How did James Charles get famous?

How did James Charles get famous?

James Charles Biography

James Charles Dickinson (May 23, 1999). He was born in Albany, New York, U. S. Youtuber, makeup artist, and American model considered one of all the foremost prominent Internet personalities of recent years. James Charles, began his rise to fame in 2015, after beginning to upload his makeup tutorial videos to YouTube. in an exceedingly short time, his artistic works gained recognition in social networks, becoming viral on all platforms. He rose to fame in 2016, being elected because the first male ambassador for the CoverGirl makeup brand, being sponsored at that point by singer Katy Perry. Since then, he has been considered one of every of the foremost prominent figures within the world of makeup. His image has been laid low with various controversies. Currently, his YouTube channel has lost an outsized number of subscribers thanks to the controversial video by Tati Westbrook.




Son of a contractor and a conservative mother, James Charles has as brother Ian Jeffrey, a makeup artist, and designer known in social networks as Ian Charles. At age twelve he talked about his sexual orientation together with his parents and since then he has been openly homosexual. While he was studying at the Bethlehem Central high school, he began to have an interest in artistic makeup. With the support of his parents, he began to practice his artistic skills using the basement that his father had adapted for him. At that point, he practiced makeup on his friends and himself.

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Influenced by the planet of social media and fascinated by becoming referred to as a makeup artist, he opened his YouTube channel in December 2015, to which he started uploading various tutorial videos and tips about makeup. In his first video, he's seen practicing different combinations of colors on himself, demonstrating his great talent to form incredible looks. Among his first tutorials stand out: Fake Freckles Makeup, Boy Glam Makeup, Chunky Glitter Festival, and Essay Burn Special FX Halloween Makeup.


In a short time, his videos became viral and his account happened to own legion subscribers. This success on YouTube was also reflected within the social networks of the makeup artist like Instagram and Twitter, platforms to which she usually uploads images of his creative process (before and after) on friends, clients, or himself.

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The popularity of the artist in social networks led to varied brands of makeup and fashion to place their eyes on him, among these CoverGirl, a renowned makeup brand that appointed him his first male ambassador in October 2016. At that point, Charles was a trend for his tweet about his graduation photos and his amazing makeup, which he highlighted by taking his lighting with him. due to this, he was appointed CoverGirl’s ambassador, being the primary man to become that brand image. At CoverBoy, James Charles rose to fame by appearing on the duvet of the magazine, with strong makeup, made by him, also, he was seen in several advertising campaigns among the singer and brand ambassador Katy Perry.



After being appointed CoverGirl ambassador, James Charles became the image of the crusade for the merchandise So Lashy! BlastPro Mascara, appearing in several ads with renowned brand ambassadors like Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Nura Afia, and also the duo Chloe and Halle Bailey (Chloe x Halle). Later he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, talking about his experience because the first male ambassador for CoverGirl and later he was seen ending the CoverGirl Makeup Challenge with actress and model Zendaya. that very same year, he was invited to l. a. Fashion Week and parade for the primary time before an oversized audience on the Six 1/2 catwalk of Marco Marco. After finishing his term because the brand ambassador, James Charles continued his add social networks and other prominent fashion events, standing out for his talent and creativity.


Active in social networks, James Charles has uploaded numerous tutorial videos and other samples of his talent, of which his Extreme Drag Transformation, makeup to Iggy Azalea, his reviews on the makeup brand of Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, likewise as his creations for Halloween Neon skull makeup and that i.T. Pennywise, inspired by the remake of the film supported the work of Stephen King. He recently worked as a makeup artist within the filming of the music video Sally Walker by Iggy Azalea.


While James Charles is seen united of the foremost prominent makeup gurus of recent times, his career has been marked by several scandals and controversies, linked to the inappropriate behavior of the makeup artist. In 2017, he was heavily criticized for his racist joke about Ebola and Africa, within which he mentioned: “I can’t believe we’re visiting Africa today omg what if we get Ebola.” a brief time later he deleted his comment and published an apology within which he claimed to regret his actions. When everything appeared to return to normal, another scandal broke out, now his friend Thomas Halbert accused him of getting lied about the photo that made him famous (graduation photos), which led many of his fans to criticize him again.


He was recently accused of harassing children and abusing their influence and power within the networks. during this regard, the Gage Gomez model published a video that comments that the makeup artist pressured him on several occasions to possess sexual relations with him in Coachella 2019, although he had already refused several times. Gomez’s comments began to be taken more seriously after the controversy between James Charles and Tati Westbrook, after he began promoting the brand of sugar vitamins for SugarBearHair hair, competition from his friend, Westbrook.


Feeling betrayed, she published the video Bye Sister during which she talks about her relationship with the Youtuber and also the inappropriate behavior she has witnessed in recent years, she commented that the young makeup artist has used his power to harass youngsters.


A short time later, the young man published the video Tati, within which he apologizes for his behavior along with her since she has been sort of a mentor, however, the video has been criticized by fans and other viewers. Currently, both his image and his channel are stricken by the controversy, in a very few days, he has lost quite two million subscribers.

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