hours of DVR storage.

You can also find Below Deck on YouTube TV. A five-day free trial is also available.


Below Deck is a reality TV series that focuses on the lives of crew members aboard a luxury superyacht during the charter season. Each season lasts six weeks and takes place in a different destination. The show features entertainers, millionaires and hard partying groups of well-heeled friends. You can watch the series via NOWTV, NBC or a handful of other streaming services.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a relatively new addition to the Below Deck franchise. It follows the crew of a luxury charter yacht in the Mediterranean. They provide top-notch service to wealthy guests, but also face love triangles and other challenges. In fact, it has already earned the green light for a second season. For fans, it's a great escape from real life.

This is a series that is available to watch on multiple platforms, but there's no specific premiere date for the upcoming season. However, it's definitely worth a look. The crew's love life is a touch odd, but the series does give viewers a glimpse into the glamorous world of sailing a mega-yacht. Plus, the team has plenty of opportunities to demonstrate their skills on the water.

The series has been a big hit with viewers, and the franchise has recently expanded to include a spin-off called Below Deck Sailing Yacht. The show's most impressive feat is that the show's producers manage to keep it afloat, despite the many hurdles.

Fortunately, the series can be viewed on a variety of platforms, including NBC, Roku, Amazon Prime, Hulu, NOWTV and Netflix. Watching the show can be a bit of a pain, however. That's why you might want to check out Reelgood.com, which has a comprehensive list of every TV show and movie you can stream online.


Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality dating show. It is a spinoff from the popular Below Deck series. Each season features a different crew on a superyacht, which sails through the Mediterranean. The show follows the lives of each crew member, who are often thrown into stressful situations.

During each charter season, the crew on the yacht deals with demanding clients. They also find time to have fun, blow off steam, and develop relationships. The show is a success and has seen its ratings increase in recent years. Season 7 will air on July 12, 2022. This means that fans can expect more of this exciting series.

Below Deck Mediterranean is available on VOD services, Google Play, and iTunes. Seasons 1 to 5 are available on Hayu and season 6 is not yet available. In the meantime, fans can check out the trailer for season 6.

If you enjoy Below Deck, you may want to check out Below Deck: Mediterranean. Netflix does not have the show, but you can stream it through other video-on-demand (VOD) services. You can check out the trailer on YouTube TV. Another option is to subscribe to fuboTV. With a fuboTV subscription, you can watch on up to 10 devices at the same time.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a hit amongst fans. The show is available on many streaming services including Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, NOWTV, and Peacock. However, you will need to subscribe to Sling Blue or Orange to access all of the episodes. Alternatively, you can purchase them on iTunes, Vudu, and Amazon Instant Video.

Aside from its popularity on Netflix, Below Deck: Mediterranean is available on other services, including HBO and Hulu.

Where to Watch Below Deck Med Season 4 Online

where to watch below deck med season 4

If you're looking to catch the latest season of the popular reality show below deck med season 4, then you're in the right place. There's no definite date when you'll be able to watch the new episodes, but they'll be coming out.

Hannah Ferrier fired from med season 5

Hannah Ferrier was one of the first cast members to join Below Deck Mediterranean. She was the chief stewardess on the ship for seasons one through five. But, during season five, she was fired from the show. Her departure from the show sparked many controversy.

It seems that Captain Sandy Yawn wasn't happy with her chief stew and she was soon replaced by Bugsy Drake. Fans were outraged when Hannah was removed from the crew. However, after a few months, it was revealed that she had been taking a prescription medication for anxiety.

According to Malia White, Hannah Ferrier had an undeclared dose of Valium on board. The bosun reported the drugs to the captain. He deemed her drug use illegal, and she was immediately fired.

As the chief stewardess, Hannah Ferrier was the only original cast member on the boat before the season five premiere. She was fired from the show, and later announced that she would return to the boat as cruise director of The Real Love Boat.

After leaving the show, Hannah has gone on to live a very successful life. She has a husband and a baby. She has also started a podcast and runs a yachting school. Hannah also keeps in touch with Below Deck Med fans via Instagram. Despite her recent divorce, she plans on working on other franchises.

