How did Gigi Hadid get famous?

How did Gigi Hadid get famous?

If you retain on scrolling, you will see how teen Gigi evolved into the gorgeous and successful woman that she is today.

Gigi Hadid is one in every of the foremost famous models straight away and, at the young age of 25, she's certainly accomplished lots. The blonde beauty recently announced that she's pregnant with the baby of former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. She and Zayn predict a female descendant.

Today, we'll take a glance at Gigi Hadid's evolution over the past decade, as she went from being the daughter of 1 of the 000 Housewives of Beverly Hills to a modeling industry superstar, alongside her sister Bella Hadid and bestie, Kendall Jenner.


If you retain on scrolling, you will see how teen Gigi evolved into the gorgeous and successful woman that she is today — and without spoiling an excessive amount of, we are able to share one fact...Gigi was born to be famous!


Alright, now here they're — 15 pics that show just what quantity Gigi Hadid changed over the past decade!


15- Let's kick off With Gigi Back In 2012, At A Red Carpet Event along with her Mother And Sister

There's no doubt that Gigi Hadid was a star even while growing up, but we are kicking our list off with this photo from 2012. In the pic, you'll be able to see Gigi Hadid at a red carpet event along with her mother, Yolanda, and younger sister, Bella — who will follow in Gigi's modeling footsteps!


14- In 2013, Gigi Started Becoming More Famous

Next on our list is that this photo of Gigi Hadid from 2013. As you'll be able to see, at the time, the model was already getting down to become famous. Fans were ecstatic once they got the prospect to require photos together with her. Little did Gigi know that this was only the start of her career!


13- And She Started Modeling For Sports Illustrated

Around that point, Gigi Hadid started modeling for Sports Illustrated — a well-liked magazine that's known to own come into being the careers of lots of successful models. As you'll be able to see from the gorgeous photo above, the photogenic blonde beauty certainly didn’t disappoint!

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12- In 2014 Gigi, Was Dating Australian Singer, Cody Simpson

In 2013 — when Gigi was 17 years old — she started dating Australian singer, Cody Simpson. While the 2 certainly were a cute couple, they didn’t last for too long and that they broke up in 2015. As fans will remember — Gigi did appear in his "Surfboard" music video.


11-And Taking Selfies With Kris Jenner And Hailey Baldwin

Here’s another photo of the gorgeous model from 2014. As you'll see, even some time past, Gigi was friends with other famous ladies. within the photo above, you'll see her pulling off a classic duck face selfie with Kris Jenner and fellow model, Hailey Baldwin!


10-In 2015, Gigi Walked The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

2015 was a awfully big year for Gigi Hadid, as she made her introduction within the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. As we all know, the annual show was canceled last year — but becoming a VS Angel was definitely one in every of Gigi’s biggest career achievements!

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9- And Here She Is, Hanging Out together with her Bestie, Kendall Jenner

Considering that Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner grew up in similar circumstances, in rich neighborhoods near la, it wasn’t really much of a surprise that the 2 quickly bonded. Nowadays, they're still besties — within the photo above, you'll be able to see them at a flowery dinner in 2015!


8- Speaking Of Friends — Gigi may be a Member Of Taylor Swift's Squad

Next on our list is that this iconic photo of Taylor Swift and her squad at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. As you'll be able to see, Gigi is additionally a member of Taylor's famous friend group. For the occasion, she decided to rock a surprising yellow dress!


7- By 2016, Gigi Was A Catwalk Staple

By 2016, it absolutely was evident that Gigi had become a catwalk staple, because the model walked for many of famous designers at the largest Fashion Weeks. within the photo above, you'll be able to see Gigi walking for the brand, Versace, and albeit — we are able to totally see why Gigi is so popular!


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6-And Dating Musician Zayn Malik

Back in late 2015, Gigi Hadid started her on-and-off-again relationship with former One Direction singer, Zayn Malik. And, as we all know — the 2 are currently expecting their first child. within the pic above, you'll see the couple serving us looks at the 2016 Met Gala!


5-Here's Gigi On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon In 2017

Let’s pass on to the present photo of Gigi Hadid on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2017. By then, Gigi Hadid was definitely a reputation all folks had heard of, which suggests that we ought to see lots more of her — not only on catwalks and in modeling photos, but also on live TV!



4- In 2018, Gigi Was All About Cheering For Serena Williams

Who could chuck this iconic photo of Gigi and her sister, Bella Hadid, cheering for Selena Williams at the 2018 US Open? you may definitely tell that the 2 sisters were very big fans of tennis and that they came to support their friend Serena!

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3- And It's Clear That She And Zayn Have Binged The Matrix Franchise

We absolutely had to incorporate another photo of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, and that we decided to travel with this one from 2018. Judging from their outfits — we're guessing that the 2 had just finished binging The Matrix franchise...they perceived to have found many fashion inspiration from it!

2- Here's Gigi's Fun 2019 Met Gala Look

Let’s move to yet one more photo from the Met Gala — this point, we decided to travel for Gigi's fun and fringy outfit, which she wore to the event last year. Obviously, the highlight of her look was the attention makeup, which was absolutely incredible!

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1-And Lastly, Here's The Model During This Year's Fashion Week In Paris

To wrap our list up, we decided to travel with this photo of that Gigi Hadid shared on social media some months ago. The photo was taken during this year’s fashion week in Paris and as you'll see — Gigi certainly enjoyed some beautiful views!

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