How did david dobrik become famous?

How did david dobrik become famous?

David Dobrik is one in all the foremost popular vloggers on YouTube, hitting near 15 million subscribers in 2019, and taking social media by storm. Here’s the story on how the Slovakia-born immigrant made the jump from Vine to become one among the foremost influential vloggers within the world.

David dobrik

The 23-year-old YouTube star was born in 1996 in Kosice, Slovakia – the second largest city within the Central country. His family would find yourself immigrating to the us at the first age of six, where he grew up in Chicago, Illinois.

It wasn’t until he joined Vine – a six second video hosting app – in 2013, that he began to get noticed as his comedic sketches quickly proved popular, before joining YouTube in 2015.

The popular personality encompasses a fascinating career that has seen him tackle acting in Hollywood, hosting a well-liked podcast, and now becoming one in every of the highest vloggers dead the span of six years. Here is that the story of David Dobrik.


The Slovakia-born YouTuber is one among the foremost popular vloggers within the world


His Vine origins

Dobrik began his entertainment career on Vine, which was a video hosting service launched by Twitter in 2013, and focused on six-second video clips. The 17 year old uploaded his first video in April of that year.

His quick-witted comedy sketches and pranks resonated with viewers on the emerging platform. nearly a year into making videos, the long run YouTube star already amassed over 120,000 followers by 2014, and eventually hit 1.5 million by 2015.

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Looking back on his Vine career in 2016, the popular vlogger reacted to 1 of his viral clips and recalled, “Right after posting that Vine, I hit 100 thousand followers. then everything changed” he said.


Due to him gaining popularity, he moved to la and commenced to collaborate with other future stars like Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, and Jason Nash. However, Dobrik would yield to YouTube in 2015 – a year before Vine clean up.


Dobrik became a YouTube vlogging sensation

The former Vine star uploaded his first video on his YouTube account in 2015, where he brought over his comedy sketches, and pranks. However, the longer video format allowed him to vlog – which proved to be wildly fashionable his audience.


HIs videos would specialise in on a daily basis in his life along with his friends, like the viral April 2017 upload that documented the vlogger cutting his hand while throwing wine bottles, which landed him within the ER as he needed stitches.

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While his earlier videos hit scores of views, it wasn’t until 2017 that he really began to start. His consistent uploads, and recurring featured friends in his videos became referred to as the “vlog squad.”


Many of his popular vlogs would feature Gabbie Hanna, furthermore as his girlfriend – comedian Liza Koshy. Although, the 2 had a public chop up in 2018 which they announced during a video on his YouTube channel that garnered 50 million views.


The lifetime of David Dobrik

The YouTube star has revealed within the past that he's not a legal US citizen, and because of being allowed to remain under DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals), he's unable to go away the states to go to other countries without losing his right to remain.

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In an interview with GQ on November 12, he detached more about his immigration situation. “I can’t leave because I’m protected by DACA, I can go straight away but I can’t come,” he said. “I can’t re-enter the country for, like, another 10 years if I leave the country. So I’m not a citizen. I don’t have a visa.”

The vlogger isn’t just popular on YouTube, but has also built a large following on his Instagram with over 9.5 million followers, and over 4 million on Twitter as people tune up to observe his over-the-top lifestyle.


His insane career growth

Dobrik’s popularity continues to expand at a rapid rate. consistent with stat tracker Social Blade, the vlogger went from 2 million subscribers in 2016 to five million by 2018.


However the vlogger’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down, as he impressively hit 15 million subs by November of 2019 – near 10 million new people tuning into his uploads in under a year.


The YouTuber has become incredibly influential, and was named the highest social media star at the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ in 2019, and was listed united of the highest most powerful tykes in Hollywood in Variety magazine.

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Reacting to the win, the popular vlogger celebrated on Twitter. “I WON A PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD AND this is often crazy. I mean like seriously,” he said. “You guys have showed my friends and that i such a lot love, and that i don’t think anything will ever top that.”


The future of his channel

In 2019 Dobrik and longtime friend Jason Nash created a laid back podcast called ‘Views’, where the 2 YouTubers discuss various topics. The podcast has already gained 500,000 subscribers in under a year.

The YouTuber also landed a voice-acting role within the hit children’s animation film Angry Birds 2, which came go into August 2019, and pulled in over $145 million USD worldwide.

While it remains to be seen what the long run holds for the vlogger, it's undeniable that he’s had an insane influence on the YouTube platform, as his quick-cut style has become the norm, and has helped popularize the vlogging movement.

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David Dobrik has the simplest year of his career in 2019, as millions still be fascinated with the charming vlogger that came from another country, and built up an empire by the age of 23.


How did the Vlog Squad get a hold of an enormous toilet?

In the beginning of Jason’s vlog, the crew also got aware of insanely huge toilet from influencer Weird Ryan, which they’d fastened onto a go-cart that would go up to speeds of 25 MPH.

David Dobrik and co. ought to take some seriously pricey luxury vehicles out for a spin.

It seems that Nash and company wanted to film the oversized commode beside the $3 million car they were driving — which, unsurprisingly, caught the attention of enforcement, who pulled them over.

A clip from the incident in Jason’s vlog shows the YouTuber struggling to elucidate true to the officer, who was, admittedly, pretty cool about the case.

The Vlog Squad took Weird Ryan’s giant toilet out for a joyride

“It’s basically a bathroom that they placed on a go-cart,” Nash said, sparking some laughter from the cops. “I comprehend it sounds crazy. We’re just gonna film the Bugatti next to the bathroom car.”

Apparently, the officers pulled over the crew thanks to some car place covers, if the short clip of their conversation is anything to travel by.

The Vlog Squad took their antics to a separate automobile parking space to race the go-cart against the car — and it’s no surprise that the huge Bidet ended up losing, in the end.

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