Hannah Ferrier's relationship with Captain Sandy Yawn was still strained. They didn't see eye to eye when it came to running a boat. And they had issues with each other over bunk swaps and rooming. Their rivalry has not been resolved.

Hannah Ferrier's eviction from the Below Deck Mediterranean season 5 crew was an unexpected surprise to fans. Some of the other cast members, like Malia White, sided with her. Others thought she was insensitive to her mental illness.

In the past, fans have questioned Malia White's character. Some have accused her of being the reason why Hannah Ferrier was fired. While the bosun claims that she was forced to do it, she regrets her decisions.

Before she got fired, Hannah had a vape pen on board and unregistered Valium. She realized her mistake when she was washing her clothes.

Captain Sandy's Twitter announcement upset fans

There has been a lot of social media chatter over Captain Sandy's latest move. The Below Deck Med star addressed trolls on Twitter and threw a little slap in their faces. Some fans called for a boycott of the show while others welcomed the change.

Below Deck Med star Captain Sandy has been battling backlash since firing chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier. This is one of the most controversial decisions in the series' history, and it's met with mixed reactions.

As the new captain, Sandy has received more criticism than most of her predecessors. She has been accused of micromanaging the crew and meddling with their work. In addition, she has been criticized for her onboard romance with bosun Raygan Tyler. However, she also receives praise for her dedication to safety.

Before she was named Below Deck Med's new captain, Sandy had been a lead deckhand and second stew on the superyacht St. David.

She was seen in leaked photos on the boat, confirming her involvement with the series. After her stint on the ship, she went on to become a marketing professional, writing long-form content for marketing companies.

It's safe to say that fans of the franchise are a bit confused. Aside from the rumour that Sandy is taking over for Captain Lee, no one knows exactly what will happen. Many suspect she will be brought on as a temporary replacement.

Regardless of whether Sandy is the next captain on the series, fans are still furious. They want the trolls to stop. One fan even threatened to boycott the show if Sandy was chosen to take over.

Bravo's Below Deck and Below Deck Med are two of the best shows on the air. But the drama in the series has been off-the-charts this season. Fans have trolled the crew and even a few of the cast members.

During Season 7, the captain wanted to do something more than just deal with trolls. He wanted to get rid of the trolls. Eventually, the crew and cast members took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

On the other hand, there have been many trolls that have not been as active as the ones during Season 6. For example, a poll was started to see which hater is the best.

There won't be a reunion

Below Deck Mediterranean will not have a reunion episode for Season 4. Bravo has yet to reveal what made them decide against a reunion. However, it is likely that they were not involved with the decision.

The last season of Below Deck Mediterranean ended with one of the worst seasons in Bravo's history. Some of the episodes were criticized for their drama, lack of diversity, and treatment of female cast members.

Below Deck Mediterranean fans were disappointed in the show's decision not to have a reunion. Many questioned why they couldn't have a multi-part reunion. They were even hopeful that they would get a chance to see the cast again.

In the weeks since the season ended, Below Deck Mediterranean fans have been left wondering if a Season 5 is in the works. It is possible that the show will return to the air in June of 2020, but it is unlikely that it will have a post-season epilogue.

Below Deck Mediterranean has been a favorite of viewers for several years, and many fans were hoping to see the whole cast reunite on the show. Even the "Instagram Live" reunion did not have the same effect as the full cast reunion with Andy Cohen.

Although there won't be a Below Deck Mediterranean reunion for Season 4, the season will still be memorable. There were several changes on board the ship, including the addition of new cast members. As the season came to an end, some of the old crew members found love. Others were fired, sacked, and rehired. One of the highlights of the season was the introduction of new characters.

Bravo did not respond to a Bustle request for comment. However, Andy Cohen has weighed in on the topic. He has confirmed that there will not be a Below Deck Med Season 4 reunion.

He also said that he did not make the final decision. Ultimately, though, the decision was made by Bravo.

