How draw a hand: pointing, print, etc. - Basic Steps

How draw a hand: pointing, print, etc. - Basic Steps


How draw a hand step by step


To draw a simple hand, use a drawing pencil (either lead or charcoal pencils, depending on your shading preference) to draw circles for the palm and wrist. Add circles for the fingertips, and then draw in the bony structure of the hand, angling slightly away from the bone for the knuckles.Once upon a sketch was founded to give insight, education and news about the many facets of the Children’s Illustration Market » Tutorials-Raise Your Hand!


The easiest way to learn how to draw hands is to first understand its proportions and bone structure. This tutorial will cover how to construct a hand and help you understand it’s proportions but the bone structure is abstract. If you want to see a skeletal diagram of a hand, please click here. I will soon be making a part 2 covering nails, skin and wrinkles. You can follow me on Facebook to get an update whenever I post a new tutorial!Make an outline around the structure. Increase the fat between each finger joint for chubby looking hands or decrease the fat while making the joints stick out for a skinnier hand.

Humans have some webbing in between each finger, so make sure you connect each finger with webs. Make sure they are not too low. They should be well above the knuckles drawn in step 2. Now that we understand the proportions and how to construct a basic hand, let’s practice drawing different hand gestures.I am an art teacher and this page on drawing hands is wonderful! So many students ask me about drawing hands and this breaks it down in such a manageable way for beginners! I will be referring them to your wonderful website and videos from now on! (Source:rapidfireart.com)



The human hand comprises bone, tendon, lots of connective tissue plus muscle and fat. It’s a strong and flexible appendage. Getting to know how it's formed and how it works can really help you learn how to draw hands. It can be helpful to sketch out skeletal studies of human anatomy in general but, when learning how to draw hands, a lot of the form we know is lost at the skeletal level.You can use your own hands as a reference, but use the planar view to help keep it simple.

This way, you can quickly draw out poses of hands without worrying too much about detail. In creating this tutorial, I found myself looking at my own two hands quite a bit. However, if you need to use your own hands to sketch, you might need to ask a friend or family member to help out.Once you've had some fun with posing, pick a pose that you like and, using your own hand as a reference, draw out the hand in the planar view. In the sketch above, the little cones indicate which way the cylinders are travelling. This can help you to keep a grasp on where the curves of the cylinders need to bend. (Source: www.creativebloq.com)



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