If the cast and crew have busy schedules, it is likely that they cannot have a Below Deck Med Season 4 reunion. Hopefully, fans will have a chance to see the rest of the season on Bravo.

The show isn't one of many exceptional reality shows available to Netflix subscribers

Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 was an excellent season for the fans. The crew members dealt with many professional and personal issues. One of the fans favorite, Hannah Ferrier, was fired after she was reported for a drug habit by bosun Malia White. This caused a lot of controversy. After watching the finale, viewers were eager to find out who would be back for the next season.

There were a number of new relationships that came about during the season. However, the crew and cast members were also criticized for their homophobic comments. Some of the characters were even accused of having inappropriate sexual behavior with fellow crew members. While this was the first season of the show to feature this, there were also some incidents that had a negative impact on the show.

Among the negative reviews, there were several instances where the cast members were criticized for dramatizing events and treating women unfairly. Fortunately, the series' producer, Andy Cohen, denied any responsibility for the decision. Instead, it was suggested that the decision was due to the hectic schedules of the cast and crew.

Below Deck Med season 5 was announced and will be available on June 2020. In the meantime, you can find the show on Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and fuboTV. Also, you can watch the series on Peacock. A few of the cast members have appeared on Galley Talk, a podcast that features former Below Deck cast members. You can also watch a recent episode of Galley Talk with Bobby Giancola, Ben Robinson, and Josiah Carter.

Overall, Below Deck Med season 4 was an interesting season and fans are excited for the next season. Below Deck has six seasons, so there is a good chance that there will be more episodes in the future. Until then, you can continue to follow the crew through their adventures as they work on charters in France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Croatia. Watch the show now on YouTube TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and Peacock. If you haven't started watching, you're missing out! And with Netflix's new addition of a few exciting reality shows, you'll be able to enjoy them for a long time to come.

Where Was Below Deck Med Season 4 Filmed?

where was below deck med season 4 filmed

If you're thinking about watching Below Deck season 4 filmed, then you've come to the right place. Here, we'll give you a quick synopsis of the show. You'll learn about Hannah's new relationship with Adam, June's lack of experience, and how Colin's return to New Zealand goes down. We'll also tell you about Adam's pranks on Wes, and how the crew keeps stranded guests at bay.

Hannah's relationship with Adam

Adam and Hannah have had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. In the first episode of season four, they were still technically together but not in a romantic relationship. However, in later episodes, the romance takes a sharp turn.

Hannah and Adam are both pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. They have both recently joined Broadway productions. But they have also developed love interests in each other.

The two met while performing in the same production. Later, they became friends. At one point, they even lived in the same apartment.

But they broke up in the episode Sit-In. That is until they decided to be more open about their relationship while Hannah was away at school.

When Adam strays outside of his rules, Hannah feels guilty. She is also jealous. She starts sending him nude pictures. And she calls him her "June" instead of his real name.

Adam and Hannah meet again in the final episode of season four. Hannah visits him in his apartment, and they have sex. It seems like the romance has come full circle.

The pair is back on the Real Love Boat. But Adam is determined to get back with Amber and Kenny. Besides, he is in a romantic relationship with artist Mimi-Rose.

Meanwhile, Hannah tries to make her relationship with Conrad public. Eventually, Conrad begins to have feelings for Hannah.

June's lack of experience

If you're looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon watching a superyacht at sea, you've probably caught Below Deck Mediterranean. The show follows a group of crew members who work on a luxury yacht, The Wellington. It's a spinoff of the popular Bravo show "Below Deck," and focuses on the lives of the crew during the charter season.

This season features a brand new crew member, Joao. The Brazilian chef is a whole new person on this charter. He struggles with a few things, like the anchors and his galley. He also has trouble fitting in with the crew, but is slowly getting better.

Another cast member is also stepping in to fill the chief stew role. In the process, Anastasia Surmava comes back from her hiatus. While it's exciting to have her back, she's worried about being forced to cook foods that go against her vegan lifestyle.

Themed night outs leave some crew members frustrated with the Chef. However, Katie is determined to make her final charter a success. With just two stews to prepare, she finds herself readjusting her expectations.

Hannah is thrown into the mix when Malia returns to the boat. She's the first female Bosun on the ship, but she's still dealing with a lot of pressure from her deckmates. On top of that, David's leg injury causes a lot of hot water for her.

Adam pulls a prank on Wes that goes a little too far

The cast of Below Deck Mediterranean includes a diverse group of eclectic Texans. As the season goes on, we find out more about their relationships and personalities. This season, we are introduced to Adam, Malia, and Wes.

The crew gets a surprise visitor. A former guest arrives on the Sirocco. She is accompanied by six beautiful women. One of them is a charter broker. Conrad and Hannah aren't exactly thrilled to have her on board. But she needs the money to buy more Yves Saint Laurent tank tops.

On the flip side, another charter guest challenges the crew to a relay race. As expected, it goes poorly. There are a few awkward moments, and the deck crew must worry about a tip.

Another guest brings a shocking confession to the crew. She lied about her resume. Kasey is skeptical. However, she tries to figure out if Hannah is sick.

On the final charter of the season, a former guest returns. He is eager to prove his worth on the boat. His girlfriend visits during the crew day off.

Meanwhile, Hannah is struggling with working under the watchful eye of Captain Sandy. Her relationship with Bugsy has been strained. And she is struggling to keep her professional squeaky clean.

The crew finds itself in a bit of a pickle. The anchor chain is twisted, leaving the crew stranded at sea. They have to deal with this.

Keeping a VIP charter broker and her friends happy

Below Deck Med has no shortage of fabulous charter guests. The crew is faced with a lot of demands as they work to meet all their guest's requests. They also have to deal with a crew member who is ill. Luckily, the crew finds a way to get their guests on the water.

As season four of Below Deck Med comes to an end, everyone on the boat is wondering about what comes next. Adam and Hannah are preparing for a redemption charter, but they are faced with tough decisions. Malia struggles with a crew overload, and Rob and Alex are worried about the new arrival.

While Adam and Hannah try to keep everyone happy, a surprise visit from the primary charter guest forces them to face the reality of their futures. Ultimately, they have to decide if they want to stay on the boat.

The first guests arrive with high expectations. But, their demands prove to be more than the crew can handle. Suddenly, the deck crew is struggling to meet the challenge. When the charter is over, the crew is left to wonder what happened to their new lead deckhand.

The following day, an intense storm threatens the season. As a result, Sirocco is stuck in port. The weather also puts more pressure on the interior team. Kiko, the stews, and the rest of the deck crew find themselves under a lot of pressure.

Keeping stranded guests at bay

The Below Deck Med crew is out to meet a variety of charter guests. This new crew will have a lot on their plate. They are working under the watchful eye of Captain Sandy Yawn.

With just six people on board, the crew is forced to juggle all the responsibilities and demands. But the charter season is not without its problems. First, they must handle a charter from Oklahoma. Guests complain about the food and service. And then there's the issue of the tip.

In addition, the ship is stranded at the dock. The crew must deal with the challenge of keeping stranded guests at bay.

Hannah, Adam, and Brooke are put to the test. A new crew member brings a surprise to the party. She also challenges Hannah's leadership skills.

Meanwhile, Bobby has a rift with Hannah. He accuses her of having an affair. Brooke also has a conflict with Joao. Ultimately, it's a relationship triangle that goes bad.

As the crew prepares for a final charter, they are forced to grapple with their roles. Katie is left shorthanded in the stew department, but she tries to make the best of it. However, she also feels the pressure of being responsible for a group of charter guests.

Another issue arises in the cockpit when one of the deckhands is injured in an accident. When a crew member suffers an injury, he or she must rely on the other to carry out their duties. Fortunately, Bobby is willing to step in.

Colin's return to New Zealand

In Below Deck Med season 4, a familiar face makes a surprise appearance. Hannah Ferrier, the Chief Stewardess of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht, returns. She's now in her ninth year of the job, and she's looking forward to new guests in the upcoming season.

In addition to Hannah, Below Deck Med season 4 also features Julia Dawson, the British native who is returning after leaving the yachting world in the previous season. She has returned to work as a stewardess after becoming pregnant with her daughter.

Other crew members include Travis Michalzik, who's worked as a deckhand under Franco for eight years. He's also a joker and a party boy. He's been in costume on almost all his Instagram photos.

This year, the crew finds itself in a tight spot. Their first off-boat excursion of the season starts off rocky. They head to a old Croatian fortress for a picnic, but it doesn't go as planned.

Then, there's the anchor chain. It looks like Colin might leave the Sirocco stranded. While he's not complaining, he's also not exactly sure how to pull himself out of it.

After a rough start, the crew tries to work through some issues and get to know each other. However, the first night out proves to be a bit tricky.

When the crew arrives back on the boat after a long day of work, they find that they are facing a medical emergency. This leaves them shorthanded and emotionally drained.

Below Deck Mediterranean - When is Below Deck Series 4 on E4?

when is below deck med series 4 on e4

The season finale of Below Deck has come and gone, so it's time to get excited for the new season. The series will be heading down under, and you'll also see some familiar faces and some new ones, as well. For instance, Malia White and Zee will be making a return to the show, and a new bosun, Ross McHarg, will be joining the crew.

Malia White returns

The Bravo show Below Deck Mediterranean is returning for a seventh season. Several crew members are back and new ones are joining. This time, the crew is on a 180-foot mega yacht. There's plenty of drama.

Malia White and Hannah Ferrier are the only two returning cast members. They both appeared in the first five seasons of the show. But Malia was the one who got Hannah fired from the job. She found that the chief stewardess had a prescription for Valium, and she took photos of it in her cabin.

In season 5, she started a feud with Bugsy. Hannah and Bugsy have fought in the past, as well as Lara Flumiani and June Foster.

Below Deck Med will begin filming its seventh charter soon. When the show returns, captain Sandy Yawn will take charge of the ship. And, the crew will be preparing for a rich and famous guest.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 premieres Monday, July 11, at 8/7c on Bravo. The series will follow the crew of a 180-foot mega yacht in Croatia.

The crew will be headed by chef Mathew Shea. He is a talented cook who has worked for Rupert Murdoch and Hugh Jackman. David Pascoe is also a new addition to the season. His love of surfing is evident.

Zee faces a new challenge

Below Deck Mediterranean is back for a fifth season. In the latest season, Zee is ready to take on new challenges and build on his knowledge base, with Captain Sandy at the helm.

Below Deck Mediterranean will feature new crew members and new locations. It will follow a group of yachties as they set sail in Malta and explore the Mediterranean. The series will be available to stream on Hayu. You can catch all of the previous seasons on Hayu with a subscription.

One of the perks of working on a mega yacht is getting to live in close quarters with coworkers. But life on the water isn't all glitz and glamour. A lot of hard work goes into navigating the needs of charter guests.

Zee, a South African native, has followed in the footsteps of two brothers in the industry. He has plenty of experience and is eager to put it to good use. However, a quarantine issue delays his first charter.

The Below Deck saga will see a new group of charter guests arrive with high spirits. And in the process, some of the most infamous scandals of all time will be exposed.

Captain Sandy Yawn cracks down on crew

Captain Sandy Yawn is a veteran super yacht captain and mentor in the maritime industry. He's currently at the helm of the 163-foot hybrid yacht Home.

Captain Sandy and his crew have been taking on the biggest challenge yet in this complex hybrid yacht: navigating a new set of demanding charter guests. But when bad weather rolls into the South of France, the crew finds itself in a jam.

Below Deck Mediterranean returns for a fifth season. The cast includes: Johnny Damon, Mzi Dempers, Jason Gaskell, Hannah Walsh, Brooke and Kasey, June and Adam, and David and Malia.

In season 5, Below Deck Med focused on the luxury yacht, the Wellington. This season will take viewers to Mallorca, Spain. They'll see the crew navigate the demands of an upscale group of tequila-loving charter guests. And, as always, they'll deal with some scandals below deck.

A few notable moments during the show include a wild night out. It also spawns a romance.

One such romance is between Courtney and Mzi. After filming, Courtney visited Mzi in South Africa. She's ecstatic to see him again. However, he's not so sure about her feelings.

The other notable moment is when Hannah returns to the crew as the chief stew. Previously, she's been a deckhand on the Talisman.

Ross McHarg is a new bosun

The Below Deck franchise is kicking off its 10th season on Monday night. This year's series will feature a new crew and a new location. New bosun Ross McHarg will be making his debut on the show.

McHarg is from England, and has been a yachtie for about twelve years. His love of travel and adventure is evident in his Instagram. In fact, he recently took a trip to Indonesia and Mexico. He also loves to party.

Below Deck is returning to Bravo in November. This season's newbies include Chief Stew Fraser Olender and Bosun Ross McHarg. Other returning crew members include chef Rachel Hargrove and deckhands Katie Glaser and Tony Duarte.

Below Deck has been known to feature various relationships throughout its run. In the most recent episode, Katie and Ross made out during a crew night out. But, their romance didn't appear to be brewing.

For one, he was dating yoga instructor Miki. It turns out that they have a pretty close relationship. They're even tagged in each other's Instagram accounts.

As for the boatmance, Ross and Katie are expected to spark some fireworks. According to a trailer, they'll get romantic while onboard the 197-foot St. David, the largest motor yacht in the Below Deck franchise.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht series 4 on Hayu

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is a reality TV show that follows the lives of the crew aboard a luxury yacht. They have to navigate the demands of the guests. This series features antics, onboard romances, and tantrums from the vacationers. The crew also faces scandals below the deck.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Bravo in the US. Its season 3 starts on February 21. It will include returning cast members as well as new charter guests. Its running times are 42 minutes.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht follows the crew of an 180-foot luxury sailing ship named Parsifal III. It is headed by Captain Glenn Shephard and accompanied by his wife, Paget. He is assisted by a second stew, Gabriela Barragan. Also, there are deckhands Kelsie Gogliani and Tom Pearson.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is a reality show that follows the lives of the crew aboard an upscale luxury sailing yacht. Each crew member has a designated role and must manage the demands of the guests.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is filmed in Menorca, Spain. It has a cast of characters including Captain Glenn Shephard, Deckhands Mzi "Zee" Dempers, Parker McCown, and Adam Glick, Mediterranean chef Georgia Grobler, and Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher.

Below Deck Down Under

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality TV series that follows a crew aboard a superyacht. The crew is constantly faced with a series of challenges, both inside and outside the boat. They have to learn how to deal with the demands of the charter guests. It's like a modern version of Downton Abbey.

The crew members have to work together to manage their tasks and the needs of the guests. Their friendships will be tested as they face their own personal problems.

Some of the cast will be returning. There's Captain Lee Rosbach, chef Rachel Hargrove, and chief stew Fraser Olender. This season will feature new team members as well. Malia White is back for her third time on the show.

Some of the other cast members include Hannah Ferrier, Joao, Lexi, and Aesha Scott. Mzi 'Zee' Dempers is a fan favorite. He made his debut as Deckhand in season six.

Other familiar faces include Ben Robinson, Bobby Giancola, and Amy Johnson. In addition to the main crew, Below Deck also features new charter guests.

The yachties will travel to Greece and Croatia to entertain elite charter guests. The charter guests are a mix of business and pleasure.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 10 trailer

A new Below Deck Mediterranean season was announced at BravoCon 2022. It will follow the crew of a mega-yacht as they navigate the demands of their charter guests. The show will feature some of its familiar faces, as well as a few newcomers.

The new season will take place on the largest motor yacht in the history of the Below Deck franchise. Despite its size, the crew must live in tight quarters with their coworkers. In addition to living in close proximity to each other, they must also navigate the demands of their charter guests.

The new season is set to premiere on November 21 at 8PM ET/PT. The show's trailer teases a variety of characters. This includes the return of Captain Lee Rosbach and Chef Rachel Hargrove.

Some other new faces include Chief Stewardess Leigh-Ann, who will likely replace Fraser Olender. She will also join the team as a personal trainer on the yacht. One of her co-stars, Ben Glaser, is a self-proclaimed "party animal," and he's hoping to bring a party to the boat.

Meanwhile, Captain Jack Sparrow has taken a hiatus due to ill health. He will make a return to Below Deck later this season. But will his spotless record come to an end?

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 Will Be on E4 Next Year

when will below deck mediterranean season 4 be on e4

Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 will be premiering on e4 next year. The show follows the life of a British family living in the Mediterranean. It stars Malia White, Adam Glick, and Hannah Ferrier.

Hannah Ferrier

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 premieres Monday, May 2, at 8pm on E4. Hannah Ferrier is back in a role she played during the first four seasons of the show. She isn't the only one making a comeback to the show.

Malia White has rejoined the cast for another round. This time she's dating Tom Checketts. And Aesha Scott is the new stewardess.

It's no secret that Below Deck Mediterranean has a lot of ups and downs. One of the most glaring problems involves the deck team taking advantage of the interior crew. However, chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier says it's the last season she will be a stew.

Besides her involvement with Below Deck Mediterranean, Ferrier also founded the Ocean International Training Academy to help new yachting grads get their foot in the door. The academy will be launched in 2020.

Despite a disappointing end to her time on Below Deck Mediterranean, Ferrier's time spent on the show proved she was an asset to the franchise. She's now the mother of a baby girl.

Ferrier has a long history of working with high profile chefs. In Season 5 she worked with Hindrigo "Kiko" Lorran, the head chef for the Below Deck Mediterranean. Even though he did not cook to the standards of a yacht chef, he developed a good working relationship with the Below Deck crew.

Malia White, Hannah Ross and Captain Sandy Yawn were the most popular members of the Below Deck crew. But after five seasons, Ferrier lost her job.

Below Deck Mediterranean isn't the only Bravo show with a few mishaps. Another show is Undercover Boss, which airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm. The crew is not a particularly happy bunch.

Adam Glick

Adam Glick has been a fan favorite on Below Deck Mediterranean. He joined the crew in Season 2 after Ben Robinson left. Then he returned in Season 3. During his time on the show, he had a love triangle with Malia White and Wes Walton. However, he has since moved on with his life and has since started to focus on his career.

While Adam is known for his adventurous culinary style, he also has his fair share of drama. In a recent interview with Vulture magazine, Adam revealed that he's not quite ready to put his love life behind him. As he tells it, he is still searching for the right person.

Although he was the only cast member to appear on both Below Deck installments, he did have a bit of a rough go. Some of the biggest drama involved in the show was involving Adam and Malia. They were in a relationship, but it didn't last long. Their relationship ended when Malia began developing feelings for her bosun.

Fortunately, Adam is a strong self-professed "Adventure Chef". Not only does he love cooking in an adventurous outdoor setting, but he is also a huge fan of travelling.

Before his time on Below Deck Med, Adam worked for 12 years at sea. After his departure from the show, he has continued to work on his culinary career, while also connecting with his fans on social media. Using his "Adventure Chef" name, he's created branded products and has launched two digital series.

One of his shows, Stoked on Outside TV, features Adam cooking and participating in adventures. His website describes him as a "foodie" and a "vagabond".

Before he joined the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean, Adam spent a lot of time travelling and living off the grid. He's now settled in Southern California, and has a dog named Tex. He's enrolled at the Art Institute of California.

Malia White has confirmed that she will not be returning to Below Deck Mediterranean for season seven. However, she has also stated that her departure is not permanent. In fact, she is taking a break from the show to study for new licenses.

According to Malia, she wanted to focus on her studies and her yachting career instead of the Below Deck franchise. She hopes to make it to the top of the yachting world.

One question that has been raised is whether or not Malia will be guiding Captain Sandy on the next charter. While she is currently not directing the crew, she has a definite interest in doing so in the future.

The new crew on Below Deck Mediterranean includes Raygan Tyler as a bosun, Nataly Scudder as a stew, Storm Smith as a deckhand, and Dave White as a chef. These are all new faces, but not all are expected to join the crew for the next charter.

There are also several familiar faces returning. Chief Stew Kate Chastain and Bosun Eddie Lucas have already made appearances on the Total Ship Show podcast.

The most popular episodes from the franchise have been the ones involving co-workers. Hannah Ferrier's firing was particularly controversial. Although she was fired for marijuana and undocumented prescription drugs, the episode blew up in the eyes of many.

Another notable episode involved a crash. Though it occurred on a different vessel, Malia and her crewmates had to deal with the aftermath.

Despite the fact that the accident left Malia with broken toes and broken elbows, she narrowly escaped death. As she recovered, she found that her chief stewardess, Hannah Ferrier, had been prescribed Valium.

Season 1-5 on Hayu

If you love yachties, then Below Deck Mediterranean is the show for you. This reality show follows the crew of a huge mega-yacht as they sail across the Mediterranean. Each season takes them to a different location, giving them the opportunity to mix business with pleasure.

Season three of the show has just aired on E4 in the UK. Fans can also watch Below Deck on Hulu and Peacock. These two services offer new episodes as they air.

While Below Deck Mediterranean is not available on Netflix, it is currently available on Hayu. You can sign up for a free trial to try it out. The service offers thousands of hours of high-quality reality shows. Plus, it features a huge archive of previous seasons, making it easy to find any show you're looking for.

As the crew works to entertain the elite, they also have to deal with a variety of scandals. This includes one crew member who fails to adhere to the dress code. And the first night out on the boat brings a whole new set of problems.

The crew on Below Deck Mediterranean will have to contend with several new guests. Guests include Storm Smith, Captain Sandy Yawn and Nataly Scudder. They'll also have to deal with the crew's tensions and romances.

Before Below Deck Mediterranean returns in 2019, fans can catch up on Seasons 1-5. All three seasons can be watched on Hayu, while seasons six and seven will be available on Hayu, Hulu, and Peacock.

In addition to Below Deck, Hayu is home to a number of other popular reality shows. For example, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is still ongoing, and other Real Housewives offspins are also available.

Season 7 on Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality television series that follows the lives of crewmembers working on a superyacht. In the show's seventh season, the crew returns to sea, as they tour the coast of Malta.

"Below Deck Mediterranean" has had some intense drama throughout its run. Earlier this season, the crew faced the daunting task of handling some obnoxious charter guests.

The season also saw a number of high-profile cast members make an appearance. One such guest was Mzi "Zee" Dempers. She won the hearts of viewers with her charming smile and courtship attempts. However, her departure left fans divided.

Meanwhile, new cast members have joined the crew of "Below Deck Mediterranean," including foul-mouthed master chef Rachel Hargrove. Her arrival isn't expected to be a positive one.

It's been announced that Mzi "Zee" Dempers will not return for the new season. Instead, new department heads will be on board. This includes a bosun, Raygan Tyler, and a deckhand, Jason Gaskell.

Also new to the crew are bosuns Ross McHarg and Ben Willoughby. Previously, the crew had worked in Croatia, Mallorca, and the south of France.

In addition, a former chef of the show, Mathew Shea, has returned. He's a talented Rhode Island native who worked with Rupert Murdoch and Hugh Jackman.

Another returning cast member is chef Dave White. His relationship with his chief stew, Natasha Webb, is still an unresolved issue.

Below Deck Mediterranean will air on Bravo and Peacock. New episodes will premiere on Mondays. Subscribers can also access the show on the Peacock app. Guests will also have early access to new episodes.

For now, it's unclear what will happen in the new season of "Below Deck Mediterranean." Hopefully, the show will bring us some exciting drama.

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